8 Mar 2013

'I can't accept this' - LFC chase unhappy £12m France star. Replace Agger...?

Liverpool are once again being linked with a summer move for Paris St. Germain central defender Mamadou Sakho.

With Jamie Carragher retiring at the end of the season, and the Martin Skrtel/Daniel Agger partnership failing to convince, Liverpool clearly need defensive reinforcements in the summer, and Sakho definitely fits the bill.

Reports in France and Italy today claim that the Reds are 'closely following' the 23 year old, who has struggled to hold down a regular first team place this season.

In an interview in Ferbruary, 6'2 Sakho publicly bemoaned his lack of playing time at PSG, and warned that he will leave unless he gets more pitch time. He told Sky Sports:

"I need to play week in, week out. I cannot accept playing just a few minutes this season and next because this is a decisive moment in my career.

"At the end of the season I will sit down with my agent and club officials and clear up the situation. If I have to leave PSG to keep my place in the France national team, then I have no choice but to leave."

When asked specifically about the possibility of a move to Arsenal or Liverpool, he said:

"I adore the English Premier League."

The arrival of Thiago Silva at PSG has turned Sakho into a bit-part player at PSG, and with World Cup 2014 on the horizon, it seems clear that the France international is worried about losing his place in the national team.

The Chronicle claims that Newcastle are also reportedly interested in signing the £12m-rated defender, and with their huge French contingent already at the club, Liverpool could have some stiff competition for his signature in the summer.

This deal is surely a no-brainer? 23-year old Sakho fits FSG's 'buy 'em young' profile, and having watched him play many times (I follow Ligue One), he's a speedy, powerful, top class central defender, and that's exactly what Liverpool need.

Daniel Agger has once again been linked with a move to Barcelona this week, and if he leaves, Sakho would be an ideal replacement. One thing is for sure, if Barcelona are interested, Denmark manager Martin Olsen will almost certainly advise Agger to make the move. Speaking to Aftonbladet last year, Olsen said:

"When he is fit, Agger is a modern, top class stopper. I would like to see him next to Gerard Pique at Barcelona. That, I think, is his level."

Bid for Sakho...?

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  1. so why get rid of a player barca want,sick of downgrading lets keep our best players and improve the squad players to give them competition

  2. Agreed.  If Agger is that bad, why would Barca want him?

    I think it goes to show that our defense is probably better than we give it credit for as it's currently constructed.

    But it can't hurt to attempt to improve either (if a better player came along for the right price).

    And as I've stated elsewhere, I personally feel that Agger and Skrtel are just fine.  We need another CB who can rotate in though once Carra retires.  I'm not convinced that Coates can do it on a regular enough basis.

  3. agree but wisdom or kelly could imo

  4. Very true. In fact, I'd prefer that course as I think they could get the job done and we could spend the money elsewhere.

    Would like to see Wisdom get some time in the coming weeks at CB to get some first team experience there.  

  5. Don't know about Wisdom covering as CB, I could imagine him getting out muscled by attackers like Lukaku as he's not the biggest player. I know he played there for the U21's but that's against kids

  6. Can't understand why Alex is ahead of this guy for PSG. He is a monster

  7. good replacement for ms not agger

  8. Sakho has started 8 competitive games out of the last 10. Might have changed his tune now.

  9. The problem with signing players from the rich men's chattel clubs like Man City, Chelsea or PSG is that almost all of their players are on contracts that would disrupt the harmony of the club if they were to be matched. A transfer fee as low as 12m for a 23 year old highly rated French international suggests he is on a prohibitively high wage. Neither Kelly nor Wisdom have played a single game at central defense in the premier league. I like both players and see them as future stalwarts but if you want to win the premier league you must have a squad of 18-20 players who are top quality and first team ready.

  10. My sentiments exactly. 
    Skrtel, and Coates will probably be sold and Carra retiring. Yet we talk of letting go of our last first team central defender, who could be wanted by Barcelona! 
    And his national coach rates him very highly as well.
    Makes absolutely no sense at all to sell him.....

  11. Just because Barca want Agger doesn't mean he's somehow the greatest defender on the planet. Look at their defenders: Pique, Puyol, Masch etc et al are not the greatest defenders out there. They probably want Agger because of his composure on the ball, and ability to bring it out of defence. That's all well and good, but in the rough and tunble of the Premier League, he makes too many mistakes, and we've seen that this season. 

  12. Bid for Sakho...? Hell yes!!

  13. while i think agger is one of the best defenders around, This season has had me asking myself if he's such a good defender why cant he defend well?
    I think its been a rough year for all the defenders this year but agger always brings exactly what youve mentioned to the table.
    Composure, Good Passing and the ability to get a drive going.
    These are all qualities Barca love and realistically in spain since Llorente is leaving are there really any big physical players to push him around like in the prem? Spain may make him look like the Best in the world.
    I hope he doesnt leave though

  14. Only if he is happy to drop his wage.
    If reports are accurate Suarez has shown LFC are happy to pay big wages but only through incentives.
    While i understand this will mean its harder to sign players, Im happy there is a system in place now so that they have to earn the big bucks rather than just receive it *Cough Joe Cole Cough*.
    So if Sakho is confident and willing to go along with this then yeah why not bid? whats the worst that will happen? they say no?

  15. agree m8 especially if we do not beat spurs as there will be nothing to lose 

  16. you never know to you try and its not as thou it will cost us anything 

  17. Skrtel's replacement not Agger's,Agger is a quality player he has just made a few mistakes this season, but so have lots of the team.He would surely be playing better too with a player like Sakho alongside him,he is a beast and lets face it Skrtel has only had 1 really good season with us.

  18. yes go after him....

  19. True. I suppose most people, me included, didn't expect him to perform as well as he has at right back. Kelly seems the more physically suited for CB, I think he could make an interesting partnership with Agger

  20. I couldn't agree more about Agger.Sakho is a top player and I don't understand why we can have only one of them. Certainly we need both of them in the team. Don't forget that carra and Coates won't be here next season.

  21. Every season for the last three years we've had speculation over Agger.
    On each occasion he re-iterates that he's staying,I believe he will stay.
    Skertel on the other hand is a different matter he's form is not good of late.
    We have Coates who is NOT going to make the grade and Carragher is retiring (unless he changes his mind which is a distinct possibility).

    Andre Wisdom has made RAPID progress as is a NATURAL Center Back, don't be Surprised if he gets the slot.
    Then there Martin Kelly who again is a Center Back who can play at right back although his distribution and comfort on the ball is not as good as Wisdom's.

    The area does need addressing but we need a Goal Keeper to really challenge Reina.

  22. Where did I say that Agger is the best defender on the planet because Barca want him?

    All I said was that he can't be that bad if Barca want him.

    He's not good enough for us but he's good enough for them?  On the surface, it seems somewhat illogical.

  23. I hope Agger stays and the club signs Sakho - he's a tough solid defender made for the Premier League. 

  24. How do you know Liverpool want to sell Agger? For Gods sake its a rumor it does not need to be entirely true. Afterall, Agger signed a new contract if anything its the last thing Liverpool want to do. 

  25. Where do I say that I know that Liverpool want to sell Agger?

    If anything I stated that I (personally) don't want to sell him.

    And as it relates to rumors, that's all it is.  But what's wrong with discussing topics as they relate to Liverpool? We are fans.  It's just a discussion.

  26. Sakho is one of the best young CBs in the world.  He grew at PSG before becoming teen & led the side in League 1 match at 17.  He captained every French age group teams from U16 to U21 & made his French full debut at 20.

    He is not playing at PSG because, Carlo wants his own CB pairing from previous clubs.  Since he got bottomless money from the Qataris, Angellotti had no hesitation to spend 55mn for 2 CBs, who are with due respect, unworthy of respective transfer fees. 

    These are the situations which gives opportunity to acquire top players at cheap.  Ha Sakho not been unhappy at PSG, or Angellotti is replaced this summer, Sahko 'll be valued at at least 20mn.  I was never impressed with our scouts & don't expect them to get this deal done.  Actually, I doubt if our scouts do ever look outside British Isles.   

  27. Just to add,
    why replacement of Agger?  After Carra
    retires, Coates & Skartel gone, we ‘ll need at least 2 CBs, 1 of them to
    start with Agger.  May be Sakho & De
    Vrij/Martins Indi as back up.  One of
    Kelly or Wisdom ‘ll be Johnson’s back up, which means we ‘ll need at least 2
    more CBs in already a very thin squad & I am not so confident of Kelly as starting CB or BR's old boy Alex Pearce from Reading.  All the good work done by our forwards 'll be in vain if our unsettled CB pairing allows soft goals. 

  28. Appologies. Miss read.

  29. Next season many LFC Fans would like to see that Mamadou Sakho and Matts Hummells will joining LFC team.That will be great new because next season LFC have new weapon to protect the defender and will destroy many contenders players.They are not too expensive and available below 20 milion pound budget.Please realize this dream LFC.Worj hard start now to get this both two players.