1 Mar 2013

'There's interest in England' - LFC still tracking exciting €10m ex-Barca striker

Two weeks ago, the Daily Mail reported that Liverpool had made an enquiry about Sampdoria striker Mauro Icardi, and reports today suggest that the Reds are still monitoring the coveted 20-year old attacker.

According to Sky Sports, Icardi continues to attract interest from a whole host of clubs, including Liverpool, Manchester City, Napoli and, inevitably (!), Spurs.

€10m-rated Icardi spent 3 years at Barcelona before his €400k move to Sampdoria, and Manchester City manager Robert Mancini personally scouted the Argentina U20 international at in a recent game against Roma. After the game, Mancini enthused:

"He [Icardi] scored a great goal and moved very well and I must say I liked him"

In an interview with Tuttosport last week, Icardi's Agent indicated that the youngster would be open to a move to the Premier League. He said:

"We've had talks with ith Napoli in Italy. Juventus? You never know, but there is also interest in England and Spain".

Sampdoria Sporting Director Rinaldo Sagramola recently dismissed suggestions that a deal had already been struck with Inter Milan:

"I deny the reports. Inter have told us that they are interested, but there is some way to go before saying that we’ve sold him. We’re actually waiting for the boy to respond to our offer to extend his contract.”

Speaking to reporters earlier today, Sampdoria owner Edoardo Garrone admitted that he may be forced to sell the youngster against his will. He told Blitz Quotidiano:

"I will decide at the appropriate time [about Icardi]. When I do I'll have to put aside my heart because a chairman cannot be influenced by the supporters. I will have to use my head [when considering his departure]"

Icardi's record of 8 goals/1 assist in 12 starts for Sampdoria is impressive, but players from Serie A never seem to perform well for Liverpool, and we've seen that with Andrea Dossena, Alberto Aquilani, and now, Fabio Borini.

The last thing Liverpool need right now is yet another inexperienced youngster with with potential; the club is bursting at the seams with young, green talent. What's required right now is a few more experienced players who can come in and make an immediate difference.

Having said that, Philipp Coutinho is also 20, and he's come in and looked comfortable straight away, though it remains to be seen what impact he'll have between now and the end of the season.

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  1. We dont really need this type of player,and besides we need some experience now not more youngsters

  2. I think its early days to say coutinho has looked comfortable straight away jamie, i agree that we have enough "potential" at anfield already though, it does make me laugh that whenever we are quoted as being interested in a player you can guarantee spurs are in the frame too, maybe our scouts are stalked by theirs? Lol

  3. Does icardi play mobile forward like Suarez or Walkcott or is he an out and out striker?
    If he's going to play out wide i wouldnt bother but if he is a good out and out striker its the only kind of signing we should do in attack.
    We have our experienced starters in Suarez and Sturridge with borini as a back up so we may aswell get a young player to compete with him.
    I'd prefer us to sign look at other areas before we sign another attacker though

  4. Icardi is an out and out striker.
    I am a Samp fan and have watched most of his games this year.
    I know what you guys are thinking (Fabio Borini), but I have got to take a moment to let you know he is absolutely not what you are thinking of.

    He has every tool in the box.  Devastating first touch, blazing speed, nose for the goal, can finish with both feet, thundering shot, good aerial threat and can head home no problem.  What's most amazing about him is the kid just knows how to get the goals, even if he has to do it alone.  (2 strikes with Samp down a man to Juventus at Juventus: Samp win 2-1).  When I saw that I realized this kid was a once in a generation guy.  Oh, and he was 19 at the time, single handedly bringing his team past first place Juve, at Juve, unbelievable).

    This kid can do it all, and has the highest ceiling of any young striker in the world.

    Mark my words over the next decade he will be the best triker in world futbol.

    I would love for him to stay at Samp, but if you get him you better darn well pressure your club to start him immediately.

  5. 1st of all we need to sell Borini (£8M), Carrol £18M -west ham), Skrtel (£12M-zenit), Coates (£6M), Downing (£7M), Reina (£10M). in the process, we would have gained £61M and lost 2 strikers, 2 centre backs, one goalkeeper, and a right winger. plus carragher will be retiring.
    with a added transfer kitty of £40M for BR from the board in the summer, that will give us approx £100M to replace and spend on new signings. heres where we start.

    Toby Alderweireld(23 CB) Cristian Eriksen(21 AM)- Alderweireld should be a straight repalcement for skrtel. excellent tackler and reader of the game, hes a sure leader blessed with pace and great offensive ability. vision and stevie g long passes are also a trademark to his game. pretty much a similar player to vertoghnen but i believe he is better, hes a truly special player, perfect for BR system.we need more players like this at anfield. they have both had plenty of happy times with suarez and this will be good chemistry on the pitch, off the pitch and in training as they both know suarez game and will know where to pick him out. dont need to say much about Eriksen. these will be £9M and £17M respectively. Very Good and Marquee Signing (£26M)

    Stefan De Verij (21 CB) - straight replacement for Coates. (£7M)

    Ricardo Kaka (30 AM) - still an amazing player, i think we should make a bid for the out of favour star. once World Player of the Year, this is the kind of experience we need, and can lend on his experience to many players in the team. perfect signing for present and future. Marquee Signing (£8M)

    Mohamed Diame (25 DM) - athletic power and strength we've been missing in midfield, he plays alot like yaya toure. for a bargain price, would be good competition for lucas and to fill in for games against teams like stoke. PL expereinced. (£3.5M)

    Alex Pato (23 ST) - experienced world class player with still far more years for improvement. plus side, he no longer plays for milan. Pato can be a steal from corinithians, a player who with raw pace who will fit in straight away and can offer 15 goals a season mininimum guarenteed. Bargain Marquee Signing. (£15M)

    Mauro Icardi (20 ST) love this guy. would love to see him in red, hes in incredibly quick and has very good movement but its the composure i like about him most, something borini clearly lacks. reminds me of an Argentine Henry. can see this kid becoming a real star, im talking huge. Straight replacement for borini as our developing striker. (£8M)

    Asmir Begovic (25 GK) PL experienced very good goalkeeper. still young. straight replacement for Reina. (£10M)

    Thomas Ince (21 RW) was gonna choose ben arfa to replace downing at RW but £20M is too much for a player with bad injury history so ince was the most similar type to pursue. incredible on the counter attack, this kid reminds me alot of arjen robben and i think BR will still go for him in summer. replace downing. (£6M)

    all together that is £83.5M and these signings are all realistic and the very best for where we are at as a club. we can not get some champions league quality players because we dont offer CL football but these players are very good and will make the squad very competitive for the coming season. there is still £16.5M remaining from the £100M and i think we should use that money to buy a left back to either cover enrique or give him direct competition. any suggestions for LB??

  6. Thanks for the report. Sounds an absolute treat!
    its the only type of signing i think liverpool should do in attack young but already a threat.

  7. Pato wont come to liverpool as he just went home.
    Kaka is just an out and out no for me as he will have huge wages and then we have to hope he can adapt to england (shouldnt be a problem as he is an amazing player).
    The other signings all seem as decent options if LFC do in fact sell off the players you have named.

  8. Hey Jaimie recently ive been replying to people and the some of the replies are going down as straight comments rather than replies.
    Is this a disqus glitch or am i doing something wrong?

  9. Damn...If only we did all that with the last 100m we spent :P

  10. And then Real Kopite turned his PlayStation off...
    I've said this before and I'll say it again, it's always cool to mention names and throw suggestions in, that's fine, but it's frustrating when people mention prices and conduct massive transfer deals like you just have. It's highly unlikely that we will sell 6 players and purchase 9 at 100M. Even buying one of the players you mentioned is unlikely.  

  11. Well Pete people have their ideas and although i do not think a lot of what he said will happen it is well thought out.
    We all want what is best and having these ideas makes it all the more interesting and its not about stupid games.
    You and i dont really know who is coming but thats the fun in transfer rumours who knows he may be right!!!!

  12. If he is as good as you say, why aren't the world's biggest clubs chasing him?

    If he is this good and we're after him, then I'll be happy as, what you have described above, is what we had with a young Fernando Torres when he first came in - and we all know how he turned out!

  13. Just found this:

  14. Well you are right, and I always enjoy it when people suggest players we should look at, and Real Kopite's post obviously took some effort, but naming players who we should sell and their prices is just a bit pointless for me because making such radical changes (9 players in and 6 out) is pretty rare. 

  15. It may be because the reply thread depth has been exceeded. Disqus only allows replies to go up to 10, after that, it starts again. If that's not the case, it may be a glitch. I'll look into it.

  16. thanks for that, its not the reply depth as one of the times was already on this article and there was only like 3 comments.

  17. well that puts an end to this article then doesnt it? lol

  18. That article is from Feb 12, and is just speculation, and Sampdoria Sporting Director Rinaldo Sagramola refuted it a fews afterwards. He said:
    "I deny the reports. Inter have told us that they are interested, but there is some way to go before saying that we’ve sold him. We’re actually waiting for the boy to respond to our offer to extend his contract.”

  19. That article is from Feb 12, and is just speculation, and Sampdoria Sporting Director Rinaldo Sagramola refuted it a few afterwards. He said:
    "I deny the reports. Inter have told us that they are interested, but there is some way to go before saying that we’ve sold him. We’re actually waiting for the boy to respond to our offer to extend his contract.”

  20. JK with the research! thats how you do it! nice work

  21. BR said this season 12-13 would be  a season of review and not alot of transfers would be made. he reduced the wage bill and has removed the majority of players he doesnt want in his squad. 13-14 season espect radical changes. carrol will definately leave, so that is not unrealistic. so will skrtel, coates and reina. downing will be probably sold as now is the best time to cash in on him and so will borini. apparently honda will now be signed on a pre-contract and credit to BR because this is a wonderful signing. ive been waiting for that mata type magician player who can just change the game in the blink of an eye. hes a all round player and CL & world cup experienced.

  22. Icardi didn't single handedly defeat juventus, his goals were lucky even Buffon said. I am the biggest samp fan don't get me wrong, he's a great player, but if I were a big club I'd wait another year till he develops more, otherwise he could be a huge bust. the real gem on our team is Pedro Obiang, watch the kid play he is going to be huge. He gives balls to icardi left, right and centre.