9 Mar 2013

'It's likely he'll move to LFC or Spurs' - Reds in for £20m midfield maestro. Excited...?

Ajax star Christian Eriksen is one of the most coveted young players in Europe, and in a recent interview, the 21-year old confirmed that his future 'lies in England'. Liverpool have been linked with a move for the Eriksen many times over the last couple of years, and now seems that the Reds are one of the clubs in pole position to sign the midfield maestro.

In an interview earlier this week, a senior Ajax source (quoted by The Independent) confirmed that Eriksen 'wants to play in the Premier League', adding:

“Liverpool and Spurs are scouting him almost every week.

"Arsenal are no longer interested and Man United are not on the scene.

"The club will not let him go cheaply so there is a long way to go but it seems likely he will move to Tottenham or Liverpool.”

In February, Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars suggested that Eriksen will Ajax if the right club comes in for him:

“I think Christian first wants to see what clubs next summer will come in for him. If there is no suitable club for him in between this, I hope he stays at Ajax.”

The £20m-rated Dane - who recently admitted that he finds it 'very cool' to be linked with 'big clubs' like Liverpool and Manchester United - also confirmed that there are lots of clubs trying to sign him:

"I know that there are many important clubs interested in me. It's a nice surprise [to be linked to different clubs]. I never said I would only play in La Liga. I like England and Italy too."

Ajax coach Ronald De Boer also seems resigned to losing the midfield maestro soon, as he told reporters recently:

"It is difficult to keep him [Eriksen]. I think he is a player for Madrid or Barcelona but I think one more year at Ajax wouldn't hurt him. I can't predict next year he will be at us. If a team comes along and puts a big bag of money it would be impossible for Ajax to keep him"

Fellow Dane Daniel Agger is a big fan of Eriksen, and in May 2012, he told Ekstra Bladet:

"Eriksen has the potential to become world-class. There are no boundaries to what he can achieve. He really is a weapon for us [Denmark]. He adds creativity, and always wants the ball. He's also capable of taking set pieces with both feet. The way he kicks the ball is truly unique".

it doesn't look like Liverpool or Man United have a chance as Eriksen seemingly has his heart set on a different club, as he revealed last year:

"If I got an offer from Liverpool now, I believe I would reject it. If I did move, it would have to be Barcelona".

If the Ajax source is correct, then it looks like another Spurs vs. Liverpool summer transfer smackdown, and at the moment, it's LFC 0-2 Spurs. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself in the upcoming transfer window.

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  1. The Next Sneijder.

  2. Eriksen would undoubtedly be a massive improvement over any of Henderson/Shelvey/Allen/Suso/Texeira as an attacking midfielder, but I honestly don't think he should a priority at this point. Especially with Couthinho on board now.

    We desperately need another forward of similar calibre to Suarez & Sturridge to relegate Downing/Sterling/Borini to squad status; a powerful, legitimate ballwinner to put pressure on Lucas & Gerrard for the deeper midfield position; at least one centre-back to replace Skrtel (assuming that Kelly/Wisdom steps up to replace Carragher & Coates); and a goalkeeper that can save shots. 

    All of those are MUCH more pressing needs imo than a playmaker, even one as good as Eriksen.

  3. To be fair we beat Spurs to Joe Cole so 3-0 Spurs then

  4.  Liverpool could do with more star ability. £15 Allen £20 Eriksen smh.

                 Suarez   Sturridge         
    Courtinho    Eriksen  Gerrard  Downing

    Teams would fear playing Liverpool

  5. I really hope we get this guy along with Honda

  6. Bit of a deceptive title Jamie. Should be "Reds set to battle it out with Spurs". He's likely to join LFC??? 

  7. So where did the 'It's likely he'll join LFC' headline quote come from if he says himself he'd reject the move? Unless you're just making up sensational headlines to get hits? Surely not!

  8. would send out a real statement of intent by fsg,love to see him at anfield

  9. I'm really not sure if we need this guy. Good player he is but the position he plays I would like to see Coutinho or Suso there. He isn't going to come cheap and I would like to see any money we have to spend going on a really top drawer centre back.

  10. We'd have to drop one of them to accommodate Lucas, for defending's sake, but that does look tasty.

  11. It'd be a great signing, and a great statement of intent as Jason said, but I think you're right. There are more pressing issues in the side.

    That said, if Coutinho's form drops off in a big way, it could become more important.

  12. Would love this guy to play for us, it`s true its not the most needed of position, but I`m always up for improving any position if possible, and it might mean we have to sell one of Hendo or Shelvey, but that is just how it is sometimes. We do have Coutinho who can play there, but nothing wrong with options, esp when its such a good one. Coutinho can also play on the left, so it gives options to move players about, and our attacking line up would look like a dream. We also need this better strength in depth, where if one player is out, we can just move things about abit and still have a top player to come in. Same for using subs. I would be super chuffed if we only signed him and a CB. Anything else would be a bonus, but just get him and a top CB would imrpove us even more.


    Johnson --Agger --New CB --Enrique
    ---------gerrard ---Erisksen--------

    With Suarez being able to switch sides, and go into center if needed, Coutinho being able to go into the AM role, and still having these subs


    plus other players

    Shelvey would prob need to be sold to accom Eriksen, but I could live with that.

  13. i think he could play more central than coutinho

  14. This is pedantry of the highest order. Please read the article properly: the Ajax source states 'It is likely he will move to LFC or Spurs'. What is the difference in this context between the words 'move' and 'join'?

    I don't need to reference Spurs as irrespective of their interest, LFC is one of the club's he's likely to join.

    I never used stuff like 'battle it out' or 'plot move for' or 'to fight it out with' in headlines as, IMO, such phrases are misleading. I prefer actual quotes, i.e. facts, which is why so many of my headlines include quotes (like this one, for example)

    From a factual standpoint, you can't argue with a quote. 

  15. we aint got 2 million so forget it - just LOOK AT THE ACCOUNTS

  16. If Eriksen is available Liverpool should take a chance with him. He would provide good dribbling (+ other attributes) in the CM position. I don't know why some people are so short sighted and say we (Liverpool) do not need him yet. Last I check the modern game is a squad game, Gerrard is getting on a bit and this guy may not by a like for like replacement but will offer us a very good option, being an option does not mean he sits on the bench, it means he is rotated around with the likes of Henderson, Coutinho, and in the CM positions. I do think a bigger priority is the CB position should Skrtel, Agger, and Coates be leaving, however Eriksen has real potential to be a star player that we don't want to miss out on. I hope we could get 2 CB's, a CDM maybe if we could get a decent offer to rid of Allen which is unlikely, and a striker. I know this all sounds expensive, but with the sales of Carroll, Spearing, Skrtel, Pacheco, Wilson, Assaidi, Downing, we could raise decent money and replace one of them with Honda on a bossman and rotate in the younger player like Suso, Sterling, and perhaps one or two more. 

  17. More like Laudrup, mate.

  18. Oh here we go, another bloody transfer battle with Spurs. What's the bet that we scouted Eriksen for Spurs?

  19. I totally agree with you that one cannot argue with a quote if it isn't taken out of context or complete. In this case there is a huge difference between "likely to join LFC" and "likely to join LFC and Spurs". Your headline implied that he favoured a move to LFC when that is definitely not the case.

    Don't get me wrong, I usually enjoy your pieces but I did find it misleading. Maybe i am the only one who felt this way. Anyway, I noticed you have corrected the headline.

  20. You said "I don't need to reference Spurs as irrespective of their interest, LFC is one of the club's he's likely to join".

    Yes, but you didn't say LFC is ONE of the clubs he's likely to join.

  21. Downing would have to be sold to accomodate him

  22. I would prefer Alonso any day. 

  23. SPURS should pay us compensation over players they've purchased recently.Their scouts seem to be stalking our scouts.HOLTBY,DEMPSEY,SIGUARDSSON is it possible for SPURS to be linked to or buy players that haven't been scouted by LFC first?

  24. Exactly Jay.  It's always good to have a deep squad with quality players on bench, but to do so, we first need to be in CL.  That's straight 30-35mn more earning. 

    E'sson is a fantastic prospect, but as you mentioned, he is actually our 3rd/4th on priority.  We need a CB & an winger before an AM.  If we have the money to burn, we should go for Sakho & Hulk (who surely is not happy playing in freezing Arctic & despite playing brilliantly getting boos from own supporters, for his skin).  Then comes a powerful DM & good to have is an AM.

  25. Yes, without Lucas, we 'll end-up loosing most matches 2-3 or 3-4 with this line up.  Reminds me of Chelsea, with 5/6 top quality attackers, but missing someone like Lucas or Essien. 

  26. If he really costs 20mn, then I am not sure if FSG 'll invest when we have 2/3 very good U19 prospects (Suso, Dunn, Tricket-Smith, even Coutinho is more of a central AM) waiting in the wings.

    I appreciate your squad, but just imagine the same squad with Coutinho replacing Ericksson at LMF/AM & someone like Hulk plays at RW.

    Or, in a 4231/4411 formation SG & Lucas at CM, Suarez as second striker behind Sturridge with Coutinho & any one of Hulk/Ben Arfa/Rues/Munian at wings, frequently swapping positions. 

    After the financial statements, I am not sure how much money do BR gets, but that Hulk guy 'll be a monster in PL, strong & low centre of gravity, skillful with brilliant first touch, extremely quick with/without ball, powerful & accurate shooter on either feet, good in crossing either feet, brilliant in cutting back from wings & he is only 26.  I might be wrong, but he is as good, if not better than Bale, probably at half the price.      

  27. I am happy for the last 2 not joining us, however, Holtby might be a miss, specially for that price.  This confirms me that, actually our scouts don't do anything but watching Championship, Scottish League & PL relegation battles.  Even when we had money, we went for Villa, N'Castle (Championship), Blackpool & Sunderland wonders. 

    I would be dreaming if Spurs or N'Castle swaps their scouting team with ours.  Don't know why we went for Sheikh Mansoor's pet, who had only job to add figures with the payment check of other clubs to bring players at MC.  

  28. I'd play him more central, but then where does he fit in?

    You need a holding mid, Lucas will start (or if we buy someone else). Gerrard will start. Suarez and Sturridge will start too, so there isn't really a place for him.

    I don't think we can afford Eriksen's fee just for him to challenge Gerrard.

  29. My point wasn't that our scouts are doing a fantastic job.It was more SPURS just look at who we want and hijack our deals.Forget about the scouts at CELTIC or NEWCASTLE,PORTO have the best scouting network!

  30. gerrards not going to be around forever and allen as played enough this season,imagine if eriksen had played all allens minutes this season

  31. i love alonso but eriksen is the future,saying that i would love to have them both

  32. Good point, albeit very short. Why would Spurs sign Eriksen when they've already signed Holtby, who plays in the same position.

  33. not loosing, its "losing"

  34. we'd probably struggle to get hulk because of high wages and he just signed for zenit. this is all we need in the summer.

    Alex Pato (23) ST (£15M) - world class player. being the same age as sturridge and already world class, will make sturridge increase his level of play to reach his potential of coming world class. pato will add 20 goals minimum a season. at 23 will grow onto a whole new level and add to our growing brazilian core. pato should be immediate replacement for failing borini.

    Keisuke Honda (26) AM (free) - world class player without a doubt. for a free transfer we get an experience player who is a magician. every good team needs a magician/technician. we've got growing technicians in coutinho and suso and experience will help ALOT.

    Mohamed Diame (25) DM (£3.5M) purely PL experience player to cover lucas. if we can get a yaya toure type player in our team it will help the cause and give us needed power but also skill and ability.

    Stefan De Vrij (21) CB (£7M) straight replacement for coates. good with ball at feet and good long passing. also a good defender who will grow into the role. already a captain and a leader. good buy

    Toby Alderwereild (23) CB (£10M) exact same as vertoghen but better. strong, good in the air, good long passing and robust tackler, hes a complete defender and good competer. replace skrtel as martin kelly will step in for carragher.

    thats  all we should do in summer. anything that needs correcting should be looked at in january as if you overdo it it becomes a mess

    we could look like this in summer

     coutinho       suarez        honda
                   gerrard   lucas
    enrique   alderwereild  agger  johnson


                           pato coutinho       suarez        sturridge               honda   gerrard    enrique   kelly  agger  johnson

    or a side for carling cup or early fa, europa rounds but still capable of winning

      assaidi         coutinho     downing
                      honda    diame
    enrique        kelly    alderwerield  wisdom

    we should sell carrol (18M) borini (£7M) coates (£6M) Skrtel (£12M) and carragher is retiring. so income will be £43M. spending will be approx £40M. so this can be a perfect month of business and it will also make our squad competitive and allow BR to choose the squad depending on opposition (slow, or powerful opposition).

    also suso and sterling should go on loan to Premiership clubs to gain experience and put up a real fight for 2014-15 season.

  35. I hope next season Christian Erikson will joining LFC because Downing performance still below the best.J.Shelvey has much2 better scoring goal from Downing but he never always playing with LFC team.Christian Erikson will make diffrent and more effective for wingers or attacker player.PLEASE2....JOIN LFC.

  36. you mean in the DM role too like Allen played for most of the season? 

  37. his "pet" didn`t arrive until after the window had ended, so it would be unfair to blame any summer signings on him. Since his arrival, and his staff, we have signed Continho and Sturridge, both of which look alright.

  38. Yes im sick of spurs not having a scouting department...can someone from the other sides join them? Christian will be a great signing and will prove both intent and be in line with our sign young policy...this one is in the wonderkid class and is certainly what many of us will be rooting for. Come on Reds sign him!

  39. Yeah, I see this ridiculous, elementary mistake in almost every blog or comments section on numerous football sites. Incredible really!?!

    Lose, losing= antonym to win and winning.

    Loose, Loosening: for shoelaces 

  40. I think our scouts are actually quite ingenious. We are sending out our intentions of buying B grade (at best) quality players as a smokescreen while secretly attempting to buy better players i.e. Coutinho and Sturridge. Hopefully Spurs continue to purchase distinctively average players like Sigurdsson and Holtby while we go in for players with more pedigree. Spurs as good as they are with Bale aren't the same without Van Der Vaart and Modric.

  41. With regards to Allen and Borini these were players Brendan wanted sadly before the scouts had a chance to go scouting.

  42. Ericksson will be a future replacement for Gerrard not Downing. Downing to be fair to him was excellent against Spurs. Was effective in defence, covering for Johnson's gaffs, ran all game, kept the ball out wide, circulated the ball well, ran into space, put in a couple of decent crosses and even managed to get onto the goal sheet with his unfavoured foot against Spurs.