2 Mar 2013

LFC predicted XI vs. Wigan: Attacker to miss out? BR to go defensive...?

After a 9-day rest, Liverpool return to action this afternoon against Wigan Athletic, a must-win game if the Reds are to maintain any (slim) hope of reaching the top four.

The players are suitably rested, so the team should be fit and raring to go, and anything but a win against the relegation threatened Latics would almost certainly put the final nail in the coffin of Liverpool's Champions League hopes.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Reds legend Tommy Smith believes there's still lots to play for, and he insists that there's 'no excuse' for underperformance between now and the end of the season:

"We’re out of all the cups and eighth place simply isn’t good enough for Liverpool. The Latics are down the bottom for a reason and I’m expecting a comfortable victory. We’ve got 11 Premier League games to go and with only playing once a week there can be no excuses about fatigue"

Re team news:

* Daniel Sturridge is still carrying a knock and will be assessed prior to the game (confirmed by BR on Thursday)

* Martin Skrtel is fit again.

Team I'd like to see:

---------------- Reina

Wisdom --- Agger ---- Carra ---- Johnson

--------------- Lucas

-------- Gerrard -- Coutinho

Downing ----------------- Suarez

-------------- Sturridge

Given it's an away game against a physical side, I'd be surprised if Rodgers starts Coutinho. He'll probably err on the side of caution, and replace the Brazilian with Jordan Henderson. I just hope he doesn't play Allen, Henderson and Lucas in the same team. Maybe it's just me, but having four central midfielders in the team creates an unbalance side, especially when one of them - Allen - is played in a more forward role. What we'll probably get:

---------------- Reina

Johnson --- Agger ---- Carra ---- Enrique

--------------- Lucas

-------- Gerrard -- Henderson

Downing ----------------- Suarez

------------- Sturridge

As Smith says, Wigan are near the bottom three for a reason, and if Liverpool can't beat a relegation-threatened team (with only two home wins all season) after NINE days of rest, then there's something seriously wrong.

If things go Liverpool's way later, the club could be in sixth place in the league tonight. If it all goes pear-shaped, however, the Reds will end the day in ninth place.

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  1. I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan but a Wigan season ticket holder and love the club. I'm torn today. I can't really see Liverpool getting a European place, and Wigan need the points. Either way, I suppose the result will suit me. However, if I for sure wanted Wigan to get something, then I'd be delighted to see Allen start

  2. im not 100% sure but I think that sturridge is likely to miss this game through a knock

  3. Rodgers play with a double pivot so Gerrard would probably be pushed back to DM. And for some reason I think Sturridge would be rested.

  4. Why no Enrique in your team he is a great attacking option.

  5. i'd play: reina, mclaughlin, skrtel, agger, enrique; lucas, gerrard, coutinho; suso/assaidi, sturridge, suarez. i know mclaughlin and suso/assaidi won't play but i wish they would. johnson has looked way out of form and he cant even control the ball properly, and for me wisdom would be more effective at centre back than right back. mclaughlin has been brilliant whenever i've seen him and i hope he will become the lfc right back for many years (certainly way ahead of flanagan). i 100% agree with you about playing 4 centre mids, henderson is way less effective on the left, and i never feel optimistic when allen starts.

  6. We havent really been given much information on Sturridge's injury hopefully he's fit enough to start or at least make the bench. I think we could very likely see this formation tonight







    If sturridge isnt fit then swap him for Suarez and play Henderson in the CAM role. Either team should have more than enough to beat the Latics.

  7. I think we all know top 4 isn't going to happen. 6th place is very realistic and there's a chance of 5th at the expense of Chelsea due to the ongoing problems there, plus the amount of fixtures they've played and still have to play.

    As for today's lineup:

    -------------------- Reina
    Johnson -- Carra - Agger --Enrique

    ------------- Lucas --- Gerrard

    Downing --- Henderson --- Coutinho

    ------------------- Suarez

  8. It'd be nice to see Mclaughlin. Maybe not start but come off the bench. I agree Johnson, who I think has been probably our third best player this season, has been off the pace a little in the last couple of games he may need a rest. I dont think we will see anyone new for todays game but I seriously wouldnt be surprised is Suso and Mclaughlin maybe even Ibe get some minutes in the last few games of the seasons. I'd love to see Ibe get some game time. He'll add some exciting competition for Sterling I feel.

  9. ---------------Reina





  10. as long as Allen doesn't start im not bothered...there can be no excuses now...although if we lose hell say they are rusty as they haven't played for 9 nine days......whats the odds that the Argie upfront for then has a blinder and scores

  11. My doubts are confirmed, always knew sturridge is an injury prone, is he going to get injuried for every knock he gets? I know hes a good player but this is a huge concern, he had this at city and chelsea therefore they got rid of him, and btw ya really think we do have a chance still of top 4, being ten points behind? Surely yall having a laugh!

  12. if im honest id be surprised if we made top 6

  13. off topic Jamie if sterling is convicted of assaulting that women should Liverpool get rid...im curious to what your standpont to this is ....i know you dislike suarez because he cheats ( IYO ) ..will this same rule apply to sterling if he is convicted of assault of a women as surley this is worse than conning a ref  

  14. Really? ;-)

  15. yep... see, sure he scored a nice goal...

    But what else did he do all game?
    He lost the ball, took a blocked shot, made wayward passes or just kept passing backward. He slows the tempo and does not fit in the team I'm sorry...

    NOw all of a sudden he scores the odd goal or whatever, but that does not even come close to redeeming him for last year - NO ASSISTS AND NO GOALS!

    Stop playing downing