12 Feb 2013

Earle insists: £20m 'monster' striker would be 'perfect' for LFC. Agree...?

West Brom striker Romelu Lukaku powered his way to yet another goal against Liverpool last night, and Wimbledon legend Robbie Earle believes he's just the type of player Brendan Rodgers needs at Anfield.

Analysing Liverpool's 2-0 home defeat on ESPN last night, Earle praised Lukaku's impact on the game, and suggested the the 19-year old - who cost Chelsea £20m - would to well at Anfield. He enthused:

"What a monster this boy is. Still not 20 years of age, but he bullied Liverpool into submission in the end. They say he isn’t quite good enough for Chelsea, well you look at this Liverpool team, and strangely enough, a player like Lukaku would be the perfect complement to their side".

Lukaku has scored two goals against Liverpool this season, helping West Brom to a 5-0 aggregate victory over two games (!) Overall, the Belgian has twelve goals and two assists in eighteen starts for West Brom, which is a great return for a nineteen year old striker.

Lukaku is everything Andy Carroll should be, and he's four years younger than Liverpool's record £35m signing. He has great pace, power, close control, technique, balance, and the ability - as Earle suggests - to bully defenders into submission.

Lukaku would be great addition to the squad but considering he initially cost £20m, I doubt Liverpool would be able to afford him.

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  1. The rent boys wont sell him unless it was for a massive fee, we,ll be lucky to get anything over 12 mil for carroll, when you look at the 47 mil blown on him & borini i reckon we,ll be lucky to recoup 20mil for them both, criminal waste of money

  2. hed be a great buy....our defence just couldnt handle him...hell be a monster up front for chelsea next  year

  3. Too right! What are the scouting system instructed to find? On one hand we sell Torres for £50M, then we buy Luis Suarez for £25M. Good start, and still £25M left to buy a central striker. That's a good wedge to buy a proven striker. We waste far too much money. Making the wrong choices. They talk about finding value and quality but rarely do what they say they are searching for. Allen £15M. Sissoko £2M. I know what risk I would take. Borini £10M Michu £2M.
    Malaga is the club to raid. Bet we don't go for Isco... Soldado at Valencia. Negredo. 2 good strikers here.

  4. Would love to have him but doubt that Chelsea would sell him to us.
    He is everything that Andy Carroll is not.

  5. BY THIS HAD ME IN STITCHES TODAY ' Robin van Persie is now approaching the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Mess' I THINK FERGY HAS BEEN AT HE TURPS AGAIN.

  6. He is the new Drogba no doubt about it

  7. NOT TRUE, we had already signed Suarez before selling Torres, He was signed to play along side Torres, Before Torres threw his toys out of his pram, we had £50M clear to spend from Torres sale to buy a replacement and blew it on Carroll.

  8. if he's that good why was he on the bench for west brom. Any striker would look that good when the opposing team is chasing the match having gone 1-0 behind and throwing everything into attack and leaving themselves short at the back.

    Yet another MOTD fever article.

    I think he's a good striker but look at Carroll age 20 he was unplayable for Newcastle back then. Articles are always easy to write with hindsight and in my opinion far too early to judge this guy.

  9. Any player that performs well against us is linked and wanted by the fans.The same was said about BENTEKE when ASTON VILLA won at ANFIELD.Lets not restrict our buying policy to players that play well against us.I still have nightmares about the 35m spent on a big Geordie!

  10. not type of player Rodgers likes he likes pretty players 

  11. ROBIN VAN PERSIE could've been killed this season(!)

  12. No worse than some of the pooop that Rodgers has come out with about Liverpool this season. But I suppose his talk makes you cry, instead of laughing, considering the middle of the table mediocrity. If Ferguson has been on the turps, can't imagine what Rodgers has been on. 

  13. Romana? Do your research Jamie. It is ridiculous that you post it wrong, how much research do you do on more controversial matters if you can't get a players name right? It is Romelu Lukaku.

  14. !00% against him? Where do you get that from? Why do you ignore the fact that specifically stated in the article that I still support him? I'm not against Rodgers at all; I believe in his vision, but he's still open to criticism for the decisions he makes on a game by game basis.

  15. Spot on m8, our scouting network & the homework we have done on a lot of our signings has been pi*s poor for years, weve spunked millio.s on garbage players, wages & agents fees.

  16. Good point m8, we even made oldhams striker look the dogs boll*cks

  17. Lukaku situation shows how much of a joke football has become. A really good young player is harvested by Chelsea, by sending a huge pile of roubles on him, then donating him to a team in the league.

    Said player cannot then play against Chelsea but he can play against everyone else. Farcical.

    He is an immense player. Strong, powerful, quick, good in the air, skilful. Made Agger look rubbish in 5 minutes.

    We bought Andy Carroll. What a stocking!!! And we are still spending very big on debatable signings. Coutinho and Borini are mega money, considering what they've done in the game.

  18. He's not the player Carroll 'should be'. Any failure of Andy Carroll to live up to his fee is in small part thanks to him and in large part due to other factors.
    Lukaku is the type of player (in theory) who Liverpool should have spent that money on.

  19. What's up with you guys ... it's the same again every time ... someone scores against us and he is the player who we are missing, the final piece we need, the next big thing !!!!

    Pathetic really ...

    We already have our number nine and that's Sturridge !!!!

  20. Not for me, I have a rule this season, of never judge a player by how he played against us, as we have a habbit of making players look a lot better than they are, esp keepers.

    Overall he is a good player, but I prefer Sturridge.

  21. There seems to be a general understanding among managers that tiring defenders will not outmuscle nor outjump a huge striker, hence a tendency to drop one in for the last 20 minutes of a game. Dalglish liked to do that with Carroll, Rafa with Crouch, Capello with Carlton Cole, Crouch or Heskey, then there's Kenwyne Jones who is similarly deployed. Last season, Dzeko was more often a supersub than a starter. I believe Lukaku is being used to the same effect.

  22. truss me if your 19 and your getting quality goals in the premier league and man of the match performances your really that good. he's exactly anywhere between ibrahomovic and drogba. hes 6ft 3 and has scored well over 50 professional goals and had over 100 appearences. these stats are astonishing for his age. 15m would be far from a waste but rather an INCREDIBLY wise investment with his best years a good 6-7years ahead oh him (6-7 years will see a MASSIVE approvement in ability and if hes 19 doin this now just imagine when hes 25-27. real monster, big bad bully, real deal

  23. The problem is we have a pathetically weak squad and our best players have no real quality competition for their places. So complacency has slipped in, Reina, Johnson, Agger, Enrique, Skrtel, Lucas, Gerrard and Suarez. There is no real quality cover for any of these positions at club and that is one reason we are so inconsistant, as those players can play crap and poorly in games knowing they will be in team next week as the people competing for their places even on their bad days they are better than the likes of Jones, Wisdom, Coates, Carragher, Allen, Shelvey and Borini. 

    There is no real comparison: B Rodgers needs to sell and ship out four players in the summer and bring in 7 players to get a competitive class quality squad.

    Outs: GK : Jones          CB: Coates.    FD: Borini        FD: Carroll

    And bring in these 7 players:

    Four/4 Defensive Players:

    1: GK: A Begovic(25) Of Stoke for £8-£10M to compete with P Reina
    2: CB: A Williams(28) Of Swansea for £7-£8M to compete with Agger and Skrtel
    3:LB: D Rose(22) Of Tottenham for £2-£5M to compete with Enrique
    4:DM: E Capoue(24) Of Toulouse for £5-£8M to compete with Lucas

    Three/3 Attacking players:

    5: B Arfa(25) Of Newcastle should be brought in swap deal with A Carroll and £10M to compete with Sterling on Left wing
    6 and 7:  C Nzogbia(26) RWF and C Benteke(22) Both of A Villa should both be brought to club for combined total of £24M

    Those Seven/7 players would bring class, quality, strength, power, mobility, to defence and class, creativity, pace, speed, strength, good movement and goals to the attack and good competition for places to squad.

  24. Chelsiki wont par with this lad, super striker although id welcome the news that we are trying too swoop for him..... Another belgian striker in Benteke would be a monster signing.... Either player would fit straight into Br's style but both would also offer a plan B as they are well able too hold and link play up... In my opinion we would have a better chance in signing Benteke....???

  25. Yeah twistade i like your thinking around a few of them players , Benteke, Ben Arfar if we can swap for Carrol for sure,.... the rest id have my doubts.... I feel we need a proven centre back who can defend and play a bit and who better than Matt Hummels would be my no1 choice without a shadow... "The lad is proven quality"  3 quaility additions!!!!! Add Gotze,Turan and sissko to that list and we would deffo challange both for the prem and then in Europe....YNWA

  26. Summer buys????? 
                                    Centre Back
                                   Hummells or Williams        Baines

                                  Sissko or Gustavo
        Gotze                                                  Ben Arfa

                         Benteke or Lukaku     All quality players anyone agree??

  27. I'll say it once and I'll say it again LFC are paying the price for ignoring African/Euro-African talent. Drogba, Benteke now Lakaku have all sliced through our defence like butter. Fact is we have no one in our team who can use sheer power and athleticism to batter defences. Whilst Crouch and Carroll are considered as big men they lack the whole package. Crouch as technique but no pace or power, Carroll has debatable power but no pace or technique. We constantly refuse to tap in to this pool of talent. Borini does not any extra dimension he's a poor man's Milan Baros at the mo.
    The missing ingredient to our team for me is found in Africa as far as LFC is concerned, if we had a Diame/Cissoko type in the middle plus a really athletic battering ram to add to our skillful squad we be a lot closer to top 4. Our squad now is too lightweight to compete with the top teams, Allen & Borini shld be ditched as they add nothing!

  28. I forgot to mention, at considerably lower prices they represent better value for money.

  29. it wont happen as rogers lives in a fantasy land where size doesn't matter ( he is a small guy himself , some kind of Napoleonic thing going on here )  he even came out with a jack ass quote on basketball players. well heres the thing rogers in football you can use your head as well as your feet so ignoring one facet of the game puts you at a distinct disadvantage .

  30. you forgot to add mediocre teams zanatos

  31. but what do we do if he cant play

  32. i genuinely think someone is on the fiddle ....the prices we pay are completely out of whack with the world..allen 15m borini 10 carroll 35m ..thats 55m for 3 players who cant get a game

  33. Its you with adding up like that!!

  34. Gilstrap, the only accepting to the rule is Barca, there skill & athleticism negates the need especially in La Liga. This is the prem where being multifaceted is advantageous. We're the Amir Khan of football, looks good with flashy skills but with no punch resistance. Mousa Cissoko for 2.5 mill vs Allen 15 mill our scouting system is impotent.

  35. We have the guy that was ahead of Lukaku at Chelsea and he's doing fine so far. We don't need a bully up front. A good striker scores a lot of goals because he plays to his strengths, no matter what they are. Fowler was no bully. Collymore was no bully. Torres was no bully etc. Had Sturridge been fit to play we might have seen a different game and that's where we need to strengthen. We need a striker who can come in when Sturridge or Suarez do not play, for whatever reason, without having to change our game. The problem is they're hard to find. Personally I'd have thought Ibe or Sinclair would have got a chance, in spite of their age, the way Guardiola brought in Tello.

  36. Seriously?

    I get 60, maybe I can't do basic addition?

  37. He's better, mate. Well, he has the potential to be as Drogba had a poor first season then he went on fire.

    I posted this the other day, about Lukaku. Big, athletic, skillful and an eye for goal. Before he went to Chelsea he was touted as one of the hottest striking prospects in Europe.
    If we have to pay £25m for him, it'll still be a bargain.

    I've alo read that Rodgers is being handed £35m in the summer. Well, whether it's true or not, it should be used to get this kid. If we need to strengthen other areas, then we can sell to buy.

    Skrtel looks to be heading out the door, will Zenit (or another suitor) pay £10m+ for him?
    Coates is another one out of favour, will we get £6 for him?
    Do Fiorentina want Borini? what will we recoup for him, £8m maybe?
    Downing still is unsure if he has a future at the club, weren't Sunderland after him? £8-10m, possibly?

    I still feel that we need Ince. He can play in place of Downing or we can finally put Assiadi on the right. With Sterling, Suso & Coutinho able to play in the No. 10 role, we're covered in that position.

    A solid defender to play alongside Agger or move Wisdom into the middle and have Kelly as Johnson's understudy. Or Kelly at RB when Enrique is injured/dropped form.

    Coady might be ready to step up next season to provide competition for Lucas. 

    Henderson is starting to look like the player we thought we were buying.

    Shelvey needs a bit more polishing and we'll have a gem of a player.

    Allen can spend from now until August between the weights room and the canteen to bulk his small frame up so he doesn't get bullied off the ball as much, hence (I reckon) his backwards/sideways passes.

    If we're to sell Reina, then we should command as much as we can get and replace him with one of the young German keepers, Ter Stegen (he's on 1m Euros/week!!!) looks good.

    As much as I always want to give a player the benefit of the doubt, they need to prove that they deserve a place in the team/squad or they need to go.  We also need to replace what leaves with a better player, unlike in recent seasons when the likes of Torres, Alonso, Mascherano hell, even Benayoun left the club and we never replaced them.
    Suarez was, indeed, bought to play alongside Torres, so nobody can say we replaced Torres with Suarez (if we did, Suarz would be our number 9!!!)

    I haven't lost faith in Rodgers and I have to, for once, agree with Jaimie, that his vision for the club looks bright. We've been playing some brilliant football but have also been lacking in key areas:

    Ruthlessness in front of goal
    Commanding the centre of the pitch
    Bullying opposing strikers
    Unflappable keeper
    Accurate crossing from either wing

    We have, in our reserves, a wealth of talent who will be pushing for a first team berth next season:

    Morgan, Ngoo, Teixeira, Pacheco, Yesil, Ibe, Sama, Adjoran, to name but a few. Remember, the U21s are unbeaten this season so we have, arguably, the best reserve side on the country.

    Oh, and there seems to be a fire sale on in Ligue 1 !!!

  38. Your post seems to tell me, and others, that you're judging this player from what you have read in the papers. 
    He's started 18 games for West Brom, scored 12 and made 2 assists. Whenever a young player goes on loan from a big(ger) club to a small(er) one you expect them to be one of the best players at that club. Case in point: Sturridge at Bolton, 8 goals from 12 games. Is he any good now? You'd better believe it, mate!

  39. He can play and he's only going to get better.

  40. Baines?
    Of Everton? are you serious?

    Yes, he's a good player but we've as much chance as Carragher becoming the next Pope than getting him.

  41. I agree with the racial profiling here, athletes of African origin are genetically superior to Caucasian athletes; look at the Olympic games, which race won more in the track & field events? 
    I've worked a lot in Africa and will be going back this month. I used to be really into bodybuilding and I'm a qualified fitness instructor too. I have taken local guys into the gym, coached them for a month and noticed changes that people back home could only dream of.
    I think it's to do with the purity of their genes and the fact that life in the majority of Africa is and was a lot harder than what is is in the Western world. Infant mortality in Africa is still at shocking levels. The children who are fortunate enough to make it to adulthood are stronger than a lot of those unfortunates who don't make it. Luck and circumstances also play a big part in this but look at how Africans are dominating sports and it's hard to argue.

  42. Patrick Vieira to Arsenal - £3.5m
    Yaya Toure to Barcelona - $10m (£6.7m)
    Didier Drogba to Marseille - £3.3m
    Thierry Henry to Arsenal - £11m

    4 of the most successful players in the Premier League for under £25m.

  43. Torres might not have been a bully, per se, but he terrified defences when he was running at them - just ask Rio & Vidic!

    If you categorise Drogba as a bully, then maybe we should be looking at that type of striker.

    I like Lukaku's bust of pace and his athleticism. His strength in holding up the ball would be ideal for Sturridge & Suarez to play off. 

  44. Sturridge ain't no slug either. Sturridge and Lukaku are both targetmen. They can't play up front at the same time. That's partially why Owen/Heskey never worked out. We have a top notch strike partnership. Lukaku won't come here to sit on the bench, he can do that at Chelski.

  45. lool danny rose, your having a laugh mate. charles nzogbia good but far too inconsistent. begovic good but stoke are really pushing that price-tag for a GK. how about this

    1.GK:-Julio Cesar (33) vastly experienced and if QPR relegated should get him anywhere from £4-6m. bargain
    2.CB:-Mateo Mussachio (22) Champions League experienced international defender with pace and good reading of the game. best years far ahead of him, Villareal relagated. £6m
    3.CB:-Brede Hangeland (31) 6ft7 premier league experienced defender who is a real commander at the back. FREE AGENT
    4.LWB:-Luis Ibanez (24) natural left sided player, very versatile and has a powerful shot. good addition for cheap price (4m)
    5.DM:-Mohamed Diame (25) skillful, tough tackling, aggresive defensive midfielder who is already adept to the premier league. £3.5m release clause. mega signing. £3.5m

    1.RW:-Hatem Ben Arfa (25) good left-footed winger, magician style player, great addition to rodgers squad. £10m or Carrol swap
    2.AM:-Keisuke Honda (26) CL, World Cup experienced magician style player who can completely change team. into final 12months of contract. £9m
    3.ST:-with Michael Ngoo in the side, signing a player like benteke would be pointless when their is a player exactly like him who just needs to be given the chance. although benteke is very good.
    4.ST:-Stefan Jovetic (22) instead we should op for another striker so we would have jovetic, suarez and sturridge as our 3 main forwards. this should be classed our marquee signing and should cost about £18m.

    all together £56m. strengthen the squad massively

  46. I'd play the 3 of them, either Lukaku at the spearhead or Suarez behind the two of them. Even a 4-2-3-1 formation would accommodate the 3 of them.

  47. get a life Baines wont go to Liverpool and Lukaku will be a Chelsea regular soon as Abramovichs love child Torres is sold
    Ashley Williams is a hoof baller

  48. Exactly, if we cld pick up Wilfred Bony... Just a thought how abt Michael Ngoo over Borini?

  49. D Rose is descent left back and offer Enrique some quality competition for his left back position. Nzogbia is a confidence player, if he is on his game and confident he anielates any full back he is playing against. He is better than any winger we have at club and even though he has played in different positions at Villa and in and out of team all season, I am sure he still has more goals and assists then any winger at the club. Nzogbia has pace, speed, trickery and eye for goal and he is best out wide right or left one vs one. 

    Stoke are going to sell Begovic in summer and if we offer £10M i am sure we can get him.

    The reason are team is so inconsistant is because we have not enough quality competition for places in squad.

    Our team seems to be getting worse and worse year by year by silly transfer mistakes, replacing class qulaity players with average hard working players and bringing too many mid table players or untested players to side.

    Begovic GK
    A Williams CB
    D Rose LB
    C Nzogbia  RWF
    B Arfa       LWF
    C Benteke  FD

    Those players all have played in premiership and do not need know adjust to the speed or physicality of league but they will have to adjust to winning mentality of Liverpool fc AND what it means to fans to play for club.

    The 7 players i mentioned, only one of them is from abroad. And he is no holds barred tough tackling ball winning defensive enforcer who screens and protects back 4 (Capoue) Diame is good but he is more offensive than Defensive and we are missing a Sissoko and Masherano type Defensive midfielder. Strong tough tackling mobile quick energetic player who covers every ground of grass on pitch and stops the oppositions best players getting on ball as much. That is why Capoue would be better option than Diame and he is younger also

    Jovetic is good striker and player but how long would it take him to adjust to league? Benteke would be perfect for us a powerful mobile striker who is good in air a handful and scores goals. And he would be something different, so we could have another dimension of attacking teams.

    Arfa and Nzogbia are both 25/26 both experienced quick pacey skillful creative goalscoring wingers.

    Honda is good but i would have Arfa or Nzogbia over Honda every time as biggest assets an attacker in world football needs is pace/Speed and they have skill touch technique and goals in their locker and they know the premiership inside out.

    Hangeland has been going downhill for last two seasons but could still a job, but A Williams(28) is younger quicker more mobile and an awesome defender who can play football and could do a job for next 3 years for club.

  50. I think BR is trying to turn us into a team of midgets for some reason, a sort of English Barcelona. However, Barcelona don't have to play Stoke City every season. Our defending at set pieces has become farcical and I am worried every time the opposition gets a corner.

  51. There is no way we can get champions league players at our club without Champions league football it is not happening, but we can get players of champions league class and quality who are not in champions league now to play for us and then build from there.

    Hummels would cost club £17-£24M CB
    Gotze would cost £26-£32M   AM
    Turan would cost £12-£18M

    Those 3 players would cost more than the 7 players i mentioned but would not sort out most of the clubs problems. Those players may need time to adjust and that is one thing our club do not have, we need to get back to being in top 4 asap asap. As the last 4 and half years we have got worse and worse and worse. And our tight owners would not sanction anymore £20+M signings without champions league football or selling key/superstar player to fund moves which is correct. But we need some huge investment in side, since B Rodgers has been at club he has shipped out: Adams, Aurelio, Aquilani, Bellamy, Cole, Carroll, Doni, Kuyt, Rodriguez and Spearing.

    And only brought in : Allen, Assaidi, Borini, Coutinho and Sturridge.

    so 10 have left and only 5 have come in.

    In summer: Jones GK , Coates CB, Flanagan RB, Borini FD need to be sold and shipped out as those players are simply not good enough to play for club and offer nothing on pitch. If anything they are like liabilities whenever they are on pitch us fans suffer.

    And as great loyal stalwart servant carragher is hanging his boots up at the end of the season, we will need a beast there to replace him and A Williams is that beast we should bring to club.

    Begovic Of Stoke Rodgers could get for £8-£11M to come and compete with Reina and offer him some REAL TOUGH competition for NO 1 Spot.

    A Williams(28) is a beast, quick powerful mobile tough tackling ball playing defender who has three to four years of good high level football in him. he could get him for £7-£8M  CB

    D Rose(22) Descent stocky quick tough left back who is good bombing forward and always inproving on his defending.  we could get for £2-£5M  LB

    Capoue(24) Tough tackling mobile quick defensive enforcer in Mascherano and Momo Sissoko mould, we could get for £6-£9M DM

    Arfa(25) is quick pacey skillful classy winger with goals in his locker and eye for goal. We should bring to club in swap deal with A Carroll and £10M

    Nzogbia(26) Pacey quick direct winger with good skills, great in one vs one situations against full back, good delivery and eye for goal also, we could bring to club for £6-£8M  RWF

    Benteke is 22, its his first season and he is bullying defenders all over place, he would be a different weapon to have and he is mobile powerful and great in air and descent on floor. we could bring him to club for £16-£19M  FD

  52. Absolutely right.Lukaku must be LFC priority for next season

  53. AC had the most important thing for our previously biased (I avoid the word racist) club - English Passport.  Donkey Carroll is at best a 10mn worth player, no wonder even at West Ham, which plays the perfect game for so called attributes of Carroll, he is not a regular & they are looking for his replacement.  

    We might bash BR for whatever he is, but for current mid table status, we have to blame KK (& DC, but I doubt any French tom, dick or harry can dominate KK's decision in LFC).  Luis was purchased before Torres left, so with Luis, we had suddenly 58mn from FT & Babel's sale + the owners did spend another 40mn or so.  Imagine what we could have done with around 100mn kitty?  KK blew (or allowed to blow) almost entire amount to so called BPL experienced garbage.  Mata, Suarez, Michu, Sissokho & many other never played in BPL before & yet are dominating the English game.

    Lukaku 'll be a monster of CF in BPL, for his speed & power, may be even better that Drogba (who was a late bloomer, this boy is just 19).  Chelsea might sale him, as the Russian Mafia Boss has enough illegal money to burn for so called marque players (I bet Neymer or Falco, if not both & CR07, if Morinho rejoins; 'll come to London this June), but, Lukaku 'll not come to LFC - our ignorant owners have burnt their hand big time once, now 'll not spend anything over 15mn for a player, whatever the return might be.     

  54. Different type of player, Morgan is more like the style of Borini, i.e. a penalty box striker. Ngoo is doing well at Hearts, 3 in 4 so far, hopfully that'll give him the confidence to make the step up to the 1st team. I know the SPL isn't the best but he's playing against older & bigger defenders than he was in the U21s.

  55. trust me danny rose has no chance at our club and hasnt got what it takes to play for liverpool. hes as good as robinson. luis ibanez is the perfect left sided left back who can score goals, defend well and fit in with rodgers style.

    begovic maybe over cesar, but i doubt we will get begovic, especially as stoke will be stubborn. qpr will be relegated and julio cesar is a quality keeper with experience who will be up for sale.

    nzogbia is good, but too inconsistent, talent alone is not enough to play for liverpool. you need character, self belief good attitude, sadly nzogbia has a verry bad attitude. i would go for taraabt, a player with bags of confidence and if only had good players around him such as gerrard, suarez and co, could be a massive player. with qpr relegated we can get him for lyk 6m.

    pace is a great asset but its not all about pace. honda is a mix between ronaldo and mata. he reads the game in a complete different way from everyone else. he can pick out a killer ball from nothing, free kick specialist, and scores alot of goals from long range. and he is a champions league player, not a relegation battling team player.

    when replacing carragher you cant just put anybody there, you need a real experienced player with alot character and leadership to match their ability. williams matches this profile but with hangeland a free agent i think he would be the better option. mussachio is better than williams and the money should be spent on him instead to grow into the role. mussachio was going to be signed by man city once for 20m, now hes available for 6m.

    i agree with you on the purchase of ben arfa. he would bring at least 10 goals to our RW position and bring something completely different to the team.

    as i said benteke is good but we have ngoo. better taking a chance in him and see what he can produce. because hes in the exact same mold as benteke. jovetic is a player in the form of his life relishing to come to the premier league and show what hes about. hes not yet world class but is a VERY good player, and will be considered world class after one season with us. he also scored two good goals against us not to long ago.

  56. Jimmy, D Rose is better than Robinson easily. No comparison in all honesty, Also Jimmy the reason we have been so poor over last four and half seasons now is we still have too many average hard working footballers at club. And also some dead wood players who should be nowhere near Liverpool: Borini FD, Coates FD, Jones GK, Flanagan RB.

    Nzogbia(26) is a confidence player and would be a very good asset for Liverpool, if he was given chance to play for us i am sure he would thrive and excel. He has only been inconsistant as Villa have changed managers recently and Mcleish did not get on or like Nzogbia, And Nzogbia has only got into Lamberts plans after injury.

    Are you forgetting Nzogbia and Valencia were what kept Wigan in the premiership three seasons ago. Pace and speed is great asset but not only asset, Nzogbia has pace, speed, skill, goals and is always a threat he would create and score more goals at club than any of the wingers we have at club and he is one of the best wingers in premiership in one vs one against fullback.

    And i would have Nzogbia over Honda every day of week, Nzogbia has had his past but he's class great player. And his football would do the talking, just like our troublesome but amazing world class striker Suarez does on pitch most of time.

    Jovetic is a great quality player but he is lightweight and similar to Sturridge and Suarez, Benteke would give us a different option and be a better fit than Jovetic.

  57. Torres 'DID NOT THROW HIS TOYS OUT OF HIS fer! fuc!-flippin' PRAM' !!! Anyone who suggests so is 'ABSOLUTELY OBLIVIOUS TO WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED'. !!! The 'NEW' yankie owners saw a way of gaining a 'MASSIVE' profit from their new investment!!!,(also in the perceived knowledge that he was,maybe,finnished.)  !!!TORRES!!! 'DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE' LFC!!!
    It really frustrates me that people(fans)cannot perceive('see') how the (new)present owners,'SAW A BIG PROFIT' from selling him!!!
    Torres became frustrated waiting for the 'PROMISSED' signings that never arrived,and then in the final minutes of the transfer window he 'put in' a transfer request !
    MAKE NO MISTAKE ! LC present owners are not here for fun! $$$$$$$$$

  58. LFC owners also!!!

  59. michael ngoo is a liverpool player
    ngoo can dribble, can run with a great speed, got strength