24 Feb 2013

Scorch the Earth: LFC chase exciting €29m Dutch duo. Overpriced...?

With defensive reinforcements an urgent priority for the club this summer, Liverpool are reportedly monitoring Feyenoord defensive duo Stefan de Vrij and Bruno Martins, with a view to possible double swoop during the next transfer window.

According to The Mirror:

"Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham have ­received glowing reports about Stefan de Vrij, 21, and 20 year-old Bruno Martins Indi, who both play for at ­Feyenoord. They would cost ­£25m (€29m) in a ­package deal this summer"

In December 2012, the Liverpool Echo reported that Brendan Rodgers sent scouts to watch De Vrij - Feyenoord's captain - in action, and soon afterwards, the 21-year old admitted to being flatted by the interest from Liverpool. He said:

"It's nice to hear such big clubs are interested in you, but I'm not making a transfer. When you see how strong [Ron] Vlaar was when he left, then I still need some time"

De Vrij seems to have changed his tune over the last couple of months, and this week, he told Reporters:

“I want to see what is happening now. I will focus on playing for the club and for Holland, but I won’t sit down with the club about a new ­contract.”

Based on his previous comments, it doesn't appear that De Vrij is keen on moving to the Premier League anyway. In March 2011, he said:

"It'll be best for my career to move to Spain or Germany when I decide to leave Feyenoord... teams from those countries show better build-up play than English teams.

In November 2012, De Vrij reiterated his strong desire to pursue a career in Spain. He told TalkSport:

"It is my ultimate dream to eventually join Barcelona. I think I have what it takes to end up at a club like that at some point in my career"

De Vrij and Martins recently made their debuts for the senior Holland national side, and after the recent game against Italy, De Vrij said:

"Bruno and I have known each other since we are 13, 14 years. We work well together and complement each other on the field"

At the age of 20 and 21 respective, I can't see the club adopting a scorched earth policy and replacing Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel with Martins and De Vrij, but with Carra retiring and Sebastian Coates out of favour (and probably leaving), there will be a couple of vacancies to fill, and these two fit the club's youth-orientated transfer policy.

£25m is, however, wildly optimistic, especially for players in the comparatively inferior Eredivisie. As a comparison, Spurs got 25-year old Jan Vertonghen for £10m last summer, and at the time of the transfer, he'd made over 40 appearances for Belgium, and had much more experience than De Vrij and Martins.

If Liverpool are going to spend big on a central defender, it should be an established, experienced, top class player, who can come into the team and make an immediate difference.

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  1.  10m for the pair ...and then your talking ....not good enough end of story .....let barcelona have them

  2. Utter rubbish, more media speculation.

  3. It looks like Reina will be going in summer, i cant see this happening also. Carragher retiring, new gk, and two new young 1st team cb pairings? way too drastic and would cause more problems than fix.

  4. de vrij is quality, comfortable with the ball on his feet, and has a lot of potential,

    A 20 year old talking about moving to barcelona is kinda neiva IMO, but at least hes confident with his abilities. 
    I personally think he would also wellcome a move to the EPL, if the money is right. liverpool is in progress and their vision/target is to become a club like barca, so if we talk to the kid, tell him about our future plans, and tell him what he could do for this enormous club, im absolutely confident he would join us. 
    Dont really know anything about the other one but as far as i know he opperates a lot at the left back position. 

    i think it was yesterday, when someone here talked about Cheikhou Kouyaté, a player i would like to mention too. just watched a few videos and read some things about him, and it looks like hes a real beast as a CB and CDM, the two positions were lacking in. He wouldnt be expensive and could be a great addition to the squad. 

    all together those two feyenoord defenders are promising and interesting young talents, but i dont think they would immediately be our 1st choise CB defender if we buy them. Would like to see anyone of those 2 comming to us, as a good backup and future first choise player. 

  5. £15m considering their a centre back pairing who already have years of experience playing together, know each other well and one of them is a captain (potential leader). there both very good talents and considering they are dutch(very good national team) and have already been capped, should they both come to anfield their likely to form a club and national side partnership which can only be good for us. i think we should go for them, dutch league players have always suited our style of football and seem to blend in well with the club

  6. I quite like de Vrij, but haven't really heard of the other one.

  7. Il say it again and again lol Sakho and/or Ogbonna would be great buys

  8. i think a much cheaper option who would be perfect for our style of playing out of defence would be heerenveen's jeffrey gouweleeuw. of course its also nice to have a more commanding, tough centre back which we seem to lack and martins indi in particular would fill that role well (and he can play left back which we also need).

  9. It is will be comfortable if LFC can get centreback players who not only tough at defender but can assist or score many goal with consistentcy performance.That will be one advantage for LFC.

  10. Liverpool do not need to waste so much money on players who are probably not yet ready for an EPL side i am still praying Amorebieta turns up with Sakho.

  11. Both left-footers as well, which would be (to have one) for a balanced partnership.

  12. We have two solid centrebacks in Skrtle and Agger. Steve Clark got these two working very well together last season. Bucks change in tactics in defense has somewhat dismantled a working partnership.
    We need backup for sure. but we don't need to throw a lot of money for replacements.

  13. Many people point to goalscoring problems but in truth they are living in past problems. Liverpool have only failed to score in 3 of their home matches this season, which is a sharp improvement to Kenny Dalglish's side in 2011/12.

    Liverpool this season have in fact scored 49 goals, at a rate of 1.81 goals per game, which will see them end the season on 69 goals. Below are comparison stats to previous years dating back to the 2008/09 season.

    2008/09 :- Goals Scored (77). Goals Scored PG (2.03)
    2009/10 :- Goals Scored (61). Goals Scored PG (1.61)
    2010/11 :- Goals Scored (59). Goals Scored PG (1.55)
    2011/12 :- Goals Scored (47). Goals Scored PG (1.24)
    2012/13 :- Goals Scored after 27 games. (49). Goals  Scored PG (1.81)

    This season's goal per game rate is at its highest since the season we finished 2nd, so goals don't seem to be the problem this year. The amount of goals we have conceded is arguably a much bigger problem and one in my opinion that needs addressing first in the summer. Below are the comparison stats to previous years dating back to the 2008/09 season.

    2008/09 :- Goals Conceded (27). Goals Conceded PG (0.71)
    2009/10 :- Goals Conceded (35). Goals Conceded PG (0.92)
    2010/11 :- Goals Conceded (44). Goals Conceded PG (1.16)
    2011/12 :- Goals Conceded (40). Goals Conceded PG (1.05)
    2012/13 :- Goals Conceded after 27 games. (34). Goals  Scored PG (1.26)

    This season's goals conceded per game rate is at its highest for a number of years so the stats show its the defence that has had the most problems this season.

    How can it be solved? A new goalkeeper? A new defensive partnership? Cover for Enrique? Whatever the answer is, it's important it is found and acted on in the Summer or we could suffer another season like this.

  14. Liverpool are the 4th highest scorers in the PL, we only need to get a CB and new keeper!!!!

  15. And another defensive midfielder. There is no cover for Lucas, and no upgrade on him either.

  16. It has to be a real beast in cdm!! Wanyama/diame/kouyate
    one of those for games against stoke, and other wrestling-teams

    so we can use a technical more gifted Lucas or a strong powefull and fast ballwinner depending on the opponents :)

  17. do not think they will be any better than wisdom and kelly in the long run so why waste the money,buy one proven centerback to put pressure on skertal and agger

  18. Whether  this report is true or not is something we'll have to wait and see. It could, like all other paper talk, be just that: paper talk.

    However, if it is, indeed true, then I think it's a good idea and I'll explain why.

    They have played in the same team(s) since they were 13 & 14 years old. This is a good thing as they will instinctively know where each other are, they'll know each others' strengths and weaknesses and exactly how each other plays. These are essential ingredients in forming any sort of partnership on the field, more so in a pair of centre backs. 
    They are also young, 20 & 21, so they can build on what they already have and potentially form a solid unit at the back for the next 10-15 years - can you imagine that?
    They're both ball playing defenders, something that BR is trying to instill with Agger & Skrtel but, as is evident, hasn't worked out that well this season.
    The fact that they are both first team regulars in one of Holland's biggest clubs at such young ages will also mean that they should be adept at handling pressure - more so De Vrij as he's club captain: he must have a good head on his shoulders to be trusted with that amount of responsibility at such a young age.
    Not sure about the figures involved but, should we sell Agger, Skrtel and, possibly, Coates too then we'll have the funds available for them without having to delve into the kitty.

    As for promoting within, I'd like to see Wisdom & Sama playing as centre backs, either together or individually as cover for either of the (possible) new pairing or as cover/backup for Agger/Skrtel.

    As for a new goalkeeper, then I have to say (again) ter Stegen is a must. He conceded yesterday, albeit from a penalty, but his presence is something that we're needing: especially if the rumours of the dynamic Dutch duo are true. 

    Oh, nearly forgot, Martin Kelly has been mentioned above as a possible replacement for Carra. I think he's Johnson's understudy at right back. He's too good going forward to have him 'shackled' at centre back and that attacking instinct he possesses could leave him too far up the park.

    As for a defensive midfielder, I'm all for Coady coming in. The kid is a natural leader, something that we've been lacking in that position as Lucas is too quiet. Another possible option would be to re-train Shelvey in this role. He already possesses strength and athleticism, a la Yaya Toure, he's a tough tackler (sometimes too tough, mind you!) and he has a commanding presence in the middle of the park - watch the City game at Anfield after Lucas went off, Toure couldn't get near him!

  19. Good stats, mate. Looks like someone got bored over the weekend with no LFC match on ;-)

  20. Very good comment. You cant argue with those stats and it shows the real problem.
    Is it the players we have? or is it the system? or a combination of the two?
    whatever it is i hope BR can sort it out

  21. Is Coady a possibility at all? i know he is young but he has a little bit of size to him, A few Kgs off of Diame but at his age that will just jump on him when he walks past the weight room.

  22. I totally agree with Coady but while i do agree Kelly is good going forward i think he it probably the best 1v1 defender in the team and keeping him back in the heart of defense will not only amazing defense but his Ball distribution will really suit BR's passing style.
    Also if he doesnt have to run up and down the sideline all game it might put an end to the hamstring strains he's had a few of.
    All in all having players like Kelly and Wisdom in the team is a great problem to have!

  23. my comment below is meant to be a reply to your post. lol put it in the wrong box

  24. You see this is a hard one, if we get a new DM in he'll have to be either young or willing to be a back up DM to Lucas. I actually think we should get a utility player in, one that can play both CB or DM, think that would work out a bit better for us?

  25. Very good point about Kelly actually. I don't think he's actually built for those marauding runs tbh. Very good defensively though

  26. This describes Coady as he can play in either role. 

  27. Good point about Kelly's hamstring; I hadn't thought of that!

    Who covers Johnson then; Flanagan? I liked him when he first came in but he seems to be a bit on the lightweight side. Maybe a summer in the gym lifting weights and eating like a condemned man will beef him up a bit.

  28. i like wisdom. Big, Athletic and im pretty sure i remember reading he was one of the fastest at the club also.
    He lacks any type of attacking mentality at all though as all of his crosses are just blasted low across the box but im sure a good off season of training will improve that.
    I agree about Flanno maybe the knee injury will help get a big of meat on his bones but hopefully we have a good future at RB

  29. Coady can play cb ?
    Fine then

  30. I read on the official website that Carra has been coaching Wisdom for a while now; in obtaining his badges and just in general. Hopefully Carra's knowledge will rub off on him and he can emulate or even be an improvement (Carra was never fast ;-)).

  31. AH ok. Didn't realise fourth was good enough. I would have thought we would want to be 1st highest scorers. Silly me.

  32. Or in stead of being backup to Lucas he could be better. That's not that difficult.

  33. This may be a bit controversial but who says they even want to move to the same team? The way I see it, each of them will decide to do what is best for himself. In my opinion, that would be either staying at Feyenoord for another year or two or moving to a smaller team in Spain, England or Germany where he will play regularly. Look at what happened to Lukaku. From Europe's golden boy to squad member at WBA. He could have made that move right away and not have wasted a year on the Chelsea bench.

  34. the figure i gave was an ironic amount it could of been anything...the point i was trying to relay in my own way was id be surprided if they turned up at anfield

  35. I'm with you 100%. In addition to his ability, Sakho has the best potential to give us some leadership that will be missed when Cara retires.

  36. I see your point but also realize that the likes of Chelea, City, and Madrid are probably the only places where that happens. If he had gone to almost any other team I'm sure he would have, at the very least, seen a lot more playing time that he saw at chelsea and showed his worth. He was clearly only bought to be the "next drogba" but he's  realized that he was being mugged as teams like that tend to look for instant success at the cost of young talent. Look for him to move in the summer. Gael Kakuta, Marko Marin, Michael Mancienne, Sturridge are but a handful immense prospects that have shared the same fate; the all but DS slowly fading into football obscurity and I can see Lucas Piazon following *smh*

  37. There was much hype about him a few years ago, but so far he hasn't had much of a chance to show what he's made of. We'll have to wait and see how he develops.