14 Feb 2013

LFC make enquiry about exciting €10m Argentine striker. Replace Borini...?

With Fabio Borini possibly on the way out of Anfield this summer, Liverpool will need another striker to replace him, and reports today claim that the Reds are one of a host of clubs monitoring 19-year old Sampdoria attacker Mauro Icardi.

A report today in the Daily Mail states:

"Liverpool have enquired about Sampdoria striker Mauro Icardi. The Argentine has also been watched by Tottenham and Manchester City".

€10m-rated Icardi spent 3 years at Barcelona before his €400k move to Sampdoria, and Manchester City manager Robert Mancini personally scouted the Argentina U20 international at the weekend and watched him score against Roma. After the game, Mancini enthused:

"He [Icardi] scored a great goal and moved very well and I must say I liked him"

In an interview with Tuttosport last week, Icardi's Agent indicated that the youngster would be open to a move to the Premier League. He said:

"We've had talks with ith Napoli in Italy. Juventus? You never know, but there are other possibilities in England and Spain".

On Tuesday, Sampdoria Sporting Director Rinaldo Sagramola dismissed suggestions that a deal had already been struck with Inter Milan:

"I deny the reports. Inter have told us that they are interested, but there is some way to go before saying that we’ve sold him. We’re actually waiting for the boy to respond to our offer to extend his contract.”

There could be a vacancy in Liverpool's attack this summer. Speaking to Radio Toscana last Wednesday, Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti - who writes for Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera - claimed that Liverpool are in negotiations with the club over the possibility of a summer deal:

"As I understand it, the deal to bring Fabio Borini to Florence is at an advanced stage"

Icardi's record of 8 goals/1 assist in 12 starts for Sampdoria is impressive, but players from Serie A never seem to perform well for Liverpool, and we've seen that with Andrea Dossena, Alberto Aquilani, and now, Fabio Borini.

In my view, the last thing the Reds need right now is yet another teenager with potential; the club is bursting at the seams with young, inexperienced talent. What's needed right now is a few more experienced players who can come in and make an immediate difference.

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  1. Borini agent shot that rumour down that it was in advance stages....

  2. Icardi is going to Inter......no story here

  3. Please no more babies, we need experienced men!

  4. Straight swap Borini for Icardi sounds fair to me.

  5. Jamie, this question might sound sarcastic but I'm actually curious. Have you ever been right with one of you "Worth a bid" "Replacement for (enter name)" posts? I can't think of any transfers that you've scooped before anyone else, but I don't religiously follow your blog either...

  6. Would rather us take Carroll back. At least it would give us a different option and a bit of physicality. Just my opinion......

  7. This question may sound similarly sarcastic, but I'm actually curious too: Do you have ability to comprehend simple English, or  do you have a pathological inability to understand and interpret the written word?

    I don't make predictions about signing players, and I *never* say 'LFC will sign X' (unless it's a done deal).  I post transfer news/rumours, and state the available facts. I then usually give my view on the player, and sometimes post question, such as in this case, 'Replace Borini?'

    This is a question, not a prediction. You understand what a question is, right?

    I don't try and 'scoop' anyone with transfer news, I just pass on the news for people to discuss.

    If you can't see that then that's your problem, and to be honest, I'm glad people like you don't follow this site.

  8. HAHAHA good one..... Oh wait, you're serious...

  9. Jaimie isn't predicting anything.  He's more or less creating articles for conversations among fans while offering his two cents.

    I actually prefer this as opposed to a normal message board where there's too much nonsense.

    This at least keeps it on a relative topic.

  10. Yes I'm serious. Suarez and Sturridge will be the first choice pairing with Carroll as back up. He'll give us height, a physical presence in both boxes and will allow us to change tactics mid game by bringing him on. I remember his performances towards the end of last season, I remember him dominating Terry and Ivanovic at anfield, I remember him scoring the winner in the semi final at wembley and I remember him scoring in the cup final and completely changing the game in our favour after we'd been dominated for 70mins. So yes, I'm completely serious.

  11. While it's an obviously unpopular opinion, I happen to agree with you.

  12. But height counts for nothing when you don't play an arial game. He is slow and cumbersome, he doesent fit in with Rodgers style, and yes whilst he had his moments, he doesnt produce them enough. Plus I dont think he will want to be a bench warmer.
    Sturridge can hold the ball up better than he can, and has the skill and pace to actually beat a player.

    It would have been great if Carroll worked out at Liverpool, but im afrait its just not going to happen.

  13. Italian serie A players have arguably never done well in the EPL for us. Worth a punt on a Argentine though! Yet again as is stated in the article, too much potential not enough pedigree. I think we should petition FSG to change their stance on the 'buy them young' policy. 

  14. Do you honestly think we play any differently from last season? Under Kenny we played good football and under Rodgers it's still decent, but no better. When we get wide we still put crosses in, the other night Gerrard, Enrique and Johnson all put high crosses into the box. The only difference from last season is we don't have anyone capable of attacking them. As I said previously I think Sturridge and Suarez would be our first choice pairing but I also think Carroll could offer us something different.

  15. Why is this website write a lot of shit?
    Please! stop writing shit, too much imagination.
    Find some evident before writing, pleaseeeee!
    If you do that, this world will be more beautiful.
    Also please stop using the thing likes, bid? buy him? sell him?

  16. but clearly were not to good for andy carroll that's obvious, so why not??
    oh forgot about that 35mill price tag on his head, if we payed 30 mill less people would accept him, but people are just embarrassed by it. fair enough, not his fault though.
    spurs apparently bid 20-25mill for him.
    he was top drawer at Newcastle, he destroyed a lot of defences ours included (not hard I know)
    borini or carroll hhmmmmmm  no brainer!!!

  17. height counts for nothing when you got 2 forwards who cant win a header when a cross comes in.
    or set pieces and your only chance of a winner is the unreliable sktrel and agger just cant power a header.
    those 2 are our only ones. not good enough.
    all the teams above us have more players who can win more headers in the air. id rather win ugly with the likes of pacey sturridge and magic suarez feeding off lay offs and under pressure defenders, problems only carroll could cause.
    but don't worry it wont happen.
    carroll will go low key, pressure will come off him, and he will produce again, then people can slate him for not doing it in a lfc shirt, when we all know he never had a fair crack.
    young lad came with an injury......surprise surprise, taken away from his beloved home on bad terms with people who adored him. certain people at lfc have partly ruined his career.
    my opinion

  18. I remember Ray Kennedy Starting as a centre forward and moved into midfield, it turnerd out a great move

  19. Rodgers' style is crap.....

  20. Never heard of him. Aside from LFC, how many Italians have actually made the move from Serie A to the PL at all and been successful? I can't think of any other then Zola.

  21. I would agree except this bloke is Argentine and been blooded at Barca at least not as likely to get homesick.

  22. Oh great, another young player! We have enough of them at the club - Sterling, Borini, Ibe, Morgan, Ngoo.  Why not give these guys chances rather than splashing £10m on an 18 year old argentinian?  Its all bollox, this club is going backwards.