10 Feb 2013

'I hope he stays' - Boss admits £20m LFC target may quit 'next summer'. Bid...?

Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars has conceded once again that Liverpool target Christian Eriksen could leave the Dutch club this summer.

Speaking to Voetbal International this week, Overmars suggested that Eriksen will Ajax if the right club comes in for him:

“I think Christian first wants to see what clubs next summer will come in for him. If there is no suitable club for him in between this, I hope he stays at Ajax.”

Liverpool have repeatedly been linked with a move for Eriksen over the last year, and discussing his future with La Gazzetta dello Sport in December, the £20m-rated midfielder hinted that this season could he his last in Holland. He mused:

"I think that my future lies in England. I will leave Ajax at one point, but I want to leave at the right moment and in the right way."

Eriksen also mentioned he wouldn't mind playing in Germany, Italy or Spain, but England came first in his list of preferred destinations. The Dane - who recently admitted that he finds it 'very cool' to be linked with 'big clubs' like Liverpool and Manchester United - also confirmed that there are lots of clubs trying to sign him:

"I know that there are many important clubs interested in me. It's a nice surprise [to be linked to different clubs]. I never said I would only play in La Liga. I like England and Italy too."

Ajax coach Ronald De Boer also seems resigned to losing the midfield maestro soon, as he told reporters recently:

"It is difficult to keep him [Eriksen]. I think he is a player for Madrid or Barcelona but I think one more year at Ajax wouldn't hurt him. I can't predict next year he will be at us. If a team comes along and puts a big bag of money it would be impossible for Ajax to keep him"

Fellow Dane Daniel Agger is a big fan of Eriksen, and in May 2012, he told Ekstra Bladet:

"Eriksen has the potential to become world-class. There are no boundaries to what he can achieve. He really is a weapon for us [Denmark]. He adds creativity, and always wants the ball. He's also capable of taking set pieces with both feet. The way he kicks the ball is truly unique".

Liverpool legend Jan Molby doesn't share Agger's enthusiasm, however, and in June 2012, he warned:

"There is a lot of hype about Christian. All the top clubs have been looking at him because he has clearly got all the ­ingredients to one day become a top, top player, but he is nowhere near being the finished article [and] I don’t think he is anywhere near ready to move to one of the elite European clubs".

Molby seems pretty emphatic about Eriksen being 'nowehere near' the finished article, so I'll take his word for it. Let's just hope he doesn't end up at Man United. Alas, Alex Ferguson (unfortunately) has a great record over the years of picking up exciting young attacking players, and it would be sickening to see a player of Eriksen's talent ultimately end up at Old Trafford.

Liverpool missed out on another Great Dane once (Michael Laudrup) - here's hoping history doesn't repeat itself. Having said that, it doesn't look like Liverpool or Man United have a chance as Eriksen seemingly has his heart set on a different club, as he revealed last year:

"If I got an offer from Liverpool now, I believe I would reject it. If I did move, it would have to be Barcelona".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. love to see
     us make this kind of signing but it,s not going to happen he will join a big club(something sadly we used to be ) the league dose not lie no better under rodgers imo no matter what anyone says

  2. I think he a good player we should sign,he also young, and has good feet would fit in perfectly, we can afford his value fee and before he said he flattered being linked to us.... Also we have agger who can put in a good word. So yes worth a bid.

  3. Welcom to Liverpool play with Suarez Gerrard sturridge Lucas agger Johnson Enrique hendo

  4. He is a quality player that most fan's would like at the club. Even if we had the money to buy him, i have no faith in Ian Aire being able to sort out a deal. As he's a useless managing director who's only true passion is reducing wage bills and riding around on his moterbike in a pink top.

  5. 3 or 4 seasons without CL football does not make a club with the globes fourth largest fanbase, 5th largest commercial revenue and only team in top 10 financial power clubs without CL football with 5 European Cups and 18 Domestic titles turn into a small club. Just like a load of Arab Money and first League title in nearly 60 years doesnt make Man City a 'Big' Club all of a sudden. Believe me, after travelling Asia, Europe and S.America for the last year, LFC are still very much seen as one of the worlds biggest clubs. So all this ''were not a big club anymore' is the sort of mentality that really makes me chuckle. Outside of the UK, very very few clubs are seen as bigger than LFC. That includes Eriksens native Denmark and his adopted Netherlands. He is a major possiblilty for the summer.

  6. I can't see him coming to liverpool, afterall we've got to get amongst the 'Big Boys' if we're going to attract players' like him. These players including Suarez are after CL football and we've got to get up there very soon otherwise he'll leave too!

  7. @A lavery That's bull. Ayre did well negotiating for Sturridge and Coutinho. And we do need to reduce our wage bill. Carroll, Downing, (used to be) Joe Cole undeservedly have a huge pay check. The less average big earning players we have makes room for one quality addition. Eriksen will be one.

  8. This is one of those signings that i would love but it also makes me think who goes out?
    he can play behind the striker or out wide. So Hender, sterling, downing, suarez and now recently signed coutihno.
    Arguably Borini and Downing will be the first people would offload but it seems like a signing of a player who will want guarantees about game time

  9. sometimes I feel like people for example yourself; dont realize how close LFC were to becoming another portsmouth. H&G ruined the club as they saw it as a business venture nothing more, as they planned to sell the club on after a couple of years. They got the money and ran. its what cost us CL and many star players (broken promises and whatnot). This doesnt mean we're not a big club. Effectively it means; that the other "big clubs" have 4 years ahead of us in terms of their progression. I dont believe we're as far as that behind nor as incapable as you seem to think (personally I'm enjoying the football they're playing (2013) more than I have for ages; so if they can keep it up = amazing).

    I dont know why you have to be so negative all the time. FSG do have the money to buy players if they feel theyre worth money; for instance theyre about to spend another £150mil rebuilding Anfield. Obviously, not sure if they feel Eriksen is as good as we do but have faith; The league might not be looking much better but the club certainly does. Which can only be good right? Look to the future my friend.

  10. He'd be a great addition to the squad,Perhaps Agger could put in a good word...?

  11. Well your entitled to your opinion just like am entitled to mine. Anybody could of sorted out the Coutinho and Sturridge deals!!! As it wasn't like thier was much competition. If he is such an amazing director, then why are we still paying a percentage of Aquilani's wages even though we sold him to another club. Why did we pay off Joe Cole 3million when he was eager to rejoin Westham. And remind who we bought into replace Andy Carrol when we sent him out on loan? No one! And why have we paid over the odd's for crap player's like Allen and Borini. And why are we going to buy back a player for triple what we sold him for? He react's to slow in the transfer market! Why didn't we buy Sneijder when he was willing to take a pay cut to join us?

  12. Aquilani and cole were mistakes from previous regimes.
    They would not leave unless paid off, Simple as that.
    No replacement for Andy Carroll was a huge mistake but never really burnt us in the end.
    Allen and Borini have not shined as much as they would have hoped but i dont wanna ignite the old "Give em time" argument.
    Reacting slow in the transfer window is concerning but a majority of the so called dealings we miss out on seem to be mostly just paper talk.
    Buying back Ince for more money? i dont see the real issue, i mean he left got experience and improved his game and if we manage to get him back under market value (35% sell on fee) then its good dealings really.
    I mean no one criticises Barcelona For buying back Fabregas who left for free and came back for 30m+, Pique Left for free came back for 5m and Jordi alba who they released and signed for i think about 12m.
    And Sneijder would have wanted a massive wage when instead the signed coutihno with much more upside in the future.

  13. I was not about Barca i was on about Ian Aire making inappropriate mistake's that have cost this club. Take for example when we bough Borini, Roma didn't even own him at that point, but had a contract to buy him. They bought him for 3mil and sold him to us 2 day's later for 10mill. I would love for Erikson to join us. But for me personally Ian Aire lacks the necessary passion and commitment to help our club move forward. Also everyone know's we have needed a defensive midfielder for quite a while now. Thier were countless opportunities during this window to buy one for a reasonable price. But did we take this opportunity to improve our squad in this area? No. And what was even more frustrating they only cost 3.5 million and they ended up moving to other clubs and making an instant impact. I could do Ian Aire's job with my eyes shut.

  14. I understand where your coming from but your aiming at a guy who i believe isnt really that responsible.
    Roma paid 5.5m Euros for him in a blind auction. either way someone was gonna make money on him. We got him for 10m pounds after he played 26 games scoring 10 goals for them. i think he was their second highest goal scorer so why wouldnt they ask for 10m.
    and as for defensive midfield, i totally agree its an area that needs to be looked at but he just does the negotiations he doesnt pick the players. 
    Look at Rodgers for deciding coutinho was a better option than a dm not Ian.
    Now having said all of that i dont believe Ian Ayre is the best person for the job he is in, he is much better in the commercial side of the club but its not really his fault the players that are being picked.

  15. Fare enough. I agree with you.

  16. But we have a secret weapon in the form of of Daniel Agger

  17. sorry m8 not without champions league football hes not

  18. if agger can sway it he would go even higher in my estimation

  19. I think Iain Ayre is very capable. He was part of the coup that rid us of G&H, pivotal in the commercial growth of LFC which was shocking under Parry and has rid us of our dirty linnen being hung out to dry in public. He managed to keep the Doni situation under wraps while being in charge of a club where everything that goes on, becomes public knowledge sooner or later. To me he's done a bang up job so far and he deserves to stay in it.

  20. I have never been fully convinced about Eriksen. He tends to drift in and out of games too much for my liking and can get pushed off the ball a bit too easily, not sure if he would be suited to the PL. In my opinion, if we are chasing an Ajax player, it should be Viktor Fischer, he can play wide left or as an attacking midfielder. Have only seen him play a handful of times but he looks very impressive.

  21. When was the last time Madrid won the CL..as matter of fact LFC has been in more CL Finals than the 9 time Champions..They still considered one of the best.. and Question for you Mr. Carr, who should be coaching LFC. It seems to me you and Jaimie knows something a lot of us don't. 

  22. forget the final when was the last time they did not quailify ,and theres no need for mr carr jason will do,and why bring jaimie into it i think you will find me and jaimie have very different ideas about rodgers jaimie supports him,and as for who should be managing lfc ,i would have given kenny another season and if not there were plenty of other candidates nothing against rodgers but he needs to gain more experience before he managers such a big club

  23.  im going against the grain but i dont really rate him...there are better players out there for less...if liverpool want him he should swim the channel to get here because he isnt a 20m player