27 Feb 2013

'He'll get even better' - LFC monitoring record-breaking £10m goal machine

In December 2012, Liverpool scouts were dispatched to Turkey to run the rule over Galatasaray striker Burak Yilmaz. Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez have formed a promising partnership over the last month, but the Reds are still on the lookout for another striker, and reports this week suggest that Yilmaz is still being monitored by the club.

According to reports in Turkey, Liverpool and Manchester United are both eyeing summer bids for the £10m-rated striker.

Yilmaz has been linked with a move to Anfield several times over the last year, and in the summer, the Reds were reportedly ready to make a €9m offer for the striker, who ended up signing for Galatasaray in a €5m deal. Yilmaz appears to be a natural goalscorer, and his stats are excellent:

* 55 goals in 77 appearances in his two years at Trabzonspor.

* Last season, he broke Trabzonspor's all-time scoring record in the league.

* 21 goals in 26 games for Gala, including 7 in the Champions League.

* In the CL group stage, Yilmaz had a higher goals-per-minute ratio than Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a recent interview, 27-year olf Yilmaz revealed his desire to move to a 'big' European club:

"I dream of a big European club, and my dream is to grow as a player.

Last month, Yilmaz appeared to pledge his allegiance to his current club. He told Reporters:

"I feel peaceful here. My club is in charge but I can say that I want to stay and succeed at Galatasaray."

Galatasaray manager Fatih Terim believes that Yilmaz is on upward curve and will only get better. He told Turkish newspaper Hurriyet:

“He [Yilmaz] is getting better every day. He is pressing, he is trying to make assists, making good runs. He could have scored more today. Burak will get even better.”

Galatasaray is a big club, and given the fact Yilmaz only signed for the Turkish giants in the summer, it seems unlikely that they would allow him to move on a year later, especially since he's such a regular goalscorer.

However, with the arrival of Didier Drogba at the club, Galatasaray may be more willing to let Yilmaz go. The Turk is definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future, but at 27 years old, would FSG sanction a bid...?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1.  not happening ...to old ,,plus hell not want to warm the bench

  2. He'd be a good buy perhaps.But if we did buy him you'd have a lod of people complaining 'mid table' player etc and if we didnt sign him and say the likes of Everton did and turned into a good player the same people would be complaining that we didn't sign him,with some fans you just can't win.

  3. Way too old for FSG to spend that much money on.

  4.  he want's to go to a big club. We are Big, but we may not even qualify for Europa. Not going to happen.

  5. Now Im fairly sure if Liverpool put in a bid he'd jump at it

  6. Have Gala gotten themselves an oil slingin sugar daddy to fund them? because they seem to have quite good finances!

  7. Liverpool need better plain and simple.

  8. What the hell is going on if we are asking if we can sign a player at 27? I know 30+ is a risk but 27? Are we going to stick to signing under19 and make a big fuss if we decided to sign someone in the twenties now? We had gone silent on so many fronts for established WC players and they don't become WC at 21 do they? I say LFC management shut the hell up and not make more comments and make things worse, just show the action. One or two WC players will show their intent to all of us. Actions pls!

  9. No point for LFC haing a good system playing and technical but not involve with high quality of players.Current squad now are not too strongest.Only Suarez and Gerrad very consistentcy performance.Others? Just players gred B and C only.Lucas, Sterling, Suso, Downing and Henderson now look like get improve but still cannot hit the form high class players.Every season LFC will struggle and suffer because new owner and former owner of LFC very stingy and too stingy about draw big budget.For me only Luis Suarez and Jose Enrique good signing from K.Daglish.Others are flops and rejected talents ( waiting times to be sold).

  10. ChampsWinnerTraore7:31 am, February 28, 2013

    Thats a bit unfair i can see hendo coming good over time a lot of people fail to realise he was played out of position last year and its aided his development he's 22 will get better with age i mean you just gotta look to lucas to see given time players can come of age hardly any player out there the finished article at 22

  11. While you have a point that we lack a few players of real class, I think it's a bit unfair to liken the current owners with the previous lot. Hick & Gillett saddled the club with debt and actively took money out of it while FSG simply want to spend what we earn. The latter is not the worst things to do as the club is run self-sustainable. We don't want to end up in a scenario like Leeds, Portsmouth, Birmingham and so on where we have to sell players in order to keep afloat.

  12. Well said. Some fans can't get their heads around this concept and want to see us splashing crazy money along the likes of City, Chelsea & PSG. 

  13. Yeah, and then some claim that some of us are happy with mediocrity. Utter bull that is. Guess we all want to be successful again, but I'd take another decade without a league title over the club going bust any day of the week.

    All of this reminds me of observations made in formerly very poor countries. Once some people become able to acquire stuff like a bicycle or aTV set, the societies suicide rate goes up significantly as well as the general unhappiness.
    In football we have now witnessed oil funded success for a few teams by bored, super-rich owners and some of our very own supporters want the same, immediately. Funding success would be financial suicide to our club. Examples of this "business model" not working like Leeds get faded-out.

  14. Not a bad idea really. We know he can finish in the Turkish league. That's no guarantee but Suarez came from the same league as Kezman so it's all down to the player.

  15. We signed downing who was 27 at the time