9 Feb 2013

'I'm flattered' - £10m star who rejected LFC 3 times hints at summer exit. Pursue...?

The opportunity to play for Liverpool FC doesn't come along that often, but Wigan star James McCarthy has rejected a move to Anfield THREE TIMES in the past, and you'd think that the Reds would get the message. Despite the constant snubs, Liverpool are still monitoring the midfielder's progress, and hoping that one day he'll agree a a deal to join the club. The Ireland international is aware of the Reds' continued interest, and he's hinted that he could be ready to move on at the end of the season.

When asked this week about the interest from Liverpool and Arsenal, McCarthy told Sky Sports:

"I'm flattered. Obviously, it's good to see your name linked with big clubs.

"It's always nice, but I am still a Wigan player and I will keep playing for Wigan until the end of the season.

"I have been linked with clubs here and there but I will keep working hard and we'll see what the end of the season brings."

McCarthy had a trial at Anfield at the age of 15, and in an interview with the Daily Mail last week, Wigan hero Kevin Kilbane confirmed that the Reds are still following the 22-year old. He said:

"His [McCarthy's] excellent performances at the heart of Wigan’s midfield, and comfortable step-up to international football, have caught the attention of Manchester United, Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool for the last two windows".

Liverpool tried to sign McCarthy in 2007, 2010 and 2011, but couldn't persuade him to make the move. Speculation over the €10m-rated midfielder arose again during the January 2013 transfer window, and when asked recently about interest from Liverpool and Arsenal, Wigan boss Roberto Martinez conceded that Wigan will' never stop him from leaving', adding:

"We always feel pleased with compliments towards our players, but James is still developing. One day he will be challenging to win titles and to be in the highest position in the game, there is no two ways about it. The last thing he needs now is to be distracted from his good work and the way he is developing."

McCarthy grabbed two goals in Wigan's 2-2 draw with QPR in December, and after the game, his team-mate James McArthur was full of praise for the midfielder. He told Wigan's official site:

"James was brilliant all game. He was head and shoulders above everyone. He did it a couple of seasons ago against Blackburn Rovers when he got two goals and he was just as outstanding then. James’ performances have been consistently good this season and he keeps on improving"

Worth a bid in the summer?

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  1. No thanks.

  2. Sure hes a good player....but same as Allen do we really need him?

  3. Hi Jamie,Im pretty new to the site but I gotta say its the best LFC fan site Ive come across ;)

  4. Hi niallor - Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. Welcome to the site :-)

  5.  please no....average midfielder ...and at 10m your having a laugh when you look at some of the  quality in Europe going for a fraction of that..

  6. james mccarthy better than allen but no we dont need him
    summer transfers in: 
    1.Ricardo Carvalho - (vastly experienced and can be called upon in a carragher role, plus carragher has to replaced) - free transfer

    2.Keuisuke Honda - he's already stated many times he wants to leave and he wont sign a new contract. hes approaching the final 12 months and a £9m bid would be enough to secure a a true magician - £9m

    3.Mohamed Diame - Tough tackling powerful defensive midfielder who is blessed with technical ability and self belief, he has £3.5m release clause in his contract and would be an absolutely bargain. a strong midfielder will also put less pressure on our defence. - £3.5m

    4.Marcos Rojas - 21 year old of chilean descent causing waves in Australian football. we've already sent scouts to watch him play and should tie this up ASAP as for 300k you cant go wrong for a full-international who has dazzling skills and great vision at such a young age. -£300'000

    5.Mateo Mussachio - not yet world class but certainly on his way to being there, mussachio was top 5 best central defenders in la liga before villareal were relegated. they will not be promoted this season so £6m should be enough for a Argentina International who is only 22 and still has his best days much ahead of him - £6m

    6.Romelu Lukaku - their is no other 19 yr old in the world better than lukaku. his height (6ft3), power, shooting and pace is quite devestating for someone so young. despite his tender age, hes played well over 100 games and scored over 50 goals. he wont be given a chance at chelsea despite this and i think we should snap this one up. could be the biggest coup of the whole summer, would take him over borini any day. £12m

    7.Luis Ibanez - comfortable at both left back and left wing he really doesnt have a natural position as he plays both positions so well (despite it being the croatin league) maradona said he was one of the most disciplined left backs he had seen and had big plans for him in the national team. competition for enrique - £2.5m

    total: £33.3m

    transfers out:
    1. Fabio Borini- brendan rodgers knows he messed up by signing borni, some players just aint made for the premiership which is why chelsea sold him in the first place. we should be happy to receive anywhere between 5-8m. - £7m

    2.Sebastien Coates- rodgers clearly doesnt rate him and 6m should be how much hes sold for -£6m

    3.Stewart Downing- despite improvement with new additions you might as well try to coup some money from him as he reaches the end of his career. £6m

    4.Andy Carroll- big loss. should recieve around 12-18m. -£15m

    5.Raheem Sterling (loan)- raheem sterling clearly has potential but a loan move will do him good with regular first team football and not having so much stars around him will allow him to show what he is really about.

    6.Joe Allen (loan)- joe allen should be loaned as he is not good enough to play in the starting 11

    7.Suso (loan)- similar case with sterling


    this would represent a wise and good summer of business with projects for the future and present being very lively

  7.  i agree with a lot of your points but they wont happen

  8. McCarthy is a quality player, and as an irish football lover have wayched him with a great deal of interest more than most. But i cant see him becoming a regular syarter in the next three years, unless rodgers makes a few bold decisions and sells some players. already quite heavy in midfield, and cant see the lad joining in the near future knowing theres one maybe two ahead of him on the pecking order, when hes getting reg football at wigan. If wigan were to go down though i think maybe he will def be snapped up.

  9. yh i know :( i think rodgers knows he cant sign swansea quality players anymore if we want to progress

  10. And yet that kopchat site is still dedicated to you, more so than liverpool fc itself.

  11. No thanks and this is just media talk anyway.

  12. Chelsea bought Lukaku for £20M why would they sell him for less when he is scoring goals for West Brom. It will never happen plus Lukaku said in an interview he will rejoin Chelsea at the end of the season. Loan out Sterling, Borni and Allen (well that's not going to happen) why? The team is learning the players are young and when BR bought Sterling, Bornini and Allen into the squad he did not expect instant success. What BR has is a vision a certain way of playing that requires time same applies to the players. Nothing in this world is easy and if it was and it bought sustainable success ever Tom, Dick and Harry would have done it.

  13. Definitely dont need him i think it is time for the club to look abroad as there is generally better value in France Spain and a few a other countries.

  14. Sign Rojas but loan out Suso and Sterling? Rojas is decent but so unproven, inexperienced and last season he was terrible and I know because I watch him play every week. 

    Loan Allen? You need squad players, and on his day he is good enough to get into the starting 11. 

    It's cool to mention names but IMO you need to rethink so many things. 

  15. completely agree about rojas. Very untested, Big fish in a little pond at the moment and i think even calling him a big fish might be reaching a little.
    He doesnt defend and only tries when running forward, but in the A-League thats all hes required to do.
    i'd like to see him make a move to a bigger league and see how he goes but i dunno if i'd make a move for him at liverpool. What would he provide that sterling, Sinclair and Ibe wouldnt

  16. allen is not needed if we have diame & lucas. suso, sterling wont get game time with honda, sturridge, coutinho in the squad, so it will be good for them to go on loan

  17. Honda, Sturridge and Coutinho are all preferred central players but you have shipped out two wider players. 

    I see what you're trying to do and I agree with some names and descriptions you've suggested, but such radical changes are easier said than done. 

    Also if you look at some of the cheaper French players signed by Newcastle last season and this season and all the good cheap players going around that LFC have missed out on, I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't even thinking about Diame and it's all just speculation. 

  18. Not good enough!, another totally overated and overprised british player. We should never be associated with such players!, this is LIVERPOOL FC and NOT Swansea or the likes!!!.

  19. Rojas would need to spend a year in the championship have watched him a lot of times and although promising is still a way off  EPL level.

  20. No need to sign this player...please prefer to sign Christian Erikson from ajax.He most of the best winger will shining soon.

  21. Jermaine, Stop playing football manager buddy. Thanks

  22.  If only life were like champman you might have a point, however it isn't and you don't. We invested 20m in Downing and only over the last six months have we seen any return. Why then would we sell him just as he returns to form for a fraction of the initial outlay? As for Borini, the lad has not even had half a season due to injury so how can you write him off? He has excellent touch and his movement in the box is superb. He will improve this season and next. If you have a policy of signing younger players you must combine that with the patience and understanding that younger players need.

    Joe Allen is a top quality footballer who has lost his form because we overplayed him when Lucas was injured. Similarly to Henderson and Enrique last season his reputation suffered because our squad was so poorly developed. Give him time and show some faith. Being as supporter requires committment unlike champman you can't jump to cheat mode.