28 Feb 2013

'It's a disgrace' - Angry LFC legend blasts Chelsea fans for Benitez barracking

Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann has thrown his support behind beleaguered Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez after the Spaniard launched a scathing pubic attack on the club and its fans.

Speaking to the Press after Chelsea's FA Cup victory over Middlesbrough, Benitez blasted Chelsea for handicapping him with the 'interim manager' label, and criticised the club's fickle fans for constantly attacking him. He barked:

"Chelsea gave me the title of interim manager, which is a massive mistake. I'm the manager. The fans are not helping us. At the end of the season I will leave. They don't have to worry about me.

"This group of fans are wasting time preparing banners. They have to concentrate on supporting the team, that's what they have to do"

Inevitably, the media is having a field day with Benitez's comments, and the word 'rant' is once again being gleefully associated with the Spaniard. Having watched the press conference, however, Benitez's statement is very far from a rant, and Hamann - who won the Champions League under Benitez - agrees. He tweeted:

"It wasn't a rant by any means, he was well controlled and probably bit his tongue for months for the sake of the football club.

"Rafa is spot on. He deserves a lot more respect than he's been shown by the supporters. He is a top manager who has not been given a fair chance.

"He has shown respect and dignity towards Chelsea FC even though very little came back his way, and for the majority of the fans to ask for his head before they even played a game is a disgrace".

I totally agree with Didi here. Benitez has acted like a true professional at all times at Chelsea, and their 'fans are an absolute disgrace for deliberately and continuously piling on the pressure.

Unfortunately, most supporters are like this, and Liverpool fans are no exception. Just look at how Roy Hodgson was hounded out of the club after only a matter of months in charge.

When Benitez took over in November, I argued that he'd committed career suicide by taking the job, and predicted (like many others) that he wouldn't last the season. After last night's attack, it's more probable than ever that he'll be jettisoned before the end of the year.

Benitez is too good for Chelsea, and he will come out of this debacle with his reputation intact. Chelsea, however, will continue to be viewed as a billionaire's plaything: a cold, empty, mercenary club with no values, history, dignity, or respect.

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  1. Jamie your photobucket photos on main page is maxed out (I think), as it shows you have to upgrade to plus.

  2. too good for chelsea??? haha his record is the worest by any chelsea manaher under RA how on earth is thaty too good he should go NOW

  3. Well, just imagine one of the Neville sisters was made Liverpool manager. He'd get as bad a treatment as Rafa does at Chelsea, if not worse. In other words, the Chelsea supporters have the right to do what they do. You, too, name it. The way Hodgeson was treated by some of our own fans wasn't much better, and I can't recall him calling us plastic fans and other nice things.

    Rafa too good for Chelsea? How do you mean that? Them being an upstart club funded by the Russian peoples money or their actual playing staff? He has the playing staff he had always dreamed of.

  4. that is untrue he is not in the botton 4 or 5 also Celsea had an easier fixture list in the first half of the season.

  5. ChampsWinnerTraore4:38 pm, February 28, 2013

    Rafa geting exactly what he deserves what did he expect was gona happen he should of known from the start he would never win the fans over did he not consult there board b4 he took the job over the @twitter-35522981:disqus 
    Title" that was bestowed up on him and he accepted it and all of a sudden he wants to blow his top over the word interim its rather pathetic

    After what he achieved with us and eventually going to chelsea over the battles with had with them in recent history serves him right he shouldnt of taken another prem job much less a rival

  6. Chelsea fans and there club are disgusting, treating managers like that, it was only for a season, get a grip and get behind your team quiet simple.

  7. I watched the interview. It was a Ranta Benitez for sure. He kept ranting about the fans. Not to forget his past achievements.
    Idiotic of him to become Interim Manager of Chelsea.
    looks like Rafasglorydays are over. Time to retire?

  8. Chelsea's negative supporters should see what happens if they don't have a billionaire Russian.  Would the supporters chip in a dime each to keep the players ? They're zilch without the Russian.

  9. voteukiporwearefinished4:59 pm, February 28, 2013

    I'd put put up with Neville if he had us in fourth and still in the Europa League and FA cup. 

  10. Dont understand why a chelsea story is on here, thought this site is about lfc only, as it says in the main page critical realism about lfc, but here I see a contrast!

  11. They bought the title. So it's ok. They feel good let them be.

  12. Cheers. I upgraded already but photobucket are taking their sweet-ass time sorting things out.

  13. No, this site is not LFC only; any football related issue is fair game, and unless you've been living in a cave for the last 10 years, there is a huge connection between Benitez and Liverpool.

  14. I saw the comments when he made them too. It wasn't a rant, but clearly there was frustration. And really, who can blame Rafa for that? The Rent boys clearly don't think he's going to be there, and aren't playing up to even their standards, and R.A. was wrong for making him the "interim" at Chelski rather than just "manager" and giving him a vote of confidence and a contract guaranteeing some rebuilding time.

    I agree Benitez will come out of it with his reputation intact, but he will not be coaching for a long time after this.

    But still, job well done Agent Benitez, you've got a little more time to sink them before you go. YNWA Rafa!

  15. Benitez is manager of Chelsea, I couldn't give two hoots what happens to him or that sad excuse of a club he's in charge of.

  16. Watching Rafa's fall out with Chelsea has been like watching your ex-girlfriend breaking up with her new boyfriend. I have enjoyed it all immensely. Don't want Rafa back, don't want him happy at another Premier league club and definitely don't want them happy to have him. Success! 

  17. The Chelsea hierarchy may well be a bit trigger happy to say the least as well as being messy in terms of how they deal with things and the fans can get OTT but it not as if Rafa didn't know what he was walking into or at least he should have done. If he had such an issue with the 'interim' title, he should not have taken the job or at least had the contract to reflect that he wouldn't be given such a title, instead a title that he would be happy with. I don't see the big issue with the title but clearly Rafa does. Ah bless his ego. It wasn't exactly a secret that the Chelsea fans weren't a fan of his after what he said about them and the club whilst he was in charge of us. He can't expect that to be brushed under the carpet, in the name of the so-called greater good. None of three parties, i.e., Rafa, the club and the fans, come out of this looking well. I got no sympathy for Rafa. No one forced him to take the job. Its not as if the current circumstances were unexpected. Chelsea fans have always had a aggressive streak in them and can hold a grudge. Not the first time he has done a big rant/outburst during the dying days of his reign at a club, done it at Valencia, Inter and now Chelsea. He goes on a lot about how it is other people's fault but rarely does he blame himself. 5 points behind Man United they were, when he took over and now 19 points behind them. Only so much of that you can put on the fans and a poxy job title, Rafa. 

  18. I think he's doing a great job at Chelsea, all we need now is another ex LFC manager to take over Arsenal and we'll get 4th for sure ;-)

  19. I can put up with him as a pundit and he is a good one at that but as a manager of LFC, hell no! Maybe in the old days we'd get away with it, like Busby at Man United with his Liverpool history.

  20. AVB's record is worse. I think Rafa has won 51% of his first 27 games and AVB won 48%.

  21. another one of our agents doing agood job 1st was agent jonhson and 005 agent rafa also doin well!!

  22. brendon roger would be perfect 4 that .....

  23. I don't really care who the manager is (so long as he isn't a paedophile or one of the non-hilarious dictators) as long as he manages the club with honest intentions and with the entirety of his effort.

    I wouldn't be happy to see Neville appointed (more for his lack of record than anything else) but if he did the job properly (and I don't just mean winning all his games etc.) I'd get behind him.

    I do think a lot of our fans would harbour stupid grudges. To be honest, I think Chelsea fans have a bit of a point, because Roman has just shown his complete disrespect for them (again) by appointing Rafa. With that in mind, it should be Abramovic who is copping the abuse, just as I'd be annoyed with our board if they appointed Neville, rather than with the man himself.

  24. Well, yes, Abramovic should cop the abuse, but just imagine him getting fed up with them. They'd end up deep in the brown stuff.

  25. In the last 10 league games Chelsea have claimed the same number of points as...us.

  26. I surely wasn't one of Roy Hodgeson's biggest fans, but what you describe in you comment reminds me of the situation he found himself in after joining us. From day 1 people were on his back and not behind the team.

  27. I thought he was close to crying. Didn't he some weeks ago claim that he doesn't even notice what the fans sing and what stuff they write on their banners.

  28. I think it was a bad idea for him to be appointed, he was never going to get the backing of the fans. and the "Interim" thing further undermined him from the start. But what can you expect from a club run the way that it is? Such a turbulent place, so much chopping and changing nothing is settled! which is why Liverpool need a period of stability, and for the team to be backed even if you dont like the manager or the board - go support another team!

    As for benitez coming out with his reputation intact.. yes if you mean the reputation since his last season here: of a man who's lost the plot. He failed at Inter had two years out of the game and has failed with a team of superstars (granted they have no striker).
        Having said that the fans have shown their colours by booing him. and when you consider that they got into the champions league this season by a few lucky matches you can see that its a poor club hiding behind money.

  29. Very true, but Roy didn't have us in a Champions League spot, FA Quarters, and into the last 16 of a European Competition. Rafa came in the same as Roy (in terms of Fan supprort) but while Rafa has done more than enough to show he deserves more respect, Roy had us in a relegation battle, breaking all sorts of negative records and warranted the jeers

  30. Now THAT is a Rant, i think you may find of late that most true football fans,including those at Liverpool,have shown a different opinion to yours of Gary Neville with his unbiased,articulate and well informed view of sky games.You see we Liverpool supporters also support FOOTBALL. As for Chelski,perhaps their fans should grow a set and tell the Oligarch how they feel,after all he's been behind every bad decision made at their club.

  31. He didn't blow his top over the word interim.... watch the interview.

  32. You're now sounding like a Chelsea fan.wise up!!

  33. Chelsea fans continue to demonstrate the difference between earning glory and buying glory.

    Earning Glory: Watching your team underperform for 4 years with no prospects of winning anything in the cuurent season yet still going to the games in force and cheering the boys on understanding what a transitional period is and giving the coach time to impress himself on the team because that's how dynasties are born; patience and belief in a system 

    Buying Glory: Contantly jeering one of the most accomplished coaches to come out of spain in the modern era who has your team in the top four, into the last 16 of a european cup, and in the quarter finals of a domestic cup on the sole reason he coached a time that was considered a rival or sorts in a cup competition.

    This could also be a difference between knowledgeable and fickle fans

  34.  jaimie whats with these lantern jawed chisel faced hollywood faces and quotes to boot ?

  35. Personally I much prefer the Chelsea when in 1988 they were in the second division, insignificant and boring backwater club.
    How long do there deluded fans think this Russian Mafia is going to hang around?
    He is the most heavily guarded non head of state in the world for a reason.
    Lots of people want him dead and my money would be that if Putin wants someone gone there gone.
    I can't wait for the next manager I hear John Terry would mind having a crack at it ....THE MANAGERS JOBS THAT IS NOT ANYONE'S SIGNIFICANT OTHER

  36. Unbiased, articulate and well informed pundit, yes, no doubt about it. But do we Liverpool supporters really forget that a player publicly states that he hates Scousers (or was that the other Neville, I can't remember, I'm getting old). That was my point basically. Hodgson said something along the lines of ferguson won't be happy with him joining us and supporting football went out of the window in no time.

    Isn't what the rent boys do telling Abramovich how they feel? I thought so. And my guess would be that he doesn't give a sh1t.

  37. That would definitely be tricky for the fans if Roman loped off.

    Tough for the players too. I understand England's Lionheart John Terry is the last person who want to be surrounded by 'brown stuff'.

  38. As 'bad' as things currently are, it is still the most glorious period in their club's history.

  39. Erm, no. Rafa didn't come in the same as Roy in terms of fan support. Go check the comments on the official site on the reports about them becoming our manager. When Rafa was hired many were happy as they remembered how Rafa's Valencia played us of the park, when Roy signed he's had most of the fans against him straight away, right from the beginning, without a ball being kicked. BTW, I don't want to defend Roy's tenure at all.

  40. Uhm, I meant turd, but I get your pun.

  41. The Rafa thing is barely comparable with Hodgson. No-one booed Hodgson from his first game. No-one held protests calling for an ex-manager. People only started getting vocal on Dalglish once Hodgson repeatedly slagged off the players, the fans and betrayed his own promise to play pass-and-move football, thus proving himself a disingenuous liar. He was also an apologist for Hicks and Gillet.

    I don't where you are from but I am a Scouser and know what the mood was like when he was appointed. This isn't one of those things some Liverpool fans do (which is ridiculous and wrong) were they lord it over other fans because they aren't from the city, but living here, I was better able to judge the mood on his appointment among match going people (who are the ones who have the biggest influence on how a manager's backing is perceived).

    The mood around the city was, at worst, muted. People were underwhelmed. A lot of people wanted Dalglish. Some wanted Pellegrini. Some didn't think Rafa should've been sacked. There were however some people who wanted Hodgson and were pleased with his appointment. There were others who didn't specifically want him, but were pleased to have a British manager.

    There were not waves of fans wanting him to fail. I can only remember one fella, who is a notorious eejit, who wanted him to fail. I didn't speak about it to every support in the city, but I did speak about it to every supporter I met. There was nothing like the antipathy that Rafa received from Chelsea fans.

    Roy came in to a difficult situation, but he did nothing to improve it and more or less every decision he made was a poor one.

    The proof that Liverpool fans weren't just against Roy from the outset and instead went against him because of the awful football he propagated can be seen with the patience showed toward Rodgers in the first half of the season (in particular). Some cranks on internet message boards moaned about him, but never was there a game when people called for him to be sacked on masse, or chanted the name of a replacement. People saw, that while things weren't necessarily working out, he was trying to play football in The Liverpool Way, and that will always buy you time. Also, for all his Brent-isms and overpraise, he does say the right thing quite often and more often, strikes the right chord. He is the anti-Hodgson.

  42. He used to Liverpool manager.

    I checked.

  43. I'm a Rafa fan.. but it's hard to have sympathy with him all the same..

    As JK say's this was hardly unforseen.. I remember being dismayed at the time he took the job for this very reason.. It was obvious before a ball was struck that Chelsea fans would NEVER accept him..

    But I think he knew this.. Rafa is a clever man,IMO, He was in the wilderness for 2 years.. and becoming a forgotten man in management. The Chelsea job was too good to turn down for a number of reasons..

    One it's a job with a top club,European champions no less, and put him in the limelight again.

    Two, If and when he was sacked , like all chelsea managers before him, it wouldn't be too detrimental too his reputation.. Even the special ones get sacked at Chelsea , right.

    Three.. theres no such thing as bad publicity.. Benitez knows that he can rightly minipulate this situation in his favour.. The fans never gave me a chance etc...

    I think Rafa has got exactly what he expected and wanted from Chelsea.. Back in the lime light .. can walk away holding the higher moral ground, and a big fat wad of cash in his back pocket..

    The ironic thing is that while Chelsea fans despise Rafa.. they've played right into his hands .. and proved his assertion that they are indeed a crap bunch of fans LOL

    He always was a master tactician .. Resurrected his career and made Chelski fans look like chumps in one fell swoop

    I just know he's chuckling away to himself..

    Well played Rafa.. YNWA

  44. Just as Rafa called Chelski plastic fans,Neville gobbed out his bit about scousers ...it's what rivals do.Like the sh1t boxers say before a fight,it's all hype.I expect Rooney (as a scouser) would tell you Neville was on a wind up mission.Personally as a football fan and a Liverpool supporter i'd welcome almost anyone who could devote himself to making us No.1

  45. You have a true point, but Hodgeson had a big contract with us, Benitez has only got it until the end of the season you should at least back him until the final day. I did with Roy...

  46. I know. I just decided that while in the glasshouse of racism that is supporting Liverpool, I may as well throw some stones John Terry's way!

  47. Yeah, I suppose the way that the Chelsea fans have treated Rafa has made his old comments something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I was only slightly disappointed when Rafa took the job, because he had been out of work a while, and I knew this was a good chance to get exposure.

    As you and JK have said though, this was always going to end in tears and it is disappointing to see him made a spectacle of again.

    His next big chance of a job seems like Madrid, but again, that is another job I'd never take (and I sit by my phone, waiting for the call just so I can reject them). It is a club were good players and managers can be made to look awful and where fans will turn on you on a whim.

  48. You totally misread me mate. Rafa coming to Chelsea was received in the same mould as Roy coming to Anfield. Only difference is that Roy didn't back his predigree (relegation battle) whereas rafa has at chelsea (4th place, FA cup QF, last 16 in europe) and those chants against rafa should have stopped a while back in those fans had any football sense

  49. What does that mean " he will leave with his REPUTATION intact"...?

    Which particular REPUTATION are we talking about...?

    The one where he blames anyone and/or anyone for his shortcomings..?

    Or is it the one where he unsettles players and royally fcuks them off.... because HE doesn't like them...?

    Or could it be his REPUTATION for courting controversy via the press....?

    & his manipulation of them (the press...) to suit his particular/current agenda...?

    Or could it just be his REPUTATION for polarising a club's fanbase and creating disharmony at said Club....?

    I could go on, i dislike the man/manager immensely, highly manipulative and self serving IMO....Never bought into the hype of Rafa ala IDOL WORSHIP at LFC........... always seems to be at the centre of some shitstorm somewhere.... crafty, lacks sincerity, play's to the gallery...,as arrogant as Mourinho but more subtle about it....

    & yes, his reputation as a manager is clearly not without positives, i won't deny that.....but I actually sympathize with those Chelsea fans who want him out, many of them wouldn't have wanted him in in the first place, think Roman dropped a massive bollock by Sacking Di Mateo and bringing Rafa to the Club IF i was Roman i would sack Benitez with Immediate effect and stick Torres in the reserves to be shipped out ASAP, send out a message to the fans and players quick time that he is in CONTROL not Benitez....otherwise CFC could be in real trouble of imploding...something we at Liverpool know only too well....

    Rafa's reputation speaks for itself although his little army of dark hearted followers will always rally to his defence, whether he is right or wrong....

  50. I wasn't really disappointed he took the job either just a bit dismayed really.. but now I see his logic LOL

    I'd only be disappointed if he ever took the Utd job .. As If , on so many levels.

    To be fair I don't think there's many clubs in European football that managers are given time anymore and fan favorites/heros change with the regularity of x factor favourites !!

    Still it's the club where he started .. couldn't see him turning down the chance to go home unless he was asked to come 'home' !!!! hmmmmmm lol


  51. In fact i would say that Rafa Benitez is most definitely suffering with an inferiority complex if any manager is.....

  52. it would make my day if roman pulled the plug on the little London club and they went back to 20,000 fickle fans turning up each week.
    joke of an owner and joke fans.
    they don't have the balls to slate the owner. cowards.
    I detest everything what Chelsea stand for.
    rafas record is good better than most Chelsea managers, don't think jose could of done what rafa did with Valencia for example.

  53. I'll try to supply you with stones to throw at John Terry if need be.

  54. That's your opinion mate and your quite entitled to it ..  people can look at the exact same situations and asses it differently. Whether it's sport, politics,art or whatever people view things differently

    Just two things ..

    One, do you really believe that anybody anywhere doubts that Roman isn't in CONTROL at Chelski.. ?? seriously ??

    Two , I'm a Rafa fan, I accept the positives and negatives from his time at LFC but over all I regard him in good light. That doesn't make me a 'dark hearted follower' ..

    You need to stop demonising not only Rafa but anybody who has a good word to say about him ..

  55. I obviously did, sorry 'bout that.
    As for them should have stopped. Well, they are kind of used to success now, and to top four, so they won't stop as it isn't Rafa who has brought them there. It's Abramovich, and he's the one who calls the shots. Sickening thought, though, to have that kind of owner. Don't know why some folks wish that we would also fund our way back to the top like that.

  56. Yep, if he is offered the Real job, he has to take it. I just can't see it working. There are, as you say, no perfect jobs out there.

    If he went to United I'd be gutted, but as you say there no chance of that!

  57. M8, think about what you just posted...

    On the one hand you hate everything that Club (Chelsea) stand for...

    But on the other hand you seem to forget that Rafa joined that Club..... with that Russians dirty money.... which he will no doubt be happy to benefit from....same as Torres has/is...


  58. Roy Hodgson was "demonised" & it was okay....it still is...

    So, whats the difference exactly..?

    Different opinions...

    Your point about his followers etc is a fair enough, but i was referring to the more extreme fan's of his who you don't "appear" to be one.. hence the term little "army"..

    Just a figure of speech really.

  59. What is wrong with you? I suppose you were cursing your luck when Rafa marshalled us to Champions League glory. Plastic fan

  60. Couldn’t agree more. I've always said there are two kinds of fans in the world today. Those who are knowledgeable and those who are fickle. The fickle run to the next club that will be able to buy the aguero's of the world and quickly rise to the top. Fickle fans then act like they've always been there when the going gets tought and call for drastic changes. Knowledgeable fans (as I like to think most LFC fans are) know that it takes patience and a vision supported by all at a club to achieve greatness. That's why LFC will always be respected around the world. Our success has been earned and not bought. We're still filling Anfield when there's really nothing much to play for. And although I'm not a huge fan of BRs appointment, I'm supporting his vision 100% - although I'd like someone to give him better transfer advice. Chelsea fans might get their wish and Benitez might walk out at the end of the season (or earlier), but if their team doesn't make the top four they'll have to take some responsibility for their constant berating of the man who's genuinely trying to get them back to the top

  61. Throw them yourself you lazy bastard!


  62. Considering some of the things Benitez said about Chelsea back in the day its not a surprise the fans reacted like this, after all I doubt Alex Ferguson would be received any better if he were to become manager of Liverpool.

    What I still can't understand is why any manager with any sort of reputation to protect and maintain would want to take the Chelsea job. Success is rewarded with the sack and while you're there you have an owner who constantly interferes and has less patience than England fans.

  63. i feel really sad for Rafa, he doesn't deserve this. hopefully he will get a better team to manage in the future. To be honest when he was appointed i thought it was a match made in heaven for him and chelsea, guess you were right Jaimie, he has committed career suicide. 

  64. As the Glaswegian boys would say.. nay bother pal..

    And I agree Hodgson was demonised.

    I wasn't in favor of his appointment but I am ashamed any LFC manager suffered that ignominy. Just like some guys wanna start with Rodgers now.. I'm not having it.

    I can however honestly say, I believe Rafa did and still does love Liverpool. That's all I want from any manager.That's why ultimately I'll always side with him.

    Success and mistakes be damned.. and points of order aside.. I can't really argue with a guy that has a mutual love for my club.. yourself included.

    If you think Rafa never loved Liverpool or we never loved him.. you need to a) watch this


    and b) accept we'll never agree on his tenure at LFC and what it ment to different people.


  65. Completely agree with the statement - "Too good for Chelsea". 

    What is Chelsea - a mercenary Club with Russian Mafia money, always trying to purchase silverware through spoiling the transfer market.  This glory hunt has resulted into sacking of some of the top Managers, Mourinho, Scolary, Ancellotti, AVB, not to mention Hiddinks rejecting them & Grant & RDM being sacked after winning PL (Finalist of CL) & CL respectively.  They are a club who doesn't know how to respect Manager, for that matter players as Managers & players are mere pawns to the Russian goon, trade-able commodity.  The day the Russian Don looses his interest (or his illegal empire seized), Chelsea 'll go back to where they belonged for a Century.  In that Chelsea side, there is not a single player like SteveG, Carra, Tony Adams, Scholes, Giggs, Buffon or those great loyal players who love the brand, the club & the fans.  Money bought success for them, but not heritage or loyalty. 

    Who is Benitez - a fantastic Manager, a master tactician & a great achiever through building by own.  He is the last man to win La Legua (twice) outside the top 2 in Spain, being CL finalist twice (winning once) & a Manager respected by his players everywhere before the glory hunters.  As a Manager, Rafa had personal egos with other top Managers, but he was equally respected by Sir Alex, Mourinho, Wenger, Van Gaal or Del Bosque.  Tactically Rafa is as good as anyone, for LFC he won so many KOs in CL or Head to Heads with other top 3 in PL, but the Yank Jokers never gave him the fund enough to build a team for 38 matches PL.  He is the Manager winning 4-0 & 0-1 against Real, 4-1 at Old Traford within a fortnight.  He bought some of the best players in PL, kept LFC in CL for 5 years & build a team capable of winning the PL with just 1 or 2 more quality additions.  His last few days at Anfield wasn't that rosy, due to the owners & the CEO, but Rafa was loved, respected by most fans, players & competitors.

    It's not about Rafa being sacked. rather he 'll not stay with the Billionaire's spoiled Club - Rafa is too good to hang around with glory hunters, who don't know to respect the Manager.  Whoever the next Manager is in Chelsea, I doubt 'll last long, as long as the Russian Don or their "recent" ambitious fans are there.        


  66. Aaaarghh....... The mention of AF at Liverpool gave me ulcers and a nauseating feeling. gonna go throw up now.

  67. Yup almost confirmed Rafa will be removed/ sacked whatever you call it. He will be replaced with Avram Grant. No wonder he has been seen loitering around at the bridge watching games.

  68. He will walk away with a nice pay package if removed. What is there to feel sorry about? A master tactician at work.

  69. I agree with you 100% anteater. I'm not from the city, but the various forums I go on echoed exactly what you said above. Definitely a marked difference between Roy's appointment and Rafa's.

  70. Sorry...I agree with Vermhat!

  71. Yes, the situations are barely comparable. First and foremost this is because Roy never had said such nice things about us as Rafa did about Chelsea supporters.

    Well, living locally you clearly have got an advantage over me. All I can do is look at what people are writing on several forums or in the comments section of the official site. And there were quite some unpleasant things written about Roy as soon as he was announced our manager. You just may happen to know nicer folks in general than the average keyboard warriors are. Always thought that on the site of the Liverpool Echo there would be a high percentage of locals to be found. They, too, had many unpleasant things to say about Roy. Having said that, I surely don't want to dispute what you were saying. Muted and underwhelmed would also describe my personal reaction to the appointment of Roy. And we surely don't have to discuss the disaster that Roy's tenure was, as we probably agree on that. He didn't do himself any favours at all, be it through the style of play or some of his comments.

  72. You don't think that Jose could have done what Rafa did with Valencia? Now, you are entitled to hold that opinion, but may I remind you that Jose won the Champions League with Porto. That is quite some achievement, too. I really don't like that man, but he must have done something right, too.

  73. Fair point about Hodgson there JK. As for Benitez, he knew he was going to have a tough time when he started this. He arrogantly said that the fans would turn once the success came but you don't say these things in public. You may think them, but you don't show contempt for people's (misguided) opinions by dismissing them like that. As far as I'm concerned he's brought this on himself and he shouldn't be blaming the job title now. Once again it's him showing his less good side by blaming everyone else for the consequences of his own decisions.

  74. I agree. The Term Interim would have been specified to him when he put his signature on the dotted lines. 
    JOB SPECIFICATION : Interim Manager.
    So why rant about it now. two years in the wilderness has just done it for him.

  75. Jamie a pubic attack things are getting painful.

  76. Regardless of Rafas title at the club i am sure from day 1 no one at Chelsea wanted him, but with Chelseas reputation with their treatment of quality managers there was not much choice.
    I would go as far as saying while Abramovich is still there the rarity that is top managers will not be wanting to go there and they will have trouble finding anyone decent.

  77. Mark my words, Mourinho will be their manager next season.

  78. I think part of the problem is that people on the internet (present company excluded, sir!) act like complete penises, knowing that they are cloaked by a veil of anonymity.

    For that reason I think the internet reaction to Roy was more extreme and less reflective of his general standing with a lot of fans (and arguably more reflective of base instincts, but that is another discussion). The internet promotes equality of people's opinions and that means that the person who shouts loudest (usually the person who is most stinging and voluble in their criticism) will have the largest impact.

  79. agree to some extent, but I think rafa is a high profile manager and one of the best in todays football, he will end up back at Madrid some time.
    he wanted to come home to Liverpool and should have, I think he waited long enough.
    i didn't blame rafa for taking the job, but didn't realise how discusting the Chelsea fans would be towards him.
    he doesn't deserve that.
    don't think you realise just how much abuse he has had

  80. course im aware of what jose did with porto.
    but now and again teams fluke winning the euro cup.
    could argue we did or even Chelsea did.
    hes a  great manger (now) but he was spending 15-20 and 30+ mill on each player when he we to Chelsea, and reneiri had already acquired some good players.
    he spent it quite well in all fairness.
    rafa had dribs and drabs, and we done quite well most of the time.
    this could go on !!!

  81. You are absolutely right.