13 Jan 2013

Man United hero blasts: LFC star should 'stop trying to con everyone'.

Former Manchester United player Gordon Hill has slated Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, arguing that the Uruguayan should stop the constant gamesmanship and concentrate on playing football.

In an interview with Man Utd blog Talk of the Devils, Hill - whose impressive managerial resume includes the Novia Scotia Clippers and Chester City - scathed:

"Suarez would be a very dangerous player if he actually concentrated on playing football, and stopped trying to con everyone.

"I don’t mean the handball against Mansfield, just everyone else"

Another ex-United star, Gary Neville, has a totally different view.

In his column for the Daily Mail last night, the former defender admitted that he understands why some people 'will never like' Suarez; defended him over the Mansfield handball incident, and conceded that the Uruguayan is 'one hell of a player', adding:

"He [Suarez] is exactly the kind of player you would want in your team. And, as a fan, you would love to see him on your side. He's a fighter who will chase down every ball, [and he is] one of the most skilful players in the Premier League"

Neville - who was fined £5k by the FA in 2006 for celebrating a goal in front of Liverpool's away fans at Old Trafford, also admitted that if he was still playing now, he and Suarez would inevitably clash on the field. He noted:

"I know that if I was up against him [Suarez] at Old Trafford today, there would be a confrontation. One of us would put in an over-the-top tackle or an elbow. At best, there would be a shouting match at some point because he’s the kind of player who takes the fight to you"

Meanwhile, United boss Alex Ferguson has heaped praise on Steven Gerrard's fitness levels this season. He told reporters:

“It’s amazing that he [Gerrard] has played every minute of every game in the Premier League this season – and at the age of 33.”

That would be amazing...if Gerrard was actually 33, but he's 32 for another five months. Another sly dig by Fergie? ;-D

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I hate Gary Neville and i hate it that he's a decent pundit who talks sense! Lol.

  2. Yeah, it's a sickener, isn't it? As much as a I hate to admit it, Neville is one of the best pundits out there at the moment.

  3. Fergie will keep digging and playing mind games. He has been doing it for the past 20 years or so. And very successfully manipulated the whole footballing system. Officials the prime victim.
    Our Captain should bang in a goal or two today to shut this bully up for awhile.
    Go get em Reds. We have nothing to lose being underdogs.

  4. that he played for united doesnt change the fact that he was a very good player and has terriffic knowledge of football.

    i wish we had someone like him here, no pundits worth listening in finland. I hope Litmanen would take such job. magnificent player at his day (best finnish player ever) and great knowledge of the sport. but he has absolutely no skill with media, grits trough his teeth and ansvers with one word.

  5. It still sickens me how Liverpool wasted Litmanen. One of the world's greatest players of the last 20 years at Anfield, at the same time as Robbie Fowler (!), and Houllier repeatedly preferred Emile Heskey *shoots self*

  6. i hope we see Jari in management someday. he still has lot to offer for finnish football. or football in general

  7. hope no United player celebrates a goal in front of those fragile victims. There'll be more mass compo claims for distress and stress. Lost work hours...oh, forgot, they don't work.
    Ruby: do you actually get out of bed and enlighten our lives with such pearls of wisdom and knowledge in real life or just reserve it for the internet?

    Fergie has become the greatest manager of all-time because he manipulates refs? So, a bit like Shankly (you won't remember him) Spanish Waiter, Dogleash, Stevie the diver etc etc as well as the two dozen or so ex-Dippers players that are on telly.

    You'd be dangerous with a brain.

  8. Careful with what you hope for.

  9. What are you even doing here you dick. Old whiskey nose 2 European cups Sir Bob 3 bigger impact on Liverpool than he ever was on the Scum, 1 game away from the sack Sir Bob never in that position. And he HAS got a hold on the F.A. it will come out the level of corruption, it did in Italy. Cant be that many wrong decisions in the Scum favour.

  10. gorden hill really dose talk some sh1te ,lets see who cons the ref most today

  11. Gary Neville is the best pundit out there right now IMO. Kudos to him for that.

    In terms of Hills comments, just looks like a unknown trying to get some media lime light to earn a few bucks. Ask a 18 year old who is Gordon hill? I`m sure few will know him. Of which I think it is rather biased picking out one player.

  12. Suarez just gets a bad wrap becuase he is Suarez. Remember Van Persie while playing for Arsenal a season or two ago deliberately used his hand to block a Liverpool cross in the penalty area . Stopping what would have been an almost certain goal . Ref missed it . No Fuss . No calling Van Persie a cheat or asking him to own up . I think Van Persie is a great player but there is a clear double standard . Many teams are awarded doubtful penalties but no asks the player who crashed down to own up . Yet Suarez is asked to own up for a ball that hit his hand. Suarez is a far more honest player than many others in the Premier.
    Those that want to critisize Suarez should critisize half the Premier Leagues's players too . Its a hole in the game that Technology can help sort out . Call instead for TV replays to help the Ref to decide . Dont critisize the players for what is a referee issue . The refs need help and the technology is there to help them . Use it

  13. The biggest con artist in present day football comes from Man Utd , Mr Hill and his name is Sir Alex Fergusson . The number of decisions poor decisions that have gone United's way in the past two seasons just beggars belief.
    Is everyone afraid of this one eyed bully