3 Jan 2013

Liverpool-Kop.com: Use of News Sources and Copyright Issues

Like practically every other news-related website on the planet (including ALL major newspapers), Liverpool-Kop.com makes use of publicly available news sources in articles published on the site. This is standard industry practice, and is perfectly legal, However, this site's detractors continue to spread the lie that use of external news sources is content theft. That is not true in the slightest, as I will illustrate below.


* The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 states that use of any published work for the purpose of reporting current new events constitutes - with sufficient acknowledgement - 'fair dealing', and is a valid exception to copyright.

Section 30(2) of the act is reproduced here, verbatim:

"Fair dealing with a work (other than a photograph) for the purpose of reporting current events does not infringe any copyright in the work provided that (subject to subsection (3) it is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement".

* The UK Copyright Service outlines the copyright law as follows:

"Fair dealing is a term used to describe some limited activities that are allowed without infringing copyright. Briefly these are as follows"

Criticism or Review

Quoting parts of a work for the purpose of criticism or review is permitted, provided that:

* The work has been made available to the public.
* The source of the material is acknowledged.
* The material quoted must be accompanied by discussion/assessment
* Material quoted is no more than is necessary for the purpose of the review.

News Reporting

Using material for the purpose of reporting current events is permitted, provided that:

* The work is not a photograph.
* The source of the material is acknowledged.
* The amount of the material quoted is no more than is necessary for the purpose.

Liverpool-Kop COMPLIANCE

* Every source used on this site is cited and linked without fail.

* The site only uses small quote snippets in articles, and the bulk of the site's content is original discussion/assessment/analysis

* Every major news provider on the planet uses other sources in their reporting. Again, this is standard industry practice.

* This is how the online news ecosystem operates. The idea that it is content theft is, quite simply, cretinous.

* In fact, sharing links in this manner is beneficial for other sites as it helps with SEO; site ranking; raising awareness, and traffic generation.

The Stalker's Obsessed Campaign

The stalker has contacted editors/writers who work for the The Guardian, BBC, The Mirror, Liverpool Echo, The Telegraph,  the Daily Mail etc and spun his usual lying, fabricated BS, trying to convince them - via gross exaggeration, embellishment and shameless LYING - that my site is stealing content. Examples:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 09.33.43

Well, let's see what the news organisations concerned have to say about it.

News Organisations SLAP DOWN the stalker

On Monday 6 January 2013, I contacted the editorial departments of the The Telegraph; Guardian; BBC; Daily Mail; Liverpool Echo, and The Mirror (all of which were approached by the stalker). I explained to each how I run my site, and how I make use of small attributed and linked snippets of info from their publications.

Everyone single one of the aforementioned news organisations categorically REJECTED the stalker's deluded accusation that this is content theft. Below is a list of verbatim responses from the people with whom I discussed the issue.

* The GUARDIAN | Contact: James Dart (Deputy Head of Guardian Sport) | Called: 6 Jan 2013 - 8:50am

"As long as there is not wholesale verbatim copying of a Guardian article, there’s absolutely no problem with use of our content on other websites".

* The BBC | Contact: Michael Short (BBC Sports Editor) | Called: 6 Jan 2013 - 9:00am

"If it’s attributed and linked back to the BBC that’s absolutely fine. We do the same on our site”.

* The TELEGRAPH | Contact: Jim Bruce-Ball (Sports Editor) | Called: 6 Jan 2013 - 9:05am

"Use of quotes and articles snippets is perfectly fine if attributed. What you’re not allowed to do is rip-off huge swathes of content without attribution"

The DAILY MAIL | Contact: Matt Lawless (Deputy Sports Editor) | Called: 6 Jan 2013 - 9:15am

“As long as the content is linked back to the Daily Mail, it’s not a problem. That’s what we do when we use other news sources”.

The MIRROR | Contact: Anthony Schipani (Syndication Executive) | Called: 6 Jan 2013 - 9:20am

“If you’re using quotes and linking back to us then it’s not a problem. It’s actually good for us in terms of tracking for the website”

The LIVERPOOL ECHO | Contact: Dan Kay (Digital Journalist) | Called: 6 Jan 2013 9:25am

"As long as the info is clearly attributed to the Liverpool Echo, it’s fine”

So there you have it. The stalker's defamatory contention categorically debunked. Use of quotes and/or small snippets of other news is not content theft in any way, shape or form, and regular visitors to my site will see that 99% of the content posted there is original (i.e. original views and/or individual interpretation based on personal opinion/inference/analysis etc)

As you can see from the quotes above, high-profile news organisations actually encourage sharing of their content as it has huge benefits for them when it comes to SEO, traffic generation, and brand awareness. This is how the online news ecosystem operates.

This is all obvious and common-sense, but there are still weak-minded people out there who believe anything they read on the internet, even when it's vomited out by a clearly unhinged, obsessed, anonymous stalker.



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    This claim is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in 2014 so far!

    How does he think news websites work?

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