2 Jan 2013

Reds hero admits: I would 'love to see' LFC sign record-breaking 48-goal star...

Dutch striker Klass Jan Huntelaar recently signed a new deal with Bundesliga club Schalke, which would seem to rule out the possibility of a January move to the Premier League, but Liverpool legend Kevin Keegan believes the club could still sign the prolific goalscorer.

In an interview last weekend, Keegan hailed Huntelaar as 'on a par with Robin Van Persie', and claimed that his experience would mean the Premier League 'would not faze him'. He added:

“The player I would love to see Liverpool sign is Huntelaar, and it might be a good time for Liverpool to get someone who is a proven goalscorer in a quality league.

“Schalke are in a real slump. They have just sacked the manager there and are having a poor season in the Bundesliga.

“The only problem is that he’s signed a new contract, though that may just be an attempt to squeeze out some extra value for him.”

That seems like wishful thinking from Keegan. After signing the deal, Huntelaar seemed absolutely convinced that he'd made the right decision:

"I've thought about this decision long and hard and I'm very grateful that the club allowed me the time to do so. But now I've made the choice I'm most comfortable with I've always felt at home at Schalke, with the club and the fans, and I believe in our team"

Of course, there is always the possibility that Huntelaar could leave in the summer, especially if Schalke's poor season continues until the send of the season. Signing him up to a new deal now ensures that the Dutchman cannot leave for free during the summer transfer window.

The Reds were strongly linked with a loan move for Huntelaar during the short-lived reign of Roy Hodgson, but a deal could not be agreed at the time. Speculation arose again during the summer, but on transfer deadline day, Brendan Rodgers specifically ruled out the possibility of signing the Dutch International.

Huntelaar grabbed 48 goals and 10 assists for Schalke last year, a return that broke Hermann Eppenhoff's 1941 club record for the most goals in a season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. as good as he is all his actions indicate hes happy where he is....hes never shown an interest in joining Liverpool as for as ive seen coupled with a new contact for his club mean its a red herring ( excuse pun )

  2. I'd be extremely surprised if we signed him.

  3. Great result for Liverpool....real happy tonight for the first time rogers has picked the team i wanted with the squad available ....Henderson WAS excellent for 60min perhaps people may now start believing he has quality

  4. I wouldn't sign him :) rather have someone else....

  5. just signed a new contact so worth. happen

  6. We have 3 strikers now, everyone can play in some attacking positions, think liverpool shoudlnt buy another stiker,

  7. we just need a m/f enforcer to cover Lucus.
     Allen, Hendo and Gerrard need at platform to play with Gerrard adding the precision engineering...TRUST ME!!!

  8. Good win lads, lets keep climbing the table in 2013, great to see chelski blow it against qpr after the way they went on after thrashin villa :)

  9. if lfc were going to sign him they would have moved before he signed a new contract,shame i would have liked to see him at anfield

  10. he doesn't fit the age range model, that fsg are interested in. yes he is a good player. saying that, keegan has recommended him, so i hope we go nowhere near him!