2 Dec 2012

LFC hero raves: Prolific €20m attacker is the 'Luis Suarez of Milan'. Better than LS?

Stephan El-Shaarawy is on fire for the Rossoneri this season, and Liverpool legend Steve Nicol has compared his impact at the San Siro with Luis Suarez's impact at Anfield.

The 19-year - who signed for Milan in a €20m deal in 2011 - old grabbed another two goals and one assist in Milan's 3-1 victory over Catania on Friday night, and on ESPN recently, Nicol was full of praise for the prolific youngster, and noted:

"El-Shaarawy is turning into the Luis Suarez of Milan. Without him, goodness knows where they would be".

It's a good comparison - without El Shaarawy's goals, Milan would almost certainly be in the relegation zone right now, as would Liverpool without Suarez's goals (theoretically, of course; not literally).

Nicol is not the only one impressed; football luminaries across Europe are lining up to praise the youngster. Italy boss Cesare Prandelli recently said:

"El Shaarawy is a young lad who is surprising everyone. He has been able to bring quality to football, and also done very well in terms of scoring goals."

Milan Head Coach Massimiliano Allegri added:

"I hope that El Shaarawy keeps on doing well both for us and the national side, which is made up of many young players at the moment. He manages himself well in an important part of his career and he's a balanced lad. He's grown very quickly and nobody was expecting it".

Is El Shaarawy better than Suarez? Milan CEO Adriano Galliani (indirectly) seems to think so, as he told the press after Milan's win on Friday night:

"El Shaarawy is playing better than we expected him to. He just turned 20 last week and I don’t know how many forwards of his age are scoring goals so consistently. The only other player like him in the world is Neymar"

EL Shaarawy's form inevitably means clubs will be in for him, but acording to Galliani, no offers have been made yet. He said:

"Offers for El Shaarawy? Nobody has asked us the player, I swear"

I can't wait for the day when Liverpool are once again in with a realistic chance of signing players of this calibre. Imagine El Shaarawy playing alongside Luis Suarez right now...

If you had to choose between them, who would you rather have: Suarez or El Shaarawy?

Another forward is sure to be a priority for Brendan Rodgers in the coming transfer windows, with Victor Moses only on loan and moves for Willian, Diego Costa and Henrikh Mkhitaryan scuppered in the summer.

While the 20-year-old says he is happy at the San Siro, he is regularly linked with a move away from the club, with Man City and Borussia Dortmund also thought to be potential suitors.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. hmm....costed few millions more then Borini but much less than Borini and Allen combined....Rodgers are you listening.

  2. And he is not even their main striker and they actually have proper options up front (Pato and Pazzini. Pazzini is rotational this season but he has plenty of experience and already chipped in with 4 or 5 goals in the league), yet he is still the top scorer. Little bit like Alexis Sanchez's positioning was at Udinese, at his best probably when coming off from the wing, whilst someone else plays through the middle. More chance of Pato leaving me thinks.

  3. How about proof reading? You aren't even spelling the boy's name correctly.

  4. Robinho as well. They got so many forwards.

  5. Still I think Zlatan was THE man.

  6. Suarez is a stronger more complete forward. El Sharaawy is a more nimble and flair player showboating skills, Suarez does more outsmarting defenders. Would love this kid at LFC as he would occupy defences allowing Suarez to prosper from someone elses creativity and bang the goals in!!!

    Where did Milan buy him?

    Rav Sidhu

  7. Probably will sign Danny Graham to cement our mid table finish

  8. Who needs a player like this when Rodgers is apparently going for Shane Long for a bargain £12 million.. now that shows ambition and will no doubt have every team in the premier league thinking "Liverpool mean business" so you can keep players of this quality as were gonna be fine with either Long or our other apparent target Gomis (and dont forget we already have Borini), Rodgers is so shrewd in the market what a brilliant man

  9. 1.Suarez is the third best player in the world 2.Borini is much better than El Shaarawy because before he got injured he was and is considered as the ''best young striker in europe'' and also 'The Warrior'.
    The Warrior kills the Faraone HAHA

  10. And Suarez plays in the best league in the world: The Premier League
    He has won five consecutive Golden Boots with Ajax (from 18-years old to 23-years old ) Thats All

  11. We are so lucky to have a great player like Luis Suarez at our club. I'm sure you'll agree to that, J-Bomb.

  12. Fingers crossed we get Shane Long. His work rate and enthusiasm is exceeded only by Suarez.

  13. Would rather we spent the £12 million on a proven striker rather then yet another developing player

  14. Shane Long IS developed. And into a really good player too !! He's 25 in Jan.. a good age to be getting a guy at.. Your deveoped at 25 , its just fine tuning after that.

    Sure there's room for improvement .. as there is with every player but Longey (as we call him in Ireland ) is on an upward curve.

    Excellent attitude both on and off the pitch.. works the socks off himself and any defence he is playing.

    Already has 5 goals and 5 assists this season at west brom .. and one of the reasons west brom find themselfs in a champions league spot !!!

    And its about time we had a bit of Green in a Red jersey again.. It's been tooo Looong !! Getit !! boom boom..
    (and RKeanes 2 week vacation doesn't count!!)

    Sign him up....

  15. Same bullshit we are all talking about great signing what type of world class players we need . We are getting nothing we are getting jack shit. some cheap bargin basment buy that wont live up to expectation. we can not even put a best 11 on pitch otger clubs have cover in every postion . We are rapping suarez then when he goes enough is enough like torres we will hate him rather then the owners who are running the club on sponsors dollars not there own.they never spent 100mil they sold torres 50 mil . We are no diffrent then the rafa days what has changed nothing and we are going to talk talk talk Ian ayre wont sign shit. who is FSG

  16. +1

    Nothing to add.

  17. Good player, surprised by his goal scoring exploits so far this season to be honest.

  18. Milan were always going to be facing a difficult season after overhauling their squad in the summer as well as losing Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. In the end, it will probably turn out to be the right decision as the squad was ageing and Ibra for all his talent has his head turned too easily and can be very disruptive when that happens. We're two similar clubs who are at a similar stage in their evolution. We're both reinventing ourselves and in the first stage of building a squad that can compete at the highest level once again. As for us attracting players like El Shaarawy, not sure what he cost Milan but I doubt it was that much so I'm sure we would have had the cash for him. But Italian players prefer to stay in Italy at that age, Borini being a noteable exception, just like most Spanish players so I'm not sure whether these players would want to come to LFC even if we would be in say, Man United or Citeh's position right now. Oh and of course there is Ballotelli but in fairness we all know he had to leave Italy because he'd already burnt all his bridges there. Much like he managed to do in England in no time really.