2 Dec 2012

'It was a killer' - Robbie Fowler reveals his biggest Liverpool 'regrets'...

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler is widely recognised as one of English football's greatest ever goalscorers, and although he left the club (for the second time) in 2006, he is still much-missed by Reds fans. Fowler helped the Reds win the treble in 2001, but despite that achievement, he still has regrets about his time at Liverpool.

In an interview with the BBC on Thursday, Fowler - who recently admitted that Steve McManaman is the best footballer he's ever played with - said:

"It would have to be failing to win the Premier League. Not winning it as a player was a killer for me. You're always judged on what you do in the league, what you win, and unfortunately I haven't done that".

From 1995-1997 - Fowler's prime for the Reds - Liverpool challenged for the league title, and could've won, but in both years, the club sadly fell away in the last couple of months of the season, mainly due to poor defending and calamitous goalkeeping.

During that period, the Reds face Man United in the 1996 FA Cup final, another game that Fowler cites as a major missed opportunity:

"[I also regret] the 1996 FA Cup final. It's never nice being beaten by Manchester United, but to lose to them in the Cup final is the worst feeling".

I still vividly remember the crushing disappointment of that game, and how Eric Cantona's late goal sealed the game for United. Ugh!

Just imagine if mid-1990s Robbie Fowler was at Liverpool right now; the club would probably be top of the league at the moment, such is the difference a prolific natural goalscorer makes to the team.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If only we had "GOD" in our team these days, him and Suarez would be unbelievable

  2. usual dramatic headline just to increase the hits/revenue.

  3. Yes we would be scoring but our midfield and defence have become sieve like these days. The illusion that Rogers has created of a young team, small squad etc was his doing by letting experienced players go. We are on track to become a poor version of Arsenal - easy on the eye, no steel and no trophies.

  4. Surprising this article hasn't been slanted in such a way that Fowler is angry at Rafa for not playing him in Athens. Bringing Fowler back was such an immense masterstroke by Rafa. Robbie Fowler, one of the best player's I've seen play for Liverpool

  5. We were a damn sight more entertaining in those days than with this BR tika taka bollocks.

    Special mentions to David James. Thanks for spending all that time on the PS, hope you have as much regret as Fowler.

  6. That team was good enough and should have won a league in those couple of years..

    They played some great ball and Fowler was a joy to behold.. Still remains my favourite Liverpool player of all time.

    The reason the drought wasn't ended earlier and during this time lays squarely at the feet of David 'calamity' James. I genuinely believe had Liverpool had even a half decent keeper, Robbie 'GOD' Fowler would have his league medal.

    The amount of goals and points that man cost us during those years still gives me nightmares.. We were genuinely up there with Utd .. but while they had a 'Great Dane' between the sticks.. our fella needed a Labrador with him and his stick !!

    They went on to rule the roost while we .. went on to rue the day.. the 6th of July 1992 to be exact ! ( the day calamity strutted down the run way in his Calvin Kleins and into Anfield )

    Quite why and how Evans stuck with him is another story altogether !!

  7. God was awesome, always remember being at old trafford when he scored a goal against schemichel that left him looking like he,d been shot, absolute predator, wish he was still in our side now.

  8. Still Houllier's biggest mistake letting him go in favour of Emile Heskey. Only a complete and utter explitive deleted would think that was a good idea.

  9. To be fair, aside from Rob Jones, the whole defence was shocking and it shouldn't be forgotten that Stan Collymore 'chipped in' a few, as well - as many as Fowler.
    People rave about Torres and Suarez, but when his head was in the 'zone', Collymore was better than both of them... sadly that wasn't often enough.

  10. You're spot on about Stanley, mate. There was a little spell when him and Robbie clicked and we were just devastating. I'll never forget a game at St James's park just before Christmas when Collymore ran at the whole Newcastle team straight from the kick-off and nearly scored. Only he had the brass balls to think he could do that!!! On his day he was up there with the best.
    Pity he missed his mum so much.....

  11. that arrogant individual should hang his head in shame for many things and not just for pitiful excuses for his glaringly bad mistakes.

  12. obviously i am talking about james and not super robbie!

  13. The reason the defence was 'shocking' was they had the worst keeper in LFC history behind them. A good goal keeper as you know instills confidence, communication and orginisation within his back 4 ..

    The only thing James ever instilled was fear , doubt and mayhem !!

    You could stick Beckenbaur, Maldini, Moore or whoever you want in front of a goalkeeper like James and they're gonna struggle.

    Besides they weren't all that bad considering.. It was the twenty ten thousand times he came for a ball and missed it or dropped it .. The amount of goals poked home against us because of him was unreal.. and they cost us a shed load of points..

    Your dead right though.. Stan the Man was class as well those two seasons.. They hit 55 goals between them in the '95-'96 season.. WOW !!

  14. I agree and disagree... Babb, Ruddock, Harkness... average on a good day. Dya remember the 80-81 season? We had a new keeper then, equally as bad as James, but look at who was in front of him- Neal, Thommo, Hanson and Kennedy. We won the league championship, League Cup and the European Cup that season.
    It works both ways... Reina is a class act, but for the last three seasons he's had some shaky defenders in front of him... and he's made mistakes as a result. As soon as Hanson and Gillespie left, Grobellaar was leaking like a sieve again.
    Get an organised, good back four and any keeper will do - look at the keepers Utd have had between Schmeicel and Van Der Saar.

  15. Disagree and agree. Robbie was his own worst enemy. If he'd kept his head down and got on with training instead of being a gobbie, smartarse he would have been at Liverpool for his whole career. It's about time he grew up and owned up to the reasons why Houllier really got rid of him.
    Say what you want about Collymore, but he never blames anyone else for how his career panned out.

  16. I couldnt agree more, add Fowler and we would be fighting for the title!

  17. Quite right. The monkey would have been off our backs 15 years ago if he had just a bit of professionalism about him.

  18. Forget those defenders - we've had far worse such as Bjorn Kvarme, Torben Piechnik, Julian Dicks and David Burrows

  19. Ya look at the keepers utd had .. and how long they lasted !!

    Point is James was persisted with even though he was commiting crimes against football game after game.. season after season.

    Don't subscribe to the theroy that if you have a good organised back four any keeper will do .. Does a great dis service to goalkeepers and their value to a team..

    Look how many points Schmicel 'won' for utd during this time and the points James cost us.. the difference between a league title .. I certainly think so !!

    And just to point out Clemence was still at LFC in the 80-81 season and if your refering to the arrival of Grobbelaar and claiming it was he who was worse than James then I'm afraid your well off the mark there mate..