9 Dec 2012

"I'm not sure" - Boss responds to LFC transfer speculation over £5m striker...

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has dismissed speculation linking Greek striker Georgios Samaras with a move to Liverpool FC.

During his post-match press conference after Celtic's 3-1 victory over at Kilmarnock on Saturday, Lennon was asked to comment on press rumours linking Samaras with a move to Liverpool. He responded:

“It’s just speculation, someone taking a flyer.

"I’m not sure if anyone will want to leave just now, the way things are going.

"Samaras has been a huge player for the club. He’s been through a lot and has come out the other side and you can see what the fans think of him.

"I don’t think he’d be wanting to leave in too much of a hurry.”

£5m-rated Samaras is contracted to Celtic until 2014.

In a recent interview, Samaras outlined his mental approach to football:

"I just play my game. If people like me: good. If they don't like me: again, it's good. I don't care. I play because I love football, nothing else. Nothing has changed.

"I hear the same things every time I sit in this chair [to do interviews]: you're leaving the club, you're on the transfer list, other clubs want you, you're staying, you're going, you're playing well, you're not playing well. I just ignore it all and play my game. Nothing has changed."

Celtic fans booed their own team during last season's home game against Sion, but nothing fazes Samaras, even vitriol from his own supporters:

"I don't care [about the booing]. They [the fans] can do whatever they want. If they want to close their eyes when I have the ball, fine. If I score a goal and they don't celebrate, fine. I just play for Celtic".

I sincerely doubt Liverpool are actually interested in Samaras, but he is clearly very focused and mentally strong, and if he did come to Anfield, some Liverpool players (like Jordan Henderson, for example) could learn a lot from him about mental toughness and single-minded focus.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. dont rate him.shud get his team mate hooper instead.

  2. and maybe titus bramble for cb backup and bring ibe into first team

  3. would be moving to a smaller club

  4. exactly, Hooper would be a striker addition we could need
    If we get in hooper and a winger + maybe a offensive midfielder as honda (my god how much i would love honda at Liverpool) top 4 is achieveable

  5. Samaras? Wow its amazing how the medias work today, every single year lfc is linking with at least 30 players and we sign one or two, why people need to make up stories all the time, its embarrassing, just pathetic, people must quit this asap

  6. Defo!! ,Oh Ah, Samaras....

  7. Too good for Liverpool!

  8. And what would we need a winger for? We have enough already.

  9. Carroll is definitely better than Samaras and if Rodgers doesn't rate Carroll then there is no way he would even be interested in Samaras.

  10. as downing and cole ? we should get rid of them and get in players like mertens or ince.

    Sterling cant play every game 90 minutes, rather does Suso, Borini who BR liked to play on the wing is a stiker and hes injured, ive already told you my view of Downing and Cole, Enrique is good at the wing but then we dont have anyone on LB position. Ibe sounds really interesting but hes only 17. Shelvey is a player that i personally would like to see him more in the middle and behind the striker

    in Conclusion

    Sterling and Suso: 2 very good players but still very young too
    Enrique: best position LB
    Borini: injured and a striker
    Cole: Tactically and technically strong player, but slow and old
    Downing: no Confidence, no assist no goals and nothing
    Shelvey: No. 10 in my view not a good winger ( but a very good midfielder ofc) can fill out every gap on the field

    SO a player like Hooper or Bony would fill our plan B striker
    A winger with an eye for a goal as Mertens Ince or Sturridge would garant us more goals (and especially not only from LS7)
    We dont score goals from the midfield (unfortunatelly Gerrard doesnt do so any more) so a offensive midfielder would be another perfect addition to our squad.

  11. Liverpool are not a big club anymore, it would be a step down for ANY Celtic player

  12. hahaha says the peeps that play in the SPL. The SPL is basically equivalent to the npower Championship and no one gives two cahoots about it.

    Samaras is crap and isn't the player we need or want.

  13. demba ba, michu, diame n shawcross

  14. haha the spl / premiership card again. wake up your league isn't as good as the german or spanish and our wee spl club is giving your lot a showing up in the champions league. typical english mentality

  15. Samaras looks like Fernando Morientes and if he played up front for us I have no doubt he would play like him too. A resounding NO.

  16. May I ask how many Scottish teams are playing European football? Exactly mate. The BPL is superior to the German or Spanish leagues if you consider the competition. Nowadays teams like Swansea can fight for 4th. The SPL is shit and Celtic have no real competition since Rangers went down.

  17. exactly teams like swansea are fighting for FOURTH in supposedly the best league in world, that sums it up..the BPL might be the most entertaining league, but certainly not the best league on earth. Imo it's behind the spanish, german and italian leagues on footballing quality

  18. As a Celtic fan, I doubt Sammy would leave, he has had ample opportunity over the last few years and turned it down!
    He is the type of player who puts , happiness and well being above money and riches!
    He has turned his career around at the Hoops and while still prone to the odd shocker, usually in the humdrum games, he consistently turns it on in the pressure games!
    Not going to get embroiled in "who is the bigger club" rubbish as I have a lot of respect for LFC, but I doubt Sammy would suit Rodgers style, he is most effective playing off the left and his forte is running at teams, as well as being an effective long ball target, so would be a square peg in a round hole!
    It seems all out best players are being touted and I take that as a compliment to Neil Lennon and his staff in what they have done for us!
    Wish LFC every success , just not with Sammy or any of our other players !!

  19. liverpool blackburn man u enough said epl is over for you all after todays result not a good league only yous beleive it is

  20. interesting the Liverpool fans seem to have forgotten who took them to the brink of not qualifying for Europe this season, yes the EPL has a bigger brand, more money, more viewers etc but the SPL is what it is, a smaller league from a smaller country, that is usually punching above its weight, so how about giving us a break? Celtic has grown into a really good team over the last 2/3 years, playing in Europe for the last 2 seasons has developed all our "potential" into players that most if not all EPL teams would have in their own team.

    Nobody seems to notice the challenge that Inverness and Hibs etc have mounted this season. No, they're not as good as City and Chelsea etc... who are the reason the rest of the EPL such as Wigan/Swansea/Fulham (sorry guys, nothing personal) benefit from the huge amounts of money, and let's face it, generally games between these smaller EPL clubs are nothing special... Punters in Tokyo or Berlin are not tuning in to watch QPR - Norwich. So give the "best league in the world" stuff a break, it just makes you sound dumb, simple and arrogant!

    Scotland has 1 super power club this season
    England has 3 this season, and 2 of them just got put out of the champions league at the earliest opertunity!

    would you honestly fancy playing Celtic with liverpools current team?...

    No...? smart answer! didn't think so!

  21. I wasn't suggesting for a minute that the scottish league is great. It definitely has problems and can i just point out losing rangers hasn't been that big a loss (for celtic anyway) the other teams will feel that pinch though. What i was saying is your remark is that totally typical of an englishman in a bubble. you just need to look at the performances on the biggest stage of all this year to see that the BPL although the richest is actually overcrowded with wanabe's. Celtic are punching above there weight and they have done it consistently over the past 10 years but at the moment why would a player like samaras give up some of the nights we have been experiencing lately for a relegation fight with Liverpool? I watch MOTD and enjoy some of the games but most are bang average. Its not the league i have a problem with anyway, its people like yourself you hav just got such a pigeon holed opinion and cant really see the woods for the trees.

    So to summarise BPL is a good league and i like it but the german and spanish is much more exciting and on recent results suggest that they are still better leagues.

    Anyway when celtic lift the cup at wembley we'll see what the comments are like then :)

  22. he wont go down to a mid table club to play europa cup settle down pool fans keep dreaming about hooper he wants a big club not a club that daydreams

  23. would you play barca home or away no dont think so either and when man u coming calling we will send them home too bring it on time and time again celtic have shown that so called english teams have been sent homewards to think again.sure we have been beaten but given the gulf in money we have a threadbare squad whats liverpools reasons.such a pity that the best league in the world has 1 yeah 1 team to show the world how great the epl really is when scotland has 1 top team and still living the dream pmsl

  24. Actually Paulhuxy, Hooper has a big club.The biggest.

  25. Some of you lot are deluded. As if the likes of Sammy and Hooper are gonna jump ship to Liverpool in Jan, with the last 16 waiting in feb. Hooper may go in the summer. But if you want him then we are talking BIG money. After all he is young and English. Up the Toffee's. any TIM who knows their history will know Liverpool had a Orange man on their board in the early days and they wouldn't sign Catholics. Suppose the racism is true then.

  26. Pony signing. Rather give Ibe A shot!

  27. You obviously don't know your history. Any TIM knows one of their greatest ever players was a Rangers fan, and a Liverpool legend.

    You're obviously on here for a wind-up, but I would respectfully ask you to shove your bigotry (and your toffees) right up your council-gritter. The only racism LFC have been involved in was when a player was getting gubbed for the 2nd match in a row so decided to call one of our players a "dirty South American". And then asked to "enter" his sister.

    Good luck in the CL, but stop being such a cnut, because there are a lot of people who support LFC and also have an immense respect for Celtic, regardless of creed or religion. Which is surely Celtic's mantra.....?

  28. Dries Mertens is an aggresive scumbag. The like of which we don't need at Liverpool.