14 Dec 2012

'We'll never stop him' - BR wants 'brilliant' £10m star who twice rejected LFC move...

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has responded to transfer speculation linking coveted midfielder James McCarthy with a move to Liverpool.

In recent weeks, Liverpool have reignited their interest in the 22-year old Scotland International, who has been regularly linked with a move to to Anfield, a club where he underwent a trial at the age of 15.

Martinez is convinced that McCarthy has the potential to play 'anywhere in the world', and when asked about interest from Liverpool and Arsenal this week, the Spaniard conceded that 'whenever he's ready we'll never stop him from leaving'' but dismissed suggestions that a move may be imminent. He said:

"We always feel pleased with compliments towards our players, but James is still developing. One day he will be challenging to win titles and to be in the highest position in the game, there is no two ways about it. The last thing he needs now is to be distracted from his good work and the way he is developing."

Liverpool were in talks to sign £10m-rated McCarthy in 2011, and at that time, a source close to the talks said:

"It [the transfer deal] is 90 per cent done, all sides now seem to accept it is going to happen and it's a matter of everyone trying to get the best deal"

For some reason, the deal broke down, but it's not the first time the Reds have tried to sign the player. McCarthy has twice rejected a move to Anfield in the past. In 2007, whilst still at Hamilton Academicals, the BBC reported that McCarthy turned down the chance to work under Rafa Benitez. Explaining the youngster's decision, his Agent, Bill McMurdo explained:

"Liverpool wanted to take him to Italy for a tournament. They agreed to meet Hamilton's asking price, but he has decided that he wants to stay with Hamilton for another year. I can't fault his judgement. He has only just left school and is from a close family"

Then, in 2010, McCarthy chose Wigan over the Reds, a decision that pleased Roberto Martinez, who enthused:

"I have always been a big admirer of James and I followed his career for a long time. That meant I was delighted when he made that rather strange decision not to go to a top, top club like Liverpool. I think that decision is being proved right now.”

If the current speculation is accurate, that makes it THREE times the Reds have tried to sign McCarthy, and if he doesn't take the chance now, it might not arise again in the future.

McCarthy grabbed two goals in Wigan's 2-2 draw with QPR last Saturday, and after the game, his team-mate James McArthur was full of praise for the midfielder. He told Wigan's official site:

"James was brilliant all game. He was head and shoulders above everyone. He did it a couple of seasons ago against Blackburn Rovers when he got two goals and he was just as outstanding then. James’ performances have been consistently good this season and he keeps on improving"

Worth a bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Another midfielder and a relatively unknown one at that. I am not sure it is quite a good idea.

  2. Big fish little pond ( again)

  3. I'm both a lifelong Liverpool fan and also a Wigan Athletic season ticket holder. One of Wigan's major problems is a lack of creativity from central midfield. A key culprit - McCarthy. Yes, he scored two goals last week, but he's usually about the last player I'd expect to see on the scoresheet. He is usually mediocre, to say the least. He can' see a pass and is not thatb good defensively. A distinctly average player. I'd love for someone to come in and take himaway for a decent fee, but not Liverpool! If Liverpool have a manager who is prepared to spend that kind of money on this very average player, then the club is in real trouble.

  4. please buy strikers now

  5. or a small fish in a very, very small pond...



  7. Correction he is an Irish international an an excellent player but not for Liverpool FACT

  8. Oh please can we just stop all the specualtion about players that are not first priority?
    Let's get a decent striker or two and potentially a winger(or start playing Assaidi).
    Other than that our team is fine for this season. I expect improvments in the summer, getting a new midfielder if Shelvey, Allen and Henderson don't provide the goods till then. Actually, even if they play the best they can I'm not sure it's good enough for us, so a central midfielder in the summer it is, and potentially a new CB and LB.

    But for january - I'll do with a striker.

  9. Good. I like the fact that hate me.

  10. come on jamie you should at least know he is an irish international, and we love him , but we are starved of quality over here so thats why we love him , maybe with the right manager he could be very good

  11. there is no way Liverpool are remotely interested in bidding for the IRISH international!international!

  12. When Benat Etxebarria is available for 16m, then why waste anything on McCarthy. McCarthy is doing well this season but he looks nothing special whereas Benat is a champions league quality player.

  13. Two years ago I would have said yes please but right now he's paying the price for going to a small club. Sure he got more first team opportunities at Wigan than he would have had under Benitez. But he stuck around too long and there are no players at Wigan that he can learn from. In one squad with Gerrard, he could have raised his game. With the midfielders we have at the club now and a few more in the academy, I would not like us to spend money on him. He wouldn't add anything that isn't already there.

  14. The day LFC appointed Rogers as our manager is the day it signalled to the football world that we are no longer a big club.
    The appointment of a nonentity says a great deal about our ambitions when we have a manager who is pleased with a draw at Swansea. In time he may become a good manager but in the meantime MU will win more titles both EPL and Euro until we will need a Paisley to recover our lead position.
    If I was Sterling I would be looking elsewhere for career fulfilment

  15. When season started(10-15 matches is a start) he use to say point is good so he lowered our expectations and now we are in mid table but he goes and say that even 3rd is achieveble and maybe even second. Being in mid table nobody believes him(I do, I did before he said it), but the most importantly- I think players do. And when we achieve that their self-confidance will rise and so will his(and his credibility). So keep the faith Alana...

  16. I have 2 words for BR-"SIGN STRIKERS"

  17. That's understandable. Hatred is the closest thing you get to love. I, too, am happy with people hating me. What most don't seem to know is that ignorance is the thing that really hurts.

  18. Why? Suarez is doing a great job up top. Surely we need goal-scoring wide men. Preferably a wide forward (that can cover in the centre) and a winger.