25 Dec 2012

'It's over my head' - £5m wonderkid scouted by LFC responds to transfer rumours...

Liverpool have been linked with Derby County wonderkid Will Hughes several times over the last few months, and Derby manager Nigel Clough accepts that he has a tough job on his hands trying to keep the 17-year old attacking midfielder at the club.

Barcelona have reportedly compiled a transfer dossier on Hughes, but the youngster is not convinced that's true:

"That is all a bunch of lies, rumours, as are all the stories about me. I get told about them but they just go straight over my head"

Liverpool were once again linked with the youngster over the weekend, Speaking to the BBC this week, Clough admitted that he is worried about big clubs coming in and throwing lots of money at Hughes. He said:

"One of the biggest dangers is money. Once you put money into the hands of a 17-year-old, no matter how intelligent and mature they are, there is a chance of it going the wrong way."

Despite ongoing cost-cutting measures at Pride Park, Clough has reportedly being told that he must raise £1.8million for the club when the January transfer window opens, and in an interview with the BBC recently, he confirmed Liverpool's interest in Hughes:

"[LFC] scouts come to watch him but we haven’t had any firm bids. If an offer comes in we’ll look at it and see if it’s in the best interests of the club. It's inevitable that he'll attract attention. It’s good for us because it means we’re doing well if Premier League clubs are looking at him. We'll try and hang onto him, and I hope we can ward off the attention"

£5m-rated Hughes made his debut for England U21 team in November as as a 65th-minute substitute for Josh McEachran, becoming the second youngest player to get capped for the U21s. Derby youth academy director Darren Wassall praised Hughes after his call-up. He enthused:

"It's a great achievement to get in at 17 and we are all delighted for him. To make that rise into the Under-21s so soon is fantastic for him and everyone at the club. For a 17-year-old to be playing in the first team of a Championship side is very unusual. I bet there are not many 17-year-olds playing at the level Will is week in, week out."

Hughes' current contract expires in 2015.

And who can forget Clough's finest hour in a Liverpool shirt? The Reds were 3-0 down at home to Manchester United, and Clough grabbed two great goals to drag the club back into the game (which ultimately ended 3-3):

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Byu and leave on loan.

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  5. cloughs two goals and razors thunderbolt header,oh happy days

  6. £5 million. in your dreams, there will be a bidding war from the best sides in Europe. I have had the fortune of watching the best players all over the world over the last 30 years. Taking Maradonna and Messi out of the equasion, this young kid Will Hughes is the best player I have seen at any level. His balance, vision and weight of pass is sublime. the only question mark his his physical prowess, as he is on;y about 9 St wet through, but he is still but a kid at 17. I watch him every week and believe me, he is worth the admission price on his own. A couple of weeks ago this 9 St weekling made complete mugs out of Leeds hard men Norris and Tongue, who couldn't get any where near him. He made them to look like complete mugs. He seems to have the gift like George Best had, by being able to stay on his feet, even when players try to hack him down. I'm affraid he'll be destined for a much better side than Liverpool, but not for 18 month's until he's finished his 'A' Levels. I think he will go to Barcelona to be understudy to Messi.

  7. watching best footballers in world for 30 years hardly makes one a top scout. there is allways young players full of promise. i doubt your best sides in europe will be even casting eye him. perhaps best clubs in england. cant recall incident in recent years that truly promising english talent has left abroad for big money.

    and we are talking about derby. someone offer 7 million and he Hughes is on next train to whatever premierleague club. and Derby will be rubbing hands together thinking we are good for next couple of seasons.

  8. oh and compared to messi. when he was 18 he banged 17 goals for barca that season. topflight. hughes has scored less than 5? in championship? lets not get carried away

  9. yeah, better than 17 yr old Gasgoigne? Doubt it, otherwise people wouldn't need more that 1 scouting trip to sign him...

  10. stormer of a game!

  11. it was, and if i remember rightly a late kick off as well ,instead of dinner time,the last one i can remember