16 Dec 2012

Good news? LFC chase lethal €12m goal-machine with better ratio than Ronaldo...

Liverpool's main striker Luis Suarez has now gone 480 minutes without scoring/creating a goal for Liverpool, a situation that once gain highlights the urgent need for the Reds to sign a new striker, and the latest name linked with the club is Galatasaray attacker Burak Yilmaz.

Reports in Italy this week suggest that the Reds are interested in signing the prolific striker, and club scouts will be at the Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe game today in order to run the rule over Yilmaz.

The 27-year old has been linked with a move to Liverpool several times over the last six months, and in the summer, the Reds were reportedly ready to make an offer for the striker, who ended up signing for Galatasaray in a €5m deal.

Yilmaz - who is now valued at €12m by Galatasaray - is a natural goalscorer, and his stats are excellent:

* 55 goals in 77 appearances in his two years at Trabzonspor.

* Last season: broke Trabzonspor's all time scoring record in the league scoring 51% of their 65 goals.

* 15 goals in 19 games for new club Galatasaray, including six goals in the Champions League, making him the current top scorer.

* In the CL, Yilmaz has a higher goals-per-game ratio than Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, with the Turk averaging a goal every 83 minutes, and Ronaldo scoring every 90 minutes.

In a recent interview, 27-year olf Yilmaz revealed his desire to move to a 'big' European club:

"I dream of a big European club, and my dream is to grow as a player.

Galatasaray is a big club, and given the fact Yilmaz only signed for the Turkish giants in the summer, it seems unlikely that they would allow him to move in January. Indeed, I can't recall too many situations where a successful player joined one club in the summer, and then left for another team 6 months later.

The earliest the Reds could hope to sign him would be next summer, but that would possibly be too late. A striker is needed in January, and I think it's safe to assume that it will not be Yilmaz.

Still, with such a prolific striker-rate, he's definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future. Having said that, at 27 years old, would FSG sanction a big money-bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He would be a quality signing!

  2. I know that rodgers doesnt believe him and will sign some trash like sturridge or ince.

  3. but sturridge has quality its his temperment and consistancy id be unsure about,

  4. I hope rodgers understands that his performance in next transfer goes a long way in determining his success at LFC. I just hope he spends right.

  5. B.Rodgers need to sign high quality players only as David Villa,Burak Yilmaz,Mario Gotze,Fernando Llorente,Benat Extrebarria and Wilfred Bony.Please get rid to sign Daniel Sturridge,Theo Wallcott,Darent Bent,Wilfred Zaha,James McCarty and others british crap who will demand high salary.Sometimes please making shock signing as Edison Cavani,Gonzalo Higuin and Karim Benzema.

  6. Not sure about the quality of the league, I mean Kuyt is on fire for another big Turkish Club as well. I must say, scouting is a tough job... one big flop signing and you loose your job. I hope we thoroughly scout players before buying them to avoid mistakes like 35mn Carroll. That deal still hurts...ouch!!

  7. It's the Turkish league! End of. If it was a young player with ability to train up more here then it may be worth a punt. However we have had too many punts recently. We need proven players in European leagues like la liga, bubdesliga, serie A, premier league or clear exceptional talent in South America like Neymar ( no chance obviously),leandro damiao. FSG have gone on record, especially Mr.Werner saying there is money for the right players- so come on then. Lets see if this is true? For me players like James Rodriguez (Porto), Alexis Sanchez, would transform our front 3 so get out there and get them. Take the hit on cole, downing, Carroll to fund some of it and save £250k on wage bill. Use it towards 2 real quality, young players. The profile of player FSG want.

  8. James Rodriguez could be the signing that turns our fortunes. We should throw our transfer kitty at him.

  9. Like Allen and Borini....Don't be to sure Fsg will splash out, Rodgers has already lumbered the club with borini allen and sahin and assaidi who he doesn't play ...that's 4 players while will they up it to 5 or 6 average players who dont play

  10. doylechristopher97@gmail.com7:41 pm, December 16, 2012

    you havent got a clue this guy is class

  11. This guy is turkish falcao and we don't have to spend 30 mill. Also I would like to see the PSV eindhoven striker matavz, he is quality. But we can all dream. Rodgers is probably going to get daniel porridge (chelski reject) and ince from the mighty NPOWER league. :'(

  12. I'm not sure why everyone is getting hung up on buying a "big-name" or "proven" player. When was the last time LFC splashed out on a striker and they were a success? Our best (or certainly, most consistent) strikers (Rush, Owen, Fowler) have all been acquired for peanuts. So long as a player has the uncanny knack of finding the back of the net, does it matter where they are from?
    Look at Pilkington at Norwich - 2 months ago they were down, now with a bit of confidence and a lot of hard work they are digging out results and Pilkington is scoring and creating goals for fun, and in a top League against top sides.
    Look what Villa did to us. Soaked up half an hour of pressure then hit us with 3 attacks and scored from 2 of them. That second goal should win goal of the month, it was THAT good. They played for each other.
    We on the other hand piss about with our fancy triangles and half-hearted shots on goal and assume a result will fall in our laps. Well, maybe it's going to work once at West Ham, but that doesn't happen every week. That Villa team was a bunch of kids, but as soon as they scored that was it. Game over. They just set up a bank of 5 and a bank of 4 and said, "Show us what you've got. But the word on the street is you are toothless. And a bit shit".

    Yilmaz would do very nicely, thank you. Hooper would be better. Ince may have a point to prove.

    Sturridge is another fancy Dan who seems more interested in shiny boots and choreographed goal celebrations. Which would be wasted here.

    Was that opening paragraph ANOTHER swipe at Suarez? Shame on you, because I am an ENABLER......

  13. Sounds about right. We're usually in the market for overrated, over valued British players instead of better priced, better quality international talent.

  14. Werner talks the most s*ite out of the lot of them. I wouldn't believe a word of it.

    Also, do you really think Rodriguez & Sanchez would join a mid-table club, compared to their current clubs, or all the other options they've got? I don't.

  15. If we don't try we will never know will we?! It's like a club who comes into money- they dont have the stature to bring in players so they pay them more to tempt them plus they sell the project the club has to them. Lfc must clear the decks and tell these top players we want to be up there again and signing these types of players will go some way to prove that. Anyhow we got to try cos the only good signing we have done in our first team is Suarez. That's poor scouting or negotiating in the boardroom. Again. It doesn't take a genius to know who's good enough and who is a steady player or value in a transfer

  16. Tom Werner, Ian Ayre, Brendan Rodgers. Are these names/personalitues that would inspire top European players to join a midtable team on lower wages?

  17. sounds like this is written and authorised by a turk fan. dont think he could get past defenders in the premiership best we get Rush out of the stands instead.

  18. If you are referring to Torres, I'll give you that one, as he immediately sprang to mind when I typed it. But we only got 2 seasons out of him.
    In the case of the others I mentioned, I believe we got the best parts of their careers.

  19. As it goes, I do agree with you... I was just throwing that one in. FWIW, I think we had the best of him, too, and to be fair, even after he left it took four months for any of our players to match his tally for us that season, nobody matched his worst season for us last season, either.
    IMO, Torres was a success, had he stayed with us who knows, but the club let him down, Kenny's system was never going to suit him, neither would Rodgers', we got a profit selling him to a club owner who was too stupid to realise how the team needed to be set up to get the best from him - they didn't need Benitez, I could have got him firing for a lot less money, rocket science it isn't.
    Anyhoo, last big signing that was a success? Collymore almost - could have been better/longer, but you can't complain about what we did get out of him. Before that? Beardsley/Barnes...before that Dalglish. They come along like eclipses, roughly one every ten years.

  20. With FSG only interested in reducing the wage bill and playing staff along with Rodgers dubious signings so far why all the speculation about who we may sign in January? It wouldn't surprise me if we signed some kid for a few million and brought Carrol back from West Ham. But in return we will sell Downing and Cole, reduce the wage bill further and end up with a poorer thinner squad than we have now.

  21. I'd say Johnny Barnes was probably the only big name / big money signing who was value for money with regard to performances plus longevity of career with LFC. Other than that, Kenny.
    Beardsley was criminally cast aside, and for 18 months the Fowler / Collymore partnership was awesome until Stan realised how much he missed Cannock (FFS!!!)
    Torres was awesome for 2 seasons, but we never actually won anything with him. Which was a criminal shame.