28 Dec 2012

Death of ambition? LFC chase £5m striker Hamann called 'a hell of a player'...

In April 2012, Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann argued that the Reds should try and sign Wigan striker Franco Di Santo, one of the lowest scoring strikers in the Premier League. At the time, I though Didi was having a laugh, but he was deadly serious, and through some absurd twist of fate, the club is now being linked with the Argentinean star.

Speaking to LFC TV after Wigan beat Liverpool in April, Hamann specifically highlighted DeSanto, and enthused:

"DeSanto is a hell of a player. He gave Liverpool a hard time all afternoon playing up on his own. He's certainly a player I would love to see in a red shirt next year".

Over the last couple of days, several sources - including Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo - have linked Liverpool with a move for Di Santo, yet another player with whom Rodgers worked during his time at Chelsea.

With the greatest respect, if Rodgers is genuinely interested in Di Santo, then he really is as clueless as his detractors suggest. As I always argue, end product is all that matters for creative players, and DeSanto is not a prolific goalscorer:

* 13 goals in 107 Premier League appearances.
* 1 goal every 8 games.
* Last season: 7 goals in 33 apps.
* This season: 3 goals in 19 appearances.

It is utter madness to even consider signing a forward with a strike rate of one every eight games. I don't doubt Di Santo's potential, but the stats don't lie, and Liverpool do not need any more non-scoring strikers.

Additionally, the Reds already have Fabio Borini and Samed Yesil to fill the 'strikers with great potential' slots. The club must focus on buying *proven goalscorers*. Anything less than that - and I include Daniel Sturridge here - is negligence.

From Fernando Torres to Franco DiSanto in two years? What next, a bid for Titus Bramble?


Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Haha Titus Bramble. Not sure if he ever featured for Chelsea reserves but Jeffrey Bruma did so he might be worth a look :-) It's getting ridiculous now isn't it? I'm actually worried about this one because, in fairness, I never thought we would be going for Borini and then Sturridge so I laughed both suggestions away. As it stands now, DiSanto seems an actual target and I couldn't agree more with your assessment above of player and manager.

  2. Next is- OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

  3. No.No.No. If BR is going to bring in another striker, they should have experience and a good history of goal scoring even if they are approaching 30. We do not need any more young players with potential. Lets have some short term success, even if its only until the younger players mature and progress.

  4. I'd rather have Santo Claus !!!!

  5. For once I wholeheartedly agree. We are diminishing the status of our club if every signing is a prospect rather than a likely member of a championship winning team. We are twelve points behind the total we should have at this stage of the season purely and simply because of the failure to develop the recruitment infrastructure over the last 18 months and the subsequent failures in the transfer window. The last four transfer windows have been the worst off field performances in the history of the club. First the criminal waste of money on Cole, konchesky, poulsen, then the cataclysm that was carroll, followed by the fiscal abortion of Henderson and downing, then the final humiliation of nobody this summer. During that time others have spent well and overtaken us. I can't believe that a group of sports billionaires have made so many management failings.

  6. I don't agree with you much Jamie but this is spot on I am a die hard and love the reds but I'm becoming delusioned.

  7. This signing would be the all confirmation that we need that the manager is an absolute joke, and the owners or the people advising the owners at least need to walk away and let someone come along and do a proper job in making the club challengers again

  8. DiSanto????Liverpool should buy another defensive midfielder who can bully our opponent...to me sturridge and suarez is a better partnership than cole and yorke...downing should play more on the left so he can supply the ball more from the flanks like beckham...(i admit he's not as good as beckham but at least he still can deliver the ball from the flank well)...sterling reminds me of a young giggs....and if gerrard can find his old shooting boots against olympiakos 2005....we just need somebody who can do the dirty works...

  9. I completely agree with this article.

    I have supported BR's appointment and continued to support him through his tenure because I like the guy's philosophy, how he tries to play football and generally how he treats people.

    However, if we end up in for this player when clearly we need goals I will be very disappointed. If so, this is exactly one of the reasons why Liverpool have struggled recently. Poor ambition. It is becoming similar to the "players" we were looking at under Roy Hodgson.

    In fact BRs record is at the level of Roy Hodgson. A few weeks ago I would have laughed at anyone comparing the 2 managers but now I am starting to wonder.

    It seems to me that BRs stubborness one of his weaknesses, we have already seen it - Carroll loaned out without a replacement, this insistance that only a "certain" type of player will do e.g. a player who can play a certain role - it seems strange to me to go out of your way to get rid of a 3 stars out of 5 target man and replace him with a 1.5 out of 5 trequarista sort of player just because that is the "style" of front man that BR likes.

    Well, if this 1 in 8 goals man is brought to Liverpool then it is just another nail in the coffin of our club. I am sick of seeing other clubs pick up very good players eg Swansea buying Michu for 2M whilst the quality of our squad is reduced with each transfer window by bringing in players like Di Santo - (BR's Konchesky). Who is running our club and why do we seem to employ people who make decisions like this?

  10. Absolutely spot on pal.

  11. You've got to be kiddin' me. If FSG are still moneyball-ers, surely the stats on this guy would kill any inkling of a deal...

  12. -------Lucas--Tiote----------

  13. I hope this deal never ever ever gets done.

  14. downing should play on left? Downing should play in Burton Albion.

  15. orme...tiote is one of the main candidate...but i'll prefer sterling rather than lucas...one dmc is enough...we should move forward and lucas can't make physical contact like tiote or m'vila...

  16. Hopefully it's just paper talk... hopefully! Hopefully we won't have the money to spend on him anyway, as crazy as that sounds!!

    On a side note I think it would be silly to let Coates leave on loan or permanently in this window.

  17. i would not bank on it because if we lose against qpr i would not let him loose with brass buttons never mind real money

  18. disagree with Downing - he should be nowhere near our team sheet.

  19. Too much, me thinks... And I wouldn't dismiss Lucas so fast..

  20. LETS PLEASE buy Holtby!!

  21. using hammans logic we should sign every striker who plays against us as they all give agger and skirtel a hard time ...remember andy carroll bossing skirtel around for 90mins.....listen rogers has already wasted 30million we may as well go the whole hog while its the season of good will and let him waste more ive give up....

  22. Actually me too. But not because of his abilities which would be useful with someone who can poke a header, but because of that shhh to the Kop..

  23. For the love of God, please.....NO!!!!!! A couple of "prospects" in any team is more than enough. We have an abundance of potential prospects as it is, especially if the Sturridge deal does happen, to be closely followed by Ince and Butland. I welcome these three players with open arms as I see what they could bring to the team now and in the future, but it needs to stop there! Or at least slow down a bit! Any more players added at present need to be proven at this level to give us some experience on the pitch which we are running very, very short on. We have aspirations of top four but our transfers do not reflect this. I still have faith based primarily on hope and that hope wishes for the Di Santo deal to NOT happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Heard a bit about Holty recently but tbh never heard of him before - would we have not heard much more about him before now if he was as good as some seem to suggest? Apparently he is an Everton fan from what I have heard.

  25. not to sure if buying this guy matters or not we only pass the ball around in our own half before giving it away .....but apparently thats his master plan ...listen this chump spent 15m on the welsh xavi so there's every chance hell loan coates out without a replacement

  26. Haven't we got rid of most of the people who can header bar DCs at set pieces?

    I have heard much about the quality of Downing's crossing but when he plays on left I only tend to see 2 things, he either gets the ball, passes it back to Enrique then runs behind the defender (playing peek-a-boo apparently) so Enrique has to pass to someone else or Downing puts a horrendous cross in that goes to no-one.

    Dont get me wrong, he has put in some decent passes/crosses occasionally and he would have had some assists last year if it were not for shocking finishing.

    That being said, I think we should be judging players by their performance vs the wages we are paying out. This is why Cole (approx 90k), Downing (approx 80k), Henderson (approx 70k) must go in my mind - we are paying them too much for what they bring when the wage money would be better freed up on more useful players. I know we will have to take a big, big hit on the fees we paid for them but in my mind I would rather get rid now rather than keep paying their wages for a period longer before selling them - still at a loss...

  27. sorry, also meant to say - totally agree with you about the shhh to the Kop. A silly thing to do for a man in his position and with his abilities.

  28. We get linked with a new player everyday, I really doubt this will happen. The noises about Sturridge seem the loudest, he would certainly be better than Di Santo, although a bit overpriced at 12 mil imo.

  29. hes a really good player, fast and nice dribbling skills, a young and hungry german player who would love to play in the premier leage. Hes a Everton fan, but he said once in an interview he would like to play for lfc

  30. Fair enough DerBaumMann, I haven't seen too much of him tbh so was just wondering why we had not heard much of him before other than when his contract was nearly up. Have you seen him a fair bit then?

  31. hahaha this is probably the joke of the year ....Happy New Year

  32. I hope we sign him, I really hope we do.

  33. So ASSaidi is fit for Moroco, but not for us?!? Nice...

  34. Renia - is he even now in the top 10 best premier league goal keepers?

    Johnson - he is ok and might make in other top six teams

    Enrique - ok top half of table player

    Skrtel - average

    Agger - ok

    Lucas - average

    Gerrard - used to world class now ok

    Sterling - prospect

    Suso - prospect

    Suarez - world class

    Downing - bottom half of premier league player

    Player for player we could replace the whole team from the top 6 teams with better. We have big name players because they play for Liverpool but they are no longer the best players in their positions in the top half of the premier league.

    That's why we are mid table.

  35. We should offer Benitez a 10 year contract and 5 million a year before it's too late.

  36. What the f*ck is wrong with this football club? Each and every transfer window that passes is becoming more and more ridiculous. Our squad is getting weakened in the process and we are falling down the EPL season after season. Wake up before its too late, u fools running our football club or get the heck out of here!!!

    Roy Hodgson:

    Paul Konchesky- Flop
    Christian Poulsen- Flop
    Joe Cole- Flop
    Raul Meireless: Good

    Kenny Dalglish:

    Suarez: World Class
    Sebastian Coates: Flop
    Charlie Adam: Flop
    Jordan Henderson: Big Flop
    Stewart Downing: Super Big Flop

    Brendan Rodgers:

    Fabio Borini: Flop
    Joe Allen: Average
    Nuri Sahin: Flop
    Oussama Assaidi: Flop
    Saned Yesil: Flop

    and coming soon

    Daniel Porridge???
    Tom Inch??
    Di Santa Claus!!!?

    Please God make it that these are just paper talk!!! Otherwise, if these are really the kind of players that we are after, those fools at the head of our football club( Rodgers, FSG, Ayre) must be smoking some really strong CRACK if they think we have any chance of getting in top 4 ever again!!!

  37. Agger- world class, Johnson- world class, Lucas- surely more than average.

  38. Yep, me sometimes. Im from austria, but im nearly just interested in the PL. A mate of mine is watching the German Bundesliga Week in week out, hes not a schalke fan but he sais this guys i an outstanding talent.


  40. Agger and Johnson world class? You're having a laugh. Agger is close to WC, but Johnson is most definitely not (IMO).

    Suarez is not world class either. He's performed at domestic and international level, but not in the CL, and he cannot be world class until he's done the business at all three levels.

    Of all LFC players, he is most likely to enter the realms of WC though.

  41. Any other good news jamie? Lol, what the fcuk are our scouts up to? Scraping the barrell even being linked to this loser

  42. Suarez not world class???? oh my god he is a player any team in the world would have...
    To suggest he is anything other then world class is absolutely absurd

  43. Haha, that gif.

    Anyhoo, turns up once in a while but beyond that, Di Santo hasn't been anything to write home about. Martinez does have quite a few players in that group that are technically good but beyond their technical ability, they aren't all that, such as the likes of Gomez, Beausejour, Crusat, etc. But because of the team's playing style, they fit in, although they aren't successful. They get some bargains once in a while, Wigan, but overall, not been that been impressed with their bargain hunting for a while. Very much players that fit in a particular team way of playing. Beyond that, as individual players, I don't rate a lot of their players.

    It does seem like Rodgers is either going for players that he has worked with, the club has worked with or going for players from teams that have common traits, in terms of playing style. E.g. Sahin played at Dortmund, where they played a short passing game and still do. Probably I am jumping the gun and its too early to conclusively work out a pattern behind his signings.

  44. Or payroll for that matter

  45. can't see a single piece of evidence to say that this is real. So Hamaan likes him, so what?

    Just scare stories. Show me some proof before everybody loses their minds

  46. You know what really aches? We sold Raul to Chelski to accomodate Henderson and Adam. Does that hurt or what? We spent a net amount of some 15 million on two players to replace one player and they still couldn't do it. Then we spent another 15 million on another player to replace one of them! Had we just kept Raul, we'd be 30 million quid better off plus wages!

  47. Better CB's than Agger?

    * Sergio Ramos
    * Carles Puyol
    * Mats Hummels
    * Thiago Silva
    * Vincent Kompany

  48. Can't find 5? Or you are gonna come up with 25 so it's taking time? And Atl. Madrid drops out of cl and Falcao rated 40 mil is not wc, and Cavani is? Do not understand that...

  49. same level, used to be, don't really know, same level, not a chance.

  50. Four more better defensively than Agger:

    * Ryan Shawcross
    * Phil Jagielka
    * Thomas Vermaelen
    * Giorgio Chiellini

  51. And why would a host of top clubs enter a chase for Suarez if he ain't wc? Because he is a prospect?!?

  52. I think it is just media stuff. If we do sign him, then that would be the last straw, or final nail.

  53. Agreed Johnson isnt, and Agger is only close. Suaraz though is imo. True he aint been in CL, but he plays for his country at World level, and does very well. I don`t think you need to have played CL to be worldclass, that would be more Club class lol. World Class to me is performing for your country on a World scale well, he does that.

  54. World class to me is performing on a World level, not CL level, so I agree he is World Class. This does depend though on what people think world class means. Is is just if you picked a first 11, would they be in the side??? to me that would be the best World Class settings. There should only be 11 world Class players imo, the rest should be called something else. World Class along with "the next" get thrown about too much.

  55. I see what you are saying, and agree, but Yesil is a young player, and it is not fair to call him a flop, when he wasnt signed for the first team. Price also comes into it. Assaidi was cheap, so again to early to tell.

  56. We have made a lot of players look like world beaters over the last decade.

    Kevin Lisbie for example.

    Di Santo is good but we need top quality, proven striker.

    Man Utd linked with Lewandowski again, they already have Rooney, RVP, Welbeck, Hernandez............ We have Suarez........... What a joke....

  57. I don't think it would be difficult for Agger to get in the starting eleven of say England, Barca, France or manu- that does it for me. Spent too many words on Johnson, and I see why people disagree but I still rate him highly. And if we need an explain Suarez than damn...

  58. Sadly I think you might be right.

  59. Donkey in the AC mould. im glad didi doesnt manage us.

  60. We are not going to sign Di Santo. The only reason why we are being linked is because he is 23 and we are short on attacking options. We have been linked with just about every player out there so just is another story like we always have when the transfer window nears.

  61. Suarez and Sturridge are better than cole and york!?!?! I am a die hard pool fan and hate those manic with every fiber in my body but that comparison is laughable at best. Suarez is a great player but, as Jamie has often mentioned, not clinical enough. Both york and cole had a goal/every other game strike ratio for manu which is pretty good to say the least! That partnership is one of the best the prem has ever seen with them leading manu to five titles and, no disrespect, but that comment was delusional at best. Having said that, I completely agree with the DM comment. Been saying it for weeks because the sooner we can provide cover for our defenders and stop leaking goals the sooner one or two goals are wins instead of loses and draws. Moussa Sissoko is the answer but knowing BR, IF we get cover expect Frimpong as his #1 choice (young, british, and terrible)

  62. Can't believe what unsupporting supporters we have these days! Most on here probably weren't even old enough to see us dominate in the 80's, just like following a team they can say has won this and that down the years. Now we've got a whole thread slagging off Rodgers about a player only the media and an ex player has linked with us! Anything t the moment to aggressively criticise the manager it would seem

  63. Pisses me off as well the total disrespect football fans have these days. Used to think it was just gonners who were fickle, but its clearly an endemic with modern football fans. The Venky's, Roman etc. don't help either.

  64. There are not many players around like Suarez. His talent is phenomenal and can walk into any team in the world which without a shadow of a doubt makes him world class.

    Agger, our best defender but he will sit on the bench if he had to go to a club like Barcelona.

    Johnson is great at going forward but defensively he is a one of our biggest liabilities. The fact that we let Arbeloa go for 4 million and replaced him with Johnson who cost us 18 million still baffles my brains.

  65. He cannot be WC until his done business at all three levels? You mean Pele is not WC?

  66. Alberto Aquilani
    Pegguy Arphexad
    Daniel Ayala
    Ryan Babel
    Milan Baros
    Igor Biscan
    Scott Carson
    Diego Cavalieri
    Bruno Cheyrou
    Djibril Cissé
    Philipp Degen
    Salif Diao
    Bernard Diomede
    El Hadji Diouf
    Andrea Dossena
    Nabil El Zhar
    Mark Gonzalez
    Emiliano Insúa
    Charles Itandje
    Milan Jovanovic
    Robbie Keane
    Chris Kirkland
    Jan Kromkamp
    Bjørn Tore Kvarme
    Anthony Le Tallec
    Øyvind Leonhardsen
    Erik Meijer
    Fernando Morientes
    David N'Gog
    Antonio Nunez
    Gabriel Paletta
    Mauricio Pellegrino
    Jermaine Pennant
    Damien Plessis
    Josemi Rey
    Albert Riera
    Florent Sinama-Pongolle
    Rigobert Song
    Djimi Traore
    Gregory Vignal
    Andriy Voronin
    Boudewijn Zenden
    Abel Xavier

    What about this list of utter rubbish?

  67. I am sure more can be added to my list too ;)

  68. Suarez won Copa America and reached semis of WC, he qualifies as world class in my opinion.

  69. This is some cruel joke by those who say that Liverpool is going to continue to be a mid table club, because that is a mid table signing.

  70. Hmm every shocker I can remember seems to be on your list redforlife.

    I also remember how some of the were billed -
    Cheyrou - the new Zidane
    Salif - the new Vieira

    This as much as anything is why we have fallen from grace - shocking transfer activity over a number of years. Not just the last couple of windows. Every side has their bad buys but this lot - absolutely shocking.

    Perhaps a side comp to identify the worst 11 of all time would not go amiss :-)

  71. Looking at and remembering the list of flops from redforlife as well as our domination in the late 70s and throughout the 80s may be a source of frustration to some, it certainly is to myself. It does not necessarily make people unsupportive, just passionate.

    Constructive criticism with sound reasoning always has a place, however I can see your point as some of the rhetoric that flies about from time to time would struggle to even be labelled unsupportive.

    I am guessing many people in this thread are stating their opinions on the "alleged" transfer target rather than directly criticising BR although.

  72. He certainly sounds useful then DerBaumMann, I'll have a look at him.

    Does your mate want a job as a scout? Think we could do with some scouts at Liverpool going by redfor life's list of flops :-)

  73. Franco Di Santo on twitter

    He tweeted: “I'm a Wigan player and I have contract untill June .. We are in negotiations and I don't have idea about what the news paper said .. :D”

    End of the discussion. Now all the moaners can find another player to moan about once another rumour is released by the media.

  74. Sure lets call brendan ;)

  75. CN You are a typica lLiverpool fan you only think of the 80s well they are history. This is now and since 91 the teams been a joke full of shit players. The so called King kenny as fucked this club twice. First he let is side get to old then quit , then he come back bought a load of shit players spending millions on fees and wages. This poor Rogers fella will not see out his contract because of the shit he had left to him by king kenny ......................................................................

  76. what about this lot

    Istvan Kozma
    Paul Stewart
    julian dicks
    thorben picnick
    Mark Walters
    glen hysen

    This bad buying policy go,s back 20 years we must have the worst scouting system in world football.

  77. someone whos taking sense when we had Rafa look where we was one of the most feared teams in Europe had some of the best players in world football Alonso Torres Gerrard Masharano, Arbeloa. Now look we have Henderson Lucas Allen Borrini Shelvy, Downing. The club as lost great players replaced them with shit. Liverpool F.C No ambition no hope a mid table team for the next 10 years ..................

  78. Renia ok

    Johnson not bad

    Enrque poor

    Srktl ok

    Agger not bad

    Lucas Shit

    Gerrard Finished

    Allen shit

    Striling to good for Liverpool

    Suarez good but is a dirty cheating racist bell end

    SuSo shite

    mid table side at its best

  79. pique

  80. Lets not overreact.

    We got linked to Ashley Williams, Micheal Dawson, Shane Long, Darren Bent and other dross we were never interested in. Its happens...

  81. Suarez not world class?! Absolute nonsense. Look at his international record for Uruguay and compare it to teammate Cavani who everyone loves. Whos wearing the number 9 shirt of the 2 and is seen as the most iconic player in Uruguay? El Pistolero. Not world class..LOL

  82. darren bent scores goals full stop

  83. He is definatly worth a punt! consider where he has had to play and what work he has had to do to bring others into the game! Didi got this one spot on and for £1-2m it is definatly worth a punt! he's an argentine international!!! don't look at his record when he was at chelsea! he was a kid and don't look at his wigan record! he never gets regular service!!! he makes things happen and he seems like he'd swet blood for the team! to few are doing that atm!!!!

  84. Think you've misunderstood my post fella. My point about the 80's was that most people bleating on here about how 'shameful' we have performed now and how far we've fallen for Liverpool football club is comparing it to a period they probably weren't even around in. Therefore im trying to acknowledge that times have changed and modern fans shouldn't be comparing now to then. Yet they are using this to beat Rodgers with. The fact is he hasn't turned us into a mid table club, he inherited one. People should look at the last three seasons results. There's only two ways back to the top - one is spending hundreds of millions on new players like Chelsea's and city, which requires a sugar daddy we all hate. Or with no real money build slowly, buying young talented players and giving everyone a chance to develop. That's the route we have had to take but requires time and patience. That obvious however frustrating. Everyone saying sack Rodgers for a 'shake up' - that's exactly what has got us here and what we're trying to do now! Fans are that impatient now that they want a 4th manager sacked in 3 yrs, a manager that actually has a plan and style of play and philosophy. A manager whose signed only 3 players - 2 of which have hardly played for various reasons. Lets just see what happens after another couple of signings and the rest of the season then reevaluate

  85. Bang on, good post CN

  86. We need experienced quality players and not championship players like Borini, Allen, etc and feel our club should be going for the likes of David Villa to go with the youth we have and we really do need ball winner in there. Apart from our cb and Enrique I can't see where a tackles coming from and can't believe we missed out on Diame that guys a beast in most games ive seen him and makes me lol when I see Allen challenge a ball, he needs some gym work as there's no natural strength coming from him.