21 Dec 2012

Big loss? €8m wing-star admits he 'could've signed for LFC' on deadline day...

On the last day of the summer transfer window, Liverpool missed out deals for Clint Dempsey and Daniel Sturridge, which left the Reds with only two recognised forwards in the squad. Liverpool fans were massively disappointed with the Dempsey fiasco, but it now transpires that the club missed out on a third attacking player on transfer deadline day.

In an interview yesterday, FC Twente striker Dušan Tadić claimed that he rejected a move to Liverpool on August 31. He said:

"On the last day of the transfer market I could've signed for Roma or Liverpool.

"They're both brilliant clubs, but it was not the right time. Only a transfer earlier in the summer would've given me time to really get used to a new environment"

Tadić - who used to play for Luis Suarez's old club FC Groningen - signed for Twente in an €8m deal last summer, and since then, he's grabbed 11 goals and 1 assist in 31 games, which is a creditable record for an attacking midfielder.

As far as I can tell, Liverpool have never been credibly linked with the Serbian international, and if the deal had gone through, it would've been completely out of left field, just like the Oussama Assaidi transfer.

Liverpool were, however, interested in signing Tadić's former Groningen team-mate, David Texeira, who admitted in January that it was 'too early' for him to consider a move to a big club.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Amazing where all these stories come from. he was probably dreaming.

  2. Already done this one, you on the sauce tonight mate? Lol

  3. The other one got deleted accidentally, so I had to repost.

  4. Who do you believe, the press or the players/agents who would be actually involved? Seems like Liverpool are capable of investigating players without us knowing about it, which is frankly a refreshing change from the way things normally are.

  5. Pleased to read - not so much the player (although he would have done no bad this autumn), but the possible fact, that transfers seems to be done in the LIVERPOOL WAY from now on.

    This both keeps prices down, keeps Tottenham away - and gives and opportunity to build a distinct LFC spirit and way to play.

  6. Another worthless story comes out from under a rock regarding Liverpools tranfer goings on

  7. Jaimie K 100% behind Rodgers & FSG. Are you not a true fan if you dont support Rodgers and bang the drum? I am a realist and never supported Hodgson, Dalglish or Rodgers.

  8. Well you must really must get a lot out of supporting Liverpool.