22 Nov 2012

'He can leave' - LFC chase exciting €12m star scouted by KD. Needed...?

After months of indifferent performances, Jose Enrique has returned to form over the last two games, and he capped his man of the match performance against Wigan at the weekend with his first ever Premier League goal for Liverpool. Brendan Rodgers' decision to play Glen Johnson and Enrique on the left really paid dividends, but despite the Spaniard's resurgence, it seems that Rodgers still plans to strengthen the club's left-sided options.

According to reports in Italy this week, Liverpool are lining up a January move for Udinese midfielder Pablo Armero, who is also linked with Italian giants Juventus.

In April 2011, ex-Reds boss Kenny Dalglish 'ordered scouting reports' on the Colombian international, and he must've liked what he heard because in March 2012, the Reds held talks with Armero's representatives over the possibility of a move.

Dalglish's exit from Anfield scuppered any chance of a deal at that time, but in August 2012, Udinese President Franco Soldati publicly confirmed that Armero is definitely still available. He told Radio CRC:

“We have already sold a number of important players, but others will arrive. Is anyone else on the list? Armero is the only player on the market.

“If Armero wants to leave, then he can leave. If anyone were to call us up, the situation would be resolved in a matter of minutes"

£10m (€12m)-rated Armero can play at left-back or on the left side of midfield, and with Dalglish flop Stewart Downing almost certainly on his way out of the club, a move for another left-sided player would seem to make sense.

Having said that, if Armero comes in, where does that leave Dani Pacheco? The arrival of another left-sided player would surely be a massive vote of no confidence in the Spaniard?

Armero is an exciting prospect: he's fast, technically accomplished and attack-minded, but if he actually signs for Liverpool, let's hope he's more composed in the attacking third of the field than he is here: :-)

Udinese vs Braga - CL - August 2012

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Everyone needs to read lfckopchat.wordpress.com

  2. I think this potential purchase is more a case of Downing's impending depature as opposed to Enrique's position being under threat!

  3. BR (the Office) 'can leave' :)

  4. RAFASdaysWEREtheGLORYdays11:15 pm, November 22, 2012

    I can count on 2 hands in all rafas 6 years at LFC the amount of times he lost a lead.Its a bloody joke whats happening first Hodgson then the king then Rodgers not one of these clowns are tactically astute enough to hang onto a lead.Its the sign of a great manager when he never loses a lead as he organises the team with precision and understanding.Weve lost Rafa now,since Rafa gone LFCs 3 managers must have signed 30 players and everyone relied on Reina Skertle Agger Lucas Gerrard all what was left by Rafa,the half a billion thats been spent on contracts and transfer fees since Rafa deprature is criminal.Nothing put back into the club with any success like there was in Rafas time when he created all the wealth with his incredible success.Just seeing Rafa interviewed tonight sent a shiver down my spine a tingle of excitement,then hearing Rodgers going through the motions in his interview.Rafa is back and he is far too good for LFC now.The yanks are going down the cost cutting route of buying 3 rd rate players with supposed promise on cheap contracts just like wigan do hoping theyll make it big then sell them on for a profit.R.I.P. LFC it was great while it lasted but everything dies eventually and were dead.

  5. said before the game rodgers was playing with fire [check previous kop news post]with his starting line up well he got his fingers burnt strongest side starts rest players when the game is won simple really not tacktickle genius

  6. whilst i agree with nearly everything you say just a few things 1,managers and owners will come and go 2,lfc will never die we may not see a return to the glory days but whilst there is a club we will always walk on

  7. rip gary ablett red or blue sure you will be in a great eleven up in heaven ynwa

  8. steve can leave.