4 Nov 2012

'He's magnificent!' - LFC plan £2m bid for 'exceptional' 'Boro star. Needed?

Despite the rise of Brad Jones and the recent return of Doni, Liverpool continue to search for another Goalkeeper to challenge Pepe Reina, whose form over the last 18 months has gradually become worse, culminating in Brendan Rodgers snubbing him for last weekend's Merseyside Derby. Jack Butland is one keeper being watched by the Reds, but recent reports suggest that Middlesbrough 'keeper Jason Steele is Rodgers' preferred choice.

According to The People, Liverpool are planning a £2million bid for for 22 year old goalkeeper, who came through 'Boro's highly valued youth academy.

Since breaking into Middlesbrough's first team in 2012, Steele has made an impressive 81 appearances for the club, and ironically, it was the departure of Brad Jones that created the opportunity for him to make his mark in the first team.

The irony would continue if Steele came to Anfield, as he would almost certainly move ahead of Jones in the pecking order at some point.

Steele's current contract runs out in 2015, and he would arguably be a better option than Butland, who has made only 37 senior appearances during his short career.

Last season, Steele kept 10 clean sheets in 32 games, and this season, he has 5 clean sheets in 16 games so far.

'Boro boss Tony Mowbray is keen to hold onto Steel, and in an interview last week, he was full of praise for the youngster. He told Gazette Live:

"Jason’s form has been magnificent all season. In my time here I’ve heard the murmurings but you’ve got to give young goalkeepers opportunities to play.

"I think he’s doing exceptionally well. He’s a big, big talent and his personality’s great for the job and he’s going to be very important for us"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. haha feck off! 2M? he's pure class! No way is he leaving and 2M is an insult.

  2. Its not to say Rodgers snubbed Reina, Rina was not fit

  3. Trevor Senior is back11:17 pm, November 04, 2012

    2million...jokin aren't yeh! 8-10million for TM to think about it

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  5. Reina was on the bench. If he's on the bench, then he's fit enough to play.

  6. So why was Reina not on the bench yesterday? Has he been usurped by Gulasci as number 2? I think not. So when Reina starts the next match and jumps two keepers in the queue who supposedly did nothing wrong, what will you say then?

  7. it seems strange think pepe will be leaving soon

  8. Steele is No. 1 keeper & nailed on choice every match for Mogga.
    Why would he wanna go to Liverpools bench as 3rd choice.
    This story is a spoof.
    This is not the first time they have unsettled & stole Boro players.
    Message to Liverpool - 2nd word is off

  9. From No. 1 at Boro to No. 3 at L `pool & bench-warming?
    Don`t think so!

    Remember Ross Turnbull? No? Look up Chelsea 3rd choice keeper.
    Was about to be Boro No1 then faded away to a Who?

    Not the 1st time L`pool have assumed they can cherry-pick Boro players!

  10. P.S. £2 mill ?
    Wakey waaaaaakey.

    Its Bonfire night not April Fools Day.

    Cummon Boro

  11. All i can say to Brendan Rodgers is direct football results in goals, non direct footbal does not, how many passes did tiki taka Joe Allen misplace yesterday, how many crosses were put into the box, very few at all.
    The attack needs a focal point who Suarez can play off desperately.
    This the worst start to a season in 20 years, Newcastle havent won at Anfield since 1994. Rodgers is full of his own self inflated ego, the man has achieved nothing in the game and I am not fooled by his superlatives after it how well they played, Its a 2 man team Suarez and Sterling, Stevie G is past his sell by date.
    Take them 2 out of the team and your in the bottom 3.

  12. It's entirely possible that Reina's injury relapsed. Or, he had a spat with Rodgers and was dumped. Either way,it's irrelevant: if you're on the bench, you're fit to play. End of story.

  13. Reina should be playing. Rodgers should know that he has a world class keeper in his squad and that confidence is the key for keepers. Reina's confidence will not be regained whilst Jones is between the sticks.

    This weekend would have been the perfect time to put Reina back in - i.e. against a team that rarely picks up points at Anfield and following Jones' limp wristed attempt at a punch which led to the Osman's goal last weekend.

    If I'm Reina, I'd feel more assured with Reina behind me. End of.

    Not happy with Rodgers right now - he's got Suarez and Sterling to thank for avoiding a disaster already and neither were anything to do with him. Borini is average and Allen has done nothing or real note (and will not score any more goals that I will for Liverpool!). Lucas will bw his savior but was also already there.

    I'd be upset If I was Dalglish - he'd be a better mentor to Sterling.

  14. I meant to write "If I'm Agger, I'd feel more assured with Reina behind me."

    Another issue riles me - Suarez is 1 booking from suspension. Why is Rodgers not giving a few minutes to another striker in league games? Is he waiting for all the pressure to be on the shoulders of another youngster?

  15. I am still under the impression that pro players should focus on their game and not on their life stories,speially when they are being paid a wage every week to play football.

  16. lol beaten to number 2 by gulasci classic

  17. we can't score enough goals to even win a game with suarez playing so how do you expect a youngster to cope with that pressure don't really have much choice but to continue playing him to be fair

  18. well reina was poor since last year and was taking his place for granted along with making many patheic mistakesd looked at times like he wasn't even trying atleast jones looks like he values that spot and this is exactly what reina needs to be shown that hes not invincible maybe when he eventualy returns he may try for a change

  19. I would prefer this young man: