22 Oct 2012

VIDEO: Suso's excellent performance against Reading...

Raheem Sterling deservedly got all the headlines for his winning goal against Reading at Anfield last Saturday, but fellow Academy graduate also Suso put in yet another accomplished performance.

After the game, Liverpool legends Gary Gillespie and David Fairclough raved about the youngster's performance, and with a new contract now under his belt, Reds fans will hopefully get to enjoy watching Suso for years to come.

Here is a video compilation of Suso's performance against Reading:

Suso described the signing of his new deal as 'one of the best days of my life', and made it clear he is here to stay. He told LFC TV:

"I am really happy. Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the world and this is the right place for me.

"I am happy Brendan has shown trust in me. I had no questions about signing a new deal and I am really glad to have done so.

"I am comfortable here. I have played some games for the first team and I hope to continue doing that, but I need to work hard every day for that to happen"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The talent is there to see but don't think he is ready to be starting more regularly a la Sterling-first XI, as he fades in and out of games a lot as seen in the second half. Which is no surprise as he is a young lad, which is par for the course. Over time, that will improve. I think that is one of the reasons why Sterling has been a big hit, he has that natural level in-game maturity to not drift out of games. To be fair, it can happen to even mature playmakers/attacking midfielders of Suso's type in PL, as seen with David Silva for large part of last season, so might not necessarily be a age/development thing with Suso. With Assaidi still settling in & relatively unknown quantity in relation to PL, Borini injured and Downing..well erm being Downing, Suso is going to get plenty of chances to play. I just hope he is allowed to do develop without the pressure of too much hype but the support having patience when he has his quiet spells. Definitely a talent to be hopeful about, Suso, Love the balance and poise he has on the ball, something not often seen at LFC in the past decade.

  2. His awareness is ridiculously good, as his his range of passing.

  3. The pass he plays at 1:20 is superb. Has the potential to be a top classes player for us over the next few years. He is already out performing some of our more experienced players.

  4. Suso's level of performances dropped as he was shifted out wide for the reserves last year, and I likewise don't envision him showing his best form for the first team in that position either.

    Rodger's seems to have a lot of faith in another youngster (Shelvey) in Suso's best position though, so he will need to hope that he can fight to take up Sahin's place in the CM pecking order next year, once new goalscorers have been brought in to adequately fill out our front three.

  5. tbf Suso is playing out of position on the right hand side.
    Playing through the middle for Spain he looked to be the main man consistently throughout games.

  6. For the reserves though, he has been playing a lot on the wing in the last year or so. So I can see why the manager has continued that route. Disappeared too much against Young Boys playing through the middle (Shelvey showed much more presence, in a different way), probably his worse performance in that regard for the seniors but to be fair, very very very early days. Personally, I don't think he is ready for a middle role, nowhere near ready for the senior level for that position, even a advanced once. With the benefit of the powerful presence Vieira, Cesc was more imposing at that age (even earlier!) with his tactical awareness and passing. Bit too busy for Suso that area for now, I repeat for now. I back the choice to play him on the right, instead of the centre, for now anyway. Just got to look to Silva (when on form that is) as to how he can be effective from cutting inside from wide positions. It will take time for him to develop a consistency, regardless of whatever position he plays. When Johnson makes the switch back to the right back role, hopefully that will make life easier for Suso in terms of getting involved in the game as Johnson is one of our go-to players in the build up phase as well as holding width.