8 Oct 2012

'They were fantastic!' - Robbie Fowler reveals the toughest players he's ever faced...

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler is widely recognised as one of English football's greatest ever goalscorers, but even the game's best finishers find it hard to score sometimes, and in a recent interview, Fowler revealed the two toughest defenders he faced during his career.

Speaking to the BBC, Fowler insisted that he was 'never fazed by any defender', but conceded that some defenders were consistently hard to play against. He observed:

"There's games where I never played well and defenders had me in their pockets, but the pairing of Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister was fantastic.

"They were probably the toughest, and were hard to play against, as were Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Steve Bould".

When it comes to having a solid, dependable foundation at the back, it doesn't get much better than the Bruce/Pallister partnership, and even as a Liverpool fan, I have to admit they were a superb defensive unit.

The famous Arsenal back-line of Adams, Bould, Dixon and Winterburn takes some beating though, and I personally prefer the Bould/Adams partnership to Bruce/Pallister.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Zaada pata nahi unke baare main.

  2. Maldini and Nesta :)

  3. Slight bias I am thinking, in these results... lol

  4. My Evertonian mates say Ratcliffe and Watson, 1987 title winning side.
    I think all polls are biased to the team you support.
    However the best back 4 in my time was the all English back four of Arsenal, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams and Keown/Bould depending on who played, took no prisoners and conceded very little.
    Liverpool back four of Neal, Smith, Thomson, Hughes, all English, not sure if they played all together for long, as Hansen and Lawro joined later

  5. hansen and larwro different class

  6. some one needs to dress Lawro, scuffy jeans and shirt and 80's haircut with 3 days stubble, whilst Jason Roberts looked very smart in his black trousers and white shirt. Hansen wears the same shirt every week.
    The BBC should have a dress code like before, cant take serious a scruff analysing a match. Sky reporters and analysts are always smartly dressed.