8 Oct 2012

DiMarzio confirms: LFC 'sent scouts' to watch €2m Serie A wonder-goal star...

Mistakes by Liverpool's senior players have cost the club valuable points in the league this season, and Martin Skrtel is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to costly lapses of concentration. The Slovakian may have signed a new deal recently, but the club is still looking to sign another central defender, which may indicate that Brendan Rodgers does not have complete trust in the Slovakian.

The latest defender linked with a move to Anfield is Genoa star Andreas Granqvist, who has been linked with a move to Liverpool in the past.

According to Italian journalist Gianluca DiMarzio, who works for Sky Sports News:

"Liverpool sent scouts to the match between Genoa and Palermo to watch Genoa defender Andreas Granqvist"

Granqvist has played in the Premier League before. In January 2007, he joined Wigan Athletic, where he made 14 appearances for the club. After a year at the JJB stadium, the Swede move to FC Groningen - Luis Suarez's old club - before moving to Genoa €2m in 2011.

The 27-year old endured a tough time at Wigan:

* 21 goals conceded in the 14 games he played
* 9 of the 14 games he started ended in defeat.

Granqvist - who has made 24 appearances for the Sweden national team - hs a knack for scoring goals, and at Groningen, he grabbed 21 goals in 96 appearances (a great return for a defender), including this amazing solo goal against Utrecht in September 2008:

If Liverpool are interested then a deal could probably be struck pretty cheaply but it would surely only be as extra defensive cover; there's surely no way this guy would actually replace Skrtel in the team...?

AC Milan director Ariedo Braida recently confirmed that the his club are also interested in signing Granqvist. He told a Swedish newspaper:

"It is true, I have followed him on several occasions. He is an excellent player, he looks to be a great guy and he has great qualities"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. What is the need, we have coates and other youngster what about them. We need striker who scores we can vary wisely use coates in stead of skirtel if desires

  2. What a goal!
    To be honest I feel there is more need to get cover for Agger. Skrtle showed last season that he is a great defender and all our defenders are just taking more time to settle in to this system. Plus own goal aside Coates has been quite impressive recently. When Agger is injured we dont really have a natural left sided central defender as Carra was always more comfortable on the right.

  3. We have other things we need...
    Time by time i think this new systhem doesnt fit us, i mean if we would have the passion to play it, but gerrard with this crosses ....
    Were not playing tiki taka, its just long taka, or tiki long ball... ;)
    COuld anybody explain me why we crossed all the time 2 suarez against stoke, but let big andy go, because he doesnt fit? i bet any would have get at least one of the high crosses suarez didnt get... I dont get our tactics to be honest, its not just the individual players...
    We had a few nice Games (ManCity and Norwich for examlpe) but im not happy at the moment, not because of the results, its because we have no idea what were doing on the pitch...
    We have some nice defenders and i think we wont need another centre back.. Coates does pretty good to and deserves his substitute place. and PLEASE rodgers Stop those senseless crosses from the defence - Particularly Skrtel, why does Brendan tell him to do this, is were playing short passes ? What about Suarez diving all the time? You cant say hes a fair sportsman, i really love him, his abilities but the last game he was to froward and his dives are poor, and its a shame hes doeing that, a shame for liverpool, its not even good for him tho, because he wont ever get a penalty in the PL (Whole LFC team wont get one in this year i think) ...

  4. even at a couple of million still be a waste of money when we have coates and carra money we dont have be best invested on a striker

  5. Caotes and Carra played last 2 Europa games. We conceded 3 goals in each. One we could manage to win as we scored 5. But you don't always score that many goals against a decent team.
    Liverpool needs depth in defence department. Carra is a legend but unfortunately now he is just a passenger. Team can't rely on him.

  6. It says a lot about our defence if Rodgers is urging a well-past-it Carra to continue playing!

  7. agree with you mate buts what the point of wasting 2 million on another passenger specially has the yanks seem to be very sparse with there money