18 Oct 2012

'We will have to discuss it' - €18m LFC striker target responds to transfer rumours...

In August, Marseille Chairman Vincent Labrune confirmed that the French club's 'objective' this season is to sell players, and he specifically named long-time Liverpool target Andre Ayew as one of the players on the 'must sell' list. Two months later, Ayew has only just learned of Labrune's comments (!), and despite insisting that he's happy at Marseille, he concedes that discussions could take place about a possible transfer away.

In an interview in August, Labrune confirmed Marseille's financial difficulties, and specifically stated that certain players would be allowed to leave. He told France Football:

"Our objective is very clear: we must sell players. We are trying to reduce the wage bill and our priority since May has been to get money to make up for missing out on Champions League. We have three players we have agreed to let leave - Cesar Azpilicueta, Stephane Mbia and eitherLoic Remy or Andre Ayew"

Ayew has been linked with a move to Anfield on several occasions over the last year, and when informed of Labrune's comments yesterday, and the resulting transfer rumours, the 22 year old striker said:

"I was not aware of Labrune's words. If the club has decisions to make and want to sell, we will have to get together and discuss the matter.

"However, I am happy here, and completely focused on doing well with Marseille."

It's clear from Labrune's statement that Ayew is expendable, so even if he is happy at the club, he may have no choice but to leave if Marseille want to cash-in.

Liverpool need new strikers, and perhaps the club could tempt Marseille to sell in January? As always, the stumbling block could be the transfer fee: Ayew recently signed a one year contract extension until 2015 with a release clause of €18 million.

There's no way the Ghanaian would go for anywhere near that amount IMO. Indeed, if Arsenal only paid 12m for an experienced, established player like Olivier Giroud, Ayew would surely be available for much less than that, especially given his less than prolific goal-record:

* 33 goals/10 assists in 103 games for Marseille.
* Career total: 40 goals/16 assists in 168 games.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. It would be better if we got an actual steady goal scorer!

  2. To be fair, Giroud had a low transfer fee clause which Arsenal met, so I wouldn't use that as a reliable measure.

    Ayew is more of a wide player than a striker. Decent player but never really been a fan of his as he can be inconsistent.

  3. we have one good striker in suarez 90% of lfc fans love him you jaimie are in the 10% yoy come up with different crap players daily and slag our decent players of constantly when are you going to write something possative you are like a spoiled bat who needs a good hiding stop picking on the same players you are a verbal bully and you make me sick and iam not bothered if you bar me i will be back to fight against your verbal diarrioa

  4. f4ck sake your a joke kenwar hiding behind your moderators

  5. Unproven talent once again being linked.

  6. if it wasent unproven talent it would be nobody

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  8. 1 goal in 3 in france usually means 1 goal in 5 in the premier league, we need someone a little more prolific and we wont see him for a month when the african nations is on...
    rather see adam morgan given a proper run in d team..

  9. jason carr or andre ayew ???

  10. this guy looks like he would have a lot of pace. That alone is something that Liverpool could certainly use more of in the forward line. While a lot of people are loyal to the Liverpool academy products and would like them to see more playing time, i believe that this season is just too important for us to depend on the likes of Morgan, and Yesil and even Borini. These players are for the most part still under the "developing player" category a category that we have enough players in. We need somebody who is the finished article. Someone who can come in the door and make an immediate impact. Ayew would be more physical than Carroll ever could be and i bet he would hold up the ball better. I would sign off on him if i were the coach. That is after i do intensive research ofcourse and not base my decision just on a youtube video.

    I like his physicality and pace a lot. Those two qualities is what i look for in a striker. If Carroll possessed them in spades I would want him to lead the line for Liverpool too.

  11. yeah we need some proven stikers like david villa or huntellaar...

  12. Would prefer loic remy as long as we're shopping marseille

  13. Not sure whether he is what we need most. His father was a damn good footballer, though. As for Rémy, well, Cisse had a better scoring record in France.

  14. looks more like an in the hole architect who tracks back a lot a la suarez so not needed

  15. Hate to be a pain but Andre Ayew is in fact a winger. His brother Jordan is a striker :)