3 Oct 2012

LFC Injury update: BR reveals possible bad news on Agger, plus latest on Enrique

Ahead of Liverpool's Europa League clash with Udinese tomorrow, manager Brendan Rodgers has provided an injury update on Lucas Leiva, Jose Enrique and Daniel Agger.

At the pre-match Press conference today, Rodgers said:

"We're fine. Lucas Leiva and the long-termers are still working well.

"Jose Enrique is back in training, but apart from that everyone is good"

Daniel Agger is suffering fro a knee injury, and Rodgers confirmed that he is currently playing through the pain barrier, adding:

"Daniel didn't train all last week, he's got a bit of pain but he's recovering well now. When I came to the club, I looked closely at his injury record. It's just a management process with him.

He's a good guy; a real warrior, and he just needs managing. He'll be available for the next couple of games"

Rodgers made a specific point of saying that Agger will be available for the next 'couple' of games, which to me suggests that there is a possibility that the Dane may need some further time to recuperate after the injury he sustained against Manchester United recently. Indeed, Agger confirmed yesterday the extent of his latest injury:

"I've got a small fracture in the bone but it's only a minor thing. It's not a problem. I only started training again last Friday but I was fine for the Norwich game"

A fracture is a fracture, and Agger will definitely need to rest to allow it to heal properly, which almost certainly means a period on the sidelines. Luckily for Liverpool, the international break is coming up soon, so the Dane's (possible) absence will not impact Liverpool.

Still, if he has a fracture, perhaps it's better if Agger stops playing now and starts the healing process now...? Playing with a fracture could exacerbate the injury, and that would no no good for anyone.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I hope that Agger's injury problems with his back, muscle or tendons will have stopped now because he really is a contender for succeeding Gerrard for the captaincy. He has fight, determination, an imposing presence on the pitch and isn't afraid to say what he thinks. I think he encapsulates everything Liverpool should be and hopefully he'll get a new deal in the next 12 months

  2. Lets see the next couple of games is all we have, could it be that is what he is referring to!

  3. As long they put up a good performance it didn't matter

  4. Maybe rest him for the Stoke game and play Coates. We'll need Coates aerial ability on Sunday anyway.

  5. Jamie's a window licker.com10:40 pm, October 03, 2012

    Glad to see agger playing so much, guy is such a class player

  6. I personally dont think you know what "class"is.What kind of name is Jamies a window blah blah blah.