6 Oct 2012

'It was hard to leave' - £4m ex-Red explains why he had to leave Liverpool FC...

This weekend, Charlie Adam returns to Liverpool for the first time since his summer move to Stoke City, and alongside other ex-Reds Peter Crouch and Michael Owen, he'll be trying his best to make sure that Tony Pulis' team leave Anfield with all three points. In my view, Adam was the best of Kenny Dalglish's summer 2011 signings, and although he could've stayed as a squad player, he chose to leave in pursuit of first team football.

In an interview today, Adam admitted that he could've just sat on the Liverpool bench and collected his salary, but making the odd appearance in the Europa League didn't appeal to him, so he decided to leave. He explained:

"I could have sat there for the next two or three years and come off the bench if I was lucky...but I don’t want people saying I just sat doing nothing. I've got more respect for myself than that".

This is a great attitude to have, and it's nice to see that Adam decided to be positive about leaving, even though he admits that it was 'hard to leave Liverpool'.

It was clear from Brendan Rodgers' first couple of Europa League team selections that the Scotsman didn't feature in his plans, and at the time, Adam approached Rodgers about his future. He remembers:

"I went to see the manager after being on the bench for the first couple of Europa League qualifiers. He said he saw me as a squad player. He said I could look for a club and I did that. I respect the decision he made"

Adam grabbed 2 goals and 7 assists in 37 games at Liverpool, but it's obvious why Rodgers didn't see him as a first-teamer:

* Overall passing accuracy: 79.5%
* Passing accuracy in opposition half: 62%
* Crossing accuracy: 16%
* Shooting accuracy: 35%

For a player with a reputation for being an excellent passer of the ball, Adam's passing accuracy in the opposition half was pretty dire, and was only 5% better than Andy Carroll, who had the worst passing accuracy in the whole squad.

Adam has made four appearances for Stoke so far this season, and he's been subbed off in three of them, and he's yet to score or create a goal for his new club.

Let's hope this barren streak continues on Sunday!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Read his interview, spoke well about LFC. He is a true supporter of Liverpool but unfortunately he wasn't up to the level. He could feel proud of pulling the LFC jersey for one season at least. He is at the right club at the moment, he will do ok.

  2. barren run or not,i hope he doesn't injure any of our player...
    hoping for a win tommorow,with a clean sheet..YNWA

  3. Our ex-shit players when theyre coming to stoke has become goof

  4. a player who trys to make match winning passes is not going to have the same pass satistics as a player who dosent to much empathsis on stats

  5. I don't know where this idea that Allen only plays backwards and sidewards comes from but it's really plain stupid. First of all he DOES NOT only do that, all you need to do is actually watch a Liverpool match to see that. He's playing DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER, the same position as when Lucas was fit, as when Mascherano was here. What do you expect him to do? Play like a playmaker? His job for the moment is to stop the attacks and then build up ones cleanly by not losing the ball straight away.

    Just don't understand how some people think smh...

  6. Can't actually believe that CHA, JH,SD and JS were keeping Suso and Sterling out of the team. If KD didn't persist on playing this crap and giving the kids a chance maybe he would've still b in the job. Adam was worst than average and the quicker S Downing, J Henderson and J Cole follow him out of Liverpool the better.

  7. Another one of Kenny's signings who was all but mediocre last season. like all the other Kenny signings Charlie had a long time to impress he had a whole season so it should be no surprise that he was permitted to move on. He was a different player for Blackpool. Liverpool is a team that is still trying to find it's identity and part of that process involved Rodgers shaking things up a bit. To find the winning formula a lot of change had to come to Anfield unfortunately.

  8. Incorrect. He missed the last 9 matches. Actually, funnily enough, coinciding with our worst run: L6, D1, W3. Allied to the fact he was playing alongside Spearing,Henderson and Downing; I think your assessment is typically myopic.