4 Sept 2012

Oosterveer confirms: Dutch star 'wants LFC move' in January. Good enough...?

The Agent of Wolves goalkeeper Dorus De Vries has confirmed that the 'Keeper was very close to a move to Anfield on deadline day, and he's indicated that a possible move could be resurrected in the January transfer window.

Liverpool have been linked with a move for De Vries several times over the last couple of months, and n an interview yesterday, Arnold Oosterveer - DeVries' Agent - revealed that Liverpool were interested in signing the Dutchman 'until the very last minute', adding:

"Dorus is still wants a move to Liverpool.

"After last season, he wants to try something else, and he will probably leave Wolves in January"

It's a shame that the deal didn't go through as Liverpool desperately need quality competition for the increasingly error-prone Pepe Reina.

Rodgers knows De Vries well - during the 2010-11 season at Swansea City, the Dutch 'keeper was everpresent in the Swansea first XI, and helped the team secure promotion to the Premier League.

Given their history together, it seems likely that De Vries would've been a legitimate challenge to Reina, rather than a perennial bench-warmer like Brad Jones and Doni.

Reina really needs the competition right now, and it would be great if Rodgers could give him a much-needed wake up call and just drop him for poor form. Alas, that's not really possible at the moment, and Liverpool Legend John Aldridge has urged Reina to work harder on the training pitch to improve. He argued:

"Pepe remains a fantastic keeper but for whatever reason he’s making some basic errors which are costing us. Getting his form back has to start on the training pitch. He needs to get himself in tiptop condition both mentally and physically. It’s vital that Pepe gets his confidence back because we need him big time".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. A look at his career statistics suggests that he wouldn't have been more than a back-up keeper.

  2. Where is Doni does anybody know ? Reina has been over the last few seasons a) average 2 seasons ago b) extremely poor last season directly costing 16 points and has started this season as last. Sell him in January I am not certain the dutchman is the answer, but the position does need freshening up.

  3. Yes, his career at Wolves has been a non-starter due to injury etc, but he was pretty much ever-present at Swansea for for 4 years, playing almost 180 games.

  4. FSG deserves no support10:57 am, September 04, 2012

    Why dont we sell Reina to Psg for 20m and buy either Ter Stegen(15m) or Muslera (10m).

    Oh and i want to join the revolt against the owners, where do i sign.

  5. Are you for real? He is so good that he has plied his trade at one of the lesser lights of the Dutch Eredivisie, not so mighty Dunfermline in the SPL, Swansea in League One and the Championship and, hold your breath, the vast experience of one match in the PL with Wolves. Soooo good that he even got a whopping zero caps for the Netherlands (Sander Westerveld had six!).

  6. He was ever-present at Swansea in the lower leagues. The man is 30+ and no-one has seen that he is Premiership quality? Come on, Jamie.

  7. FSG are not all bad but they approach things the wrong way - if they were more upfront rather than raising expectations the fans would better understand e g if they said - we spent £320 million saving Liverpool and in truth we must now wait to generate more cash - and therefore there will be no ground improvements - over next 2 years get team right and then and only then consider the ground - BE HONEST AND WE WILL UNDERSTAND

  8. And even Wolves fans reckon he's a bit shit.

  9. I think Rodgers will want Vorm from Swansea.

  10. Lol, just a few days AFTER the transfer window we are discussing the signing of a Goalkeeper......

    Jesus Christ, you really couldn't sript this stuff....

    But then again....

  11. Americans and honesty are two words that dont go together.
    Dallas is back on our tv tomorrow night, though fiction it epitomises the American businessmen to a tee. (certainly Hicks thought he was JR).

  12. FSG deserves no support11:22 am, September 04, 2012

    I dont care about the ground, the thing is that we dont need 100m that Mancity spends every year, what we need is half of that and we wont need to spend for a few years.
    I checked the players we need:

    1.STR: Doumbia(20m)/Yilmaz(5m)/ Remy(12m).Note: A lot of the money can be recouped by carroll sale in the next summer.(18m)

    2.WIN: Walcott(5m)/ Musa(12m)/Nani(15m), Ben Arfa(20m).

    3.CAM: Dzagoev(15m)/Honda(12m)/ Selling cole will free up wages.

    4.GK: Muslera(10m)/ Ter Stegen (15m). Selling Reina will raise profits in this position.

    If you consider Doumbia, Dzagoev, Walcott and Muslera they will cost 50m and 38m can be recuoped by Carroll and Reina sale. We are so damned clse to a decent team for title why cant the owners spend a little bit.

  13. 100 per cent behind rodgers what about fsg ...we were interested till the last minute what happened did fsg refuse to up there offer of 10 ciggies and a bag of crisps also what about the planning application for a big tent to get put on stanley park are fsg finally admiting that they have brung the circus to town

  14. true we should be talking about strikers in January.

  15. Yeah I said it countless times and I will keep saying it:

    Reina and Gerrard are both past their best, end of.

    No matter how good they were in the past, they clearly do not have it anymore and should be replaced asap. We should not be judging players on what they did for us BEFORE but what they are doing for us NOW! For the past few seasons these 2 have been costing us countless points. We lost the 3 points against city last week because of reina piss poor attempt at covering for skrtel loose pass. He was also responsible for the first goal by allowing the cross to pass through his fingers who then landed on kelly who was not expecting the ball to come his way.
    We lost against arsenal by two goals to nil thanks to reina(and gerrard) again. The first goal if you analyse correctly was from a very tight angle, and any goal keeper correctly watching the angle would not have conceded it. The 2nd goal was again one of his gags where he, in every match purposedly concede a silly goal, which I believe he does for comic relief in an attempt to extract a few laughs from spectators. Unluckily for him its not making us laugh at all especially when we see our beloved team languishing in mediocrity and being humiliated everytime by the opposition in the process.

    Gerrard is no different. He is not captain fantastic anymore, just plain captain! He should be benched just like carragher or used only in carling cups or as cover for injured players and let the new generation like sterling take over...

  16. FSG deserves no support11:31 am, September 04, 2012

    Or talking about strategies og how to save our team from relegation

  17. FSG deserves no support11:34 am, September 04, 2012

    Lets sell him to PSG and get the next Oliver Kahn- Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

    .............................or Muslera he aint too bad either.

    And not vorm, he will cost us a fortune.

  18. FSG deserves no support11:36 am, September 04, 2012

    Nah too expensive, would rather have muslera or ter stegen

  19. Wait until Owen and Del Pierro sign for clubs, the press will be all about Liverpool being snubbed................LOL!!!.......................pathetic!!!

  20. WTF, your crazy. We've played city an arsenal who got top 4 last year. We got one point now easier teams will come along. We only lost because arsenal knew how to keep the ball better.an reina an gerrards mistake. Over time that will cut out. Just bring doni in... Seems better atm.

  21. Lol we won't get reglegated.... We've played two top teams In arsenal am city an got 1 point.... Rodgers hasn't had it easy.. It's best to get bigger teams out the way.

  22. FSG deserves no support11:42 am, September 04, 2012

    I heard some family member of his has died so he has gone to brazil. Cant blame him really.

  23. FSG deserves no support11:47 am, September 04, 2012

    If FSG continue their mercenary attitude we will get relegated.
    And dont forget he said" we will not buy short term players to CEMENT A MIDTABLE FINISH."

    Really? Has anyone not reacted to that?

  24. Breaking news, Emile Heskey has just been seen in the chip shop opposite Melwood.

  25. And what pray tell should do with the underperforming Luis Suarez, because if we want to be consistent and HONEST about it then he should also be replaced......thats if we want to start highlighting who in the team have grossly underperformed over the last season or so....

    I suggest the only fair way to deal with it would be to sell probably half our current squad.....

    But we can't really do that now that the window has closed....maybe we could bench Gerrard Reina Suarez Enrique and Downing, and play the youth....?

    But i suppose that would leave a lot of quality on the bench...so maybe we should just keep playing them all and Brendan Rodgers can bring out the best in them..?

    Afterall, he is the manager, and he does have great credentials, so i have no doubt he will be able to get all these players up to their best form...

  26. FSG deserves no support11:52 am, September 04, 2012

    Yeah well he likes the shop maybe?

  27. FSG deserves no support11:55 am, September 04, 2012

    Are you kidding? Suarez is the only decent player left on Merseyside, unless we are getting Bale/Neymar we shud not sell em

  28. I would love to know how many goals went through Reina last season including so far this season , where he spilled the ball or had some form of contact with it. He's howlers are killing us. He's a shadow of his former self.

  29. jaimie this is the signing fsg are looking at cheap..you thought king kenny had to be replaced now no offence to rodgers but under fsg last seasons highs cup finals will not be repeated lets make the most of europa this year because on fsgs budget it will become a thing that we will be glad to get in .in the comming years and this is not a rant this is what i see happening reinia will want out in january with all the other decent players we have left they will know by then that champions league is no longer a reality we will end up like villa hopefully doing enought to keep up each season fsg as sent out a message of intent and it does not make good reading already ruled out owen so there would be no chance of drogba or anelka ..i asked you 5weeks ago if you was happy with how the transfer window was going and you said its not over till august but we could see then that things were not right and am afraid under fsg things will only get worse you tell us one good thing theve done and before everybody starts banging on about saving the club like the owners do ?at what price they did not do it because there fans they did it to make bucks and belive me they are going to bleed this club dry they knew there was not going to be signings thats why they have not turned ur at anfield this season because they know that the welcome mat as been well and truely pulled and in the coming weeks months years the call for them to leave will become louder and louder ynwa

  30. Probably working there after failing to find a new club.

  31. what annoys me is the likes of washed up players like Michael Owen can go round expecting desperate clubs expecting to get the same sort of pay they got in their prime. Hesky and Reo Coker are two others.
    What happened to the days when if a player got into his mid 30's he finished off in the lower divisions, such as Tranmere Rovers. They earn far too much and are far too pampered these days.
    Owen probably earned about 60 to 70k a week at Man Utd, I am sure he is demanding at least 40k to play somewhere.

  32. If he continues his rich form, well be lucky to get five million .

  33. The two goals we scored in the game your talking about both down to Gerrard , forced corner with terrific ball into box took corner put ball in for Skrtel , shot on goal at other end only for it to be handled direct free kick , but by your reckoning should've been sat on bench , the words head and knob spring to mind

  34. FSG deserves no support12:06 pm, September 04, 2012

    Well at one stage we said we will be lucky to get rid of Carroll for free, well then guess what we can sell him next summer for 18m. We will get good money for reina.

  35. Reina has become complacent. He must be replaced or benched.
    He is unfit and has lost his concentration in games.
    He won the Euros gold medal being a sub. He was the last arrival at Melwood for pre season. Why?
    It shows disrespect to the hands that feed you. No doubt it was a holiday, time off whatever you call it.
    He should have shown some form of interest in the club and come back early knowing we had Europa games before the PL season games.
    It just shows that he has taken his 1st choice role for granted.

    I say Rodgers should be ruthless picking his team. No place for sentimental reasons. And that goes for SG as well.

  36. FSG are cleaning up the mess left by hicks an gillet, bringing big wages to average players... Their willing to spend money but only on young talent like joe Allen, but I'm sure they will back us for lorente an Walcott in January (6 months left on their contract then.

  37. FSG deserves no support12:08 pm, September 04, 2012

    Read my comment below.

    Oh and i also read on mirror that Henry &co are selling all of their best players of Red Sox. Come Jan, we have to say goodbye to all our first team players. Hopefully our youth team can handle the pressure of fighting relegation-it takes a lot of guts.

  38. We can't have a goalie called Doris , no way pedro ! !

  39. Nope. more like filling up an application form.

  40. FSG deserves no support12:13 pm, September 04, 2012

    FSG are just using excuses, they have until 6 months to save their hides. If you think they will spend money, then be amazed. BR has told" there is usually not a lot of activity in jan so i dont expect anything."

    Trans: The owners told BR that he has to do with his current squad, no money available.

    Still if you want to dream, u have the allowance. We all can dream, right?

  41. Never heard it? Doesn't mean their goner sell are players. When they gave them new contracts?:S... I think your thinking to much about this

  42. FSG deserves no support12:15 pm, September 04, 2012

    Regarding llorente and walcott.

    Llorente is not the answer, my dream player is Doumbia. Walcott wud be an impact sub. Also Dzagoev needed. If the owners can stump up the cash to buy theses players then i will back them. It will only take 40m of investment.

  43. Bit harsh in Luis , don't you think? He hasn't stunk as much as much as Gerrard and Reina.

  44. FSG deserves no support12:18 pm, September 04, 2012

    Maybe, but i cant help but be pessimistic with the owners antics.

  45. He better than Duumbia... Got more technique. An why do we need a CAM?? We can play gerrard,sahin their... We only really need. Is a new GK an a new strikers.

  46. If they wasn't goner buy in January then hendry wouldn't of said it in his letter he can't go back on it... An he wrote that letter because he didn't want back lash from Liverpool fans... So do you think he goner put Rodgers in the lerch

  47. FSG deserves no support12:25 pm, September 04, 2012

    Gerrard is out of form and we need to move for a future replacement.

  48. FSG deserves no support12:27 pm, September 04, 2012

    Re: Doumbia. No he is not comfortable with Rodgers style, Doumbia is fast, mobile, clinical, physical, has energy, etc, etc i can go on and on. He is my dream player, if we sign him ill run na*ed on the street.

    As for GK, ter stegen or muslera is the answer

  49. FSG deserves no support12:28 pm, September 04, 2012

    Well they survived the current backlash. They will just say," We tried hard but we will not pay over the odds, we will not burden the club with debt......" and the same broken stereo record.

  50. I think he has, he does put in some okay perpormances at times, but then again so does Reina and Gerrard, overall though i would say he let us (and Kenny) down big time last season...

    The free kick he scored against City was brought about by Gerrard, who let him take that Kick, apart from the odd moment this season he has largely been ineffective, missing sitters. not linking up well with others, falling on his ass, complaining at the Ref....etc.

    So why should he be treated any different to Gerrard who afterall has committed his entire career to the Club from when he was a kid..? Helped us achieve great things, helped us to compete at the top end of the prem for years...?

    And still fit and able to play. You see what im saying is that if we go by the code of no player should think he is bigger than LFC then we need to be consistent in that, can't just suddenly implement it now that BR is here and punish Gerrard and Reina, for 1 we don't have a quality replacement for Reina....so that isn't a possibility, Suarez too.....so those players are without real compettion for their places, where as our midfield is overflowing with competition, forgive me for thinking that BR/FSG have fcuked up in that respect...

  51. Trouble is the window has just closed and we didn't bring in another goalkeeper to compete for Reina's place...AND we also lack competition for strikers.....

    Very convenient that...so, both Reina and Suarez cannot really be dropped...can they..?

    Forget Gerrard, it seems to me like those 2 ARE bigger than the Club.....

  52. Don't get me wrong I'm a massive Gerrard fan, but if your gonna say Luis was lucky thanks to Gerrard then I'm sure you could argue the same for Gerrard when Luis or another player has been bought down in the box. Then he should be thankful for taking the penalty.

  53. Finally! Someone with sense! I agree with you mate. Too much sentiment around here. Not performing? Play someone else who can.

  54. Been saying for weeks that Reina was a sellable 'asset' that the club could afford to move on in order to bring in a cheaper, but equally reliable, replacement. Al Habsi or Robinson from Blackburn, at half the price, would have done me. Don't think Reina really wants to be here anymore and reckon his howlers will continue until he is put on the bench.

  55. I`m starting to think your all billionaires on this forum. All I keep reading is it would only take 40mil, ONLY??? and FSG did not spend enough, yeah cause 30mil is nothing right?

    Don`t get me wrong we needed a Striker, but BR was given 30mil to spend, the fact he spent a lot of it in midfield mainly was HIS choice.

    To me our mid was pretty weak and does now look a lot better, best we have had in years.

    He also spent 11mil on a striker (Borini) so its not like FSG didn`t give him the funds. I ask this, Borni or Dempsey? who would have helpped us more this season?

    I like what FSG our doing, theres no sign with us or the red sox that they ever take profits themselves, so clearly they are trying to get us to a place we can turn a profit so we can buy more players.

    That isnt going to happen over night

    I` m as gutted as the next man that we did not get a striker good enough. Hopefully in Jan we can.

    In terms of a Keeper, Pepe has been poor lately, same as Gerrard. I would drop both.

  56. Heres one though to wind Jamie up, its funny how even now were still living off the great work Rafa did. The young players like Sterling are now coming through. And we still only ever get big money for ex Rafa players. I.e if we sell Reina.

    Everyone be-moans he didnt bring the kids through, but to me thats because the lot he inherited were pants. He brought in a new load, and only now are they nearly ready. He planned properly for the future, shame he isn`t here to see it.

    *note - I `m not saying bring him back, i `m fully behind BR. Just pointing out a FACT

  57. If were actually looking then i would suggest Michel Vorm!

  58. Doesn't wind me up, Zanatos - you're right: Rafa did some great things for LFC, and I've always acknowledged that.

  59. Any decent player should be able to deliver a decent enough corner kick for anyone in the box to head it except if its charlie adam we are talking about. There is no need to have an orgasm for that. In fact all credit should go to Skrtel for getting away from the marking, jumping over everyone else shoulders and heading the ball powerfully and accurately enough to score.
    By the way did you watch the arsenal game, huh? Who was it that missed a pass and enable the swift counterattack that caused the first goal, uh?
    Gerrard is not good enough anymore, period! Any non biased supporter by now would have realised it. He is too old now, he need to be benched like carragher.
    Stop judging by past performance or previous legendary status. We judge by present performance on the pitch. If he is not missplacing his passes he goes in mode invisible on the field for 90 minutes without doing sh*t! He should not be a guaranteed starter except when someone is injured or in cups for rotational purposes...

  60. How is he underperforming? The only thing he may be legitimately accused of is of not being clinical enough for us as he is for his country or as he was before for his previous clubs...He is the only star player in our squad right now, remove him and our team does not look any different than fulham or any other midtable team.

  61. I couldn't disagree with you more tbh, Gerrard IS still good enough for LFC, he has been under performing to a certain degree this season, but i would say that so have Reina and Suarez....

    AND they were worse than Gerrard IMO last season esp in the Prem, Suarez was at times completely and utterly ineffective and Reina was a freaking liability, IF you can't accept that then there really is no point discussing it further because you are obviously biased....whereas you like to say that EVERY "non biased" Liverpool fan would agree that Gerrard is not good enough and too old...

    Really, since when were you appointed their spokesman...?

  62. ....eh? Oh, yeah....thanks, mate....I think...? Not. Lol.

  63. Of course we're all billionaires on here, you mean your not..???

    One things for sure, that there can't be many people on here who could be living in the kind of luxury that MR John Henry & Co can afford....

    Very wealthy individuals indeed by all acounts, i don't see them having to rough it out week in week out ina run down area of Pool where they can't even afford to get to go the game but still hang onto all those dreams as if they were their lifeblood and identity and more importantly their HOPE...

    They might not be as rich as other Club's owners, but surely if they didn't/don't have the money to bring hope to the Club, meaning giving the fans dreams of a title run, even a top 4 place....then what good are they to us...?

    If they really wanted to take the slowly slowly approach then why didn't they pick a Club with less expectations...? Instead of trying to now lower ours....?

    You see, i don't really see whats wrong with fans asking the question "WHERE IS THE MONEY" esp after a very dissapointing end to the transfer window....

    And tbh, how much is 30mil to those people who have assets/businesses that take them into the billions...?

    Its all relative isn't it...?

  64. Easy Billy - those comments border on racism (although not against an ethnic group specifically but still). These Americans we have are much better than the last ones.

  65. Thats the problem though isn't it....we're NOT looking...if we were then Pepe would now have serious competition for his place at the Club.....

    With the transfer window having just closed, we're stuck with what we have.....

    Clearly FSG and BR were willing to take the risk that both Reina and Suarez would improve under the new regime, though they didn't want to take that risk with Carroll....even if it meant us going into the season with 2 experienced strikers...

    Effectively that sends out the message to the rest of the team/squad that some players can underperform and get away with it whilst others cannot....

    Not sure if thats fair, right or proper tbh, in fact i know its not.

    btw- I think Vorm would have been a great shout BEFORE the window closed....I'd swap him for Reina any day of the week, but it just going to happen...

    Anyway im sure once Gerrard is benched that Reina and Suarez will both miraculously find their form again....

  66. but we hav to admit he appears to be positively high in spirit. As I c it, he is better than what we have... just saying.

  67. Why not Ter Stegen or Muslera, they are available at the same price.

  68. Oh yeah ! So forget the two goals then right O

  69. Got to agree with Anteater71. He looks great in lesser leagues, but not sure if that translates to the Premiership. At this point, I'd sit Pepe for a game and play Domi, just to give him a kick in the backside and hopefully get his head on right. Then in January find someone top flight to park in goal instead of Reina (if he is still not improving) and get this guy as a backup. I know people are going to complain about not having any transfer funds. Trust me, if LFC is fighting off relegation, which honestly we might be looking at in January, FSG will pony up the cash for some talent.

  70. You seem to have conveniently forgotten about last year's number 10 team, West Brom, which put a whoopin on us already this season. And Scottish number 5 side Hearts which almost beat us at Anfield, and would have tied us at their stadium, if not for one bad-luck OG. We lost to Arsenal because of poor defense, poor goalkeeping, and lack of ball control.

  71. you know what your getting with Vorm he has premiership experience and knows what its all about thats why

  72. I agree with what your saying mate i was just saying Vorm would be a good shout for a new keeper

  73. no we should be gettin our route planners for next season by the way how far is it to scunthorpe

  74. i want to say that it is time for us to be factual than to be beating about the bush on saying reina's hey days have already disappeared giving his non-challant attitude over the last 2 seasons,may be his mind is no longer at lfc.I want to beg BR to pls allow him to leave and pave way for a better hungry keeper.

  75. Not sure why, but I always giggle at Dutch caps......

  76. The man to get is Boruc. He doesn't even have a club, so we could provide competition for Reina straight away. He's played in the Old Firm games, so he knows about a good fight and knows pressure and he is a great shot stopper. Not bad with pens either, like Pepe used to be.

    I honestly don't know how much he regressed at Fiorentina but he is surely worth looking at.

  77. Dutch star wants "LFC move in January".Good enough?.... If you have to ask then he's not.

  78. I agree Gerard has been playing like crap at the start of this season and BR need to find a way to get the best out of him with our new tactics. What irritates me is that ppl are laying the blame solely on Gerrard for the goals scored against us by Arsenal and West Brom. Yes he gave the ball away and is responsible but so are the rest of the team, Skrtel and Agger letting players dribble 50-60 yards and into the box without a challenge and other players not tracking back while the opposition were racing into the box and outnumbering us to score easily all contributed to us conceding. All teams give the ball away in midfield sometimes, even the amazing silva but that doesnt always result in a goal does it? The whole team is to blame. Im no expert but why is it that everytime we are hit on the counter we are all over the place and look like conceding?? Why can't we defend counters?? opinions welcome...

  79. I agree Gerard has been playing like crap at the start of this
    season and BR need to find a way to get the best out of him with our
    new tactics. What irritates me is that ppl are laying the blame
    solely on Gerrard for the goals scored against us by Arsenal and
    West Brom. Yes he gave the ball away and is responsible but so are
    the rest of the team, Skrtel and Agger letting players dribble 50-60
    yards and into the box without a challenge and other players not
    tracking back while the opposition were racing into the box and
    outnumbering us to score easily all contributed to us conceding. All
    teams give the ball away in midfield sometimes, even the amazing
    silva but that doesnt always result in a goal does it? The whole
    team is to blame. Im no expert but why is it that everytime we are
    hit on the counter we are all over the place and look like
    conceding?? Why can't we defend counters?? Any ideas Jamie?

  80. Excuse me, but
    Ter Stegen is superior, 19 aged and touted by everyone to be Germany's next Kahn. both are at same price.

  81. I just dont understand you do suffer severe memory loss.
    Not so very long ago no one else gave a toss and FSG saved our beloved club from administration.
    Add to that the club is riding debts from the old regime and trying to tie in with fair play regulations.
    They have done well and i certainly dont blame them for Dalglishes screw ups in the transfer market.
    They have spent enough it hasn't been wisely invested that's life get over it.