21 Sept 2012

Good news! LFC star set to sign £4m contract extension. Is he worth it...?

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger is set to sign a bumper new contract, which will make him the highest paid Danish footballer in history.

In a recent interview Agger - who said last week that it's a 'good thing' when big clubs are interested in him - revealed that Liverpool had not yet offered him a new deal:

"It's no secret that I'm happy at Liverpool.

"I have not spoken with the club [Liverpool], but if they come with an offer, I will definitely sit down and talk with them.

"It's not something that is urgent, as I have contract until 2014"

Now, according to Sporten.dk, which is run by the Editors of three of Denmark's national newspapers:

* Agger's agent Per Steffensen has started negotiations with LFC on a contract extension.

* The new contract will increase Agger's salary from 52k a week to 80K/

* The extension on offer is financially identical to the new deal signed recently by Martin Skrtel.

It seems that Liverpool are willing to overlook Agger's atrocious injury history and take a chance on the player remaining fit. Looking at Agger's past history, it's definitely a risk:

Daniel Agger Injury History at Liverpool FC


* A total of 24 months out injured since arriving.
* This equates to 43% of his time at Liverpool on the sidelines.
* Averages only 26 games per season
* Featured in only 47% of Liverpool's games since 2006.
* Averages 3.6 months of injury time per season
* Missed 53% of Liverpool's games since 2006.
* Played in only 48% of league games since 2006.

I've advocated selling Agger in the past as a result of his regular injuries, but if the Dane can stay fit then Liverpool will benefit big time. As Steve Nicol recently argued, the Dane owes LFC:

"Daniel Agger owes Liverpool big time. He's been at the club for six years, and he's been injured for 3.5 of those years. They [Liverpool] better not sell him because that would be a huge hole at the back"

Let's hope he stays fit!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. This is getting old Jamie - first you are taking words out of his mouth, as if he wanted to leave liverpool. And you keep on going on about his injury record and games he hasn't played, however, forget that he was often on the bench under benitez in his middle seasons. If you don't like it, don't write it.

  2. He owes Liverpool as much as Liverpool should be thankful to him for staying loyal despite winning nothing substantial for six years at the club. Players of his calibre have several major titles to their names.

  3. He worths every penny! Nobody should have any doubts anywhere in his mind about the added-value of Daniel Agger!

  4. Wow, deleting comment for calling you out on a mistake. WOW

  5. No, that is your inaccurate interpretation. Why don't you do the research like I have first before spouting off? I have taken into account games where he was on the bench. They have not been counted. Every game he missed in the table is through injury, and that is a fact. Second, I have no stated anywhere that he wanted to leave; quote the opposite in fact (as evidenced by his quote about being happy at Anfield).

    What's getting old is ill-informed people like you turning up and saying totally inaccurate stuff without any foundation or basis upon which to back it up.

  6. Oh really? 248 games played in league by club since arrival/total leage games missed through injury = 128. And you also show he has played 120 games. All in all = Agger has played 120, but has never been on the bench is actually what you are saying. You haven't taken into account the games he was on the bench. Also, I actually have a degree in Journalism. So please, don't do that condescending tone with me.

  7. I think he is worth it, not just because he is a good player, but because a lot of other people regard him as a very good defender therefore if he wants to stay, it shows that Liverpool can still attract and keep 'big' players.
    Also if he signs a new deal, and then someone comes in to bid for him, they will have to offer a lot more than if he just had a year or so left.

  8. Oops! I see a red card coming.

  9. Jamie you are missing the fact that we do not have the same pulling power as man city, chelsea, man utd and even spurs now to sign great players. The situation we are right now as a club we should be stating on how lucky we are to have a player like agger who actually wants to stay here considering our current status. I think what you are saying would only sound right if we were in at the top like man city or chelsea who have the luxury to buy and sell great players... for once I'm surprised with your statement. Anyway managed to get tickets for sundays game and looking forward to travel upto to liverpool!! Should be hopefully a great occasion.

  10. He is absoutely woth it!

  11. Kanwar Bhajneek LFC12:25 pm, September 21, 2012

    Dude you contradict yourself many times on this site. First you say one thing and then you say something opposite. I donot want to quote examples as such but I know people will agree with me. I hope you stick with your opinion if you truly believe in them.

    BTW, I am expecting a sarcastic reply from you to my post.

  12. Total nonsense. If you're so sure I 'contradict' myself then provide examples; don't just turn up and make baseless statements. Without examples, your post is totally pointless.

    I await your specific examples of me contradicting myself.

    The reality is you 'do not want to quote examples' because you have no examples. You just have a bee in your bonnet about me/this site, and just thought you'd have a moan.

    I'm waiting...

  13. If I ever get successful in life and somehow get into loads of money, I am gonna buy this club from the owners along with other liverpool supporters and make sure we donot repeat the mistakes we have been making over the past years.

    But alas, it might just an unfulfilled dream of mine.

  14. ohh this is nice, I believe there is going to be a "war of the words" over here.

  15. Kanwar Bhajneek LFC12:49 pm, September 21, 2012

    Wow, do you want me to go through the countless comments and quote you word to word on how you opinions in the article and the ones you post in your comments differ to quite an extent. Sorry, but i donot feel like wasting your time and mine.

    On a more serious note,
    Dude, my previous post was not an attack on you. It is just my opinion and I didnot mean to demean you or anything. I have just told you what i felt after reading you articles [which by the way are nicely written most of time] and your comments while discussing with other users.

    Since, I am writer of pointless posts, I believe you will not grace this post with your reply.

  16. sorry I meant this for @liverpoolkop:disqus

  17. Dude, come on, if your going to accuse someone of something, at least back it up. It is easy, hollow and not fair to go around character assassinating people without something to back it up.

  18. faites vite resignez le

  19. if joe cole earns 90k a week for doing nothing then i think this is not that bad ...:)