22 Sept 2012

Exclusive: New pre-air clip from 'Being: Liverpool' Ep 2, with Jonjo Shelvey...

FOX Soccer’s all-new original series “Being: Liverpool” continues this Sunday on FOX with a brand new episode, and thanks to my colleagues at Fox Soccer (this site is affiliated with the channel), here is an exclusive new clip from the show before it airs.

The first episode of the Being: Liverpool garnered impressive ratings in the US, peaking at 2.5m viewers, and several local markets posted ratings twice the national average or better for the show.

Episode 2 of the show - “On The Road” - shows Brendan Rodgers as he begins to rebuild the club from the inside out as they face Toronto FC in his first match as manager on the club’s North American tour.

The club then faces AS Roma as Boston’s historic Fenway Park, a baseball chapel, is transformed into a soccer shrine. Viewers will also see players take some time off for fun during the tour.

Being: Liverpool episode 2 airs in the UK on the 28th September 2012.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Watched the first episode last night - and frankly found it embarassing. For a club that has prided itself on doing things "behind closed doors" , it is alarming why we would allow this to happen. Brendan Rodgers has played a dangerous game here - allowing an in depth portrayal of how he manages the team and being so open on camera will do more harm than good - you view every player as your son? you brought Borini to score goals but play him out wide? Shankly must be turning in his grave.

    For me, and I may be alone here, but things have taken a turn for the worst on and off the pitch in the last few years. The man with the plan was let go and we have suffered ever since... now we have to sit and watch BR give team talks on camera and get smashed 3-0 against teams we believe are not as strong as us. *Sigh*

  2. ur name said it all. Just shut up

  3. Mmedicalcentre - please do not attack other posters. If you have nothing constructive to add, don't bother posting.

  4. I watched it and thought BR gave very little away in terms of tactics which is what i was worrying about but i saw a preview for shows coming up and saw BRENDAN in front of a projector giving players instructions.
    Getting to know players more than we do is harmless giving away tactical information and practice methods is stupid.
    I would prefer if we kept everything in house but this is what you get with AMERICAN owners.They want everything to be loud and they want everyone to see us.
    The positive side to the show was BRENDAN RODGERS looks like a good leader.If FSG back him i think we'll have a very bright future long term.