20 Sept 2012

'He's a great talent!' - LFC tracking 'first class' £9m Real Madrid star. Loan...?

Liverpool's transfer policy under FSG is clear: sign young, promising footballers with the potential to develop into top class players. The arrivals of players like Borini, Allen and Yesil (and the recent rejection of Clint Dempsey) underline this approach, and the Reds will undoubtedly add to the youth contingent over the next few transfer windows. One possible arrival could be Real Madrid central defender Raphaël Varane, who is reportedly being tracked by Liverpool, Tottenham Hotpsur, Manchester United and QPR.

The £9m-rated Real Madrid youngster has made just 9 appearances for Jose Mourinho's team, the latest of which came last night in the 3-2 Champions League victory over Manchester City.

Varane's current contract expires in 2017, and according to Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record, it contains a €50m euro release clause (!)Varane was a surprise inclusion in Madrid's starting line up against Man City, and after the game, the youngster revealed his gratitude to Mourinho for giving him a chance in such a big game:

"I was surprised to play. I have not had a good preseason and why I have not played up to this match, but I now I have the confidence of Mourinho." 
Varane also has the confidence of France boss Didier Deschamps, but the World Cup winner recently stressed that the youngster needs to get more playing time to maintain a place in France's national team:

"He [Varane] shows great maturity and talent. Rafael is young and at a very large club, he is confronted with the requirements of the highest level. The negative point is his reduced playing time, and that is a concern. Hopefully he will get more time on the pitch this year"

Manchester United reportedly put in a 9m bid for the youngster last year, and he's been described by Lens youth coach Eric Assadourian as a "truly first class player" who is "comfortable on both the tactical and technical level". 

It seems unlikely that Varane will get significant playing time at Madrid this season, which may prompt him to move elsewhere, perhaps on loan, which would be ideal for Liverpool.

Looks like a class player...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I saw him in the Champions League and he looked pretty good, he had a couple of shaky moments, but then most young defenders do. I would rather Coates played a bit more. I dont see why we should loan him and develop him for another team when we have our own CB who needs developing.

  2. Only seen him play like 3 times but he looks pretty composed for a young centre back. Seems a really good talent (well he is playing for Real!). Gut feeling is he will stay for the whole season.

  3. Unless Liverpool are signing him permanently otherwise i don't see the need to sign him on loan as Liverpool have enough youngsters of their own to develop, Coates is there who is better than Varane then their is Sama, Wisdom, Wilson.

  4. could be a long term replacement for Jaime Carragher. Yeah he has stated that this might be his last season. Varane is one for the future. He is on a team where he will find playing time hard to come by as he is down in the pecking order. Don't know how realistic this report is but I would like to see this happen. The whole Liverpool team will soon be receiving a major make over

  5. Shaky moments apply to old hands too. Just ask Jamie Hoofer Carragher.

  6. Indeed they do!
    Plus I would be pretty shaky if I was playing my first game in the Champions League.

  7. Recent rejection of Clint Dempsey?? I thought we had bids for him refused.
    You can't make a Low bid on someone and then say, well We didn't want him anyway when he goes elsewhere.

  8. Rejection in the sense that FSG didn't want to pay more because they didn't think he was worth it.

  9. He IS class isnt he? :) Talent is oozing from him. Dont see him being sold though..good try heheh