3 Aug 2012

Liverpool Transfer News 2012

On this page you will find all the latest football transfer rumours related to Liverpool FC.

Most sites regurgitate the same old Liverpool FC transfer news on a daily basis, and that basically means just copying reproducing whatever TalkSport/The Daily Mail/The Mirror posts, which is usually unsourced and unsubstantiated manufactured football transfer 'rumours' and gossip.

This site is different; Only legitimate football transfer news is posted here, and when publishing transfer stories, this site adheres to the following principles:

* Sourceless, unsubstantiated football gossip and rumours are ignored, i.e. tabloid 'stories' without any quotes/sources to back them up.

* The only exception to this rule is when the publication posting the rumour has an exceptionally strong history of reliability (In reality, a very short list of sources)

* All transfer stories are built around quotes from any of the following: Agents, Players, Managers, Club Senior Hierarchy, Club Officials, and Club insiders (Ex-players, for example)

* The reporting of a transfer story does not mean this site believes that Liverpool are going to buy the player (!) We just report the news and offer an opinion.


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