8 Aug 2012

'LFC is an option' - £9m 'El Loco' responds to Reds transfer rumours. Too old?

Fiorentina winger Juan Manuel Vargas - nicknamed 'El Loco' in Italy - has addressed transfer speculation linking him with a move to Liverpool FC.

Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica last night, Vargas - joined Fiorentina from Catania in 2008 for 12million euros (£9.6m) - appeared to favour continuing his association with the Viola. He said:

"I don’t know what my future will be. I am training with Fiorentina and hope to remain here"

Last month, Vargas' Agent - Jorge Cyterszpiler - admitted that there was 'possibility that Vargas will leave Fiorentina', and confirmed that Liverpool were tracking the Peruvian international. He said:

"Liverpool is an option, but there is also Malaga that has the fascination of playing in next season's Champions League.

"He didn't have the best of seasons and he needs to make up for it next season. Does he have a preference with regards to playing the Premier League or the Primera Liga? Vargas likes both leagues as well as the Serie A.

Vargas is 29 next month, and doesn't appear to the be the kind of player that fits FSG's transfer profile. However, as his Agent confirmed, the club is interested, so age must not be an issue.

I would be more concerned with Vargas' end product, which is a little patchy over the last couple of years:

* 4 goals in his last 50 games.
* 12 assists in his last 50 games.
* Goal scored ever 825 minutes (One every 9 games)
* Assist every 275 minutes (One every 3 games)

Perhaps it's a good thing that he wants to stay at Fiorentina?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. not going to happen

  2. He's not too old, he's too fat and not good enough. This rumor keeps appearing from transfer window to another but never anything happens. Probably his agent just tries to get the move, I don't think Liverpool have ever even considered this guy.

  3. i think the owner will dont wan him....compare to CLINT the owner will prefer US market rather than him...

  4. Personally I think hes not good enough, and altough cheap there is better options out there. As above Clint would be a better deal for so many reasons, esp when you think shirt sales in the USA will prob cover his transfer cost.

  5. speculation again its time for action could well be the least exciting transfer window in lfcs history

  6. Just goes to show how much of a lure the champions league is for players if there is a suggestion he cosiders Malaga a better option than Liverpool.  With Suarez commiting signing a new contract hopefully that is an enticement for top players to come here.  Here's hoping

  7. He was poor for Fiorentina last season, so why would we want him?

  8. Has liverpool suddenly turned to a damping site,where flops are directed to?....these rumors are all bull crap...why are agent taking liverpool for granted?hope we sign good players this time around.  

  9. hasn't exactly been prolific, preferred he stayed put. 

  10. No, but we are a big name so when he agents is trolling round europe trying to get a deal it looks good if he says LFC are interested. simply trying to get more money for hima nd his client.

  11. If any truth to this it would have been part of Aquilani deal.

  12. Why are we letting Bellers go ? If Borini plays half as well as Bellers always does we will say he is a great signing , can't fathom it seems like we are looking everywhere for good players to join , and letting a great player go , and he is a great player , forget the age thing . When his legs can't do it let him go , but right now he's as good as we've got and miles better than most , if it is a family thing fair enough , but is it ?

  13. Why can't we sign gatson ramirez . Its taking 2 long he's a good player and we really need him in our team . Hope it happen soon .

  14. Septimus_severus1:21 pm, August 08, 2012


    Today we hear that Louis Suarez has signed an extended contract, yet Ayers seems to be unable to sign a contract for Agger.
    Then to compound matters Brendan Rogers, at a press conference says that he will not or cannot guarantee Aggers', contract extension.

    Yes Brendan has made it clear that Carroll has no place in the style of play he wants to adopt this coming season.

    To add further confusion, he has stated that Carragher who is way past his prime is likley to start this season as a 1st choice center back AGAIN.

    He has made no public attempts to ship out SPEARING,ADAM & DOWNING.
    We are resigned to losing Bellamy and have only signed ONE PLAYER.

    I know the transfer window closes on the 31/8/2012, however I'm starting to see something disturbing.

    The player who were mainly the cause of our poor performance last season have NOT been moved on and the Players who have shown any quality  in previous seasons have been moved on.

    This can only be one of few things, which are Brendan's Way, FSG trying to reduce the spend, sheer blind faith.

    I started off thinking the appointment of Rogers was a shrewd one which on the balance it is.
    What I'm concerned about is the lack of quality coming in or the fact that the players last season are far far too comfortable and not being made to fight for there positions.

    The ONE Centerback who actually fits Brendan's espoused philosophy is being put in the shop window as it were.

    I hope Brendan knows what he's doing because if he gets this wrong despite what FSG say if he finishes worse than last season they will be under pressure.
    At that point FSG's policy and spend will come under close scrutiny and then the fans turn on each other and the board.


  15. been saying the same thing for weeks good players going inadequete replacements but they come cheap and there wages are low the real fsg way for lfc me thinks give suarez new contract so we can all buy our shirts with his name on in the safe knowledge that hes going nowhere unless some 1 matches fsgs valuation of him will not hold my breath,david moores i know you did what you thought was best for the club but i bet you think about what could have been[dci] its heartbreaking to see our great club eating at the poorpers table of english football

  16. FSG not going to spend any of their own money this summer window. Its all down to sales and trimming the wages.

  17. y we even lookin at players like allen etc?we need 2wingers that no how 2cross a ball rather then try cut inside 2have a shoot,we need keep carroll upfront with suarez,joe cole behide them,or dempsey,R GOD STEVIE G drop bk sit infront of r defence,we wont b beat,at the mo wer lookin at players we already have in the team,joe cole was great 4 lille,lets not 4get carroll was out 4 awile when we got him,then we get diff managers come in,makes it even more harder 4a player 2get bk 2his game,did any watch the euro's i mean come on carroll is hungry 4it again just like joe cole is,this season we need 2get behide r boys that have a slow start,every1 gives 2much stick,downing scored 4us the other nite,if not 4him wud been 0-0 instead we won 1-0,this season,2-3 players 2of which wingers 20mill tops,get behide R team and this season we will do lot better.

  18. Where FSG are concerned we are still living beyond our means. imo Brendans remit was to come in and strip the squad right down which he is still doing. The only fear i hold is for this season because I believe that with all the young talent we have coming through from next season on we will be as good as and better than the top teams in the prem. So come on lads lets all get behind the team and the management this season. Were LFC and when lads pull that shirt on and step out onto the pitch then we all need to give our full support to everyone of the players no matter who they are. Stop running players into the ground the time was as LFC supporters as long as the player gave us 100% gave their all for the shirt we loved them for it. Far to many so-posed supporters spend more time picking and looking for faults will all the true LFC supporters please stand up and cheer for the whole team not just the parts of it you agree with buth THE WHOLE TEAM YNWA!!