20 Aug 2012

'It's a pity he chose LFC' - Dutch legend bemoans loss of Assaidi...

Ajax coach Frank De Boer has revealed his disappointment over losing out on the signing of Liverpool new boy Oussama Assaidi.

In an interview last night, a crestfallen De Boer admitted:

"We never made it a secret that we were interested in him [Assaidi].

"It's a pity he chose Liverpool, but he's gone to a very good club, and we could not compete with them"

Given the football philosophy at Ajax, it's great to hear that De Boer wanted to sign Assaidi as it confirms he's actually a decent player! Hopefully, we'll see him in action later today against West Brom. Here are Assaidi's stats from the last two seasons:

Stats: Last season

* 27 matches played | 2077 minutes played

* Goals: 10 | Assists: 7

* Goal every 207 minutes (1 every 2.3 games)

* Assist every 296 mins (1 every 3.2 games)

* Goal/assist every 122 mins ( 1 every 1.3 games)

* Shooting accuracy: 45%

* Conversion rate: 7.5%

* Averaged one shot on goal every 27 mins.

* Averaged one cross every 13 minutes.

* Fouled every 36 minutes.

* Offside once every 1.1 games

* Last two seasons combined:

* 19 goals | 17 assists

* Goal or assist every 128 mins (1 every 1.4 games)

* One shot on goal every 30 minutes.

* Averaged 5.5 crosses per game (1 every 14.8 minutes)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He looks good Jamie!

    He has to play instead of Downing!

  2. Liverpool has to change its transfer policy. Liverpool buying too many young players based on potential. We need to buy some proven players without worrying about resale value and age. 
    Manchester United are not stupid to pay ridiculous amount of money for RVP. They know that he will help them in getting success instantly. 
    It is good to invest in young players but you can't build a team with majority players without experience and confidence. 
    We badly need players who can influence the game on their own. In last game, we were badly exposed after red card. A team of the players with strong characters don't fall apart like we did. 
    I hate to say this but Chelsea won the semi-final against Barcelona with 10 men team after Terry's red card. That showed team's character and determination which we lacked very badly in last game.

  3. Jaime, you did mean against Wolves today, right? For the price, we can hardly go wrong...

  4. Well at least he is a scoring winger which Henderson and Downing are not - one other point Stevie G was simply awful again away from home - question mark now about his consistency ans captaincy - I know you dont like it but facts are facts - Emlyn Hughes ans Souness etc would be screaming at the players long before half time

  5. Except this time it was Gerrard who needed screaming at.

  6. Don't have the money and are not playing in the CL, how are we ever going to get a well seasoned player who has that class. We are lucky to have the players we have now. I think a top 4 finish this season or next is a strong possibility we can then look at strengthening the side with a bigger purse from getting into the CL or further sponsorship. As for the last game, so what it's the first game of the season it will take a good 10 games before we see anything like what the structure will be like and how good we really are. I reserve to comment on the team as a whole till then. Give the man a chance. Get behind the team, after all we are the 12th man and it can make a huge difference.

  7. Our low budget was due to a 50m pound loss on an invisible stadium. Otherwise we wud have had a net 30m budget. Some fans really dont know about this.

  8. Agree with you absolutely. When you are not in Champs League and with limited funds, you need to buy smart and shrewd. So far, I think Brendan bought well.

  9. You don't always have to be in CL or have a lot of money to make a sensible signing. 
    Two examples from last season in Serie A:1. Juventus signed Andre Pirlo on free tranfer and he became instrumental in winning them League.
    2. Lazio signed German veteran Klose on free tranfer and he scored a lot of goals for them to finish 4th in League.

    Both of these team did a lot more than expected. I am not saying such signings always work out but Liverpool have get one or two top quality players in team. If can't attract younger ones, get someone old or someone on loan from any top team.

  10. Is it possible that the reason we haven't done too great in the past seasons is because our 12th man hasn't been in our corner? Food for thought

  11. Our low budget was due to the fast we finished 8th in the league. The higher your position in the league, the higher your prize money is, simple

  12. RedHeart:

    Listen up, Dude. The best players won't come to Liverpool because of poor finishing last season and because no Champion League. We therefore have to do it the hard way.....through sheer guts, intention, determination and hard work. We've spent too much valuable time gloating on the past and hence got stuck there.

  13. Who is to say we haven't bought well? We have bought a seasoned player from the Dutch league who was pursued by Ajax, Galatasaray and Spartak Moscow among others. We bought a striker who decided to leave Chelsea, went to Roma and then forced his way into the Italian Euro Squad. We bought a midfielder who was the 6th most accurate passer in Europe last season. These are top purchases. Just because Borini didn't score against WBA doesn't make him a bad purchase

  14. Henderson is not a winger full stop and although Downing didn't score any league goals last season, he is actually a scoring winger. And as people keep saying, THIS WAS THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON!!!! Stop judging the team and players based on one game of the season.

  15. Not to mention Enrique. He went missing for 90 mins of that game

  16. Ditto, without CL football & CL money, as well as with the club looking to trim the wage bill (we have/had the wage bill of a CL club), it is understandable why the club is making the kind of moves they are this summer, even if one disagrees with the individual players. Yes, it is also maybe possible to risk going for one or two that is against the grain and pushing the boat out financially but overall, it is not a unreasonable approach by FSG and Rodgers this summer. Wouldn't say they are 'top purchases' (ones that are labelled this before barely playing for the club, usually come with great proven reputations and these cost money, big money in terms of wages/fees) but definitely two of the signings are good to see (Allen and Borini), for me anyway.

  17. Its all well and good glossing over Assaidi but with SG still captain and still in the team we're fcuked!!!

  18. agreed, we haven't seen the current crop play for long enough, remember people slating Lucas and Skrtel, they had a horrid start. It takes time and patience, Rome wasn't built in a day. I think FSG have their heads screwed on now (they blew some money, understatement) and now they are playing it cautiously. Don't forget we almost went bust,we got to thank them for saving the club. Even though they are in it for the money (most are, apart from RA) I think they realise the traditions of the club are important.

  19. Wouldn't be surprised if those two were on big wages, despite their age (Juve haven't been afraid to spend big on wages in general. Secondly, Juve were expected to put up a fight for Serie A as they haven't exactly been frugal with their expenditure on players starting with the spell of spending on Diego, Melo, etc, to the likes of Quaggy, Borriello, Matri, Vucinic, etc. Lucio is probably on big wages too, as Inter have been looking to cut down on the wages big time. MAde a brilliant signing in Vidal, must say). Yes, it can be possible to risk it and accommodate a new big wage earner at LFC but its understandable if FSG feel like they need to be frugal with wages without having the money and football from CL to back it up, for the sake of the long term stability. 

  20. Each league position is worth 500k, so if we finished 4th we wud have had only 2m pounds more. The budgets depend on Sponsor Revenue and tele revenue. I saw in  a blog that LFC total revenue last year was 184m(with addidas) so consid. they signed deals with warrior and Chevro. that should reach to 200m. If things dont go horribly wrong we shud get 30m(NET) next season.

  21. We had a huge loss due to invisible stadium that affected our budget, FACT

  22. What you mean "invisible stadium" 50m ??

  23. Lol, someone needs a sarcasm detector, can't believe i got 1 like for that....

    Oh well, i guess this is afterall a Liverpool forum... i should expect it i guess.

  24. So no pressure then, Ossouma.

  25. a stadium that is none existent that we have invested 50m in jeez where have you been !!!!

  26. not just wont come to Liverpool mate.its simple the best players want to play in CL. We are lucky to have the 4 or 5 class players we have Suarez Skirtl Gerrrard ETC

  27. Really?  Do you know much about accounting?  The money spent on the stadium was a sunk cost inherited from the previous owners.  It would have had no effect on the current owners decisions at all, as there is no money going out.

  28. Yet somehow quality players have been joining Spurs and City in recent years without Champions League football immediately on offer.
     And Ramirez, who most guys on these forums have been jizzing over all summer for whatever reason, would've been delighted to join Southampton if given the chance.

    Players will go wherever they see the best available option to them. And there are many quality players out there who don't have the option of playing for the better Champions League calibre clubs just yet. Liverpool just seem to be aiming too low, as usual.

  29. I dont know about accounting but 4 months ago i read the newspaper and Ian Ayre said the 50m loss will not have a long term problem, rather a short one, and thus teh low budget and moreover hiring BR and firing KK and clarke as well as other staff affected our budget too.

  30. Big respect for Frank De Boer. Could see him here one day.

  31. i agree, and its the saddest thing to admit...

  32. Strange how your site was instrumental in wanting Rafa out.....

    Let's see what your really made of Jk Chang...

    knowing what you know now. You know, being That we are mediocre and all.

    Would you still have wanted him out after all that's Happened since???

    I await your response... Let's see of you live up to your name....

  33. rodgers was sitting with johnson during manciti game. any news on that?

  34. @ Redman11 - Im sure JK has repeatedly stated that Rafa should have gone when he did regardless of where we are at now.....That mediocrity you talk about is IMO a legacy of your favoured Mr B....Reina and his boys have done him proud....made our club look Mediocre & all....yet we all know that our squad/team has been better than our performances and results SEEM to suggest....Those LFC fan's who still harp on about Rafa are pathetic and would rather watch the Club burn to the ground....so that they can say "You see, this wouldn't have happened IF Rafa had not been hounded out..." Whilst taking some strange and dark twisted vengeful satisfaction in seeing yet another manager bite the dust due to UNDERPERFORMING individuals no doubt with the same agenda....Way to go, let it burn people, let it burn....Nice. 

  35. clickity click ...shelvey could score a hatrick against hearts and would be dropped v city same for carroll ...gerrard could score 3 own goals and not a word would be said by rodgers..same old lfc same old click running the club 

  36. Thats right, blame Gerrard.....keep blaming Gerrard, close your eye's put your head in the sand and blame Gerrard......

    The player CLIQUE that has been ruining LFC is not Gerrard & Co or should i say Carra...in fact it has nothing to do with those 2, you want to blame the real culprits then i suggest you look elsewhere.....

  37. it was an unknown cost to fsg that didnt manifest itself until after the purchase and obv due dilligence

  38. quality at spurs are you joking.they had a season in CL and managed to sign de varrt who is injury prone and modric who is ofski to Real Madrid.
    it dosent matter what competitions you are in if you can afford wages of 175k a week city pay the most by miles that is the attraction there.
    money and or CL =best players

  39. so much for according to your sources sahin was 98% done and he'll be signing in the next day or 2, and now hes likely to sign for arsenal

  40. then can you enlighten us,you sarcastic twit...

  41. What i won't do is start trading insults....

    I am simply defending Gerrard and Carra, 2 players who i feel an enormous amount of respect and admiration for...

    My frustration and consequent sarcasm is borne out of the fact that i don't feel that i should have to......


    NOT having a finisher IS a problem, Suarez missing sitter's IS A PROBLEM.....Pepe letting in goals for fun, fluffing his lines, getting his positioning wrong HAS BEEN A PROBLEM....

    Get my drift....


  42. Nice to see the bickering on here hasn't dropped. 
    I said all last season and, from Saturday's performance, we need a finisher. I'd take a chance and give Adam Morgan a chance on Thursday, along with Sterling. Morgan's a natural finisher. He knows where to be and when, even BR has said this, so why not just give hime some playing time? He's a big, strong lad and, even if we were getting beat, he'd still try his heart out for the club as he's a Liverpool fan and so is his whole family. He's not here for the money, like some, he's here because it's his boyhood dream. Give him a chance, Brendan, what do you have to lose?

  43. That was never FSG's fault and they have said they would prefer to refurbish Anfield, much like they did the same with Fenway Park. Fact

  44. Yes it is fact actually. There is a set amount of prize money for the positions in the league, the lower your position, the lower the amount of prize money you get. That is actually a fact. Just like the teams who qualify for CL get a bonus on top of that.

  45. I was/am a fan of Rafa and I believe he was sacked too soon and the two managers that were brought in directly after him have been not up to scratch, I initially got behind KD but can honestly say I always thought RH was a bad choice and voiced this out to my family. The legacy that Rafa left here is undeniable, he bought some fantastic players, and the players he bought that have been sold have been generally sold for a profit. He took us closest to the EPL than we have been for a long time. Saying that, I am behind BR (same initials by the way) as I believe he is trying to build something for the future, however this will not happen overnight. To think it will is being extremely naive

  46. Thanks for answering for Jk... JK you've trained Mitsu well!

    Now MITZU as for Rafa, who other than his last season, when we finished in 7th with 63 points! Which just happened to be around the time the club was in near administration and right about the time this site was supporting H&G.

    When did Rafa fail to do better than what we've seen since?
    Was we not in the CL on 5 of the 6 seasons he was our manager?
    Did we not finish ahead of Arsenal and the Wenger boys 80% of that time?
    Did you not witness us in 2 champion league finals?
    Was you even supporting the club when we played in 3 champions league semi-finals??
    Did you not witness us almost win the league?
    You didn't enjoy battering the likes Real Madrid or Utd at OT?
    You didn't notice the academy he built?

    You either wasn't supporting the club back then, don't support the club now or was high on some serious medication!

    I challenge anyone who shares your view to a drug and IQ test!

    Now Jk will you answer my question....

    I just want to know your stance as I with along with plenty am prolific in disliking your site for past statements made by you against our club....

    Do you still share those views even after all that you know now?

    You can take a fifth... I'll understand ;)

    Oh and btw the way Mitsu, I support BR all the way...

    Just Not in the same way you or jK supported Rafa though!

  47. Let's face it, Gerrard, no matter how good a player he is, his form has been substandard in recent seasons. Carra, no matter how good he was in seasons past, is quite frankly, passed it, he constantly gets caught out because he so slow. That's not to say they are great stalwarts of because they are, but just because they are doesn't mean they are above any criticism

  48. But yet Gerrard underperforming is not a problem and Carra being so slow he has become a liability is not a problem? So what you are saying is that everyone in the squad bar Gerrard and Carra are the problem and open for criticism? 

  49. He has a lot to lose actually. When a side is underperforming and going through a transition period, you don't throw young players with no first team experience into the deep end, especially against the reigning champions. 

  50. So you admit that money does offset the lure of Champions League football then? And players can make often make a lot more money in a mere midtable Premiership club rather than in a Champions League club abroad.

    Hence champions like Vertonghen & Cabaye joining clubs like Tottenham & Newcastle, and everybody's favorite name nowadays (for whatever reason) happy enough to leave Bologna for Premiership relegation candidates. 

    If a top CL club doesn't make an offer, then Liverpool are the next best option. And there are more than enough quality players to go around as far as I'm concerned - it's just up to our scouts to do their job and find them!

  51. I wasn't meaning specifically against Man City. He could get some playing time against Hearts this week as, we'd expect, they'll be a hell of a lot easier to deal with than any Premier League side.
    Also, at one point during the game, especially in the 1st half, we had over 60% of the possession, so I wouldn't call that aspect of our game 'underperforming' but, in front of goal we are. Therefore, having a natural striker in front of a dominating midfield seems like the natural thing to do.
    I think Carroll has to play some part against City as their defenders will bully Borini out of the game.

  52. Lol, JK has not trained me, we have crossed swords before, but it just so happens that on many occasions we do agree, is that so hard to believe...? Im sure you also have a preferred site where plenty of others agree with you.....WERE YOU TRAINED???

    Nah, might have been a bit brainwashed though by the Rafa revisionist programme....

    Anyway. you have your views and i have mine, never the twain shall meet methinks...

    And yes i was supporting the Club back then....and yes i am supporting BR i've said as much in a different post on here, you might want to read it actually its all about how the "LEGACY" that Rafa left behind and how that has been the cause of our demise since he left, so you could say that all the good work that Rafa put into the Club whilst managing it has been cancelled out....by the "LEGACY" he left.....

    Its a good read, it might even wake you up a bit as to why it was actually the right time to get rid of Rafa, someone who thinks they are bigger than the Club must be outed...and he was and im very glad he was, the fact that he's still on the sidelines in Pool is all part of his "tactic" to get his supporters and revisionists (like yourself) to beef up his agenda....

  53. Criticism is fine, Gerrard admitted the other day that his performance wasn't up to scratch like it was the game before.....BUT he wasn't missing sitter's....AND he wasn't responsible for giving away a pen, getting sent off leaving us with 10 men, and he wasn't responsible for the other pen either......

    You see all this chat that Gerrard is past it etc and can't in Brendan's system is pure baloney, of course Gerrard can play in this sytem, he played in the pass and move of Kenny's which by the way helped us to create 51 more shots on goal than UNITED last season, YET we SOMEHOW scored 41 fewer goals....

    THAT is a statistic which really underlines where we are being held back.....considering the chances we created....Suarez SHOULD have netted a hell of a lot more goals.....

    Buts it okay apparently...HE doesn't really get criticised much, because well he's Suarez....

    Our problem is most definitely our shaky defence...WITHOUT CARRA....and our rather dubious and very inconsistent goalkeeper....couple that with our lack of goals...which is much more Suarez's responsibilty than Gerrard's esp as Gerrard was playing deeper last season....then we are getting closer to the actual culprits...or should i say more politely our problem area's....

    This is why i will continue to support and defend Gerrard because i don't like the idea of the truth being twisted to somehow suit other people's/player's...agenda's...

    Criticise Gerrard for what he actually does wrong, i don't have a problem with that, but start calling him out as being part of the problem....and holding us back....then yes i will have a problem with that...simply because its not true....

  54. I refer you to the reply above to your other post.

  55. you are not well.Do you Know what a forum is?

  56.  i treat all players the same whether it be carra or flannagan ...but some players get slated and some don't ...you nether ever here carra or gerrard get criticized on lfc TV etc by ex players but some non locals get blasted even  if they perform better ...it stinks of hypocrisy mitzu and if you cant see it you nether will

  57. Lol, no please enlighten me....

    Seriously..? You see im not well atm apparently...


  58. Carra was basically dropped last season after making a few costly error's etc and i said at the time that it was the right decision, i didn't write him off completely like many other posters did, still felt he had something to offer but at that time we needed a change.

    I've also criticised Gerrard for certain performances also, but his presence in the side has always justified itself by what he can do and does do, as i said earlier criticism is fine, it goes with the territory, not sure why you seem so upset about the "hypocrisy" though, i mean what do you expect? Do you expect ex players to lay into him when he has largely been one of our best player's over the years..? 

    I mean surely after a certain period of time a person/player/manager at a Club who has helped bring success etc and shown himself to be one of the best in the world at certain positions or whatever, surely that person has earn't a certain amount of leverage with regard to the type of criticism they receive....

    For instance a newcomer has to be able to EARN the fan's respect and more importantly their affection...Gerrard i think has done that.....so why should he be treated the same as others..???

    Doesn't mean that a dip in form should go un acknowledged, nor should it, he SHOULD  be judged on what he can still bring to the team, naturally but he ain't no upstart or "non local" as you term it who doesn't have feck all connection to the Club....he does have a big connection to the Club so does Carra, AND anyway for sure i know for a fact that on many forums over the years there have been many discussion re Gerrard and Carra, they have been slated on most forums i have visited over the years, esp after Rafa left, it seemed like the heat was turned up on them considerably after that.

    Its like Fergie or Wenger, the critics will not all pounce at the first dip in form etc why? because they have proved their worth, it would take more time and a bigger dip in form ( a serious one god willing:)) that would get the journo's and ex players sharpening their knives....

    I don't really think Gerrard has done enough to warrant this current climate whereby the general consensus seems to be that he is holding us back or can't play BR's way, i say Bullshit to that, just name me one player who ha shone in the last 12 months...?? CONSISTENTLY...... IMO he's still our best player and should be afforded a little more respect......

  59. you have basically answered my question ie some players form drops he carries on playing them some players form drops he drops them ...that's called a clique in any language

  60. Yeah not to mention, Torres, Masch, Alonso, Arbeloa now are hugely success stories at their clubs, also Barca and Real are top 2 clubs in the world IMO with Reina, Skrtel and Agger as his legacy, showed and proved his acumen even when Mr Henry openly criticised Rafa for his transfer policies and the insidious enjoyment rival fans reactions watching LFC blundering so far is disturbing, even for me as an exLFC fan.

    The problem with emulating the Arsenal model is that Arsene Wenger is the only manager in the world who can pull off what he has achieved there. If im not mistaken he has a Net Revenue in his transfers not a net spend which is amazing. If that can be copied dont you guys think that other clubs wouldve done it long before??? That is the nuance every football fan understands, wenger is unique.

    IMO one has to grow up watching the game to truly understand it. FSG sadly, have a very steep learning curve that cannot be fast-tracked , but embedded slowly in their DNA

  61. PLEASE RMOVE the Ch.Adm and the Spearing from my sight. Ossamma and Sterling go ahead of Borini and Downing in the starting line up!!!

    Allen once again showing his class in his short time on the pitch tonight!

  62. rafa =best manger the club has had since KD first time around. Worked under terrible conditions with H and G (read 44 months with a pair of texas cowboys) I would have him back tomorrow.
    Also for all you New Dawn lovers Ihave watched every performance under BR including all preseason games and anybody who thinks its better under him are lying. The team lacks penetration and this is down to the style of football we are trying to play. And with regard to the style of play anybody who was honest an watched the semi finals of the CL with Barca and Chelski would have to say Barcas pass it pass it and pass it again was boring to watch     

  63. mitzsu ...... problem

  64. no lfc will drop sterling  and play spearing and carra

  65. not true, your saying it 50 mil loss happened in 12 months or less? because the account records would of shown that and even if it did would only take a couple of hours to check it in the finance department. technology is up to date these days and hiding it is fraud.

  66. the Liverpool way is to drop players who score or play well and pick there favorites regardless of form its a tried and trusted method of becoming mediocre

  67. fact is the owners are using it for an excuse

  68. look at the amount of money we have got from sponsorship and co. they have a bidget of 30mil as season a year in my opinion. ive said this before.

  69. gaz allen was not priority. could of bought him in 12 months time. other areas to fill

  70. br is now saying the club lacks quality yet when he came he praised the quality.
    he is running out of excuses.

  71. Enough with the Rome wasn't buikt in a day bullshit, no it took 100 years are happy to wait that long?

  72. Well, we have a new manager and some new players, we have more competition for places which is EXACTLY what we needed, NOW it will be a case of separating the Wheat from the Chaff, those players who do perform well will no doubt be shuffled forward and given more of a chance to play for the first team...

    That can only be a good thing, last night we played well, worked hard ,closed down a good Hearts side, hit the bloody wooodwork but got our just rewards for a fine effort overall, CLEARLY what we need to do is translate this work rate etc into our first team, which im sure will be BR's intentions....

    I hope (and pray) that we can do this, i expect Gerrard to be a big part of our season and IMO he deserves to be BUT if he doesn't perform CONSISTENTLY well then there will be others who Brendan can bring in....simple as that really, i don't see why after 1 game where his form dipped a bit Gerrard can't play our new system and won't fit etc so we should someone else in....? Just doesn't add up, people keep talking about Shelvey but last night Hendo and Adam were IMO better than him, Shelvey still has a lot to learn, against better opposition we need our better players....simple as that.

    Sterling is a VERY promising talent but he's still young and also has a lot to learn, its a fine line, the timing has to be right, this season those younger players etc will know that there are places avaliable so its up to them to take their chances, 1 good game should not guarantee a starting place, there has to be a run of consistently good/very good.. performances.

    Anyway, im not a manager, its just my 2 cents on the matter, the player clique that has been causing us to lose our way does NOT involve Gerrard or Carra IMO, others like you might think that it does, hopefully this season ALL these players can start pulling together new players will be integrated and slowly and surely we might start forming a more cohesive and dynamic squad of players with which to compete with, simply put we need more unity at the Club, the players us fan's, everyone at the Club...thats the only way forward.

  73. No i havn't, you are trying to justify you opinion re Gerrard and i disagreed....i fail to see how that is answering your question...

  74. Bloody well said Mark give the boy a chance i couldn't agree more
    and his pretty quick to.

  75. So Mitzu would you say that finishing and playing the way we did last season would warrant a bigger dip in form, so if it happened at Arsenal and United than they would call for heads to roll?
    By the way you and JK happly critise Suarez and the boy has been with us one season and scored more goals than anyone else at LFC hardly seems fair not to mention he has left his world behind and tried to adapt to a new one.
    I personally think that Carra should not start ahead of Coates this is a problem we have he has played against some of the worlds best strikers but yet we seem to treat him as we do Sterling and co, players don't want to play for us if they are going to sit on the bench while we use past greats.

  76. for me its simple ...you play well you keep your place ..no matter what your name is .....any other formula is folly

  77. Unfortunately its not as simple as that.....IF we were to abide by your methods we would have no first team at all because most if not ALL our players havn't been playing well.....