6 Aug 2012

Confirmed: €8m LFC wing-target "could leave" Spain soon. Sign him...?

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers confirmed over the weekend that he plans to bring several overseas players to Anfield on loan. Several quality players have been linked with Liverpool loan moves over the last few weeks, and now, the Agent of Barcelona's Ibrahim Affelay has confirmed that the Dutch winger is open to a year-long loan move.

Afellay has been linked with a move to Liverpool several times over the last few months, and in an interview on Saturday, Rodgers revealed:

"I have also looked at one or two loan deals from abroad. There are some quality players in that market that I have inquired about"

In response to questions from Reporters on Sunday, Rob Jansen - Affelay's Agent - revealed the following:

"Yes, that is a possibility. Afellay could leave on loan for a year"

Jansen later backtracked on this and suggested it is 'unlikely' that Afellay would leave Barcelona, but he would've make the above comment in the first place if there was no truth to it.

The €8m-rated Dutchman signed for Barcelona in a cut-price €2.5 deal in January 2011, but he's only made a small number of appearances for Barcelona since then, and with their star-studded line-up, it doesn't appear likely that he'll become a regular starter over the next year.

Worth a loan bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. There's been so many players linked to the Club right now and i believe if we can get Afellay he would be an excellent signing and if we can get Oscar Cardozo as well that would be the icing on the cake.

  2.  affelay shpould stay in barcelone

  3. My head is spinning. What with all these players Rodgers is supposedly interested in and the Skrtel and Agger saga, then the Bellamy to Cardiff rumours. I'm going into hibernation, wake me up when it all starts.

  4. It's great we are offloading players, that lets face it, aren't going to get lfc any higher up the league, but when are we going to buy some? Or Loansome? Next out cole, adam,spearing,downing at least. The season kicks off in 2 weeks and I'm still wincing at the thought of our midfield having downing, spearing, Adam, Henderson in it and no quality finisher up front. Our midfield is weak. The only quality attacker is Suarez but he is more creator than goal getter. If only we had the money of last summer, this time!!!!!! We may try and get some quality players! Barcelona have an awesome b team as do real Madrid- Tello, Cuenca, muniesa, Sergio canales. Ander Herrera looks very promising as a creator in central midfield. Piatti. Rondon. Muniain. Koke. Javi martinez. Falcao. Soldado. Negredo. These players will improve our squad. Simple as that. Hard part is being ambitious instead just stock pilling average players on high wages, again- apart from allen. If anyone watches la liga they will know about these players.

  5. It is a domino effect actually. When KD was sacked, the senior players were not too receptive. They have lost faith with the FSG yanks. When there is no continuity, and being inside the club, I don't blame the players.  KD stuck with the players he bought to the end. Which led to his sacking eventually. 

    Right now the club is in a chaotic state. I would not be surprised if Suarez puts in a request for a transfer. Who next. 

    Stability of the club is of great importance and I think the players don't see it for now.

    The imminent future of the club looks bleak but I wish and pray I am wrong. Buck Rodgers better buckle up as it is going to be another roller coaster Season. Be prepared for massive dissapointments.

  6. Yes a great exciting player who can play wide or central...sign him up

  7. Lets try to keep our players first, then worry about the signings. If we keep losing players, who is going to come to the club????

  8. Nige you make a good point. I wish Rodgers had indeed taken over last summer and not this one. He would have had the money  to really pursue top high class talent and probably wouldn't have resorted to trying to bring everyone he ever worked with.  With only one month left in the transfer we have only got one person and tried to sign two other players that the manager has worked with. Other than that BR has been linked with so many people on the Swansea team and so many other players . It is actually hard to know who he is really going to sign just because there is so much speculation. With the number of departures we have already had this summer BR really has to step up his pursuit for fresh blood because the four weeks will be by in a flash and we will be back trying to make last minute desperation  purchases in the 13th hour that will see us pay far too much for a player not worth even half his actual transfer fee. I would like for BR to aggressively pursue players he has not worked with before. I know the fear of buying flops is a real one and it probably keeps him up at night. With a new system in place if he has problems identifying talent that can come in adapt to this new system then Liverpool and the new foot-balling strategy are already in trouble.

  9. Agree Bill its also doing my head in big time.But i agree
    with us putting 22m on Aggers head, will prob take 20.

  10. This season is going to find out who the real fans are.I reckon the
    owners have given Brendan the go ahead to transform the team,
    as he feels fit, that could mean all our socalled top players will be
    allowed to go unless they proove to BR they really want to play for
    the club.So far he has signed one who fits the bill ie Borini.One
    player that has to proove himself is Reina, or i reckon he will go.
    Thats why i say this season is going to be very hard for all reds
    fans,but we must do as the owners are doing,and believe in BR.

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  12. I don't blame Brendan and I don't think Brendan has much of a choice to sell his more marketable players...he simply can't buy if he doesn't sell! I'm getting worried as the season start gets closer. Only "major" signing being $11M Borini, with 3 departures of Kuyt, Maxi and Aquilani which more or less "balance the accounting books", if you take into account of wages. It's clear the squad needs investment, & if FSG thinks the club can improve leaps and bounds with minimal investment, we are in serious danger. Wake up FSG!!!

  13. I think a loan deal would be good, but I think they should do it where Barca still have to pay a portion of his wages. I think its time we got some good deals, instead of everyone taking the p!ss out of Liverpool RE transfers and loans.

  14. The picture forming is that we are reducing the wage bill and will fund any incoming players with the sale of one of our remaining quality players.

    We have lost Kuyt, Aquilani and Maxi. Bellamey next. Our squad is getting thinner and thinner. To replace these players with loan players from Europe is crazy. How can they be expected to improve on last season?

    The immediate future is looking bleak. The knock on effect is our other top players can see the deteration as well. How long will they want to stick around?

  15. how diffrent is this then the rafa benitez day sell before you buy . sell agger skertal carroll  60mil there is our tranfer kitty the yanks are talking about. And we will buy dempsey williams allen that the forgien players owww my god . sterling going jonjo signed new contract hes going swansea pepe is going cole at 32 is like a new signing fresh . nightmare and people get paid  big right this bullshit or is it true who knows?

  16. IF we still had Rafa we'd have signed most of these players already!

  17. Well we don't have Rafa.. so get on with things. Oh & if we had we would have probably signed a few flops too!!

  18. For everyone screaming at the owners to put more money into the club, stop and think about what you're saying! They pretty much gave a blank check to Dalglish while he was there, and we spent big, without selling many top plays (excepting Torres, who we had no choice but to sell). Look what that got us: potential, flops, and a bit of quality. You can't blame them for wanting to be more shrewd this time around. We have an inflated wage bill, and theres simply not enough money right now to operate the club in a sustainable way and sign top class players. If we were to sign a starting 11 player, that would reduce someone with wages around 75k to a squad player, and thats not sustainable. Hence, we're having to offload some of those future squad players so that we can sign new players. It sucks, but there are simply to many players on the liverpool roster who command enormous salaries that don't match their performances, and until that is righted, it's hard to buy quality.

    There's still a month in the transfer window, we've moved on some players on big wages, the olympics are over for most of our targets. Be calm and give it a few weeks and see what happens. Have faith in the club. I'm tired of all the doom and gloom out there about Liverpool having a terrible season when we've only played one competitive game under a new manager with a weakened squad. Have a bit of patience and faith in the club for christs sake.

  19. I highly rate him from his days in PSV. I think he can be an amazing signing, even though his form has dropped for the last season.

  20. I agree with you mate, people are too quick to judge the owners.

    Kenny sold Torres, Meireles, Babel, Konchesky and Ayala for £69m. He bought Carroll, Suarez, Downing, Henderson, Adam, Coates and Enrique for £114m. So he basically spent £45m of FSG's money on players which isn't too bad. He did spend too much on Hendo, Downing and Carroll but his total spend wasn't as high as people make out.

    Brendan has spent £23m on 2 players and he hasn't generated much cash from player sales. He has slashed the wage bill substantially though which will benefit the club financially. He probably won't get as much money as King Kenny but he will get money if he needs it. FSG know what they are doing and so does BR. If people wait until the transfer window ends before judging the owners, the haters may be pleasantly surprised!!

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