3 Jul 2012

"I've had offers" - £20m Italy star reveals Premier League interest. LFC bid?

Italy Daniele De Rossi was arguably one of the Azurri's best players at Euro 2012, and although the midfield anchorman is on a long contract at Roma, he has a soft spot for the the Premier League, and he recently revealed that he'd received several offers to defect to England.

In a recent interview, De Rossi - who's been linked with both Manchester United and Manchester City in the past - said:

"I have received many offers from English football. And I must say that I feel attraction for it.

"I like English football very much. I think now it's probably more interesting than Italian football, and there are lots of outstanding and talented players"

It's possible that one of the 'many offers' for De Rossi's services came from Liverpool.

If not, then perhaps the club should think about making Roma an offer? Liverpool need of another quality midfielder to compete with Lucas Leiva, and given De Rossi's admiration for Steven Gerrard, the Reds would surely have an advantage. Of the Liverpool Captain, De Rossi enthused:

"Steven Gerrard has always been my idol. He is among the best in the world. You see Gerrard defending and attacking here and there. I would like to be able to play more like that."

It would be hard to pry £20m-rated De Rossi away from Roma though; like Gerrard, he is the archetypal 'one club' man, and he's now in his 12th year at the Stadio Olimpico.

Still, at the age of 28, Roma's 'Capitan Futuro' is running out of time to test himself in one of the world's top leagues, and if his comments are anything to go by, he clearly harbours a subconscious desire to play in the Premier League.

Would De Rossi fit in at Liverpool?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. De rossi is a born winner.

    So no, he wouldn't fit at Liverpool.

  2. Not going to happen!

  3. We don't need one more Aquailani!

  4. I would have him!

  5. "I read every day players that are linked with here and unfortunately, especially for the supporters, it’s a difficult time because you’ve got agents linking players with Liverpool just purely because it’s great for them to be linked with such an institution of a club.
    "But the reality is there are very few players who can come and make a difference to Liverpool."
    Brendon Rogers this morning .........how true. There is too much speculation about who we are going to sign, maybe sign etc.
    All articles like this do is raise the expectations of Supporters, Players and place huge pressure on the shoulders of the manager.
    Liverpool-Kop has linked Liverpool with that many players this summer and not 1 of them has signed or will (IMO) sign. Come on JK what about the article proving KD was not world class !!!!  

  6. Seriously?? Do you guys just not think about the nonsense before you type it, or just hope that nobody is going to call bs on you?? 

    Since when has Roma been a more successful club than Liverpool???

  7. wouldnt waste my time on idiots jay.

  8. just wish BR would get cracking so we don't have to keep reading speculative reports for weeks to come

  9. Meanwhile AVB becomes Tottenham manager! I think he had done that deal well in advance. Probably that's why he was little interested in Liverpool job back in June.

  10. Admittedly a silly comment.  My point being that over the past 10-15 years, Liverpool have been maybe marginally more successful than Roma (on account of winning a Champions League, Roma having won the League last in 2000 or 2001 I think).

    However if he were to move from his hometown club where he is VC, you'd imagine it would take big bucks AND the promise of competing for trophies and being in the Champions League, something Liverpool aren't in a position to do at present, especially when Utd and City are rumoured to be interested.

    The issue Liverpool have at the moment is they have aspirations to be a CL club again, however are ALWAYS going to have to take 2nd choice in transfer market, due to coming as low as you did last year and the fact that Rodgers is an (although undoubtedly talented) inexperienced manager.  Therefore players like De Rossi are going to be out of your reach at present.  Take Sigurdsson for an applicable example of it, choosing Spurs over Pool.

    The equivalent of Pool signing De Rossi is pretty much seeing Gerrard go the other way.  Big club with a good history not currently quite competing where they would like to, hometown boy been at the club since day 0, written into the fabric.

    That a fair, reasoned argument for you?

  11. We shud be happy. Modric, VDV and Bale to leave Tottenham

  12. Sorry, but your statement about this site 'linking LFC with players' is totally incorrect.

    * I report the comments of Agents/Players/Owners etc in relation to LFC.  I don't just make stories up out of thin air.

    * If an Agent says 'Liverpool are interested in X', that is newsworthy, and it's news that lots of Liverpool fans are interested in.

    * I never say 'Liverpool are going to sign this player'.  I merely report the comments, and give my opinion on the player.

    Transfer news is by its very nature speculation, so to expect every rumour to lead to an actual transfer is wildly unrealistic.

    When I start posting unsourced transfer rumours pulled out of thin air (like so many football sites), then you ca get on my case :-)

  13. Sacking Redknap the biggest mistake in tottenhamfc history

  14. always thought that de rossi is the signing we should have made from roma instead of aquilani to replace alonso.

  15.  nothing like aquilani.

  16. cheikhabdou gaye4:45 pm, July 03, 2012

    he is unbelievable

  17. Rubbish look at your posts since the end of season everyone and anyone you have linked to lfc even this guy and their is no evidence thet thepool have any interest

  18. bale just signed a new contract

  19. If you think that jk or anyone else can prove kd  was not world class you would need to see a docter.

  20. i thot h&g were the worst...
    now i guess levy is one of those idiots who replaced a man who was ready to challenge for the title(no disrespect to avb)....
    neways good for us......

  21. You seriously need to learn to read properly. Please find the sentence in the article where I state that Liverpool are interested in De Rossi. If you're incapable of interpreting what I write fairly then please don't bother commenting.

  22. BR can put  an end to all this speculation by actually signing a player who really wants to come to Liverpool. Until he breaks and signs new player there will be no end to the many players linked to Liverpool. I think Elvis has a better chance of playing for Liverpool than De Rossi does and Elvis has been dead a long time. 

  23. Always rated him, despite his ups and downs in recent seasons. One of the better defensive midfielders when it comes to having the ball at his feet. Love to see him at Anfield but hard to see him leave Roma and if he does, I'm sure he would opt for a CL club. With us having such a high wage budget for a non-CL club, don't see the owners going for a player that would command such high wages when they are probably looking to bring the wage bill down. 

  24. get him he better than adam

  25. In regard to kd being "world class",it all depends on what you use for the formula. I thought a WC player was a player who was appreciated for his skill and style both on and off the pitch..In kd,s hey day he did,nt have to put up with all the (imo)fanciful distractions.Self serving media hype,wolf hungry agents and managers,more-money-than-brains owners,off field antics,I dont want to play with you guys ,cos he slept with so n so,or so n so insulted my brother.The "high" life i guess you could call it,has cost more than a few careers i'm sure.Back to KD.He went to practice every week,made the cut played"imo brilliantly every saturday"for whoever at the time,until his time for playing was up,as amanager i believe he held his own in lower league.then to answer the call and come to try to manage a club that was hurting,a proud club a club floundering because of ownership/mngmt problems only to fail.a real lfc fan will agree he was special,doesnt have a hair style named after him or life sized easter eggs of him every easter,just special.world class     

  26. I understand what you write here JK and its true you report what others have said in relation to transfers. My post was not meant as a critcism of you in any way it wasnt very well written to be fair

  27. I know KD was absolute world class but JK using his formula would probably disagree and label him PWC (is that right JK !) 

  28. I began to wonder if we are not going to sign any new player this season despite BR saying he's eyeing 3-4 new players. Did FSG close the tap or are there simply no established players want to play for us? Even Gylfi Sigurdsson is snubbing us for Spurs. Why are we always slower than other clubs in terms of transfer matters? Where are we now in the soccer world as a club with great history?

    Another thought here, say if we are not getting any new players this season, what are the chances of us getting more wins and goals than last season, under the guidance of BR? Can he perform miracle with the set of players left behind by KD?

    What about players from the reserve and youth team? We never have another first team player promoted from the youth team since SG. Can we name another first team striker promoted from youth team besides Michael Owen? Sadly, MO broke into LFC's first team in 1996. I really question the existence and purpose of our youth team these number of years. Is BR a manager that is willing to offer first team football to reserve and youth team players? Personally, I really hope he is. I thought we have some interesting young players in Coates, Martin Kelly, Jonjo Shelvey and Raheem Sterling. How much better is Gylfi Sigurdsson compared to Jonjo Shelvey? I don't know since I don't have much chance to see the boys in action. Maybe we should try and who knows.

  29. My bad. Sorry if I came across as defensive.

  30. I'm going to make a generalisation here, but don't think that I'm aiming this at you!

    The problem that a lot of people have with Liverpool fans, and hence why they revel in their slight fall from grace at the moment, is that, especially during the last few years of Rafa being in charge and during the particularly hostile time KD was, is that there is an air of arrogance about SOME pool fans that they are above certain teams, the teams that have invariably taken points off of you over the past 3 seasons.

    I don't think the Sigurdsson deal is about money, as Spurs have been notoriously tight recently.  May have something to do with the fact that, if it weren't for Chelsea defying the odds, Spurs would have been in the CL this season, and look well placed to challenge again this year.

  31. his formula is his opinion,minne was my opinion(that right JK)

  32. Rossi is loyal too Roma like Totti was he won't leave. Mourinho wanted him when he was at Inter Mourinho loves the man and has tried getting him at Madrid but both times he Rossi turned him down. Like Gerrards loyalties to LFC he is similar to that regard, SAF is also a big fan who has enquired for his services in the past, Mancini is linked with him every season since hes been at City, if they don't have a chance why would we??

    He's a top notch player tho im a big fan of his, i think he could handle the PL no probs.

  33. I don't really class myself as a stereotypical fan so am not personally fussed by generalisations, but regardless Liverpool is my club so I defend it from unfair criticism.

    Everybody goes on about the 'arrogance' of Liverpool fans, but this is true of EVERY club - give a fan something to shout about and he will do so. Look how quickly Spurs and Newcastle fans have jumped on the high horse, and they haven't even achieved anything close to what Liverpool had under Benitez!

    Anyway, I may well be proven wrong but I think Spurs have already hit their high mark, and from this point on will just be struggling to maintain your current position instead of moving forwards. Maybe Vilas Boas can change the culture at the club, but as far as I can see, you guys are scared of success and for that reason aren't a real threat to achieve it. 

  34. De Rossi is an amazing player..De Rossi, Gerrard, and Lucas would be a fantastic central midfield. That would be reminiscent of the great  Gerrand, Alonso, and MonsterMasch in the center. However at this point in time I really don't think we could ever match his aspirations. In the last years of his career he'll want to go to a club that are actually winning big trophies like City or Chelsea. Not so sure if he'd be as keen on a rebuilding project with success a decent few years down the line. As for previous comments. Most Liverpool fans don't think they're superior to other clubs and aren't arrogant. They may be frustrated with how things are going..yes. But we certainly don't think we're above the likes of chelsea,utd,city,and arsenal. And Spurs can be counted in with those teams at the moment too.

  35. lol....
    No, De Rossi will stay at Roma untill age 32~33 and then move to another  league (I think he said to USA).

    De Rossi is GialloRosso and he will stay at Roma!!!

    Ti Amo De Rossi.

    and Forza Roma!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Septimus_severus11:07 am, July 04, 2012

    Frankly all these signings are pure speculation and not based on ANY HARD EVIDENCE.
    My concern is the fact that Brendan Rogers would do much better in not conducting interviews or fanning the flames.
    Notice how purple nose goes quiet when the season ends?
    Brendan must realise and FAST that the press in general do not have Liverpools interest at heart.
    Starve them of information and just get on with signing players rather than talking about it.
    I'm not sure what  Brendan has done since his appointment other than give interviews.
    Brendan should be looking to shift the deadwieght of Carroll, Adam, Downing and Henderson as soon as possible.

    None of them in my view deserve any more opportunities they had a FULL SEASON to show what they can't do.

    Also I'd like to know just exactly what is happening with the stadium.

    Dalglish as I stated when he was appointed was ****ING DISASTER and I hope the idiots who called for him to be appointed change there names on here cus I warned it would turn sour.

    My main urk is with FSG, we'll see just what there made of this season.
    If they don't give Brendan any money my view is they'll be gone in 3 years time.

  37. IMO De Rossi isin`t coming to LFC anytime soon, if Breden Rodgers plays his cards right, we could become once again, the team that every other club fear. With a few new signings, the likes of Andy Johnson (Man City) Demba BA (Newcastle) and Maybe Aqualani,if he shows his loyaltys lie with LFC, we might just have the right ballance to make our team worthy opponents,and once again become serious contenders for the tital? With Lucas Leiva, back and fit and if Rodgers could persuade, Gaston Ramirez, to come to Anfield? thier isin`t a team that i would fear. Dont forget last season we only messed up because of the fact we couldin`t finnish games off, with an abundance of missed opportunitys (hitting the woodwork) over thirtysomething times, this shows how much we need a clinicle goalscorer. Maybe Downing was never good enough to don a LFC shirt, he in my opinion went missing to often in a lot of crucial games. so maybe its time to move him on Imho. Come on Brenden lets see who you bring in? and hopefully Aqua is given another chance if he shows his loyalty to the club. BR, Y.N.W.A.  

  38. Shashankshetty2312:54 pm, July 04, 2012

    y not try bringing sergio busquets.He can play well in the defensive mildfield and tika taka as well

  39. How clown do you think that Sigurdsson picked Spurs because he thinks that they are to be more successful than LFC, if you do than you are a fool, players will play for who ever pays them more money, it is a business, forget about all the BS about CL, Trophies put 100,000 pounds a week in front of them and watch who they run too so stop kidding yourself and get with the times. How do you think Man City won the EPL MONEY MONEY MONEY and good luck to them.

  40. Bit ambitious mate!