3 Jul 2012

LFC Hero admits: It's my "dream" to be manager of Liverpool. Future boss?

In an interview earlier today, Brendan Rodgers waxed lyrical about the irresistible lure of Liverpool FC, and how he could not turn down the opportunity to manager such a legendary football club. Clearly, Anfield still retains the power to attract both players and managers alike, and this is especially true for one particular ex-Red, who has his eyes fixed firmly on the Liverpool manager's job.

In an interview with Bild over the weekend, ex-Reds defender Markus Babbel candidly revealed that his ultimate goal is to become the manager of Liverpool. He said:

"It's been a dream of mine to someday become the manager of Liverpool FC.

"The city, the fans and of course the club are great.

"I'm 39 and hopefully have years of coaching ahead of me, but I need to be able to demonstrate management success.

"Of course, all of this is still quite far away, but I think about it daily".

Babbel and Rodgers have much in common:

* They're both 39 years old.
* They both have 5 years of management experience.
* They've learned their trade managing smaller clubs.
* Both led their teams to promotion in the 2010-11 season.

When it comes career win percentages, Babbel (47%) is ahead of Rodgers (41%) right now, but Rodgers' teams clearly play the better football.

Liverpool fans have fond memories of Babbel's swashbuckling performances during his time at Anfield. During the memorable 2000-2001 treble-winning season, the German played 60 out of 63 games for the club, and was integral to Liverpool's success that year.

Both Rodgers and Babbel will be under the spotlight at their respective clubs this season, and it will be interesting to compare and contrast their progress over the next year.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Hopefully BR will end his career as LFC boss, then there will not be any need for a new manager! 

  2. i hope Brendon Rodgers is a great success I also think that Carra may well become a manager in the near future and if he is a success he would surely be a major consideration at some point in the future. Babbel IMO will not fulfill his dream.
    On another note I read the transcript of BR interview this morning and was interested to hear that he had plans to bring in 3 or 4 players. I dont think any of those targets other than Glfi have yet been linked to the club. The players linked so far have had there positions talked up by the media and agents.
    BR said this
    "I read every day players that are linked with here and unfortunately, especially for the supporters, it's a difficult time because you've got agents linking players with Liverpool just purely because it's great for them to be linked with such an institution of a club.
    But the reality is there are very few players who can come and make a difference to Liverpool."

  3. Hey Jaimie. May I just ask, how on earth did you convince Tom Hicks to leak you financial information about Liverpool just prior to their departure?

  4. I believe Brendon Rodgers will be Liverpool manager for a very long time. He will get us back to where we belong.

  5. No i wasn't implying anything illegal at all. I've just found all these unfair scathing articles on you by one particular liverpool fan site (lfckopchat) and it seems they kind of stalk you. They seem to be the apologists that don't accept the realistic situation of the club and quite embarassingly state you delete posts that counter your view ( didn't they notice 90% of comments already counter your argument?). Did Hicks find your site through just browsing the net or word of mouth? I just didn't realise this site had such a large readership! (if that's a word...). By the way do you have any updates on this Sirgursson situtation? Thanks Jaimie, and f*** the haters!

  6. my opinion of babbel went down after we supported him through his illness and then when he recovered i personally feel he didn't put his heart into it and was a shadow of his former self. hoping brendon will be here for a good while and next should be carra! 

  7. Thank God! he is not Ryan Babel.

  8. wow - you can't really be serious, can you??

  9. Hi Nick - thanks for your comments. I'm glad you can see the stalker nature of that site. The person who runs it is, in fact, a stalker, and he's been harassing me and my family for the last two years (on and offline), and that site is his latest attempt to defame me online. Due to some of the things he's done, the Police are involved (he's broken the law countless times in his deranged campaign of harassment), but he does everything anonymously so he's really hard to trace.

    Everything on that site is a total lie, deliberately designed to make me look bad.

    I'm glad you can also see the ridiculousness of the argument that I delete comments that counter my view; as you say, the majority of comments post disagree with me (!), so how can that be true?

    Hicks found this site through word of mouth (recommendation from someone else at LFC).

    Re Sigurdsson: according to Steve Nicol, the deal is off due to his wage demands, but you never know what might happen at the eleventh hour.

  10. jeez I hope your 2 week hiatus from this site wasn't due to that creep! (if it was, it's ironic how he accused you of not doing any analysis of rodger's appointment because of your prediction that AVB was definate to sign). I'm confused about the financial part though, how can Purslow state we were one day away from administration whilst the information presented to you painted quite a different picture?

  11. No, the 2 week break was not because of him.  I just had some life stuff to take care of that just happened to coincide with with Rodgers' appointment. Anyway, I've stated countless times that I'm happy with BR's appointment and I'm 100% behind him.

    Re Purslow - the idea that LFC were 'one day away from administration' is nonsense, and the club's own accounts do not support that. Indeed, there is no proof anywhere that support's Purslow's contention.

    It's a strategic media sound-byte, and given the ongoing legal issues with H+G over the Purslow/Broughton sale of the club to FSG, Purslow has an obvious vested interest in presenting that negative view of LFC.

  12.  Jaimie did you ever consider that maybe Hicks was feeding you false information??

  13. Of course, but I've been studying LFC's accounts for years, so I knew the history of how money was flowing in and out of the club. In any event, everything Hicks told me was later proven to be correct in subsequent club accounts. Nothing was false. What would he have to gain by providing false info anyway? If he'd given me anything made-up, I would've spotted it.

  14. but there will be .... when he retires ?

  15. cheikhabdou gaye2:14 pm, July 03, 2012

    lfc 4 LIFE TO BR

  16. JKfor the past few months i have been following your articles on this site ,I feel your overall knowledge of the game, the leagues teams and especially your intimate knowledge of LFC,is it inapropriate to ask,would and could you,manage a team? no sarcasm intented!!!

  17. As usual Jaimie, you are uninformed.

    Babbel did not learn his trade as a manager at small clubs. His first job was as Stuttgard - one of the biggest clubs in Germany, his second was at Hertha Berlin - another big club.

  18. What about Hyypia for manager one day?