12 Jun 2012

"I'm excited!" - LFC legend hails Brendan Rodgers appointment...

Anfield legend Steve Nicol recently admitted that he was 'shocked' by the sacking of his former team-mate and boss Kenny Dalglish, and throughout the recruitment process for a new manager, he urged the club to sign an older, experienced manager to replace Dalglish. FSG ultimately appointed the comparatively young Brendan Rodgers, and despite initial reservations, Nicol now believes it was the right decision.

Speaking to ESPN yesterday, Nicol - who won every trophy under the sun as a Liverpool player - said:

"I'm excited. I was initially looking for an older, experienced guy who'd been around the block, but now that's not happened, absolutely I'm excited.

"Swansea were good to watch, and it's great to pass the ball around, but when you're at Liverpool, the key is scoring goals and winning games".

I agree with Nicol here; for the first time since Roy Evans was around, I'm excited by a new Liverpool manager, and I'm sure Rodgers will be excellent for the club.

Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez were both excellent managers in their own right but I never felt excitement when they were appointment. Indeed, prior to Benitez's appointment, I argued strongly and repeatedly for Martin O'Neill to get the job, but alas, that didn't happen.

Roy Hodgson was not an appointment that inspired excitement (!), and although it was a dream come true to see Dalglish return the club, I - like many fans, I'm sure - harboured doubts about his suitability for the job, and those fears were sadly realised.

I don't expect miracles from Rodgers; making up a 17 point gap from 8th to 4th in one season is going to be incredibly difficult, but as long as Liverpool are at least challenging for the top 4 all season - like Newcastle were last season - I think that will be acceptable.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i'd have to agree.
    the potential that rodgers has is exciting.
    hopefully it'll be the start of something big.

  2. out



  3. Am I the only person who posts on this site that can see the only thing lacking from last season was a natural finisher? And the best player, in my opinion, to go for this transfer window would be Bojan. With BR wanting to install a tiki taka style of play next season - something taught at Barcelona's La Masia to kids from the age of 5 - Bojan has played this style all his life and would be a great fit.

  4. Mark. We didn't just lack a natural finisher. We also lacked natural wingers. But agree with you, wasn't as far off as everybody thinks we are.

    A.Johnson, Sturridge, Siggurdsonn would be great and realistic signings.

  5. I'm excited as well. I just hope Rodgers will be quick to clear the first team of poor elements like Henderson and Spearing.

  6. I agree to an extent Mark. LFC in some games last season played teams off the park and then just when you expected them to win against lower opposition we failed. We were unsuccesful infront of goal and we were desperate for that natural goalscorer lets hope we sign someone to compliment what we have. I personally would have given dalglish till Christmas but it wasnt to be so hopefully BR will get us playing the right way and attract the signings to make us great again. I think it will be a plan A and Plan B scenario and as plan A he will attract players no to improve us and hopefully get us into the CL and then Plan B once we have qualified for the CL attract the superstars of European Football. We are still a great draw for players 

  7. Oh dear. Martin O'neill. Just shows how out of touch you are with real Liverpool SUPPORTERS.

  8.  i think we also lacked midfielders getting into the box.alot of times downing was putting balls in and we'd be lucky to have more than one player there.

  9. Bojan is crap, very very crap

  10. I do not share the excitement, a mid table manager to manage mid table players who came from other mid table or relegated clubs, Henderson, Downing, Adam and Carroll. Brendan Rodgers hardly a name to entice the elite of Europe to Liverpool.
    He may conjure up some high score draws and play a more exciting brand of football than the dour Roy Hodgson but so did Ian Holloway.

  11. Totally agreed Harry - I don't care whether they're in favour elsewhere, those players would improve our team no end, and I would actually be confident of a top 4 finish with those moves tbh!

  12. I'm very optimistic of both success and excitement on the pitch, and MUCH more so than if a 'proven success' like Martin O'Neil had been appointed!

  13. This is the most exciting appointment we've seen in a long, long time. I just can't help drawing comparisons with Shankly's appointment. He only came to Liverpool after our second attempt to bring him in - initially he wouldn't have been picking the team, but he insisted he'd only become our manager if he picked the team. Rodgers, similarly, only came on the proviso that he was the main man (albeit within a "committee" structure). And some of Rodgers' sound bites to date could have come from the mouth of Shanks himself - "Our idea is to pass teams to a standstill so they can no longer come after you. Eventually you wear them down."

    And all this talk of tika taka! The man's simply bringing back the Liverpool way. It's not tika taka; it's pass and move.

  14. i agree wit u mark but lets nt forget that we need midfielders as well....spearing, adam did not cut it for me, i would like to see a strong attacking midfield player brought into the fray, meaning gerrard and lucas will hold the midfield, and someone like gaston ramirez should be brought in to supplement the attack from midfield..i would also like to see adam johnson and a younger but flexible striker like sturrigde to be added. 

                     SKRTEL                            AGGER
    JOHNSON                                                     ENRIQUE

    STURRIDGE                 G. RAMIREZ                  A. JOHNSON

    All four attacking players have the ability to score:


  15. Billy...you are living in a fantasy world mate. Be realistic about where we are as a club. We are a mid table club, with a proud HISTORY. History is the past. Players would rather go to Arsenal, Chelsea, and either Manchester club. And that is just in the premier league! Never mind all the other clubs top players could choose from in Europe. So the sooner you realize that, and supporters like you, and start backing the new manger and owners  the better. They want the same as you, for us to be a force again, but that going to take time and a touch of realism. We going to have to do a Newcastle, or a moneyball type miricale. That is buying not the very very top players, but rather buying players that are undervalued, perhaps show potential, undiscovered gems. We have fallen off the pace and it going to take a huge effort to get near the top. The owners have realized this is a long term project, hence appointing a young manager. The truth is we may even fall further back in terms of points, BUT we will hopefully play better football, develop our youngsters and show promise. And overtime, 3 to 5 years start moving up the table. Be patient Rome wasn't built in a day. The owners, the manager, the players need our support.    

  16. Billywhizz I agree with you it is an exciting bold and brave appointment and we can draw comparisons from when we appointed shanks and I will for 1 support BR in his quest to make us great again. BUT there is one word that hasnt been used to describe the appointment GAMBLE. because in this day and age it is a gamble. We must not forget that when we appointed shanks there was a level playing field with regards to player investment. It wasnt just about the richest clubs buying the best players and paying them the most money. The bigger clubs went shopping for talent in the lower leagues, Scotland Ireland etc. BR has got to improve the results on the pitch with a financial handicap because we cannot compete with some other clubs financially. In the old days you could bring a player in from lower league and stick him in the reserves and develop him. It was the bedrock of the anfield way today you cannot do that and maintain a decent league position. So although Shankly could have been described as a gamble his appointment was much less of a gamble than the appointment of BR

  17. i undertand your disappointment with spearing as he has been trying to break into the first team for a while, i think he would be a geat player at someone like fulham/west ham but he is definatly not going to make it into rodgers tika-taka style of play, however henderson is differnt, apart from his lack of confidence you can see his potential shine through like an 18 year old gerrard, perhaps with the development of a new style of play at liverpool you will see henderson get used correctly- remember he was juggling lucas' position -(which i think everyone realised how important lucas is to liverpool this season)- and downings position on the right where he is not the best crosser in the game or the best tackler, you can see his potential when he is played as a CM/CAM and he delivers those passes/through balls through to the front men, little more confidence in him and i think we have a real future star at lfc.

    remeber henderon is 21 years of age and we r likening him to how downing has peformed, i think had henderson been bough for say 6million everybody would be saying "he'll be good in time"

  18. 21 Year old talented players - forget that, even 17 year old talented players - already show what they're worth. I haven't seen even a glimpse of Liverpool-scale talent from Henderson. Sunderland was exactly the place for him, and I will never understand the reasons for signing him, let alone splashing 18 mil. for that.

    Sorry for being radical, that's just as frank as Henderson's performances have been ridiculous.

  19. It's funny isn't it?
    How we all think great players and managers pop out of a womb and are slapped with a £35-70 million price tag and are inducted into the managerial hall of fame when they start sitting on the potty by themselves!
    Great managers and players start somewhere, for some time now we (lfc) have missed the boat on every level.
    For some unknown reason, representatives from both cynics and optimists alike, are seriously excited; take Jaimie for one side and let's say any 'superfan' you may care to highlight. Both camps have a certain deep understanding that starting from scratch was going to be the only way and ghat this appointment and that the philosophies propounded by all levels at lfc are and have every possibility of unearthing the real talent that's out here before it becomes worth thd umpteen mIllions and before the manager gets headhunted by clubs competing with us for long term glory.
    Brendan Rodgers has solid beliefs and has 20 years experience, he stopped playing and starts coaching 20 years ago, Mancini has coached for less time. Rodgers looks to have lfc in his family ie. his dad and granddad, so he wants well for us on a personal level and professional level so it makes him look good; let's just be honest as well :-)
    He has a playing and objective viewing style which suits us and that we really badly need right now and that is to go back to being media friendly and tough as titanium on the field.
    All in all I get why you're excited Jaimie and mark yes we did just need a striker BUT openings, angles, final balls into open areas for strikers or to their feet, they have to come from somewhere, all our build up play last year was originating obviously from the back but was leaving our strike force unable to do anything with it cos it put them in with awkward positions to attack with. Hence why Rodgers talks about intelligent options and decision making from our players and he talks about education rather than training, we have actually got decent players who are acting a bit thick, I believe he will have a good go at putting that right and will go after already intelligent young players.

  20. It's a new start for LFC now. Rodgers will have his own ideas and all the better for it. As a neutral (if you can believe that) I'd like to see him bring attacking football to LFC - the goal should be to try and recreate something like the 'culture club' of 1988. Dalglish was a step in the right direction in that sense after the 10 years or so of Houllier's and Benitez' negativity. Rodgers can bring it on but will he get enough time? There were plenty of LFC fans ready to give Hodgson a chance in summer of 2010 but by end of September the tide had turned, too many fans were against him and baying for the return of Dalglish after the first few inevitable defeats.  The only way I think Rodgers can survive (and prevent a movement of the fans calling for Benitez' return) is for LFC to get into the top 4 in the early part of the new season (even if they only finish sixth in the end). Right now, its possible that Rodgers just might do that. Can't wait for the new season - would be great to get a six-way chase for the title with United, LFC, City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs in the running (although City and Chelsea will probably pull ahead with the other four battling for 3rd and 4th).

  21. Youre gonna bench Lucas for Strootman?

  22. thats one hell of a side. Id have Sterling on the subs list tho.

  23.                                            REINA
    GLEN             SKRTEL                             AGGER                   ENRIQUE

    DOWNING         GERRARD                       LUCAS          ADAM JOHNSON

                           STURRIDGE                SUAREZ

  24. Downing and Adam have to make way to clear wages and raise transfer funds, as far as I'm concerned. And even then, I don't see us able to buy three £15m forwards - 2 is possible, but 3 seems very unlikely...

  25. Reina
    Johnson(Kelly) -Skrtel(Coates/Kelly) -Agger(Wisdom) -Enrique
    Gerrard(Henderson) - Lucas(Tehoue) - Aquilani(Pacheco)
    Johnson(Elia) - Suarez(Carroll) - Sturridge(Bellamy)

    (With Suso, Sterling, Coady and Silva waiting for the opportunity to step up whenever the opportunity arose...)

    I'm not a fan of 4-4-2's. And would be delighted to sacrifice Downing & Adam to finance more signings and clear the way for the kids to break through

  26. good luck brendan, i hope you become a wonderful legend for us.  only time will tell if he is the right man. every time we get a new manager (how crap/chelsea-like does that sound????), 'experts' have said "this is the right man". sod off, keep quiet and let him quietly and methodically, get on with it.

  27. I agree with most of what you say.........and I fully support the decision to appoint BR but your statement that BR has 20 years experience as a coach more than Mancini even and yet has not really achieved anything  is a mild concern.

  28. Aqua has gone and thats that and I am going to stick my neck out and say Pacheco will never fullfill his promose. He hasnt really performed whilst he has been on loan

  29. The rumour mongers know little more about what is going on between the scenes than you and I. Aqua may well leave at the end of the summer, but it is not a foregone conclusion by any means.

    And Pacheco performed well on one loan (in England), and barely figured at all on another loan (back in Spain) so to say that he hasn't performed on loan is a pretty harsh statement. He may well fail to fulfil his potential as you said, just like many former youngsters from our reserves before him, but again, this is not a foregone conclusion at this point.

    Anyway, my suggestions were based on what I'd like to see happen and believe to be feasible, rather than what I expect to happen. 

  30. you overlooked the weak link .a keeper that does make any saves

  31. playin sg left hand side . yep good shout. not .have u ever been to a game !

  32. stop playin  fifa manager on your x box . u have not got a clue

  33. back him to the hilt . lets go back to doing things  be hind closed doors .the proper LFC way

  34. I understand the mild concern but a promotion into the premiership is a good achievement, so is guiding a club in its first season to eleventh place.
    Obviously not ground shaking but still the mentality is right, to also do so with limited resources is excellent.
    Some growth curves are linear like a normal staircase and that happens for many managers, however, some growth curves are exponential ie. it all comes together at one point almost overnight and almost out of nowhere.
    This is when all the elements come together in line with each other, like stars aligning together a a certain time and point.
    We are all hoping that this is the case here, and that is what it really FEELS like right now.
    It's just that 20 odd years of growth and experience, whilst making the mistakes of immaturity or youth, get shaken out and one comes to realise what works and what doesn't.
    I remember Jack Dee saying that he tried and tried to break into comedy with a happy, silly persona on stage, and then he said after all the mistakes he tried doing 'grumpy'. You only have to look at where he is now to understand the value of mistakes and going nowhere and using that to build on, knowing full well what doesn't work hence the law of evolution and adaptability says go towards the opposite.
    Anyhow, there are also many success analysing books that propound the theory of why people are often mostly successful AFTER 40 years of age; it just all comes together.
    What I'm saying is FSG are not waiting till he reaches his zenith, they are getting him ahead of his curve; and I for one am excited and wish him the best

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    Besides if i was playing FIFA on my PS3, my team would have messi, ronaldo, cavani, ozil, gerrard, de rossi and co...so my dear cat....i hope u do have nine lives coz the way you going, u gonna be needing them!