20 Jun 2012

Czech hero admits: LFC star is the 'best player I've ever played with'...

Former Liverpool midfielder Patrik Berger played an integral role in Liverpool's 2001 treble-winning season, and he played alongside some great players during his time at Anfield, but who is the best player he's ever played with?

In an interview earlier this week, Berger - who recently argued that the club's current squad is 'average' - joined the long list of players who rate Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard as the best. He said:

"In the middle of the field Stevie G is without question the best player I ever played with but they need two top class additions alongside him".

Berger was less enthusiastic about the current Liverpool squad, and argued that wholesale changes are needed to take the club back to the top:

"I just think they need players, really world class players, everywhere and in every department, which at the moment, they don't have. Do they have a goalscorer? No, they don't. They need at least one [new player] in every department."

New players are needed, but I personally don't think a top four challenge will be as difficult as many people seem to think.

There's surely no way that Liverpool will be as wasteful in front of goal as they were last season, and with the inevitable addition of some new players, and a new footballing philosophy, anything is possible.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. liverpool for the title

  2. Mr. Point Of View11:38 am, June 20, 2012

    Agree with your POV patrick....all thanks to previous mgr...(- _-")

  3. I agree with you Jaimie, I dont think that we are too far from top 4 challenge.  Better conversion rate, more confidence and an actual plan and philosophy and maybe 1-2 top quality signings.

  4. although he might be right, why does every player who has ever played for Liverpool have to be called a 'hero' or a 'legend' etc and still do shows about him on LFC TV etc, he was completely average verging on shit, his opinion shouldnt even be sought anymore

  5. Its a rubbish squad, thanks to KK. The EPL is all about pace really, and what did KK bring in, tortoises with no skill.

  6. We need at least 4 top players to break back into the champions league spots, we fall down in virtually every department in comparison to our main challengers. Looks like Buck will play a variation of 433 with a main striker and 2 or 3 mobile support players a ball playing holding mid and advancing full backs. If we can get our top players performing and stay injury free then we have a chance of a top 4 spot but its only a chance.
    working with what we have id say Carroll up top, Luis one side and bring in another for the other side (of a front 3) Gerrard lucas and inventive midfielder also a decent holding midfielder as lucas is our only option here
    a top level centre half with pace and ball playing abilities, as Agger simply cannot be relied upon all season. I would suggest we bring players in that can recieve the ball under pressure bring others into play very few in the current squad can do that and makes our play very predictable.
    to say we arent that far away is ridiculous when you consider Chelsea had a poor league campaign spurs were awfull from january onwards and arsenal had varying degrees of success. Chelsea have made massive improvements already as have arsenal and only spurs are stagnating so far we are so far behind the manchester clubs i wouldnt even draw comparisions there.

  7. I agree with Berger, but world class players all over, no way
    bargains can be picked up & a good coach can make good players
    into world class players.If BR can get us playing consistently to
    his style & make us defensively sound,anything can happen,Newcastle,
    & Everton prooved this with only moderate players but playing to a
    pattern that everyone was comfortable with.If BR brings in 4/5
    players & clears out the rubbish,i reckon we will be successful.But i
    do not want to see Carra,Adam, Spearing, & Maxi ever again playing
    for LFC.

  8. You are rite bubs, Dalglish`s 2nd coming was a mega disaster

  9. It's all speculation really because we don't know how players are going to react to BR. Maybe we don't need any new players at all with Cole and Aquaman coming back! I firmly believe that if Maxi had played more often than Hendo we would have gotten at least 10 more points, good enough to finish ahead of the bluenoses and if Big Andy had started the Cup Final KK would still be in a job you just don't know.

  10. Stop livivng in dream world. Arsenal and Newcastle are our rivals for top 4. Arsenal bought Podolski, Giroud and looking to buy Benatia, Dzagoev. Newcastle close to signing De Jong and Debuchy. And even Spurs have bought Vertonghen. And what have we bought," Yay Sigurdsson's gonna be LFC legend"(sarcasm), and " Joe is such a quality player, Yippee we got Joe Cole"

    Yep thats what weve got. Another disasterous season awaiting  for our team it seems.

  11. That's more like it !

  12. my favourite LFC player Berger...why? coz he loved the club (as a foreigner) b4 he joined...i saw his box of collectables full of LFC stuff that he had been collecting since young in Czechoslovakia

    good player too shame about the injuries   

  13. can i ask are you saying thanks to the previous manager for our demise ? , coz i just read patrick bergers comments and he says about being wastefull in front of goal and i hardly belive in any way that its a managers fault if anything the amount of times last year we wasted opportunity after opportunity , hitting posts , missing penalties , shows only one thing to me that the previous manager had us playing attacking football , and hes hardly to be blamed for highly payed footballers if they cant hit the back of the net

  14. Mr. Point Of View1:08 pm, June 21, 2012

    i meant thanks to last 2 mgr we had bunch of average flop running at anfield

  15. You don't need world class players all over the pitch, and I don't think it necessarily needs to take years to get Liverpool back amongst the top clubs.

    For me, adding Adam Johnson, Daniel Sturridge, Etienne Capoue & Eljiro Elia (with Downing, Adam, Maxi, Spearing etc leaving) would make a massive difference to to the quality of the squad instantly, and then it would just be a case of tinkering over forthcoming summers to create an elite team again.