25 Jun 2012

£10m LFC wing target admits: I'll sign for the "highest bidder". Mercenary?

Wigan attacker Victor Moses has again confirmed that he expects to leave Wigan this summer, and with Liverpool persistently linked with 21-year old, is he is the kind of player who will fit into Brendan Rodgers' footballing system?

Speaking to MTN Football last week, £10m-rated Moses confirmed Liverpool's interest. He said:

"There's a link for me to Liverpool, Chelsea and some other clubs in England, and if the offer is cool, why not, I will move"

Chelsea are also interested in Moses, who made it clear a few days ago that he would sign for whatever club made the highest offer:

"Now that I'm done with the national team, my attention should switch to the transfer window. I've heard a lot of offers are on the table. First of all, Wigan have the final say, but for me, the highest bidder would take the day."

The highest bidder? There are two ways to look at this:

* Moses has Wigan's best interests at heart, and when he says 'highest bidder', he means transfer bid, and he wants Wigan to make as much money as possible out of him.

* Moses is a mercenary, and he wants to make as much money as possible out of any potential transfer, and when he says 'highest bidder', he's referring to the amount of money he will be offered to join another club.

Either way, he doesn't sound like the type of player who's deeply committed to the club he plays for. What if Norwich City came in with the highest bid - would he go to Carrow Road?

In my view, Liverpool should also look elsewhere, for the following reasons:

* End product: Moses does not score enough goals. This season, he has 6 goals and 1 assist in 37 appearances (34 starts).

* In 2010-11, it was 2 goals and 3 assists in 26 appearances (11 starts). Even Andy Carroll has a better record.

* Overall, Moses has 8 goals and 4 assists in 77 appearances for Wigan (1 goal every 8 games), which is not encouraging.

* League only - last two seasons: Scores a goal every 575 minutes; creates a goal every 1007 minutes.

Liverpool need creative players with significantly better end product that this, surely?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Mercenary ?

    Hardly .

    Victor Meldrew is among other things , the best quality LFC can persuade to sign for Rodgers & therefore he is the absolute best player in the world ... ever .

    Oooops !

    Did I say Meldrew instead of Moses ?

    "I Dont Believe IT !


  2. Kalou, Moses, Krasic, are all nothing but squad players. LFC is starting to act like a mid table team now.

  3.  But they are foreign & or their ethnicity fits in with the fashion polices demands of the FA & thats what is important , not sport or human endeavor let alone genuine effort & quality .

  4. One foot in the Grave, eh?

  5. im not sure on moses. Hes never really impressed me.
    But Jaimie on the topic of moses id like to know your opinion on if we were interested in moses would pacheco be a good alternative.
    i understand pacheco has not lived up to his potential but as we all know if you put the right player in the right system the flourish.
    Would Dani Pacheco be a better option the moses?

  6. In my opinion ?

    Yes , well & truly we have one foot in the grave in terms of looking for a relegation battle .

    We put both feet into the grave of challenging for top honors when we sacked Kenny .
    The times they are a changing & soon we will be aspiring to be what Villa where .

  7. i do agree that sterling is our best bet.
    But with downing not living up to the hype and bellamy getting on in age.
    assuming we play 3 up front with suarez and sterling out wide.
    We will surely need back up, and rather than waste transfer kitty on moses pacheco might be a good wide forward option.

  8. hes younger than victor moses. not by much but still younger

  9. I feel that moses is getting carried away by the hype.Roberto Martinez says he is a special player,what would we expect him to say,that he's not that great,of course not.Wigan need the money and Martinez has no wish to destroy his own player.Whiskeynose has been strangely quiet on this one considering manure have been linked with him but I'm sure if asked that idiot will be all praise for him,just the way he talked up Charlie Adam before somebody else bought him.I think Arshavin would be a better bet but i can't see Liverpool buying him either.

  10. HazeyMatt - I would rather develop Pacheco for free than spend 10-12m on Moses, that's for sure!

  11. i completely agree.

  12. I don't see what all the fuss is about with Moses to be honest. He's got some good attributes but he's nothing special.

    Saying that, I still think he'd get in the team!

  13. Latics Traveller4:07 pm, June 25, 2012

    Victor is a very good player by Wigan's standards(I say this as a Latics fan) but has far too many poor games which go relatively unnoticed in what is a very forgiving crowd at the DW, I wonder how he would cope in front of 50,000 expectant fans blossom or shrink ? Martinez should take the highest offer and invest in more young talent.

  14.  Why stop there ?

    Why not Messi ?

    Why not Ronaldo ?

    Reality is dictating the terms whether our more delusional supporters accept it or not .

    Kalou & Moses are about the standard we are at as a club , not just on the field but on the terraces & viewing audience around the world .

    I have to say we are among the most ignorant ,clueless , unappreciative supporters on the planet .

    Our boardroom is almost as bad if indeed not even worse .

    Any board that sacks a manager who inherited a relegation threatened squad & inside one season returned them to Europe , got to 2 out of two cup finals & won the clubs 1'st trophy in 6 years , conceded fewer league goals than everyone outside the top 2 & created more goal scoring chances than everyone outside the top two obviously hasnt got a clue what its doing .

    Another example of which would be saying they arent going to sack Hodgson & then 3 weeks later , sacking him .

    Also they employed Comoli , promoted Comoli & inside a year sacked Comoli .

    Why ?

    Not because they were doing a bad job but because Londons Gutter Press pressured them into it & they bowed to that presure , just like they did when they issued a statement after Ferguson criticized the club for defending a LFC players right to defend his & his familys  good name .

    The blind are leading the blind & we are in the fast lane on the Slippery Slope .


  15.  Try tellin that to HazeyMatt !

  16. Moses has had a short decent run in the Wigan team. Prior to that he did little of note. Wouldnt waste my money on him

  17. What a joke Brehon, don;t make me find where you claimed spearing was far superior to Lucas

  18.  Spearing is a Superior PREMIER LEAGUE player than Lucas , which is what I said .

    Lucas has an edge on him only in terms of experience but under Dalglish we seen how good Spearing is or at least how good he can be .

    I stand by my comment just as I do my story about the time I was hanging out in a friends B&B while a group of young Spanish lads from Barcelona were staying there having flown over to watch Renia play against Wigan at Anfield when we drew , it was just after Hodgson got sacked & Dalglish stepped in .

    The craic was good with them & later that night when they were all boozed up Lucas was the butt of every joke they were making .

    Lucas is an average player at best .

    He is on a parr with Song at Arsenal , Obi Mikel at Chelski , Cattermolle at Sunderland .

  19. 'spearing is a superior PREMIER LEAGUE player than Lucas, which is what I said'


    who the fuck gives a shit about you and some young boys in a B&B and  them conveniently getting all boozed up

  20. This whole thing with fans being against "mercenaries" is idiotic at best and shows how naive and ignorant the average fan is. To say we, as fans, don't want a player who only goes where the money shows how clueless and hypocritical fans are. Anyone of you would would chase the money too.. 

  21. I just don't see how Moses is any better then Pacheco. Atleast it wouldn't cost 10m.

  22. Moses probably the most better of the worsts youngsters out there.. I can't see him being better than Jordan "flop" Henderson...
    However, he could be a star in championship division..

  23. Moses no and it looks like Spurs have beaten us to Glyffi. (?) That is a measure of where we are at. We must now be perceived by footballers as a club in a worse position than Spurs with not much chance of improving things in the near future. It is depressing that even with BR at the helm his old manager and probably more chance of 1st team opportunitys at LFC he has gone to be a squad player at Spurs

  24. fat burger munching greasy couch potato arlarse,,u know as much about football it seems as a cactus,,,prick comes to mind when i think of either u or a cactus,, ya knobhead

  25. It ignores the fact that most players that play for Liverpool signed (and remain) to earn more money and better career prospects than are available to them elsewhere

  26. I don't think you can blame someone for accepting the best offer for their services. If money has a huge baring on a where john champagne chooses to work, you can bet it is the same in football. Other things come in to play also but are never really highlighted suggesting the human races preoccupation with money, and thus it seems hypocrytical to point the finger, and even to suggest its only happened since the time of premiership etc. Its been around since year dot and will continue this way. Frankly if your good enough I see no reason why players(more so then chairmans) should get their just desserts, however Victor Moses isn't really that good and if you get into a bidding war I would say do your homework. Sure their are much more talented wingers for a snippet of 10 million available.  

  27. Wow There must be odd fans like you out there.  Spearing superior to Lucas... Lucas same as Obi, Song and Cattermolle. Can't believe what I read...