3 May 2012

Zidane hails 'extraordinary' £55m strike-duo scouted by Dalglish. Pursue?

Kenny Dalglish and Steve Clarke were spotted at the Stadium Municipal in France last Friday night as Montpelier beat Toulouse 1-0. According to Reports, the Liverpool management duo were there to watch Montpelier duo Younes Belhanda and Oliver Giroud. Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane was also there to watch the game, and he was massively impressed with both players.

In an interview with Canal+ after game, Zidane - who is Real Madrid's Director of Football - enthused:

"The entire [Montpelier] team is good, but Belhanda and Giroud are doing extraordinary things."

Belhanda's goal against Toulouse

Both Giroud and Belhanda have been linked with Liverpool over the last month, and Giroud recently admitted that he is 'obsessed' with moving to the Premier League.

Additionally, Montpellier owner Louis Nicollin recently slapped an outrageously inflated pice-tag of £40m on the the Frenchman, but that is clearly just wishful thinking.

Both players are sure to be in demand this summer, and they already have lots of admirers, including Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who praised £15m-rated Belhanda on his Eurosport Blog recently:

"He [Belhanda] plays without any complex. His real talent is dribbling, passing and he has good technique, which can influence any game. I love this player, but I do not want to create problems"

Belhanda, however, recently hinted has that his immediate future lies in France:

"I still have two years left on my contract, and, if the president doesn't want to sell me, I have no problem with staying at Montpellier".

With Liverpool slumming it in the Europa League next season, Anfield may not be the most enticing destination for either Belhanda or Giroud, especially if Montpelier win the league and qualify for the Champions League.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Who needs quality and class when you've got Andy? Give him another five years or so and he'll probably come good. Or not.


  3. Yep, we got all the time in the world...

  4. LOL yup like Lucas! If we give all our aweful players a good 4-5 years to develop then they can only get better right?? Shame we'll be in the championship by then ;)

  5. As far as I know though Belhanda has expressed a wish to play in Paris at PSG. Considering the mountain of Arab oil cash behind PSG this would be tantamount to a done deal surely?

    We are unable to compete in the market at this level. Only this week Hazard was attending the Manchester derby so it would be reasonable to suggest one or other of the Manchester teams is his next season destination.

  6. lots of young talents out there...Hoilet (free), Jefferson Farfan (free), even Affelay can b loaned...stop wasting 120m on players like Henderson, Caroll, Downing etc

  7. wow this guy seems a brilliant player we should make a move right away. We will regret it if we leave it for later as he might option for a bigger team. Come on lfc get him now, actually get them both. They know each other well and will link up brilliantly with gerrard and suarez in our team we will destroy teams and the goals will flow.

  8. were at the newcastle level of player purchases these days, we need to find bargains like mertens, de jong, elm etc, as opposed to the hottest players around. i dont actually mind to be quite frank, it removes pressure and means one can find a bargain, instead of paying over the odd's for dross, like downing, henderson, adam and carroll. we need to accept, we are mid table dross these days.

  9. By then he might have hit double figures and will be totally worth the £35million. Remember, when you pay that much money the player isnt expected to hit the ground running. It normally takes a year or two to 'settle in.' Look at Aguero, Cisse and Suarez. All really struggling to adapt. 

    Warning: what you have just read may contain highly, highly sarcastic material

  10. I wonder about our scouting system when players like Cisse and Jelavic are overlooked.
    Comoli is French he should have had a good understanding of top French and French African players such as Cisse and Cabaye and recommended we move for them.
    We failed in January to sign Cisse or Jelavic who joined less prestigious clubs have scored goals for fun.
    Jelavic or Cisse and Suarez upfront imagine that   but KD considered Jelavic  wasn't as good as he had, we are not exactly falling over ourselves in depth upfront.

  11. Just why exactly you would go and sign players with skills when u have Adam, Caroll, Spearing,Henderson, Downing. They would have to b hell of the players to improve our team.

  12. kagawa is unstoppable again.BL's most creative player possibly! half a season injured and now back- his stats are immense 

  13. You underestimate Lucas.....MASSIVELY...

    Prior to the Fulham game he had "STILL" made more tackles than anybody else this season so far...and yes that includes Skrtel. Lucas has exceptional vision and anticipation, essential attributes if you are the midfield ball-winner.

    Our win rate and goals conceded stats are MUCH better with Lucas in the team...no surprise he was our player of the season 10/11 and why we are missing him so so much right now.

    If you're gonna slate players then at least have the knowledge to back it up....

  14. All three plus kagawa would suffice.

    I also think we should take apunt on Victor Moses....boy is he unpredicatble and exciting to watch....

    add th above to keeping the likes of  Stevie, Agger & Lucas fit next season pkus Suarez out of bother and we won't be a million miles away....

    Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

  15. Lucas is going to be next Gerrard. I can see him scoring more goals in the future. He was on top form before he got injured. What a kick to the groin that was.

  16. I wouldn't go that far.....he's a ball winner then lays if off to a ball player in my book.

    Would like to see him with composure in front of goal but can't see it happening.

    Can't wait for him to come back though..

  17. Rumour has it the Director of Football role is available at Liverpool! Why don't a few of you put your C.V's in!!!! You certainly sould like you have your fingers on the footbal pulse. I'm sure youre all in with a chance!

  18. Have zidane be LFC director of football
    He loves Gerrard and I am sure he would have fun putting together a team with Steve for the next 3 years or so.

  19. fun!!?? great,can i play? ok,er.....charlie......you can fu*k off now.