12 May 2012

Savage: Hodgson should dump LFC star from Euro 2012. Agree?

After Liverpool's 4-1 Premier League victory over Chelsea earlier in the week, Reds captain Steven Gerrard argued that Andy Carroll should be selected for England's Euro 2012 squad. The much-maligned reds striker has improved over the last month, but is that enough to book his place in the England team? Former Blackburn and Leicester striker Robbie Savage doesn't think so.

Speaking to The Mirror this week, Savage - who recently argued that Liverpool are '5 or 6 players away from challenging for the Champions League places - argued:

"Let’s not book Andy Carroll on the plane to Poland and Ukraine yet. I like Carroll and I am delighted to see him playing well, but he has formidable opposition from Peter Crouch, who has never let England down.

If England are looking for someone who can start the first two games and then maybe partner Wayne Rooney later on if something happens to Danny Welbeck, I would go for the Stoke striker".

I think this is a no-brainer. After an entire season of (mostly) underwhelming performances, why does Carroll suddenly deserve to be in the England squad?

* Crouch is a proven International, with a record of one goal every two games.

* Despite being much older, making fewer appearances AND playing with inferior players at Stoke, Crouch has outscored Carroll this season.

* Crouch is far more technically proficient than Carroll, which is vital on the International stage.

Selection should be purely on merit, and Crouch clearly deserves it more than Carroll.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. One interesting point about Crouch, Stoke have not scored from a Rory Delap throw in since he joined them. One would think with his height he would of scored a few from some of those missiles he chucks in.

  2. I would love for carrol to ge picked but i think if i look at it from an unbiased angle I think that he doesnt deserve to go and ahead of both carrol and crouch that grant holt deserves to go hes scored 14 prem goals and has been extremely consistant with his perfomances with playing with much inferior players to both carrol and crouch

  3. He will probably take 5 strikers
    Rooney, Carroll, Defoe, Welbeck and Sturridge.
    Crouch won't go, Bent will be a huge gamble as not played for months though he is supposed to be now fit.

  4. not the first time savage talks bullsh.it about lfc players, personally id give a chance to carroll, why not taking him there, either way england dont have a strong attack, the strikers are not that world class there so why not, he showed he can change the game when the team is doing bad, and this time england will be doing a lot of bad under woy, so maybe carroll could save them at times who knows, maybe he doesnt deserve to get the call but welbeck doesnt at all either, id be shocked if welbeck is picked and carroll not

  5. So has Carroll.. Scored 1 goal in 2 matches he has played.. The one goal came against ghana. I think ghana was in the quarter final of the last world cup edition??


  7.  I think that Carroll could make a major impact at Euro 2012. For me a pivot moment in Hodgson time at Liverpool was the 3-1 defeat to Newcastle at St James Park where Carroll was a beast in that game. Without a doubt that was the performance when Liverpool wanted to buy Carroll. I feel that Hodgson style of playing could bring the best out of a inform Carroll, a player who in 2012 has slowly has shown the fight to prove his self as a top footballer. This England team is going to have low expectations put on them after the demise of the "golden generation" tag. If Hodgson learns from the mistakes his made at Liverpool and the players are more humble and drop their egos England could have a successful tournament similar to Italla 90 and Euro 96.

  8. As much as it pains me I agree with Savage, a few good games at the tail end of the season cannot overshadow the rest of the campaign where he (Carroll) was woeful and little more than a passenger in the Liverpool team.  I hope this improvement continues, I hope next season he shows the form he has lately more often, but I don't think he's done enough to earn a place in the England team.

  9. Abbs2002london4:40 pm, May 12, 2012

    Savage!! Who is he??

    Players picked for the Euros should be the ones that can do
    the job for England, if Andy Carroll falls into that category that he should be
    picked, maybe be Roy should ask john terry who has faced Carroll recently he
    might have a better idea.

    If a national manager lets his personal feeling get in the
    way of picking the right team than he is the wrong manager.

  10. IMO Grant Holt deserves to be picked based on form but Crouch might get the nod because of his international experience.

  11. Every article you write is anti Carroll.... Most of your points are poorly constructed! You even criticised Carroll in your last article for winning 62% of his arial battles( you failed to mention that its one of the best in the prem) the guy has hit good form accept it and stop being bitter at the fact he has achieved something u can only dream of! REAL Liverpool fans get behind their players.

  12. Crouch has a great record against lower ranked teams hence his goal scoring record

  13. Hodgson should pick an entirely young squad, give some people the experience that will see us in good stead in 4 years time. the likes of kyle walker, welbeck, carroll, baines, adam johnson, rodwell, oxlade chamberlain just to name a few would all benefit from playing in a major tournament which would benefit England in the long run. Lets write off this tournament as its a no hoper from the start and give the youth the chance and opportunity to gain experience. So many times new England managers come in and play the same old dead wood formation/tactics/players which lacks depth, desire and skill!!! ...... Just saying like!!!

  14. Prefer him to fit and ready for what could be a LONG season next season......would rather no LFC player goes...CLUB BEFORE COUNTRY!

  15. Who really cares about what Robbie Savage says! It wasn't as if he set the league alight when he was playing. And he's one to talk considering he was a shite player himself. 

    But that aside, Carroll should be picked as playing in the Euros can only benefit him and in turn benefit LFC for the new season. 

  16. no brainer, take Carroll

  17. Stick to ball room dancing dick head!

  18. You've been harping on all season that players should be picked purely on form. And Carroll has found some form at the right time. 

    It would be good experience for him, but I'm not fussed if he goes or not. Agree with Chappo, but I'd rather no LFC players go. They'll either get injured (Redknapp), or become a convenient scapegoat for the average Home Counties loon that tends to follow EngurLund (McMahon, Barnes, Gerrard). I still cringe when I remember having to defend Heskey to a room of work colleagues during the Nigeria game in 2002. Even Beardsley started getting abuse once he joined LFC.Fnck em.

  19. England are going to get demolished in the Euro's! Carroll hahaha come on man!

  20. Real fans can see the wood for the trees! Carrol is crap, 2 games don't warrant him a spot in the Euro's. Take off your pink glasses bud!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. all 23 members of the squad will have played in at least one more Euro than Savage did

  22. I hope Caroll goes to euros. Not cos I really care it's cos if he scores one or two goals than the price goes up and new manager can sell him for good money. You never know Harry Redknap might come with a bid of 30 million and even if England comes home early Liverpool wins anyway. God help England if they're going to rely on Caroll and Crouch to win them euros.As for Savage, if this guy made all that money playing when not even being an average player there is hope for every kid not just in Wales but in the whole wide world.

  23. This site is not legit. This site is an elaborate wind up by some Manc supporter.

  24. I'd be dissapointed if he isn't selected tbh, i think Savage is wrong, Carroll could be something of a trump card in these Euro's, granted his overall form has not been that great this season but i think he deserves the chance on some of the form he has shown....

    There is definitely more to come from Carroll IMO and unless you give him a go on a big stage we'll never know....and its not like the competition is all that great either, without Rooney we will be struggling against any top sides for sure. Carroll has got the bit between his teeth lately and seems to be ready to run with it.....

    Gotta be worth a punt if you ask me, nothing ventured nothing gained an all that, i'd be delighted if he does go and has a great tournament, would silnce a lot of his critics also.....

  25. Who would have a better insight on this, Gerrard, Savage or Kanwar?

  26. Hodgson will take Bobby Zamora and Konchesky............ha ha

  27. caroll is unplayable in the air. i just cant see a defender being able to dominate him aerially. i liked crouchie, but i never wanted to keep him as the focal point because he is so weak in the air (imo). his scoring record is phenomenal, but i see caroll as more in form and more dangerous. 

  28. Why do we need to look at Carroll's form over the season? With the Euros approaching, what matters most is the form they are in NOW!!! For that, Carroll gets my vote. The way he dominates Terry who is still one of the best CB shows Carroll is the man NOW!!!

  29. People always say that you should take in form players to international tournament. If Carroll scores or plays very well again tomorrow, I know I'd take him.

    Richards (cover at CB)/Walker
    Walcott/Milner (can play anywhere in midfield)
    A Johnson/Young (can play any attacking role in midfield)
    Rooney, Welbeck, Crouch, Carroll
    A bit harsh on Sturridge, but his form has dropped off completely in the second half of the season. I think most people would be against taking Crouch and Carroll but they are quite different. People are tricked into thinking they are the same since they're both big. Maybe Crouch is a better choice to start for England- experienced and a tidy player, but I don't see England getting a better impact sub than Carroll. He gets really fired up for big games in a way that Crouch doesn't necessarily.

  30. Good post, i'd go a bit further though and drop Crouch for Sturride....

    That would IMO give us two strong options up front with Rooney and Carroll plus some pace and movement etc with Wellbeck and Sturridge....

    Quite pleased that we have some better options tbh, Crouch and Defoe are both limited IMO, we've lacked some cutting edge up front for quite a few years now, Rooney has largely been carrying the show and when you look at the type of quality other nations have like Spain and Holland etc it exposes our limitations....

    Sturridge Carroll and Wellbeck are all relatively unexposed....they all have some big Club experience under their belts this year and at least 1 of them could make an even bigger name for themselves IF we take them....

    IMO we need to change the old guard a bit, revamp the squad with some fresh talent, bring in a bit more youth and be very cautious not to revert to type and just go with the same old tried tested and failed formula....

    Big job this for Roy, IMO if we're going to be successful we need to make quite a few changes to the squad.

  31. Well said Mr Brown83.....clearly a knowledgeable fan. See your at it again Mr Kanwar

    You need to see a doctor over this A Carroll OBSESSION ( very unhealthy having inappropriate thoughts about  long haired footballers like Carroll and Savage ) 

    you are supposed to be a LFC fan, what a joke

    You print the words of a limp wristed Dancer who by any standards was a limited midfielder who played for know one. ( and that's by his own admission )

    You could have chosen to print the words of the legendary TOMMY SMITH article in last weeks Liverpool Echo, and I quote,

    KENNY DALGLISH  will know like the rest of us ( erm...except you Kanwar ) that he should have started Andy Carroll in the cup final and that it was the very reason that we didn't beat Chelsea and that it was PLAIN and OBVIOUS.

    Has the penny dropped now Mr Kanwar.

    Looks like you got one of your mates... AGAIN... to post anti Carroll comments from a supposed fan named Jared.

    I have been away the last few days Mr Kanwar but have failed to notice any response from you regarding my last post, mostly about you and your A Carroll Obsession .

    Care to Comment Mr Kanwar.

    In the brothers we trust.

  32. if andy plays well today than i think he should be picked by roy.....ynwa

  33. God. Don't call them 'brothers'. We'll get into another Suarez / racially aggravated comments debate.

    Which we can all do without.

  34. Totally agreed Chappo - I want all of our players focused on improving themselves and our club over the summer, not learning from Hodgson how to "maintain shape" while dropping back into banks of four across their own box.

    The less players we have in the Euros, the less excuses there will be to be peddled about why we shouldn't expect a top 4 finish again.

  35. if carrol had a similar record we would be in top 4

  36. wheres glen?

  37. Walker has been the best in the league according to most this season and I personally think that Richards is the best. Richards can cover CB if needs be as well.

    I did include Johnson originally but because there are so few places, I had to leave him out. He suffered the same fate as Lennon- both worthy of a place but others make more sense (more versatile, less injury prone).