13 May 2012

Options? Dalglish reveals three snippets of info about LFC's transfer plans...

Various unconfirmed rumours have been floating around this week about Liverpool's summer transfer plans. Depending on what you read, FSG has either capped Kenny Dalglish's spending at 20m, or slashed his budget completely, and told him to scratch around for free transfers. In his press conference earlier today, Dalglish provided an update on how the club intends to approach the upcoming transfer window, and to be honest, it doesn't sound very encouraging.

After wasting so much money over the last fourteen months, it wouldn't be a surprise to see FSG tighten the purse strings, and when asked today whether the aforementioned 20m transfer figure was correct, Dalglish snapped:

"We won't discuss figures with you, and I don't know why the business side of things has to be openly discussed".

Liverpool are currently 34 points off the top of the table and 14 points behind Spurs in 4th place. Clearly, further investment is needed in the squad to bridge those gaps, but what can we look forward to this season? Dalglish was his typical cagy self when asked that question, but he did reveal three key pieces of information about this summer's transfer activity:

"I've sat down with the Owners and discussed what availabilities and possibilities there are. We've been through every option, and there may be some business done, but there there will not be much change".


* He's discussed transfer targets with FSG
* Some transfer business 'may' be done, but:
* Not much will change with the squad.

If Dalglish stays in charge, it's unlikely that any of his underperforming flops will be axed, but given the huge amounts of money involved in signing the likes of Stewart Downing, Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson, that's probably to be expected.

It remains to be seen whether Dalglish will be here to preside over Liverpool's summer transfer activity...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I assume Joe Cole and Aquilani will be allowed to move on? Either would give some of the current squad a run for their money in terms of a place in the team.

    Given the money spent on Downing, Adam, Henderson and Carroll we would get so little in return there is little point in moving them on. Next season there are no excuses around settling in, learning how to be a Liverpool player etc etc. if they dont pick things up then the kids and old pros should bump them to squad players on the bench.

    With Europe next year rotation is something the whole squad will need to get used to.

  2. The only EPL manager who gave similar statement was Arsene  -which is understandbale given that Arsenal sit in 3rd place ,are 15 points ahead of us , just signed Podolski and have 34 squad players including best player of the league its top scorer!!!
    God help LFC.

  3. the problem now after spending so much on dead wood last summer is that the club would never sanction such huge losses a year later.  i really worry for the future of our club. less skillful players coming in each year and our rivals getting so much stronger.  oh, i remember when we were great!  well, i got some old videos!

  4.  If you believe the papers and some sources in the media, it seems we have woken upto the possibility of Martinez as maybe being an option for liverpool as manager. IMO he may have been a good signing when Hodgson left as we would have put anyone in the managers position just to get him out.
    Now though, 18 months have passed and anxiety has set in with most liverpool fans demanding a top 4 finish at least next season from whoever is in the hot seat. If liverpool did end up going with Martinez instead of Dalglish, i think there would be a massive clash of supporters views and the pressure on martinez to get 4th spot would be unbelievable.
    There will be some like myself that would have wanted another year from Dalglish, others saying if we are going to bring in a forien manager with premiership experience that is spanish, why not give benitez ago again; which Is something I would also agree with before Martinez. Others will also say; we need a top class manager that will get us back into the top 4 next year that has experience of doing it with another managers team and others will welcome Martinez with open arms.

    Whatever happends, liverpool fans need to make a descision now and it looks probably like it will be a descision between Dalglish or Martinez. IMO Dalglish should be given another year and if he does not get 4th then he should be replaced at whatever stage of the season if the board consider liverpool wil not get up in to 4th spot. Getting rid of Dalglish now and employing matinez is a gamble, if martinez succeeds, it would be a great coup by the board but if he fails to get 4th, Fans will immediately point to Dalglish and say he was sacked to early. IMO I am 100% behind Dalglish for another season and the only way he will keep his job next year is if he gets 4th. If he fails then there will be no looking back if a new manager is installed.
    If liverpool do end up going with Martinez he essentiall has to from the word go keep us in the top 4, although I do like Martinez, I feel this would be unfair on him and a bridge to far in the first season. If he did come he would need time and this is something sadly in todays football, especially as an incomming liverpool manger you will not get.  Compile this with the fact that senior players will leave as they will not entertain a 5 yr plan, they want CL football now.

  5. My God, Ireally do get fed up with the negativity of so many so-called LFC supporters. I have watched this club since when it was a shilling on the boys pen and I have never seen a season like the last one.
    We have had 40 years of  bad luck in one season.
    So many penalties missed, so many times the woodwork hit with consequent impact on morale of both players and fans.The  political witchunt against Suarez by the FA have had its impact as well.
    I remain very confident about next season. of course there are weaknesses but for god's sake stop panicking and stop being offensive towards KD

  6. Liverpool FC are not going to spend much at all in the summer transfer market if we read between the lines,so the squad remains much the same,Kenny will have another season to once again be instructed to finish top 4.....seems after 1 season of player investment with still no word on a new stadium,that nothing much will change next season....beginning to wonder if Fenway Sports are really that committed to LFC as much as they are with their Boston Red Sox...I`d suggest they`re not(Red Sox fans would be in uproar!!).I for one,fear that with a now perceived reluctance to further invest SUBSTANTIALLY in LFC,that we will remain pretty much where we are for the foreseeable future...mid table,certainly European Champions football or an EPL title will be further away than ever.I don`t want to sound pessamistic,but I really am starting to fear for any future major success for the club that I have passionately followed for 40 years.  

  7. My summer 2012 transfer business would be along the lines of;

    OUT: Kuyt, Maxi, Downing, Spearing, Jones/Doni, Cole, Carragher, Aurelio
    IN: two pacey wide men, a physical central midfielder, and a left back & a pacey striker if the budget would stretch that far

    We need to revitalize the squad to make it a lot more youthful, energetic and exciting. I'd hope for a focus on quality over quantity, with the reserves trusted to provide depth to the squad, rather than over-paid-under-talented players with decreasing transfer values. As such the squad would look like...

    GK: Reina, Doni/Jones, Gulacsi
    RB: Johnson, Kelly
    CB: Agger, Skrtel, Coates, Kelly, Wisdom
    LB: Enrique, ???
    CM: Lucas, Henderson, Coady
    CM: ???, Aquilani, Adam, Shelvey, Suso
    AM: Gerrard, Aquilani, Suso
    LWF: Suarez, Bellamy, Sterling
    RWF: ???, ???, Sterling
    ST: ???, Carroll, Suarez, Ngoo

    and I wouldn't see any reason why such a squad couldn't easily rack up +72 points and a CL place

  8. Sinclair, Hoillett, Elia, Moses, Quaresma, Affelay, Boudebouz etc - quick, versatile, exciting wingers would all be affordable options and greatly improve our wing play. Adam Johnson and Arjen Robben would be worth a cheeky bid or two as well, to see if they'd be willing to take a punt on a potential revolution at Liverpool. Eitherways, there's lots of options out there that wouldn't kill the budget. 
    We wouldn't get much in return for the players I'd like to ship out due to their age, quality and contract situations (£20m max for the 8 of them?) but the wage bill would undoubtedly be reduced as a result, and an additional investment of £20-25m into the transfer market would be enough to bring in players of sufficient quality I think

  9. Sinclair, Hoillett, Elia, Moses, Quaresma, Affelay, Boudebouz etc - quick, versatile, exciting wingers would all be affordable options and greatly improve our wing play. Adam Johnson and Arjen Robben would be worth a cheeky bid or two as well, to see if they'd be willing to take a punt on a potential revolution at Liverpool. Eitherways, there's lots of options out there that wouldn't kill the budget. 
    We wouldn't get much in return for the players I'd like to ship out due to their age, quality and contract situations (£20m max for the 8 of them?) but the wage bill would undoubtedly be reduced as a result, and an additional investment of £20-25m into the transfer market would be enough to bring in players of sufficient quality I think...

  10. The squad doesnt need HUGE changes need a striker that can score at least 20 goals a season we should look towards luuk de jong we can sign him for around 8-12 mil and gaston ramirez will come roughly at a similar price I also think that both aqualini and joe cole should be given a chance that will add a some much needed strength and depth seeing that kuyt and maxi maybe leaving we also need a defensive midfielder all in all we can spend 25-30 mill keep loaned players and give youngsters a chance

  11. arjen robben are you out of your mind he will cost a minimum of 30 mill seeing as he has just signed a new contract a lot of what you say is wishful thinking all new signings from last season are staying and there wont be any major changes im thinking that means a new striker 1 winger and defensive midfielder if we are lucky and then working with what we got                                                                         

  12. arjen robben are you out of your mind he will cost a minimum of 30 mill seeing as he has just signed a new contract a lot of what you say is wishful thinking all new signings from last season are staying and there wont be any major changes im thinking that means a new striker 1 winger and defensive midfielder if we are lucky and then working with what we got                                                                          

  13. By getting rid of Maxt, Carra, Downing and Kuyt your selling too much experience, Downing although he had a poor season is still an experienced international and will go to the Euro's, Carra should be kept as cover and to help develop the likes of Kelly, Coates and Wisdom. Kuyt if happy to play a bit part should stay too.

    On top of these we should be looking for good young players and getting the best from an obiously talented team that just needs settle.

  14. dalglish has showed his incompetence by bad tactics, no shape, dodgy dealings with the media, transfers that in majority made people depressed. If we get martinez (bot the pinnacle of my dreams) we have to back him, on the other hand by buying good players he has to show promise that the team will develop, like rafa did when he bought Alonso and Garcia. He has to employ good tactics, not be signing connor sammons, stewart downings or any mediocre crap and everything will be good, but for god's sake there has to be progress if he fails we'll owners will decide. Anyone saying that Dalglish should be given another year is ignoring the facts that livepool didn't have such a bad season since 1950's and that his transfer dealings were just ridiculous

  15. Mr Ed article is spot on BUT I will always be grateful to Fenway for releasing us from Mr HICKS AND GILLETT - And who knows we might do better without big spoilt expensive buys

  16. adam should be out as well, that's the only cack player that we won't get a big loss maybe only 2-3 million,

  17. If FSG dont provide more funds this summer, at least 60 million, they are no better then Hicks and Gillett.  How much money did they spend last summer, 23 million maybe, if you distract sales of other players like Torres.  

    We need anonther manager and 60-100 million to spend on new players. Anything less is a scandal.  Yankees OUT.

  18. Well said, in my opinion whoever  bought liverpool were going to spend on average 30 mil each summer net. these guys have spent  net 23 mil. Good publicity to blame it on Daglish.

  19. Is it just me or does the fact that he sat down with the FSG to discuss transfer plans mean he stays?

  20. Septimus_severus12:22 pm, May 13, 2012

    The real issue is the Dalglish and his poor signings last season.
    His poor tactical ability & poor media profile.
    The clear out by FSG started with Comolli and needs to continue with 
    Ian Ayre (the man that championed and campaigned for Dalglish to be manager) then Dalglish.

    Until the rot at the top is removed FSG will not be in total control.

  21. Big rumours are running today that Martinez is coming and Kenny is going to be given a role upstairs.

  22. Diame, Hoilet r free transfer. Afellay n Tello can b loaned...there u go...cheap n superb addition. 

  23. Finally, someone on here who's sky isn't falling in. I don't now how most of these people can get out of bed of a morning with so much doom and gloom in their world. I guess when all of the articles written have a negative approach, so do the responses. Go on Jamie, surprise us all and write something positive, it might feel good.

  24. kenny has put us in a right mess as there is no way out and no way in. We are left with lots of flops whose consistency is a non starter. Premier league wants consistency and we cants aim that with this squad

    the problems are endless and hope is minimal..

    1. The manager
       Kenny is a problem himself. He is a legend and that is a problem. His attitude is a problem. His tactics and his blame-other nature are irritating. He bought overpriced british players despite wide-spread criticism. His vision is a problem because he went on throwing the owners money even though his first british buy was a major flop in first six months. People say he has a plan but i dont see it.. Even if he has a plan he cant do it with this over-rated mediocre at best players. What a mess he has created. He had the chance to revolutionize liverpool and what he did? He has scared the shit out of the owner in such a way that now they are afraid to take out a penny. HE HAS BECOME A LIABILITY at best. He cant do anything with liverpool other then push it back into championship. Enough with him.

    2. The players
         Its not the players fault that kenny bought them and then its not even their fault that he was so adamant to pay the premium to get them. It seems as if the players were bought without any thinking.. who would buy jordan henderson for that much money to play him in right of midfield .. kuyt is far better then him. Who will buy stewart downing for so much money when his lack of things is apparent to everyone bar kenny. ITs as if everybody knows except him. Charlie adam, a potential buy of the season is a crap to say the best. He and Jose enrique has make us lose more games then they hav won for us.The problem is that our quality player is being replaced by crap players. Little tweaking with this squad will take us nowhere.

    3. The owners
        They are scared as shit to spend anymore seeing their hard earned money put down the drain by Mr Kenny.They are learning the trade and i will think they r accomplished businessman only if they get rid of kenny and that too very fast. They shud not allow any more money to kenny and hav to take lots of consideration while making any purchase. Whatever they say they are here to make gud business and as every other business u hav to act fast and be ruthless. GET RID OF KENNY.

    4. The director of football
       Damien was a scapegoat and nothing more. None of the player was his buy except suarez. he just did the negotiations and thats it. I still dont believe those crap players was his buy..nobody even with a minute footballing brain wouldnt buy those, let alone Damien with such a great experience in football.Whatever we need another director of football and that too very fast before the canny mind of kenny spot another overpriced and anti-moneyball talent.


    WHAT A TIME???


  25.  have you actually been to anfield. so many times we have  splendid football with no reward. you are talking complete garbage about tactics and what the hell the  media has got to to with the  the price of beans is beyond me

  26. Septimus_severus1:02 pm, May 13, 2012

    I'm a season ticket holder, I pay my money every year so I'm ENTITLED to say how my money is spent.
    Dalglish has presided over the worst Permier League and home games lose in 30 years and you ask me silly questions?

    You obviously haven't watched the games without rose tinted glasses on.

  27. FSG's priority should b looking for new manager. After today's game let the search begin. I hope he's moved upstairs though. I wouldn't like to c him get the sack.

  28. well, said, you got this spot on!!

  29. Septimus_severus1:17 pm, May 13, 2012

    Good call !

  30.  yes you are entitled to ask questions but you obviously are totally and unfairly prejudiced in your views. How many times have we hit the woodwork. that is not KD's fault and buggerall to do with his tactics just pure bad luck

  31. Arjen Robben wouldn't cost anywhere near £30m. The prohibitive aspect would be his likely astronomical wages, and his likely desire to remain at the top level at his age. 

    The rumours are that he is currently unhappy at Bayern though (which would probably true with Adam Johnson at City also), hence my suggestion of speculative, cheeky bids, rather than including them in the first batch of suggested targets who would all be more risky, but would be available for relatively bargain fees.

    btw, Benitez didn't let on that Keane was going to be sold, before he was moved on after just 6 months. I don't see any reason why the same couldn't happen with Downing.

  32. Imo experience is useless on the pitch if the player doesn't have the necessary level of quality also. And those players (Kuyt, Downing, Carragher, Cole, Maxi etc) clearly don't have the quality to lead us to glory at the moment, nor do they have the potential to develop into title winning players either. So we'd be much better off by acting proactively and selling them now, rather than continuing to pay excessive wages for such squad players while seeing their transfer value continue to plummet.

    Downing can't possibly be as bad as he has been again this season, but the money needs to come from somewhere to invest, and he is the most saleable asset (£12-15m if lucky?), that is also least likely to hurt us on the pitch for another team.

    Reina, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Bellamy, Suarez + Carroll, Adam & Henderson with a year under their belt - that's more than enough experience as far as I'm concerned...

  33. Septimus_severus1:47 pm, May 13, 2012

    The Manager is PAID to buy players and COACH them so they don't hit the woodwork.
    When they don't hot the woodwork after the good coaching, then they would score goals and we would not be finishing 8th or 9th at this season.

    ERGO the results would be better..its not complicated.


  34.  dont be a prat hitting the woodwork 35 times has got nowt to do with coaching. it is just about chance and nothing else.

  35. We don't need to change manager if we has converted more goals we would have been in top 4 . As for budget . Chelsea have silent 1 billion man city 450. And man u 750 in debt.

    We spent 30 million Not 100 as we sold players and we want cl or we sack everyone . We need to be realistic and be honest and stop dreaming . If fenway thing 3o mill garentees cl they are dreamers

  36. Kenny will get another year and hopefully prove all of you moaners wrong.

  37. good call
    These moaners will blame KD for the weather

  38. Only United and City did better away from home, so it's clear where the work needs to be done - breaking down teams who put 11 behind the ball at Anfield

  39. they are businessmen. they want to see success for the money invested. they have no emotional ties, just financial interest. when they see the shoddy quality kd and dc brought in, they must be thinking, no way are we going to throw big sums at dross. kd, if he stays, will be made to work with what he has got, trim the squad and work with any money made there. this is where he will now have to prove his worth. he has made his bed, now he has to lie in it. fsg have a right to question why the management have spent so badly, any right minded businees owner would.

  40. It had to end with a defeat, of course. Rubbish results all season. Rubbish performances. Rubbish tactics...LFC at the lowest ebb I've ever known them.  Einstein defined stupidity as repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result. Those fans who think Henderson, Downing and Adam will shine next year should remember that. This is a club heading down, not up. But great to see City have won the league and not United. Things like that will have to satisfy us more and more because there are no jollies coming from our team.

  41. Your final statement is spot on. Apparently some of the 'world class' coaches, who are being touted as replacements and have got all of the necessary badges, receive high praise for coming to Anfield, and other grounds, to set up their team in a 1-5-5 formation. What the hell is clever about that? Roberto Di Matteo even did that at home against Barcelona. Why? Because it works, even against the best sides.

  42. West Brom collected 26 points away more than our 25 ! Where did u come up with such fallacy ?!

  43. I would. He deserves it. In fact, if I were the bosses I would specifically criticise his appalling handling of things this season. He has been an absolute disaster and not only should he go but he should stay right away from Anfield for at least ten years. By ten years we might be starting to get a team together.

  44. Why do you think hitting the woodwork from a few yards out is bad luck? Often it is wretched shooting. Don't you see that it can't be always bad luck? Don't you understand anything about statistics? Bad luck for a month or two, maybe. All season? No way. And what about our appalling penalty record? A penalty is an automatic miss for us. How is it possible that KD can't get someone capable of scoring from the spot?

  45. No, it isn't. It's about crap shooting. 

  46. Splendid football! Why don't you try watching the likes of Juventus ( fantastic season ), Real Madrid, Barcelona etc?
    Then you might know more about splendid football. Six wins all season at Anfield and you are talking about splendid football! You have absolutely no idea. Who provided that splendid football? Was it Henderson? Was it Adam? Was is Downing? Was it Carroll? The team is utterly clueless - twelfth at best next season.

  47. Poor? Rubbish would be a better choice of word.

  48. If they trust KD with another penny then they are crazy. I think they'll give him nothing - which is what he deserves after last year's appalling signings.

  49. Quaresma a great option!

    Very fast,skillfull and a great crosser
    He could even help carrol to score!

  50. No, it's not an obviously talented team. It's an obviously untalented team. That's why  their results are so bloody awful. It really is that simple.

  51. Why do you imagine missing a penalty is bad luck? Missing a penalty is bloody bad shooting. LFC don't have a single player I would back to score one, now that Stevie is getting well past it.

  52. You want something positive? Well, I think Liverpool will do very well next season. I doubt if Reina will make any mistakes all season. I'm confident big Andy will top twenty goals and Henderson will be recognised as one of the best midfielders in Europe. I think Stevie will play like he was 25 again and we won't miss a single spot kick. I also believe in fairies and everything Tony Blair said and says. I believe Bush was a man striving for peace and Manchester is one of Europe's great cities. Wake up!

  53. I have been KD's biggest advocate throughout the season, however, in response to your comments:

    a) Doesn't matter if you've supported the club one year or 50...you're entitled to an opinion without being patronised....

    b) You make your own luck...hitting the woodwork is MISSING THE TARGET

    c) No excuses for some of the horrendous penalties taken by LFC player this season...shows a lack of composure/bottle....

    d) Dalglish had he chance to sign a proven goalscorer in Jan, chose not to...massive error of judgement that compounds poor signings, poor tactics, poor substitutions and his willingness to stick to his favourites...i feel sorry for Maxi & Kuyt, both of which i do not wish to see leave the club...

    e) No FA conspiracy - Suarez is the issue and, like it or not, he is a problem....he's a liar and a cheat and he needs to clean his act up QUICKLY....he's a genius yes, but too prone to bringing himself and the club he plays for into disrepute...

    The rest of football hates Suarez & Dalglish, in particular, for the whole sorry episode....how we overcome that I do not know, but it has been an embarrassment to the club. Let's hope it's all forgoten by the start of next season and he has cleaned his act up...including diving.

    I'm a realist....Kenny needs another year for his signings to be judged fairly, however, we need to compare that to the risk of them not working out and falling further behind.

    Time for change...we CANNOT fall any further behind, particularly IF he has no money to spend...that would just be fatal.

  54. Hitting the post is bad finishing... not bad luck!!

  55. He still had £120m to spend on quality players... and he bought mostly duds. Regardless of sales - he still had the money to buy players and overpaid on most of them.

  56. He never has really been a success outside of Portugal (failed at Barca, Inter and Chelsea)... and has not really set the world alight at Besiktas... not worth the money he would cost

  57. Kenny is stepping down.....announced next 48hrs..........

  58. Look I have loads of respect for KD, and he was one of my idols growing up - but this year he has shown himself to be tactically inept. The football isn't great -- it's kick and rush, as we have no central playmaker. I'd rather see him move now then we get off to a bad start next year and he faces being sacked - that's not how I would want to see him leave. Fact of the matter is if Hodgson had led us to this finish we would demand he leave - and just because it is Kenny, he should not be treated differently. Liverpool FC is bigger than one man.

  59. WOODWORK = MISSED TARGET....not bad luck, it's poor finishing.....end of!

  60. Cheeta13akshay8:23 pm, May 13, 2012

    there is something which should be noted: FSG allowed the money on transfers to be used...Torres hand in the transfer...but the owners allowed the money to be input in the club...i dnt blame caroll and henderson...can prove after some time...but downing(28yrs?) and adam(26yrs and toos slow)...xabi alonso was slow but he did defend well and did some amazing passes...he controlled the midfield...like lucas...kenny got it wrong on two transfers and maxi and kuyt should have been used to much extent since they would have left in the end...these guys need alteast 3 games to start building up!!!

  61. choollun chetanand8:30 pm, May 13, 2012

    we lost 6 games in 18 home matches...hitting woodwork doesnt count if u make some good football opportunities do come...kk was poor overall..simple..the mickey mouse was won after so much effort and we could have lost it in the end...

  62. choollun chetanand8:33 pm, May 13, 2012

    true...cannot blame FSG...they let kenny use all the money for transfers...i got no qualms against caroll and henderson...we are left with 25M...we could have got two very midfielders...

  63. choollun chetanand8:38 pm, May 13, 2012

    man its simple...if you make a step forward u r progressing...kk took the team from 7th spot to nine...RB did that with minimum budget...i respect kd he was a LEGEND...but we dnt play a nice football...swansea play a much more RESPECTABLE football...against chelsea we played a rush football...have u seen man city football in the last 20 mins...passing the ball and looking  for gaps...sure they did invest...so did we...we could have had a decent squad and a CL place...arsenal tottenham and newcastle were not so good teams...but we were worst!!!

  64. My god, I really do get fed up with the blind retarded optimism of so many so-called real LFC supporters. So much shit play, so much bad tactics and bad transfers, so much bullshit excuses from Dalglish and endless laughing and abuse from rival fans at the total sham of a season we have had under the mindless old has been. For god's sake stop blindly following Dalglish because of what he once was. Stop being offensive towards fans who don't agree with you.

  65. Players like Steven Gerrard, and Jaime Carragher do not have a lot of time left in top level foot-ball they need a liverpool squad that is competitive to contest for major honors. Kenny having done a lot for foot-ball in Anfield as a player was not in touch with mordern foot-ball. This can be seen by his acquisition of mediocre local talent while ignoring a lot of cheap affordable world class talent available all over the rest of the planet. You could clearly see that foot-ball had left Daglish behind. I know that he has learned some valuable lessons and he has learned that legend status can only carry you so far. He has learned that he is not untouchable and that his job is on the line. I hope he makes the right choices with what ever funds FSG makes available to him . He won't get a treasure chest of funds like he did last time. There is nothing like the threat that your job is on the line to get someone to improve his job performance

  66. Brian -Ormskirk9:32 pm, May 13, 2012

    I watched your name sake play for Liverpool many years ago, and let me assure you that he and the rest of the the players of that era would have been appalled to hear that the dross we have had to endure this season has been ' splendid football '. And as for the media, Dalglish needs all the support he can get, and talking to reporters and TV interviewers with his stupid childish and petulant attitude does neither him or the club any favours. He needs to grow up and show respect.

  67. I would give kenny till january, if where up there challenging come jan then he stays, if where as far of the pace as we are now, then he goes. thats fair. Should KK be given any more money? no. he should sell to buy. He chose the players he wanted to bring in, and I think his biggest mistake was downing, has never been a great player and never will be. 

  68. thank God you are  not manager. Foot-ball is a results driven business. If Kenny wants a less pressure job he can always go down and coach at the lower leagues. He took the job at Liverpool fc because of his past with the club and the club storied historic past. Coaching at such an illustrious club comes with a lot of pressure. As the only other club other than United to have won a champions league trophy and having won 18 league titles it was a thing of pride for Daglish to want to be manager. Other club needed manager but he didn' t throw his hat in the ring over there. The long and short of it is. Liverpool is a victim of it's own success. As a manager at Liverpool a lot is expected of you right of the bat legend or not. The fans have been spoilt over the years . If as manager you don't give them what they want they will turn on you as you  can very well see with all the negative comments about Daglish. The level of foot-ball is on the rise with our competition in the premiere league and sometimes i feel Daglish is oblivious to that fact. He seems to not have the ability to adapt his tactics to the mordern game. His a great man from a great long  gone era who needs to play catch up in other to conform to the mordern game. I hope he has learned from his mistakes. His honeymoon is definately over with his employers . If he doesn't get it right next season (if he is not replaced this summer by Martinez) he will definately get the sack

  69. Top 4 next year is most unlikely. We are dumbing down and our competition is moving upwards! Get used to mid-table for a few years yet. FSG will not come up with any cash as they spent heavily on their baseball half this year and expect to save by keeping the purse closed on LFC. What else was to be expected when you are bought by someone who has two irons in the fire and one of them is their favourite sport? The warnings were there before they bought as well as their intent of NOT spending much cash but people wanted anything that would rid them of H&G!

  70. Yeah! I wouldn't like big expensive buys like ManC and win the league. Let's stay where we are eh....

  71. We could have also lost in Istanbul.

    Or against West Ham or Arsenal.

    Or indeed Birmingham.

    Not to mention Spurs, Utd, Everton.

    It was a Cup Final. We won. So shaddap.

  72. KD must go before talking anything about transfer for next season. I guess if he's still around next season, old guards like Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Lucas and Gerrard will want out. Then given KD's scouting ability, he will spend big to bring in his 'champions' from Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves. Sound scary? It may be reality if he's still the manager of LFC, the once-formidable English Champion.

  73. for the record, 47 times this year we hit the woodwork.
    47 TIMES!!!

  74. Its rubbish to say our million $$ players needs 38 games to settle in. All the maximum they need is 10 games for that. If they can`t they are not to the level, its simple as that. Kenny`s players have a VERY POOR attitude.The mentality has to change. Looks like it can`t. Kenny has to step down, We need a NO NONSENSE MANAGER towards the players. Thats not kenny. Worst league position.Kenny is responsible for that. No Excuse.

  75. Yeah...exactly what I was thinking. There is a bigger issue here people!

  76. all i have to say if some how kenny does keep his job and he manages to turn it around for liverpool , i want to come back on here and shuff it in the faces of the so called supporters above that have nothing positive to say , always have the answers to every thing . should of bought  this player  ,should of played that player in that game its all hypothetical crud, its no different from the negative arsenal supporters that were calling for arsene wengers head 3 months ago at arsenal and now cheer his name in the terraces its a joke,  always its the managers fault not the fact these players get millions to perform and they dont ,no different if i dont perform at my job ill get the sack not the manager ,its kennys fault players missed penalties it kennys fault we hit the post in games it kennys fault a midfielder didint chase back and tackle his player .seriously if u all have the answers go down anfield and put your hands up for the job so we can come on here and critize you ynwa

  77. It's always same old story season after season the only target is to get top 4 .But for our rival club they go for top and to be a champion in BPL.Just look at Man City now they are the Champion . . . I salute them for their team spirit to win every games . . . .

  78. Quaresma didn't fail at Chelsea, he was used as an impact sub (for whatever reason), and he had an impact. 

    His cost would be minimal and way below what his impact on the pitch would be (worst case scenario imo is that he'd be another Luis Garcia. And that would be much better than anything that we've had this year)

  79. I think he will be better than anything we have, but there are better, younger and cheaper options out there.

  80. 19yearold lfc enthusiast.9:03 am, May 14, 2012

    this is what we need.. A top class manager to signal to the world that the anfield revolution has begun..hiddink,Klopp,capello,unai emery,van marwijk,biesla. then we need to revert to a 4-3-3. buy affellay/boudebouz(6m),luuk de jong(8m+kuyt),gaston ramirez(12m),Diame,Aquilani,rasmus elm (7m). sell kuyt added to 8 mill for luuk dejong, maxi(2m),j.cole(2m),spearing,adam (5m)loan out shelvey. net spend 28m. formation:
                   Reina/doni     johnson, skrtel, agger, enrique         lucas, diame/elm/henderson      aquilani/ramirez/gerrard/affellayRamirez/bellamy,                suarez/affellay/downing                    dejong/carroll .
    we could finish 4th with this. you'll never walk alone. IMO we should be less disrespectful to dalglish. His return has been a spectacular failure but he remains an anfield legend.

  81. Mbamalimonsobundu9:07 am, May 14, 2012

    lucas/diame elm/henderson
    ramirez/bellamy      suarez/downing/afellay

  82. i remember all you idiots saying how bad lucas was, now you all stand and sing his name. henderson only 21, great engine, needs time, will be a class act, downing class winger whats up with you lot, saurez should of scored twice as many as he has done but you dont see that, you only see what you want. kenny came when we sat 17th in the league after roy have you all forgotten how well he did, two cup finals, europa league football and a trophy, 1st in six years, you all seem to have short memories, some great performances this year without the result, things look promising.

  83. You have been watching relagation standard in last 4 months, inconsistent and unmotivated.  Tactically inept being run by a clueless manager who can mix and shift the players to win and grind results.  Sorry, new manager required

  84. Actually, Liverpool fans know that he DIDNT take the job because of his past. NEITHER did he ask for the job.
    We asked him to step up after the hodgson fiasco.
    Yes the rest of that season he did well and lets be fair... taking away all the statistics about penalties, woodwork etc.
    The players just havent gelled! They dont look like they know each other yet.

    Im not a blind KD follower... but I am a blind LFC follower. Taking away his history etc etc... he is still a man. Who will make mistakes... Much like the RAFA RANT was a mistake when Rafa was in charge?

    We have been spoilt over the years.. but its not the end of the world. Rome was not built in a day, much like an ailing giant cannot be restructured in a season, especially with new blood in the team.

    I think younger should be given chances... if Rafa was back, we would never have seen sterling grace a first team game.

    We must remember that at one point, I can recall fans calling for Benitez head... now they want him back... again based on statistics.

    AND it is FOOTBALL not Foot-ball!! FFS!

  85. Brian -Ormskirk6:02 pm, May 14, 2012

    I think an even bigger mistake was buying Adam.Totally inept.

  86. I think that giving KD til Jan is the best option.  He deserves the chance for what he's done in the past.  If he can prove early doors that this season was a blip then great.  But lets get rid of downing! Awful! Henderson.  Not out of the top drawer.  Adam. Championship at best.

  87. Yeah! Totally agreed with jay

    He wasn't flop at chelsea 1 assist in three game and didnt got much time at to play at barca,In inter mourinho misused him,But at besiktas he's back to his best.Those who say he can't play outside portugal didn't you guys remember him in Uefa 2006-2009.He was Great,Only thing he needs is support from the coach and fans!

  88. No one knows that maxi will be this much great,but as know he's leaving lets try Quaresma (Y)

  89. chibuzo akobundu7:24 pm, May 15, 2012

    You do make some good points. I love the man , but I think he was wrong for the job. I feel he has been too long away from the game. I feel this is easy to see based on his tactics and his signings last summer. I would like him kept on if he perform a 360 degree change and adapt some new tactics. We need to be more competitive next season that's for sure. I would hire Kermit the Frog if he could give us a top four finish at this point to be honest

  90. choollun chetanand2:15 pm, May 22, 2012

    istanbul: AC milan
    West ham at that time was worth...
    You mentioned all good clubs...
    cardiff...euh...hitting the woodwork is not scoring...dude...we have not win the EPL...does that sound enough that we need a good coach...the closer we were was in 2009 but due to the owners, we could not provide enough depth to the squad: A lfc winning CL and in the final next year could not buy players they wanted!!!