19 May 2012

Molby tells FSG: Forget Martinez & 'gamble' on these 3 'top' managers. Agree?

A few days ago, Steve Nicol insisted that Wigan Manager Roberto Martinez should not be considered for the Liverpool job, arguing that the Spaniard did not have the right experience to take on such a high profile role. Reds legend Jan Molby agrees with Nicol's assessment, and he's urged FSG to appoint another one of the Premier League's rising stars.

Speaking to Wales Online earlier today, Molby - who managed Swansea in the 1990s - dismissed Martinez's chances, and threw his support behind Norwich manager Paul Lambert. He said:

“Roberto Martinez and Paul Lambert have been linked, but if you asked me to choose, then Lambert would be the only one I would consider. Martinez seems to be being lauded for guiding Wigan to Premier League security, but Norwich finished above them this season. Lambert is going to be a top, top manager.

It's good to see up and coming British managers linked with the Liverpool job, but the club is scouring the globe to find the right man, and Molby selected two non-British managers who could be worth a 'gamble':

"Lucien Favre, of Borussia Moenchengladbach is another who has impressed me. As has Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid, who won the Europa League. They are gambles, but what manager isn’t, these days?"

I'm not convinced that Lambert is a viable option; there's a touch of the 'Roy Hodgson' about his managerial CV (i.e. moved around a lot in a short space of time), and he wasn't particularly successful at Wycombe Wanders or Colchester United.

Lambert has been a revelation at Norwich, but does that mean he's the right man for the Liverpool job? I'm not so sure.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Here you are disagreeing with Molby
    Like you
    Know what your talking about

    I wonder how long it will be before you want whoever becomes the next manager out ?

  2. Go away kanwar ya compulsive attention seeker 

  3. no no no, why look at young dross?

  4. There is no guarantee that whoever gets the job will bring a top 4 spot (which is essentially the main criteria by which FSG are judging success) regardless of experience, character etc. However, the new manager not only has to deal with a 'big' club, with 'big' egos (this includes potential future buys), but presently, there seems to be a situation at Liverpool of uncertainty and chaos that makes the job of a manager inextricably harder. Having owners that are incredibly patient due to the need to recoup their investment just adds to the pressure.

    Chances of success are surely increased if you employ a manager who has dealt with these kind of problems and this kind of pressure before. Choosing someone like Martinez, the supposed frontrunner, is just asking for trouble unless you have a very secure support structure around him. And if the gamble fails, the supporters lose their faith not only in the manager and the team, but the owners also, and we're right back at square one (Gillet and Hicks).

  5. I've been reading that Capello is showing interest in Liverpool.. I don't know if that's been confirmed yet or not but if so then it would be a tough sell to convince me that Lambert or Martinez are better candidates than him.

    Also, has it even been confirmed yet that FSG really do want to get a young manager this time around? Or is that just a continuation of rumours from our last manager hunt?

    And Benitez is only 52... Just saying. :)

  6. Firstly.. It was a shame to see Kenny go but if I were about to give out another £100m for new players, I would find it very difficult to trust his judgement. The fooball he was trying to play was great (pass n move) but the players were substandard and unfortunately he bought them. People talk about the hitting the woodwork and most shots stats, lack of conversion proves my point on quality of player.

    Secondly.. Martinez hasn't got the credentials to manage our club. He's a progressive thinking manager but he hasn't got the management experiance needed for dealing with a certain level of professional player, that skill is definitely needed for managing our club unless we decide to continue to sign the kind of players we've been buying. Mid table manager for mid table players.

    Lastly.. If we could get Capello it would be a coup but it's also a big if. Capello's a winner and would require a big transfer budget to sort out our current situation.
    So in my opinion that leaves Rafa. Rafa was able to get a lot from his players (ask our ex no.9 who struggles to hit a barn door now), his attention to detail was 2nd to none, the level of commitment he expects from his players is 'nothing comes before your duty to the club' and unlike some I trust him in the transfer market. Name a better and more realistic candidate.

  7. Might as well hire a K. Nanthakumar from Pakistan because he has won the village cup in his hometown. LOL. Linking Paul Lambert and Roberto Martinez to Liverpool is an insult and not something every fan should be proud of. We are that low now? I'm not going to ask for Mourinho or Pep Guordiola but we just sacked a legend and decided to replace him with wannabes? You tell me how illogical is that. If every option is closed, I would rather have Rafa back. 

  8. I hear Kenny Dalglish is out of work. Seriously are we really contemplating the likes of Martinez and Lambert as Liverpool managers?
    FSG have demanded top 4 regardless, those two wannabees have no chance, it has to be Rafa or Capello otherwise FSG would be better of giving the job to Carragher.

  9. Let's have Frank Rijkaard as  Liverpool manager.

  10. Neither did Roberto di Matteo, sacked by WBA and now CL winner.
    Capello is also a loser as his reign at England proved.
    Better candidate is Diego Simeone

  11. First of all FSG are conducting the interviews as is they are looking for a sales rep for a double glazing firm. How can a manager who doesnt get the job go back to his club and say oh sorry I was going to leave you but I am back now so please forgive me.
    Secondly they have hired an American Director of Communications Jen Chang with no football background who then ask fans to tweet who they want and then says it was a bit of fun only.
    Unbelievable people these they dont understand the mentality of the football fan. We dont all eat hot dogs during the game and have a BBQ in the car park beforehand. Football is far more important to fans than they ever imagined.
    If Rogers or Lambert keep their clubs up and improve on this season then they are good managers. The second season is always the most difficult as your running on adrenalin in your first season.
    This happened with Reading a few years ago they finished in the top half of the league their first season and went down the next, correct me if i am wrong but I think Pardew was the manager.
    Martinez has at least proven he can keep Wigan up and improve them by staying up playing good football and beating the big clubs.
    Next season Nigel Adkins of Southampton may be the big thing if he does well and stays up easily.
    If Roberto di Matteo is sacked despite winning the CL would you want him, he handled much bigger ego's than they have at Liverpool and didnt hesistate to leave out Torres and Essien and the like.
    These managers are not wannabees they are young managers who have worked themselves up and are future potential managers of bigger clubs.

  12. very harsh to describe these guys as dross they have done an excellent job with the resources they have available to them.

  13. it may of escaped your attention but 8th placed finish = mid table team.
    How high of a level are Downing, Adam and Henderson all mid table players  signed from mid table clubs or in the case of Adam relegated club.

  14. It was Steve coppell that was the reading manager and I'd rather have him back than Rafa he had his chance and blew it!! It's time for new blood to come in I say capellos the man that should be given the task of dragging us back to where we belong but like somebody's already said he will want money and if the money isn't there players will have to be sold to generate cash and there's more than enough dead weight to raise some cash to do something with! No matter who comes in he will want to spend some money! GET CAPELLO IN!!

  15. Ahh Coppell yes your right.
    according to the Sunday press the Yanks are looking to cut costs and Skertel and Suarez will go.
    I dont think for one moment they are going to pump lots of cash in again, they are investors looking for return on capital
    according to the papers again its AVB they reckon. A disaster waiting to happen.
    Think Tranmere going to be better to watch at this rate.

  16. can he bowl a googly

  17. English football is in transition.

    If we get the right manager NOW, We can upset the powers that be and stake our place at the pinnacle of world football.

    For this to happen :

    There can be only One!



  18. As a Liverpool fan from Boston who's also been a Red Sox fan my whole life you're off your tree if you think FSG doesn't understand passionate fans who take their team seriously. If you don't think Boston fans fit that description b/c it's not about football you a) have clearly never been here and b) are probably just a snob.

  19. How dare you question the know-it-all jamie kanwar? You have to worship the ground he walks on and glorify all the words he blogs. Damn you to hell.


  21. Only ace can beat a king, and that's Benitez !!!!

  22. Mourinho requires too much money for his brand of success. He is no option for us. The one you are looking for is Raffa and only Raffa.

    He knows the club, is tested and proven and is world class. He also loves our club and with the right support he will be our best chance, ie lowest risk, of returning us too top four.

  23. Christmas_Past3:40 pm, May 20, 2012

    It doesn't matter who comes in. Crap stadium, no money left, unrealistic expectations based on historic precedent....and  Owners who are surprised that all and sundry seem less than keen to get involved in a Dutch auction of a job interview.
    If FFS G dont get their act together, it'll be Harry Basset if you're lucky.

  24. Theycallmemrburt3:48 pm, May 20, 2012

    If Rafa comes back Kuyt is a guaranteed starter.  I can't have that anymore.  Kuyt has put good service in but we will never break down the smaller teams with him in the side.  At 31 he has 4 years 1st team in hi.  With Rafa bak those four years worth of 1st team will be in our starting 11.

    I can't have it anymore.

  25. how can you get passionate about a game of rounders that takes 4 1/2 hours to play and has about 28 commercials during it.
    Even if they do understand passion they dont understand the game of soccer, didnt Henry google LFC to find out who they were and they have no knowledge  of the game just like if a British businessman bought the San Francisco 49ers football team he wouldnt have a clue of how it all works there.
    Have lived in USA and been back 20 odd times 
    I once went to a baseball game  the Atlanta Braves at Fulton County Stadium and was praised for how well I spoke English and was asked how long it took to drive there. I did get an autograph of a guy called Chipper Jones though,

  26. Theycallmemrburt3:51 pm, May 20, 2012

    100% agree.  I'd be disappointed if Rijkaard doesn't get it.  A change of football philosophy is needed at Anfield.  Since Houllier we have been intent on bringing in defensive coaches.  It's time for a change.

  27. why would Mourinho want to swap Ronaldo for Downing. Its like asking a waiter at the Ritz would he like to work in McDonalds instead.

  28. Theycallmemrburt4:07 pm, May 20, 2012

    If every option is closed?  Surely our imaginations can stretch beyond Rafa.  Rafa is a fantastic defensive coach but wouldn't you prefer to see us bring in a manager who invests in flair?  We haven't had a wide man worth his salt since Barnes and Macca.  In order to break down those problematic smaller teams who park the the double decker this needs to change.  Man utd don't win the league based solely on their head to heads with other top four sides it is their annihilation of everyone else that puts league titles in the cabinet.  To do that an attacking philosophy is a must. Europe on the other hand..........

  29. well said mate, Mick McCarthy is looking for a job

  30. Martinez has achieved above expectations for a numeber of years on limited resources and his scouting network and buys have generally performed. The style of football is also positive and if the fans give him time and a chance i think he could be worth it. He would also not demand the salary and transfer budget of benitez.

  31. Elephant in the room is the new ground. Liverpool need to be generating more income ( from a + 60,000 seater stadium) in order to challenge. We will never win the league until we gat a bigger stadium.

  32. Christmas_Past4:34 pm, May 20, 2012

    No chance, as I say ...stuck in the past, head in the sand parochialism will prevent it.

  33. Theycallmemrburt4:43 pm, May 20, 2012

    Whoever gets the job has to reclaim the power from Carragher and Gerrard.  For the last two and a half years they have both championed mediocrity in the form of Hodgson and Kenny and have both believe it or not managed to secure themselves new contracts in the process despite playing the worst football of their illustrious careers.  They have been good players but like Kenny have the KOP wrapped firmily round their little fingers'..........and they know it. 

  34. Christmas_Past4:53 pm, May 20, 2012

    Carragher = 'Mr Liverpool'?.....more like Mr Liverpool Corporation bus turning circle

  35. Pro_Benitez_Cult4:55 pm, May 20, 2012

    Henry and co have some uncomfortable questions to answer. There ownership has hardly been fantastic. They only look good when compared to the American owners. Liverpool lack leadership off the pitch. They need a chief executive that has a vision in both football and business. Ian Ayres should never have been promoted, he was fine where he was. His footballing decisions he has been involved have been ludicrous, from being part of the board that sacked Benitez to hiring Hodgson to giving Dalglish a full time contract to sanctioning hideous signings tonthe whole Suarez affair.

    As for the manager's position, a move for Martinez, Rodgers, Lambert or Pardew would be such a backward step and not what Liverpool need. Reactionary response to want these. Moves for Guardiola and Mourinho are ridiculous imo. We need a winner at the club with a footballing vision. Benitez? I'd love to have him back one day...but now, I don't think is the time. Klopp ticks the boxes but doesn't want to leave Dortmund.

    For me, it comes down to two people: Andre Villas-Boas and Louis van Gaal. both are winners who bring a sense of personality to the role. both have footballing visions.

  36. It's better to have someone experienced who knws to handle z pressure of managing LFC .  Pep will do but dn.t think he will accept why not didier deschamps or laurent Blanc

  37. rijkaard or laudrup pliz

  38. Pro_Benitez_Cult5:25 pm, May 20, 2012

    Absolutely correct. They think they have a divine right to have a place in the team. Carragher thinks he's going to waltz in to the manager's hotseat aswell. Let's face it, they are past it. Gerrard has been very poor since Benitez left to be honest. Carragher hasn't been the same since the season we finished runners up. there attitudes are disgusting. Carragher berates and bullies his way round a pitch nowadays, snarling at anyone he feels he can. Any new manager must remove them from the club as soon as possible, Carragher by moving him on ASAP and Gerrard, easing him out over the next season

  39. For me the most important aspect of this whoe drama is the players....it seems we are trying to secure certain players at the Club who might want to leave if the manager is not who they want....

    Im wondering if the new manager will be unveiled before these players are nailed down etc to give them an option or whether we will hold off or stall the unveiling until said players have been tied down....

    The success of the next manager will depend largely on the players who have IMO been letting the Club down by underperforming etc..

    This is why rafa's name is being banded about, i think we all know that Reina Lucas Skrtel Kuyt Maxi Aquilani etc and perhaps Suarez....would stay and re group and no doubt play to their potential....whereas if we bring in someone (anyone?) else they might not be happy....and want to leave...

    Therefore bringing AVB in would be pointless because he would have another Chelsea situ to deal with and it would be easy for the fans to dismiss him as not suitable etc....

    My worry is that we will try to keep players here by forcing them to commit their futures with us without telling them who will be the next manager....

    What i don't want to see next season is a pissed off Reina Suarez etc etc who've been hoodwinked into staying....

  40. FSG are here for the money

    They "bought" the club on the cheap ,
    It's all about and only about MONEY

    Dalglish deserved another season

    You people who don't go the match yet voice your opinion like your experts make me sick .
    You guys want instant bought success
    GO and SUPPORT man city

    If the next manger doesn't get us in the champions league no doubt you you will want him sacked
    Mark my words , at that point
    FSG will run for the border

    There " plan" is nothing short of comical right now
    Won't be long before the KOP marches against them if this carries on

  41. Would the Kop march aginst them (FSG) IF they brought in rafa..??

    I doubt it....

    SO, the KOP are holding "our" new owners to ransom....??? Like bring back rafa or else we're going to kick off..???

    Just look at Chelsea....they sacked AVB went on to win the FA Cup AND CL....which wouldn't have happened if they had stuck with a manager and dynamic at the Club which wasn't working with regard to bringing out the best in the players etc.

    Its not about wanting instant sucess its about finding the right fit....if it don't work then why stick with it..?

  42. To add, IF the KOP have this type of imbecilic attitude towards the owners then it is they not FSG who "we" as Liverpool fans need to be protesting about.....

    Perhaps this is exactly why we havn't won the league for 20 years...

    I think FSG are going to go head to head with the KOP tbh, i don't see them taking kindly to be held at ransom....the KOP don't own LFC and they are not the mouthpiece of the Club, they do not represent all Liverpool fans contrary to what they think.....

    They should get behind the Club and stop trying to fight rafa's battles for him......as should the players....

  43. Pro_Benitez_Cult6:24 pm, May 20, 2012

    With Kenny going, my feeling (and I accept I might be wrong on this) was that he was sacked not because we didn't get Champions League but because we never seriously looked like competing for the Champions League. If we had finished a couple of points off, he would still be in the job. The fact we were so far off even challenging for the top 4 is the reason the owners made the decision to sack Kenny.

    I think the fans need to trust the owners more (including me) because I do feel there are still suspicions and mistrust about American owners because of Gillett and Hicks. Whether that's right or wrong, who knows. 

    I just don't know what the players are thinking. Whether in Rafa's last year, Hodgson's reign and Kenny's tenure, I think  the players have let there manager down very badly

  44. I agree ESP the bit about the players....

  45. I just don't get why people are bigging up Martinez. He kept wigan up what a bloody hero he won some games towards the back end of the season wow!
    The facts are he took Steve Bruce's 11th placed wigan to 2 consecutive relegation battles. He got wigan to play awful for the majority of the season. Neither he or Lambert are good enough. As for Capellos England record it has no significance on whether we sign him or not. As a club manager he is quality.

  46. Ironically i think Cappello was headed to Chelsea his preferred destination IMO....but now that probably won't happen...

    Wouldn't want Cappello, too old and stuck in his ways, we need a younger more charismatic and modern individual with a GENUINE interest and admiration for the Club, coupled with a solid belief and determination to re establish us as a top side once again.....

  47. Is that not what Rafa was wanting all along, a world class wide man. Wanted Silva, Downing( when he was playing really well) How would they have served Torres then. Rafa anytime for me. He knows exactly what we needed, just needed proper backing of funds. 

  48. I just can't get through my head that people like Molby is even suggesting that Lambert would b better mngr 4liverpool than Capello, AVB or R Benitez.Is Molby out of his mind or what.

  49. a muppett could manage with lots of funds

  50. yes but most of them demand instant success

  51. of course they are here for the money ever since Sky TV and the Champions League that is all everyone here is for.

  52. spot on Mitzy

  53. maybe he is after a free dinner

  54. Here's a thought for all those wanting rafa back...

    How certain are we that rafa would take the job IF it was offered to him....?

    Think about it....FSG are in a bit of a jam here IMO what would happen if rafa rejected the offer to come back as manager...?

    Say for instance he mentioned the transfer kitty or set up etc not being right in a critical way....

    Would that not heap even more pressure on the owners and help stoke the fire of discontent amonst the KOP perhaps...?

    Which in turn would put more pressure on whoever they decide to choose as next manager...?

    Could be wrong about this but i think i know why FSG are not so willing to open "talks" with rafa benitez......

    War of attrition...?

  55. That's the point I was trying to make. We signed a load of mid table players and now we want to sign a mid table manager to cement our mid table status. Capello's a loser??? Check his CV over again.
    Regarding England... Mourhino would struggle to turn us into winners. Over rated players and a press machine which undermine and drag you down if they don't like you. Football in this country needs a drastic change from grass roots and academies all the way to the top. We need to forget the 6ft+ athletes with low levels of technical ability in favour of the maybe smaller players with high levels of tekkers. Messi would have never made it out of the academies had he been born here.
    Deigo Simone great player but can't be judged as a manager after one successful season. Remember Juande Ramos??

  56. FSG have provided the manager with funds to buy whom he pleased and they've come in and stabilized the club. But it's a massive project and will take time to sort us out to an Arsenal type level.
    They made a decision to get rid of Kenny which was a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. They can only really be judged on that score once the next manager has been appointed.
    The main situation to look out for over the next couple of seasons will be the stadium, we need a new one and quickly.
    I don't see why anyone would buy a football club other than for publicity or as an asset which they can borrow against. They're not really profitable.
    What do you want from FSG?

  57. YOU TELL THEM BILL,....But you lost me on that one about a quick BBQ in the car park beforehand....IS that something to do with DOGGING ?...I never could understand this kid txt slang thing.

    Which reminds me, Ive got to go to B&Q for some paint, and that's another one which always confused me as I always thought DIY stood for.......don't involve yourself

    Not t worry

    Thanks Bill, C yea,

    hit me baby one more time.

    Oh and before I go bill thanks for taking my advice about talking to the Dimwit.

  58. Billy you really don,t know much about AVB do you? he was brought in to do a job which he had a plan for and found nothing but resistabce from the big guns at Chelsea, he was sacked after only 8 months that is less than half of what KK got, now i have read up on an interview he did in Portugal and believe me this guy knows a bit about football, he has great ideas of setting up his team and changing it through the course of the game if need be.
    So i believe that LFC would be crazy if they didn't at least talk to him because we scream for a manager with an attacking approach to a game, well lets just say that he doesn't mind the 4-3-3 set up.
    Lets not forget he has something to prove and he has good footballing contacts as well, there are good players out there that will play for him, which is something we need because lets face it without CL we do not look that attractive.

  59. HEY JOE,!

    Living in America, station to station, living in America, Got to have a celebration.

    ( Ah you thought I was Going to sing Jimmy Hendrix then )Hawdy partner,....Seriously Joe its nice to hear from you as you sound a very genuine lad and not like the type of person to MAKE THINGS UP.I fully agree with you that our new WELCOME owners fully understand our passionate ( hit me baby one more time ) football fans, just like they do yours,why else would they employ KD...they bowed to the fans sentiment and possible judgment and perhaps we should take some responsibility as well ehseriously I'm not having a go at KD again as I loved him ( oh baby baby ) as a player but he got it wrong as the manager, FSG kindly gave us 120 Million Pound and by anybodies standards we should have done a lot lot better, anyone thinking any different is being foolish Although I do take Billy's point on this recruitment lark, you can't have the owners interviewing up to 12 managers as it doe's make us look very amateur which is embarrassing for us as a clubAlso the lack of a Communicator at the club is mystifying as it breeds doubt and I'm sure this is what has caused a bit of unsettlement in the ranks.Never the less it is good to hear from you Joe,Whats the weather like over there as its crap here,have you seen David Beckam and posh round by you as they live in America now you know Joe ( bad creeps them arn't they Joe, calling the kid Brooklyn after the famous American bridge, Defo a marketing idea for all Americans to like them,  I hope on his first day at  High School ( Britney territory again ) one of the kids throws him over it.

    Anyway hope to hear from you again Joe as you will now be Known as the American Scouser to me ( we could be Pen friends ).

    C' Yea Joe

    Sorry Joe before I go Who would you pick for the reds manager ? ( Be careful here Joe as we have some sensitive fans as you know, think of this site as  like a State Penitentiary and you'll fine ) Me Myself would opt for the proven pedigree option and bring back Raffa.

    PS, Joe,.....Can you tell me if BBQ is anything to do with DOGGING, as I dont get this kids slang language..do you ?.

    Doe's a bloke named Chibuzo live by you joe...???........He makes things up you know

    Hey Joe, where you going' with that gun in your hand....Hey Joe, I said where you going with that gun in your hand.

  60. Wigan 8th straight defeats and struggled in the relegation zone early in the season are not considered 'above expactations'. 

  61. Just one Ca..pel..ow give it to me...delicious ice cream from Napoli

    Je Ne Sais Quoi, Au revoir mon amie.

    Now, as I am French, I shall now translate this for the fans, It is a well known Parisian term meaning..HE CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH.......

    Mind you neither could Kenny.

    Seriously, google my translation up, I,m right

  62. I hope FSG are monitoring the internet. The support for Rafa is growing and none of the other "candidates" has anything like his CV in terms of English and European experience.

  63. JESUS Billy, that must have took some Petrol driving from England to America.........

    How long did it take you by the way ?.

    Did you go in a Campervan ( they are good for dogging in  them Bill,....so I believe  )

    By my estimations even with a good economical second hand Ford Mondeo it would be about 17 weeks...am I right Bill ?


    Although them Big Macs are Nice

  65. Why not Claudine, (hit me baby one more time) they went with the Kop last time and look were that got us.

    The King Is Dead Long Live The King

  66. Christmas past, Ebeneza Scrooge eh, You are Defo a Bluenose you

    Right Bill, and Joe, you two flank him and I'll go down the middle

  67. Ask yourself this Christmas bluenose, In the 20 year history of the premiership how many times have you finished above us...........TWICE.....Andy Carroll.

    See Yea in the next derby

  68. Here Here, Well Said Mitzsu.

    The king Is Dead Long Live The King

  69. Well Mitzsu,

    FIRSTLY, We can be very sure Raffa wants to come back as he said in the  Echo about 4 weeks ago that he would wait 10 years to be manager at Liverpool again.

    SECONDLY. What year was the war of attrition

  70. Theycallmemrblurt.

    Right Burt, Just Calm yourself down, That's it, take a seat...take 4 large deep breaths and relax,  I will Explain what is going to happen to you next ok.   

    FIRSTLY. Within the next two hours the FA are going to call round to your house and Drug Test You ok, we know that it will be a positive result because of your above ridiculous statements which is why you are being drug tested, 

    SECONDLY. they will put you on Methadone,  probably very large doses for the 1st six months then it should be reduced over the following six months until you feel better.

    Good Luck with your recuperation Burt, Get well soon

  71. Christmas_Past7:09 pm, May 21, 2012

    I'm no bluenose, and TWICE is exactly two times more than the mighty LFC have won the premiership....lets all get real.   See how it would work Here

  72. Billy, Don,t be talking to that Bluenose please, he really is a propper Kn..head who goes Nosing round LFC sites cause his own sites have little to offer...he is whats known as a Voyeur with very very limited intelligence.

  73. See what I mean Billy, he is a total kn..head of the highest order

  74. i would prefer a nice fillet steak from the ritz myself but on my pay more like an all day brekkie at the greasy spoon

  75. is he, he probably writes for Blue Kipper.

  76. After Rafa, we sign up Kenny again.

    Lambert did ok with Colchester didn't he? I thought it was a 5-1 win that he engineered, by Colchester at Norwich, which saw the previous manager sacked and then he was offered the Norwich job. Think he would do ok, but has the same shortcomings as all of the managers. If O'Neill is not considered, AVB would be the choice for me. Don't mind the idea of Van Gaal either. As long as it is not Capello.

  77. Hi Joe, but i don't think they have a good idea of what constitutes a good manager, don't think they understood the financial fair play regulations when they overspent on players in the last year and do not think they understood the difference with european football, cup football and relegation compared to how american sports are organised. Still think they need to get a football chairman who has UK links and knows how things work here. David Dein, the ex Arsenal man would have been a great signing. Better than Commoli.