4 May 2012

LFC gross/net transfer spend 2010-12: Dalglish + Hodgson - Official figures...

John Henry recently expressed his dissatisfaction with Liverpool FC's profligate transfer spending, but just how much money has the club splurged on player purchases over the last 18 months? There are many figures bandied about in the media, but the club's newest accounts - released this week - provide the most accurate picture of the club's transfer spending under FSG.


* The club's latest accounts cover the following period: 1 August 2010 - 31 July 2011.

* Also included in the accounts is a 'Post Balance Sheet Events' section, which covers transfers that took place after 31 July 2011.

* Overall, the accounts cover the bulk of Roy Hodgson's transfer spending, and all of Kenny Dalglish's spending.

LFC gross spend

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. So that comes to around £13 million spend per transfer window, which isn't an extortionate amount. 

  2. Well thats wrong Roy signed Suarez

  3. Kenny signed Suarez. Or he was signed whilst Kenny was manager.

  4. Did he really? Go and have another look at your facts....

  5. When you put it like that it doesn't sound too bad. But you have to remember, with all that spending we've still got less points than last season and are in a lower position. 

  6. No the problem with todays generation is that they want instant success. Think that games like FIFA and football manager should not be used as reference!! Like DanieLFC said that it is 13M pounds per transfer window it's not a huge amount of money. Considering where LFC was before splashing that money it makes little difference. The big issue that must be taken into consideration is that there was 6,7 players that came in. There is a new manager. There is a new philosophy being ingrained in the system. And all that takes time. Thats not FIFA!!! When like you buy a player and play him immediately he scores goals upon goals!!! Torres can get you goals in FIFA but is that the same TORRES we are seeing!! Look at that Barcelona team, where were they before they started dominating europe??? Where were they in the years 2000-2005??? They were building and now look at them!!!! You need to give a relationship time to become stronger isn't it?? And am talking about love not one night stand thing!!! But nowadays things like that are disappearing that's why there is this way of thinking about instant success!!! Todays generation want everything to be instant!!!! If people at the time when Shankly took over were thinking in this way Liverpool Football Club would never have been what it is now that is a big club!! We need to be patient!!! If there were not any potential in this team we wouldn't have made two finals in the two domestic cups we were in!!!

  7. Wilson Michaelpaul9:44 pm, May 04, 2012

    Both Portsmouth and Birmingham have gotten to finals and won cups in the last few seasons so using the domestic cups as a barometer for progression puts you on very dodgy ground , as for the new philosophy  - the only one ive seen is the one that alienates the club in the media and to the casual fan and makes us one of the most despised clubs in the country as far as any neautral fans are concerned.

    This season has been an unmitigated PR disaster coupled with appalling performances in the league  - I am sorry , really I am, I wish I was a rose tinter who thinks everything with kenny at the helm is going great  - I would be happy then , deluded but on the whole happy.

  8. As i recall , Roy purchased players for 20.3 M and collected 22.4 M from players sales ( mainly from Mascherano sales) .

  9. Rafa net spent during his six year tenure was 63M. From that perspective alone, its indeed exortionate.

  10. Well, the fee for Luis Suarez was agreed on 28th January 2011, Kenny was appointed caretaker manager on 8th January 2011.

  11. kenny did not agree the price for anyone that was done by DC

  12. Compared to the £20m of interest & financing payments bleeding out of the club in Hicks & Gillett's final year.
    Or the £27.5m they paid to themselves via interest on loans while they were in charge.

  13. Jaimie

    a) The comments made by JWH are only allegations of comments being made. There is no concrete evidence that the comments were actually made...he may well have expressed disgust at the performance on Tuesday, but that is hardly inflammatory or damaging to KD's position. However, I have tweeted JWH to confirm/deny on twitter, I doubt he will do so....although according to Hymy Fisher he is akin to revealing his true thoughts and feelings at will, so maybe I will receive a reply????

    b) Good work on the figures....so, after all the debate that has taken place on various articles you have published this week, the net spend per tansfer window is £13m.....

    c) I'm assuming this article is linked to the anti KD articles written ealier in the week. So, can you outline the wage bills for the top 6 clubs, and align to their net transfer spends over the same period please??? That may shed further light on why we continue to trail the others....

    I already know we have lower wage bills and lower net spends (5th highest net spend & 6th highest wage bill), indicating that we can't justify a top four finish with our current & historic spend levels.....

    Rafa suffered with player aquisitions as a result of this and we know where the money was going....hey presto we go from 2nd to 5th...strange that a good manager like Rafa can't work miracles isn't it? The truth is that others have been spending and we have been unable to match them long term...

    It's time to face up to facts....we have been a club in decline for a good few years. (And the reason Torres left, which was the reason Carroll was bought in the first place - he was a panic buy).

    Rafa - Missed out on first choice targets due to transfer fees and salaries and we went backwards.

    KD - Missed out on some of his first choice targets, arguably down to the same issues PLUS the fact that we have been in decline....Young, Jones, Mata are just three examples.

    Who, other than young and/or largely unproven or second-rate players, wishes to join a club in decline without the financial reward on offer elsewhere? As a result we lag further behind.

    Is it really KD's fault?..or Rafa's for that matter? (Admittedly they both made mistakes - what manager doesn't).

    TIME and PATIENCE are required, no matter how frustrated we become there is no silver bullet...the answer IS BIGGER PICTURE THINKING....

    We need progression off the pitch in order to compete at the highest level on it consistently...how/what?  The redevelopment of Anfield or new stadium is the key.

    FSG are playing the long game. Managing the club prudently whilst reaching decisions for the long term future of the club.

    To link back to your previous articles, any new manger coming in may result in more backwards steps, as, just like transfers, recruitment in any walk of life is a gamble....there is no guarantee of success, no matter who they are.

    Additionally, a new manager WILL require a budget significantly larger than what KD receives this summer....and who is to say they sign players that succeed immediately....that puts the new stadium or redevlopment of Anfield in jeopardy...OR does not get completed before FFP Rules are fully in force. Either way, FSG have some tough decisons to make.

    This is why the only viable option is to give KD another 12 months with a limited budget for a proven goalscorer & agreement to wheel & deal, hope that FSG come to a decision on the ground situation and that they then proceed with haste.....note that a proven goalscorer is likely to improve our chance conversion rate which in turn WILL dramatically improve points haul, league position, player & supporter confidence, performance levels and ambition etc etc.......

    Fingers crossed for 2mro...YNWA!!!

  14. It was sacrasm....hence telling Hottybotty to go check his facts....!!!

  15. Lets assume that Torres was sold for 50m. Although I dont believe it because FSG are liars and have fed us bullshit right from the start.

    Babel was supposedly sold for 6m. Mascherano sold for 18m. Thats more than what we have made through player sales. 50+18+6 = 74m. Thats not including the rest of the players who were sold.

  16. The figures are above...90.3m in player sales.

    Entitled to your opinion...but they have been up front and honest right from the get go, and a breath of fresh air with pro-active management of club finances.

    They have been guilty of appointing and listening to that muppet Comolli.....but they did sack him so have rectified their mistake, to a point.

  17. Maybe you need to open your eyes and think of the bigger picture...I have tried to explain what that is elsewhere on that thread, hope it makes sense.....

    Note: The PR disaster was Suarez's fault - had he told the club from the beginning what he later admitted to the FA Panel the club would have handled it differently.....if you haven't done so, read the report available on the FA Website...it's quite an eye opener.

    Whatever opinion we have, we all want the best for Liverpool Football Club and right now that is cup success tomorrow...

  18. Kenny didn't want Downing...Adam...Carroll or Henderson..in the first place. Camolie bought them when Kenny was on holiday last year.

  19. Regardless of the low net spend, we still got poor value for the expenditure we have made as illustrated by our league performance. Couldn't give a monkeys about net spend if we continue to waste money regardless. 

    Net spend is useful to see how much of the expenditure isn't funded by sales but at the moment, regardless of where the funds come from, I want to see us spend better and wiser.

    Newcastle picked up Cabaye for £4.5m....£4.5m!

  20. Gotta love 'sarcasm' on the internet, always catches a few out!

  21. KD missed on his first choice- Mata ?
    Are you serious ? Downing was signed on 13 July or so, Mata had a release clause in his Valencia contract for 20M effective till 31 July. Chelsea bought Mata in August ( for more money) after Modric deal went south .
    KD had no interest in Mata . We paid top tier money for second rate players .

  22. So you think we didn't enquire before we signed Downing....

    Downing salary around 30k per week less than Mata...

    My point indicates top-rate players wouldn't join a club in decline and there was no way Mata would join....

    Just say we hadn't already signed Suarez, it's even debatable if he'd have made the same decision and joined us in the summer, don't you think?

  23. It wasn't designed to...I thought it was obvious lol....

  24. Not with inflation....about on par to be fair....and Benitez signed an 18m crock...

  25. We did inquire but chose not to pursue. We had no compeititon , Arsenal also inquired but they did not want to meet the release clause . Valencia is a seller club and will continue to sell .

    So Downing was a better deals because he makes 30K less ? Well Mata makes 2.5 key passes per match which is more than Hendreson and Downing COMBINED make per game ( 0.8 and 1.6 respectively ) and has 6 goals and 13 assists. Wheren't they bought for the alleged key passes and chance creation ? How much they both make a week and cost in transfer fees ?
    Compare them both to even Arteta whose tackles, interceptions and passes per match exceed both of our dynamic duo combined.

    Indeed , when it comes to signing top players ,we will be right at the back of the queue if there is competition for such players signature .

    But  for every Cavani there is Arda Turan ( who said he is LFC fan) ,  Demba Cissé , Moussa Sow who was ligue 1 top scorer last season and said in January he would be happy to join LFC , Xherdan Shaqiri ( who was happy to join Galatasaray in Jan but the Turks were not happy paying 12M ).

    My point is there are huge classes of players between Mata and Downing  and Hazard and Henderson - the problem was Dalglish was simply not interested in any of them .As to the decline point, last summer there was a good sales pitch for prospective players : we are out of bankruptcy, new owners , we are splashing the cash now and former LFC hero is the new manager .
    This season , we are officially in decline .

  26. Yup so Kenny cleared a lot of Hodgson's deadbeat, wanna-outs, and in the process of rebuilding. We have one silverware and another one (hopefully) by end of today! I still can't understand why fans are crying and want Kenny out. He has done good even in players transfers. The official records are already for everyone to see its shrewd business from the making. One or two players may not have come good (yet), but for £50m+ to rebuild a side, you can't ask for a better hand than Kenny!

  27. Yup, Let's see LFC in the Championship in the 2013-2014 season.

  28. If you actually played fifa on legendary mode you'd realize instant success is not a realistic goal!!!! 

  29. Dalglish's gross spend in 18 months is almost half Benitez's in six years. Benitez has a negative net spend when you factor in his players sold after he left. 

  30. Relegation?  You wish! We will restructure some more in the summer and tweak our team. Next season will be different!

  31. ??? You must be horrible at Fifa

  32. You might be surprised, he did it before at Liverpool and at Blackburn!

  33. I agree, we are in much better shape. Any fans who seem to express another opinion online may not have the best grasp on reality or might just be rival fans! 

  34. I don't understand what is this argument about net spending by KD and RH all about??? I think a lot of fans here misused the term 'net spending'. Please understand a fact that when you sell a player worth 20 mil pounds for 20 mil pounds and buy a player worth 5 mil pounds for 15 mil pounds should not be judged as 5 mil pounds profit made in the club's transfer activities. Player transfer should be judged on a case-by-case basis.

    Man Utd bought CR for 13 mil pounds and sold for 80 mil pounds, that is net profit. Arsenal bought E Adebayor for 7 mil pounds and sold for 25 mil pounds, that is also net profit. Let say Man Utd sold CR for 80 mil pounds and spent 75 mil pounds on 2 unproven EPL mid-to-bottom table team players, on paper, yes, it is 'net profit of 5 mil pounds in the club's transfer activities', but anyone with a sound mind knows that it has profited a lot from the player sales but over-spent excessively on two new incoming players. These 2 transactions should not be lumped together.

    Rather unfortunately, I've seen so many people naively saying FSG did not spend that much on new players during KD's reign because a big part of the spending was being off-set by player sales. When you sell Mascherano for 20 mil pounds does not mean you should spend 20 mil pounds on JH. KD and Comolli has overspent excessively on unproven players, this is an undeniable fact. We do not need to use figures from player sales or net spending whatsoever to beautify or buffer this fact. Both of them deserved to be sacked for their inability to build a stronger squad and lead LFC to a respectable position in the EPL despite being given a huge sum of money by FSG.  

  35. Kenny was on holiday when they bought Charlie Adam! Thats why Kenny was Charlie Adams personal taxi & He was there when they signed both Carroll & Suarez but he wasnt there when they signed Downing because the Club was in maylasia on tour - You cant blame comolli it's solely the manager who buys player's look at it this way if i wanted my girlfriend to go get a game i would say go & get me call of duty for example I wouldnt want her to go oh they didnt have call of duty so i got you this instead - see what im getting at we pick the stuff we want no another person

  36. Sold Fernando Torres - Ryan Babel - Raul Merieles for about £70 Million combined & Wasted the lot on average player's - Forget the net spent & All that that money was not LFC's it was of player sales & In my opinion we wasted every single penny!!! simple as that & Kenny was the one to do it along with Comolli & Should be sacked for a top manager - If you look at what Newcastle have spent i am extremely disappointed in Kenny & Comolli for doing that much money!!!