2 May 2012

Confirmed: €13m striker with 29 goals 'followed closely' by LFC. Replace Carroll?

The Agent of Dutch youngster Luuk De Jong has confirmed again that that Liverpool are definitely interested in signing the player.

De Jong has been linked with Liverpool several times in the past year, and now his Agent, louis Laros, has confirmed again that the young star is being watched by Liverpool:

"Luuk is closely followed by Liverpool, but there are certainly another fifteen clubs interested".

Earlier in the year, Laros indicated that a potential transfer 'could happen in the summer, after the European Championship', but If De Jong - who is rated in the £10m range at this stage - is picked for the Dutch side and plays well in Euro 2012, Laros believes his price will inevitably skyrocket:

"He is improving day after day and by the end of the season I think the price will rise further, especially if he'll be called by [Holland coach Bert] van Marwijk for the European Championship."

De Jong has made itFifa.com"> clear in the past that he wants to play in the Premier League:

"I’m still very happy playing for Twente, but every player has dreams, and Mine is to play in a nice foreign competition one day. And the Premier League is a really nice competition"

I think the priority for Liverpool here is clear: try and sign De Jong before Euro 2012!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I feel very sorry for this club and its fans, probably its all the fans fault for this, just how on earth they keep saying DALGLISH DALGLISH at anfield and we cant stop losing at home, could anybody explain that to me please? roy h. was doing bad and just after some months they were calling for his head, and where are they now? cant they see we're in a bigger trouble than then under kenny? no? wow, most of them keep saying back kenny hes a legend etc. and if you're against it they call you anti liverpool or a manc, wow how tragic is that, im sorry to say but we have the stupidest fans in the world, and how faceless can that daglish be? still doesnt resign? man with no pride no dignity, no culture no nothing. The owners and dalglish are playing with our feelings, they get paid every week, make millions in just one year and we have to suffer and suffer and they dont care at all, people of liverpool the city the fans worldwide just dont deserve this, this is a disgrace and no one is even trying to do something to change this situation we're in, and kenny keeps saying we made progress i just wanna kill myself when he says that I swear, been a lifelong fan and never feel that down as im feeling right now, if no one is gonna do nothing i will do and that is leave lfc forever.

  2. You class yourself as a lifelong fan. If you are as you claim you will know why we sing 'Dalglish Dalglish' at Anfield!!!!!!!

    As Dalglish keeps saying, how do you measure success, we have WON something for 1st time in 6 years and might win another on Saturday. Winning trophies is progress. Forget the league position, that will be sorted next year as a priority as we have won something now!!!
    Do us all a favour and do as you say you are gona do and piss off and leave LFC forever. Supporters like you make me laugh.

  3. kennys bull shit11:35 am, May 02, 2012

    hakeem you are spot on .i think kenny has turned livrpool in to a joke his buys his tactics have been a disatser,i stopped backing kenny ages ago i see kenny buying more dead wood to go with the dead wood we already have,
    scallyryan you are just another deluded kenny muppet who thinks the sun shines out of kennys arse,we just about won the carling cup against cardiff with another poor performance,we have played poor most season,all keeny buys hve been rubbish,dont worry when we get relagated next season i be your toungue will be right up kenny arse you blinkerd fool.

  4. keeping with the subject of this post my only concern with this player and i must admit i aint seen very much off him on tv is the fact that Kuyt was a profilic goalscorer in that league and actually so was suarez, but all that changed in the premier league.
    But a certain van nisteroy was banging them home in the dutch league and continued in the premier league so lets keep fingers crossed.

  5. how do you measure failure then? by not qualifying to the champions league by not even getting close to the forth or by getting as close to the 10th position in the league? By a team that doesn't show promise, by mediocre players bought for massive amounts of money nobody sane would have spent, you think about yourself, I'm not laughing at you I feel sorry for your ignorance

  6. Rasmus Elm, Luuk De Jong. It obvious that KD cannot attract foreign player or maybe he didn't know any good player outside PL other than Eredivisie or Uruguayan player since Suarez purchase can be considered as success (compared with CHAD). But De Jong is still a good player though(for Kenny capability to sign player). Chelsea already sign Marko Marin for just 6.5 million which is cheaper than Hollywood Adam

  7. Everybody read this "Forget the league position, that will be sorted next year..." how sad can this person be? we're saying this word for 23 years now, next year next year and next year, when that holy year will come we asking? when, after another 23 years, 50, or 100 years? cmon your making us laugh here, i dont think your age but surely you've got to be a kid as long as you talk nonsense like this, people like you wont ever see the reality and admit it, you will keep living on dreams while we could be relegated in the next 2-3 years because you love dalglish and thats the gift he will make you, trying to be the perfect fan ignore the reality, speak the positive keep dreaming WONT help like its not helping now, I feel sorry for you and fans like you, you dont really want to see lfc progressing thats why you keep ur mouth shut and dont react, people who love lfc like me want to see them winning again not like this, thats why we're not happy, but never mind i admit im wasting my time with people like you.

  8. you kenny bashers are a joke. de jong is too slow though.

  9. Failure? What have we failed to do? Finish 4th?
    Do you actually watch any LFC games or just jump on the pathetic bandwagon. We have murdered so many teams this season, played excellent but not won games, fine line between winning and losing.
    I am not a dreamer who uses excuses and saying next year will be different, I am basing it on what I have seen this season, the amount of chances we have created, I can look towards the potential some of the new signings can develop into.
    Any person with any amount of football knowledge and has watched us for the whole of this season can see there is not that much wrong, couple of signings need moving on. Suarez will score 20 plus goals next season, that could be the difference in so many games.
    I could accept all this crap if we played most games barely creating any chances but we create nearly 10 each game.

    I take it the likes of you will not be watching the cup final as this season has been a complete Failureno positives, we are 8th in the league, blah blah.
    Give me the FA cup on Saturday and I couldnt give a crap if we end up 14th or 5th, same pointless position!!! Could be worse, UTD may win nothing this season.

  10. Never mind patronising me mate,how sad am I? You need to learn how to write in proper English!!

    I don' t want to see LFC progressing? Numpty, Why wouldnt i you clown, Relegated? Really? Totally cluless person who jumps on usual bullshit bandwagon.
    On saturday why don't you go fishing or something as if we WIN the FA cup, that is Success in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! plastic fan who aint got a clue about football!!!!!!!!Oh and has probably never stepped foot in Anfield!!!Am I right????????

  11. Ha ha...I do not love KK. I love LFC mate!!!
    Just reading your comment tells me you either aint watched us much this season or aint got a clue? Results apart we have played excellent on so many times this season, oh and who will remember how we played in any cup Final as long as we WIN the cup?
    pointless playing well and losing as we have done in the league all season!!!!!

  12. arthur blundell3:08 pm, May 02, 2012

    c'mon as a fan i realize my money helps to give lfc the means to put together a team,a team that should provide the enjoyment that we  have come to expect,from a team steeped in raw talent and respect for the game,i could go into specifics, but no need.Nostalgia does not make money,talent does.I really believe that the root of the problem is FOCUS !!! on training ground.watch 15 min of any barca,mufc,even manc,then 15 min of lfc lately NUFF SAID?

  13. rome wasnt built in a day have patience

  14. Hi Jamie it's Banksy. I have become more and more suspctious about your comments over the past few months. Your articles have become more and more negative, you seem to have a hidden agenda, to undermine just about everything and everybody involved in the club. I responded to one of your articles the other month, and said I didn't agree with what you said and I was getting fed up with your complaining. Your responce, was to tell me if I didn't like what you wrote, then don't bother coming to the site. In other words you told me to f***k off. That was a great way to respond to someone who didn't agree with you. You have written articles undermining Suarez, Dalglish, the owners, Carroll and the summer signings. One of your most resent articals suggests how ruthless the owners are in sacking people, and will Dalgish be next! Shock, Horror! Now it's this one about replacin Carroll! Shock, Horror! I don't know what your game is mate, but why don't you stop this shit, and write somthing positve, just once! Or as I said, do have a hidden agender?

  15. Mate! you are the one with the dim views!  when kenny says we have made progress he is taking about off the pitch aswell!!!  we were on the edge! we were just about to be a championship side! we were a few hours from administration with battles and cliques happening all over the club!  at the moment everyone is pulling in the same direction!  the league form after the cup has been shocking! but we were never going to achieve 4th place this season and the players took their foot off the gas after the carling cup!  what people like you have to realize is their is no quick fix! the rot has been there for years! torres left when dalglish found a guy to work with him who would have taken us to the next level! we had to sign a striker quick and he signed a carrol who was doing the buisness! unfortunatly he has been injured and suffered at the hands of the system dalglish has had to play! adam will be a good squad player! Utd payed £18.5 for anderson! and the same for carrick! are they better players than henderson? like £$%^ are they! downing was a second choice signing who had a great record for the last few seasons! he has dived this season and his form is rock bottom! can it only get better for him? can't get worse??  the money thats being banded about in the prem at the moment is ridiculious and dalglish has a massive job on his hands with arsenal, man utd, man city, chelsea and spurs capable of putting together a title challange let alone finnishing in the top 4!!!!teams like sunderland, everton, fulham and stoke are all capable of finnishing in the top 8!!! so before you start ragging on kenny please sit back and accept that the season hasn't actually been that bad! 2 cup finals and a more stable club!  i am old enough to remember kenny playing and managing my side and i can tell you now it's seriously affecting him and he has a streak in him that won't allow this to happen next season! the flops will be gone! and the ones who have not played as well as they should have will get one lat chance!!!

  16. look we haven't really outplayed those teams, if we did we would put 3-4 or more goals past them, simply those teams took a very defensive stance knowing that we are predictable and we won't be able to break their defence. there is no creativity apart from suarez gerrard, downing puts mindlessly crosses to the box, adam can't pass the ball with the tempo of the game, henderson is gutless, there is nobody to pass the ball in the final third without SG. The midfield consisting henderson, adam, spearing how can liverpool compete this is not the material you want to build your team on those players should be playing in the likes of west ham together with caroll, downing and carra. There is no progress we've taken a huge step backwards especially getting rid of meireles, aqua. Now we need to overhaul the whole squad only the defence is decent but only without Carra. We've bought players that will never belong in the first team par suarez, enrique and maybe coates. The tactics are bad, boring, predictable team selections are ridiculous with absolutely no balance. There is no team is a group of players who do not work the only ones who kept this pile of isht together were Lucas and Agger without them we would be in the championship. Don't tell me to be patient, i'm sick of KK his purchases, and basically everything. Hope the FA Cup goes to chelsea at least they have a team and they deserve to win something, look at the barca game that's how a team looks like, 10 men working hard filling for each other helping each other out (maybe except terry). we won with them couple times but this game could be vary different, it's different Chelsea you might be surprised

  17. Agreeing with scallyryan below here, Hakeem you need to chill out and get some hobbies so that you can be patient watching football and stressed out about something more important. Kenny will bring it all home if we can keep him right there.
    The feeling around Anfield is so much better now than ever under Roy. Ask any sports psych, feeling good improves performance and the crowd make the team feel good.

  18. Kenny should fucking disappear simple as that! He has brought our beloved club into a laughing stock. As someone mentioned earlier i watched chelsea knocking out barca, it was just brilliant i got so excited as if it was liverpool. Some idiots that still get behind queen kenny are still on the dreamland. Wake the f*** up! I would certainly be patient if we had brought players from the academy into the squad and (HOPING) not (expecting) that in two-three yrs time they might excel and fight for top honors. Instead after spending such huge amount of money i would certainly (EXPECT) now to fight for top honors , not (hoping) they might shine in two-three yrs time. We've never been handed such huge sum of money to buy players. It should have been invested very wisely and carefully. Instead it's been spent on garbage! Man what can i say absolutely shocking!!!

  19. Paul your spot on Mr Kanwar has been so negative. But hey we are all entitled to our opinions.

  20. Liverpool have been a joke okay. Just admit it. Signings are crap. Aurelio comes in for 45 mins and puts in two beautiful crosses into the box, crosses that Enrique and Downing both screw up time and time again. Then theres Carroll. Did you see Cisse's goal today. He was bought for 8 million and replaced Carroll's shirt at Newcastle. How sad is that. Henderson ain't worth a penny the way he is playing. We lose Lucas who still has more tackles than any player in the team. We are  cup team, that doesn't give a shit about the league. How can you support that. I am hundred percent sure that if United, City, Arsenal or Chelsea put out strong teams in the cups they would get to the final easy which is usually the case for top teams. Liverpool forfeited the season for the cups, shows how much class the team has doesn't it.   

  21. That is a great summary Gareth.  I hope you are right.

  22. The last three League titles were brought to us by Dalglish, and we started to say "Forget the league position, that will be sorted next year" after he left us!

  23. I don't think that there's anything negative with Jamie's reports, articles, opinion, or whatever he writes!
    I think that he's doing a good job keeping us up-to-date with what's going on, and I think that he's giving us a nice space of change with what he writes to express our opinions.
    He didn't mention anything about replacing Carroll, and even though if he wrote suggesting replacing him or anyone else, I think that we have to write our opinions about it and discuss it with facts..
    If you don't agree with what he writes, I think that he will welcome your opinion whatever it is as long as we are writing it with respect.

  24. That is because we were doing things the wrong way thinking you can buy it with money or you can wake up and win it the same way you think  a team that has been in shambles for 3 years can wake up one day and compete with teams that have been steady just coz we have spent money. Success is made not bought replacing KK wont be the solution i would rather let him buy his players rather rely on  Commoli's stats to buy players guess you have seen the results.

  25. Very right my friend everything happened too fast.

  26. Like most of People here, i think same. Lets buy some real players, not Adams, Elms and others. For 35 Milion pounds we should buy Kun aguero or Gomez, last Year, not Caroll. Chelsea Buy few years Ago Kezman from PSV, who scored over 40 goals in season, but he couldnt score 5 goals in EPL.  When was KD last time manager, 10-12 years ago!? He should in the managment of the club, but not manager. Get Guardiola , or Riajkard .
    Nobody is bigger than club, even KD !!!

  27. Being too slow is one thing but being in the right place at the right time is what matter Van Neustroy was slow but he knew where the goal was. As long as he has all the qualities of a striker not Carol who cann't control later alone pass.

  28. The Don, South Africa8:27 am, May 03, 2012

    LFC's best outcome for this season at the moment is win 2 domestic cups and finish 7th in league.

    What was the objective beginning of the season:

    1. Challenge for league, finish top 4 at best
    2. Win Carling Cup
    3. Win FA Cup.

    they can realistically achieve 2 out of the 3 objectives.

    However, it is point number one which is most wanted at Anfield. I'm sure if a survey was taken of which priority of the 3 was done point 1 with about 95 - 100% would be first. Then the FA Cup 5% or less. The carling would not even feature.

    That brings me to the EPL. Question does Kenny have the acumen to achieve point number 1 ?

    Do the players that LFC have have the gaul to achieve point 1?

    On both questions unfortunately it's a resounding NO. Thats a real dilemma. Also remember players such as Downing stated that they will take an FA Cup medal anytime over finishing 4th. Damm glory hunters only looking for themsevles and not the club.

    Face it achieving point 1 would need major working on and Kenny and the players needs to be thouroughly reviewed big time

  29. For those who demanded immediate success, why do you guys try to walk a mile in Kenny's shoes before opening the fat gob of yours? Do the conversion if the 31x woodwork comes to play, I can bet you we won't be sitting where we are now. Luck does play some element in the overall pix, and so does confidence! Luck now seems not to be on our side and with also clowns demanding success all the time, how does that help confidence? Just step back and see in the overall context before trying to replace the whole LFC squad top to bottom!

  30. How about being a true supporter rather than trying to revamp the whole team for a change?

  31. Spot on. Not arse licking KK as all his doubters claim when offering a little support.
    We made a statement in transfer window, some worked some didnt and I have faith KK will sort by next year

  32. Obviously been to Anfield often this season mate!!!!

  33. its time to sacked daglish,he can't repeat the same error again and again with his poor performance for the club.i think we need someone like jose mourihno who can fight with bigger club, try to win competition by his experience he have!!!!!

  34. I don't know man c looks like they have and chelsea haven't done to bad, people like you need to wake up this is the future not the past the 80's are gone LFC need to get with the times or we will be relegated soon KK is not the manager we need.