9 May 2012

Aldo: LFC star is 'unhappy' with the coaching at Anfield. Passing the buck...?

Liverpool legend Steve Nicol recently criticised Pepe Reina's poor form this season, arguing that the Spaniard was 'costing Liverpool points this season. Nicol's former teammate, John Aldridge, has joined the growing criticism of Reina, but he's hinted that there could be problems behind the scenes affecting the keeper's form.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo yesterday, Aldridge bemoaned Chelsea's 'horrendous' first goal in the FA Cup final, and blamed Reina for being beaten 'far too easily' at his near post.

I don't think many fans would disagree with that assessment, and I'm sure most objective observers would concede that Reina's form has been patchy all season. The question is, why? Aldridge believes that there may be a coaching issue affecting Reina's performances on the field. He said:

"There’s talk he [Reina] is not happy with the coaching he gets. He has to take a close look at his own form and get to the bottom of why it has dipped.

Aldo is in the know at Anfield so I doubt he would say something like that unless he'd heard it from someone close to Reina.

Whatever the issue, there's always an excuse when it comes to the poor form of LFC players, and fans/ex-players always rush to relieve these overpaid primadonnas of any responsibility. Why does it always have to be someone else's fault?

What does coaching have to do with getting the basics right, like covering your near post, or actually making an concerted attempt to make a save? Whatever the reason for Reina's increasing number of mistakes, Aldridge believes that his form issues are only temporary:

"All players go through bad spells and I’m sure he will work on things and come back in pre-season keen to prove he’s back to his old self. We’ve certainly got to keep faith with him".

Let's hope he's right.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Septimus_severus7:39 pm, May 09, 2012


    I stated on here months ago that the training is not as intense or tactical as it was under Rafa.
    It's not popular to mention the dark lord Rafa's name on here but it's bleeding obvious that he training methods worked.

    I'm still for Kenny being moved on and a new Manager being in place as soon as possible

  2. he's had one bad season, hes still a world class keeper, and hes only 30... hes not the only one having a bad season, i think people need to cut him a bit of slack, he has been great year after year for us, and he will be back to his best before long.

  3. FFS.....Please, please Jamie report on something positive for a change. Do you trawl every possible article and source relating to lfc and then decide how can I best report on this negatively.

    We played a game last night in which believe it or not we played well, created chances and actually took some of them. We also sawyet another mom performance from Carroll the same day in which you laughed off claims he was unplayable. Guess what, last night many pundits again referred to him as unplayable......

    You remind me of Adrian Durham on Radio 5. Say black is white to provoke a reaction.......this is not a hin to write yet another Suarez/Evra artice b the way.....

  4. did a coach make him not cover his post for ramires's goal in the final or spill the ball against fulham? he should just keep his head down and get back to what he does best.

  5. reina will not leave his line for high balls this is his main problem, he dosnt even come and punch it now, as for aldo he doesnt get on with daglish, he still blames him for leaving liverpool, in fact he has only just got out of the habit of calling kenny "the manager" when refering to him.

  6. You can't blame him for thinking that though. Why would you sell a striker who scored 63 goals in 104 games, including 31 goals in his final season?

  7. All those who are heavily
    involved with LFC (owners, coaching staff, players, and fans) should be seeking
    for the well comprehended interest of our beloved club.  We do not hold the right turning a blind eye
    in front of the raw reality we went through this season and which is that Kenny
    Dalglish was proved incapable to correspond up to the high expectations of the
    owners, players, and fans.  Kenny
    Dalglish had a first class opportunity to get things right.  He was provided with sufficient funds and had
    all the resources in his disposal to do that. 
    But instead, his old fashioned managerial approach/style guided him to
    poor transfer and tactics decisions. 
    This season’s failure was based on the following Kenny Dalglish’s

    1.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s inability to persuade Fernando Torres to remain at least until the
    end of last season and then if he was still not happy to let him go

    2.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor decision to spend an amount of 35,000,000 to buy Andy Carroll
    instead of spending that amount to sign Kun Aguero

    3.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor decision to spend an amount of 28,000,000 to sign two unrated
    midfielders (Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson)

    4.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor decision to spend an amount of 20,000,000 to buy a 27 years old
    average AM (Steward Downing) instead of spending that amount to sign Juan Mata

    5.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor tactic knowledge which led him not being able in the majority
    of our games to present a disciplined team in the pitch

    6.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor tactic knowledge which led him setting up inefficient
    formations and not being able exploiting each player’s capabilities

    7.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor perception of what real progress in modernized football means
    and how it is achieved

    8.      Kenny
    Dalglish’s poor perception that he is untouchable which made him thought that
    whatever he says is a reason divine and whatever he does is a divine decision

    is that simple and as soon as we face it the much better: KENNY DALGLISH CANNOT

  8. Anthonycarragher7:51 pm, May 09, 2012

    Kanwar = Imposter

  9. "I'm not a great fan of Reina" - Is there a player in the current Liverpool squad you actually like at all?
    You are very outspoken Mr Kanwar, what are your credentials?

  10. Abdulmohsen Albabtain7:53 pm, May 09, 2012

    articles like this is why most Liverpool fans don't like this site. Reina came out recently admitting that his form was bad this season, didn't make excuses nor blamed his coaches, in fact he said that his coaches 
     "They have all been great," and 
    "I have no problem with any goalkeeping coach. That is not the issue. It is all about my own form and the way I play" yet this article tries to insinuate that he was blaming his coaches for his poor form. 

  11. he treated aldridge badly.he never wanted to leave and shouldn't have left.he had a great scoring record.

  12. in all fairness torres wanted to go and no amount of persuasion would have worked,having watched torres since it was a wise choice,if carroll had performed to recent levels since we signed him nobody would be still worried about torres.

  13. Anthonycarragher7:56 pm, May 09, 2012

    Kanwar = double agent!!!!

  14. What a load of crap.. Pepe has had one of the best keeping records in the prem.. Shame on you for writing this garbage.one bad season and you treat him like this.

  15. Your anti Kenny stance is embarrassing .. This has been a poor season for us all.

  16. The article does not insinuate that Reina is blaming his goalkeeping coaches; that is what you are projecting onto it. Aldridge said it, not me; I'm just passing on what he said.

    Aldridge is a Liverpudlian and he's very close to the club, so if he says something about the inner workings of LFC, I will believe it.

    And for the hundredth time: I couldn't care less if 'most Liverpool fans don't like this site'. Why would that bother me? If they don't like the site, they don't have to visit, and that is totally fine with me.

  17. I think some of the comments made particularly about ex-players is a bit unfair. During the first half of the season, when Liverpool were playing well but not scoring, the word 'luck' was being bandied around, probably excessively. During the second half of the season, many commentators, particularly ex-players have been laying the blame squarely at the feet of the players, and rightly so.

    As to Reina, he was once considered a great shot stopper, saver of penalties etc. To maintain this standard year-in, year-out is a tough ask, but Jaimie is correct in stating that he needs to at least get the basics right. He has become more error-prone over the past 2 seasons and some of the goals conceded are plainly mystifying. However, even with the talent and experience that he has, his skills still need continual cultivation and this comes down to the training. So the problem may be a bit of both, but if I were a professional footballer, the buck would have to stop with me.

    As for moving him on, that would be a catastrophic mistake unless another world-class goalkeeper can be acquired in his place. Top goalkeepers are hard to come by and considering the likelihood that transfer funds will be limited this summer, this is a position that preferably we will not have to fill. The best option would be to provide Reina with decent competition. Does this mean buying a goalkeeper? Why should it, Doni is there, he is a decent goalkeeper, he just needs to be allowed to play and Reina needs to be made aware that if his performances don't improve, he will have to play second fiddle to someone else.

  18. Jaimie just answer me this why do you keep on criticizing lfc?you say your a supporter but i haven't seen you actually support liverpool

  19. Also is passing on gossip.. He has said its RUMOURED.. not that it's a fact Pepe is unhappy with his coaching staff

  20. PLEASE TELL US8:21 pm, May 09, 2012

    C Y -World class manager - WHO ???????????????????????????????????

  21. Septimus_severus8:22 pm, May 09, 2012

    Ok that's I'm going elsewhere every time I post now it moderated been a pleasure but don't need this

  22. Do you even like Liverpool Jamie, it seems not. I recall next to no positive articles arising from your site!

  23. Since Rafa left, Reina, Carragher and Gerrard have all been shit. Also, Torres, Alonso and Mascherano have been shit at their respective clubs. Rafa got the best out of them. So much for his "poor man management" skills. 

  24. You have made a valid point, but saying youre not a fan of Reina after his services is bang out of order. Xavi Valero was the goalkeeping coach at liverpool under Benitez and left with him to inter milan. Reina cited Valero as the best goalkeeping coach he had ever worked with. When he left, Reina's form dropped. What was the first game he had after Valero left? The 1-1 draw with Arsenal at Anfield and we all know what happened in that match!

  25. Huh? Mascherano has done quite well at Barca for most of this season and playing most of the time at centre back. Alonso has been consistently good for Real and is a key player. 

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  27. Mascherano was the reason Chelsea beat Barcelona. He was at fault for both the goals in the second leg. Alonso is nowhere near the level he was at when he was at Liverpool. In his final season, Alonso used to run games. Now, he barely does anything of note. 

  28. alonso shit at real madrid?
    have you actually watched them.he's one of their best players.

  29. bullshit.
    2 mistakes by masch and he's crap? guardiola rated him,messi has raved about him.we'd have him back in a heartbeat.

  30. Clearly you don't watch much Spanish football! Alonso has been superb all season and mascherano playin at centre back! You say he was at fault for one goal, does that mean he's had a bad season! He played centre back against man utd in last seasons final and had Rooney in his pocket all game

  31. i love the way the site can find every hint of negative for its rafa campaign, anfield cat  prefered training under rafa says ex player lol.

    thats why all the best players left under Rafa becuase they loved him so much. i liked rafa but come on the whole tam has said they love steve clarkes training , pepe like all goalies have thier own goal keep coaches and trainn seperatly,  the trouble is with this site is it can so excited it has some more negative news it can link to KK it doesnt look at what is news and link it to what is really going on like the fact on the 12th of april the goal keeper coach was sacked !

    Dutchman Achteburg, who had an eleven year playing career with Merseyside neighbours Tranmere, was promoted to first-team goalkeeper  coach last summer – almost by default following the departure of Xavi Valero !

    thats news and reporting not understnd the problem

  32. oh yea, we'd have him back but that's because we have Jay Spearing LOL 

  33. He was not playing as well as he did at Liverpool. Just my opinion. 

  34. If anything, JK gets accused of being anti-Rafa more than he does pro-Rafa...

  35. Ridiculous comments! What makes you think aguero and matta would've come to us???? He signed players tht were players of the season for their respective clubs, young players too with plenty of time to improve and progress! Adam and downing were the tip two assist players in the pl last season so why was it a bad thing to sign them!!! Just for those that aren't aware, Ian rush had a shocking first season for us and was nearly sold at the end of his opening season

  36. The point I'm making is that Alonso and Mascherano aren't as good as they were under Rafa. Real look better with Sahin and Mascherano doesn't fit Barca in midfield or defense. 

  37. your allowed have an opinion but they say he's 'shit' since he hasn't played under rafa is a bit of an odd statement if you ask me.he's won la liga this season and has been pivotal for madrid.

  38. Hahahaha then i laugh at ur opinion

  39. pro rafa?
    you must be new around here.

  40. then put in the article that pepe lost his fav trainer when rafa left and has admitted a drop in form and his trainer has been sacked, that will bring it upto date that the club is trying to fix the problem or is that information not at all relevent.

  41. Igorsuncledave9:01 pm, May 09, 2012

    Day after day I see this guys diatribe and each day he is attacking someone at the club

  42. Isnt it the same adridge who sme months ago started that rumour that there was a rift between bellamy n kenny?lol he is nt even friend wt kenny.i dont care what this guy says. Doesnt mean that watever he says should be true.

  43. oh dont worry this site isnt pro anyone i think, lol

  44. 1. Jose Mourinho
    2. Pep Guardiola
    3. Louis Van Gaal
    4. Guus Hiddink
    5. Fabio Capello
    6. Marcello Lippi
    7. Maximiliano Allegri
    8. Joachim Low
    9. Antonio Conte
    10. Marcelo Bielsa
    11. Andre-Villas Boas
    12. Rafael Benitez

  45. Igorsuncledave9:36 pm, May 09, 2012

    And they will jump at the chance to come to Liverpool I guess? Which one has indicated that he will be prepared to come? Mourinho perhaps? I mean Im sure that he would jump at the chance to leave Real madrid to the multimillion pound Liverpool team!

    Wake up!

    I notice Guardiola there - he did well at Barca but then the side he inherited wasnt that bad was it?

    Villas Boas? You are having a laugh now, I think there is enough unrest at Anfield as it is according to the tripe posted on here.

    Benitez? You want to go backwards?

    There is no indication I have seen that any World Class manage would be prepared to come to Anfield and just by naming names doesnt change that

  46. I'd add Jurgen Klopp to that list

  47. HAHAHAHA - that had me in stitches...

  48. no curbishley or phil brown?

  49. If you sit down and perceive it in this way it is like you are telling all LFC fans that Liverpool is not one of the most historic teams in the world, thus it cannot attract any world class manager.  LFC can easily attract that caliber of managers!

  50.  Would you ever shut up you Scottish gobshite! You know nothing about football Jamie yet talk like you're a genius. A hate Fifa fans like you.

  51.  Press "like" if you would love to punch Jamie K right in his Scottish face!

  52. This site is full of shite

  53. Well, somehow suarez was persuaded to come to Liverpool, when the club was just above relegation zone, so I would say, there was a chance to bring those two. Now the problem is wether KD ever asked those two to come to liverpool or he just wanted some excellent british players to play for the club. 

  54. United fans don't even bother writing bad stuff about Liverpool anymore, they know this Gob$hite will do it for them..

  55. Stop using Liverpool's name to spread your hate and stupid opinions. You're no Liverpool fan, you're just a Scottish D-I-C-K-H-E-A-D!

  56. Stop Using Liverpool's name for your S H I T E opinions..Scottish DIK HEAD! 

  57. Apart from Rafa, who'd have actually come to us? Get real. We were doing awfully and, to be brutally honest, we're not in that much of a better position now.

  58. grow up and support the team it's a work in progress???????????????

  59. Great article Jamie, Reina has indeed been patchy this season to say the least and it just doesn't rub that he might not be happy with the coaching or whatever, he is paid huge amounts of money to play for us and IF he is that good a keeper which IMO he is....then he SHOULD be getting the basics right....which he hasn't....

    Naturally, questions should be asked, he should not get away with his diabolical performances this season which have cost us dearly IMO....

    Some people will argue that he has been quite poor since rafa left because of bad coaching etc...which to me is just bullshit excuses, it is true that his form has dipped considerably since rafa departed and i personally feel that Reina has been purposefully playing shite to enhance rafa's profile etc....

    It is also true that Reina is good friends with torres and that torres came into our dressing room after the final for some 20 minutes to hang out with his mate/s...that in itself is not big news if they are mates, but it just so happens that torres has probably just had his worst season of competitive football for Chelsea...., again i think in his case there has been intent not to play well for them under the present management etc....

    IMO these players are very close to rafa and each other, and i think they were not happy with rafa getting forced out of the Club, fair enough in a way but to stay at said Club and play like shite....which is what torres did under Roy....Reina also....is just out of order and totally unprofessional, in fact i would say it is bordering on the criminal....

    IF Reina was THAT unhappy with the Club for offloading rafa he should have left like torres did.....instead of unsettling us and creating problems due to his OBVIOUS loss of form......

    This is the problem you get when players have too much power and influence at a Club, they exploit their poularity with the fanbase, the4y tweet and say all the right things to keep the fans happy and occasionally put in half a decent shift but this season has been inexcusable from Reina, RoY Hodgson never had a chance at this Club what with Kenny throwing his name in the hat from the get go, and certain players clearly not playing for him....

    Impossible situation for the Club and so has it been this season also, never before have i felt so let down and dissilusioned as a fan...its one thing complaining about a lack of quality etc but its something when you have the quality but it doesn't want to play due to having "issue's" with the Club or whatever...

    Depressing state of affairs, and what makes it worse this season is that it appears to me that Suarez has got himself in with this Reina clique and in doing so amazingly lost his form also....compared to last season when he turned up and was fresh and perhaps not privy to the politics behind the scenes....he was a different player for us.....

    Anyway i digress, something ain't right about Reina's form for sure i think we can all agree with that, people saying he's just not that good etc but i ain't buying none of it, he is a very talented goalkeeper IMO, but he has not performed for us this season or last... in the way that i think he could of, thats not down to coaching IMO thats down to him and some issue's he has....

    What grates me is that we will not address this issue, he will most likely get off the hook, so will Suarez and possibly Enrique also, in fact we will probably in our infinite wisdom REWARD these players who have been letting down 100's of thousands of LFC fans etc...we will probably bring rafa back and say okay, we feel your pain, you were right to play so shit for us because you wanted rafa back....

    IMO Reina must be sold ASAP to send out a message that we will NOT tolerate this kind of bullshit at the Club.....

  60. Unless you hear it direct from an official at the club it cannot be construed as Gospel!

  61. You cant block me dumbass bwahahahahahah ps F*U*C*K Y*O*U

  62. you cant block me.....bwahahahaha

  63. So a mistake here and there makes him 'shit' at Barca? Righhht(!)

    Xabi doesn't need to run the show at Real, as their attack is so good, that all he needs to is recycle possession and offload it. He does a brilliant job in front of their defence. Xabi has gotten far more assists in a Real shirt than he ever did for us. And your telling me, he does nothing? Pffft.

  64. Sahin barely plays and has been injured too at times. He has started two league games, yet that somehow makes Real better to watch than when Xabi starts, despite their obscene goalscoring this season. Odd, really odd.

    By the way, Real have won the league and Xabi has started the second most league games in their team.

  65. He is better at Real than he was at Liverpool

    But even if you don't think so, fine but to call his form at Real 'shit' is hilarious. 

  66. Real winning the spanish league is no big achievement. It's like Celtic winning the SPL. Real Madrid and Barcelona are so good that to judge them or their players against lesser teams doesn't work for me. Watch Mascherano in big games like Chelsea and he -like Pique- has made countless errors. As for Alonso, did you see him against Munich in the semi? He did absolutely nothing. In his heyday at Liverpool, with Mascherano beside him and Gerrard ahead, he would have eaten Munich for breakfast. 

  67. I strongly urge to stick with Kenny. Team is playing better than under any other coach but we need better finishers. Getting Rafa will be gg backwards. I love the way the team is playing now. Carroll is looking good too. Give Kenny time. He wasn't bad last year, was he?

  68. Some of the names on that list ahead of Rafa are a major LOL 

  69. U r right. I dun like to visit this site. Your headlines are very sensational to attract ppl to this site. But I find ur opinions not objective and u dun take alternate views well

  70. Number 12 or Number 3 for next manager. The rest are no good for many reasons. 

  71. brum went out of play offs they still own ben foster buy him now! reina nowhere again 4 chealsea goal last nite most over rated keeper in the prem cash in now

  72. Never said Real winning the league wasn't a surprise. All I am saying is that Xabi played a good and considerable part in their league campaign, as he started the 2nd most league games. So what if Xabi went missing against Bayern, Ronaldo goes missing in some games but no one denies he is still a fantastic player. Messi went missing against Chelsea and he is still a brilliant player. 

    No one on here said Masch was perfect and didn't make errors. But generally, he has been good for Barca. To say either player has been 'shit' for Barca and Real respectively is a pure stupidity. Just like your Sahin remark. 'doesn't work for me', yet suggesting a guy that has started 2 league games as somehow superior for the team than Xabi works for you? Amazing, absolutely amazing what works for you.

  73. 'the rest are no good for many reasons'

    now that is a 'major LOL'

    Champions League winners, PL winner, etc, in there yet they are 'no good'

    Gave me a good giggle that

  74. Jaime, do you actually enjoy football? Why the endless negativity. At least once do an article with a little joy and love. It's Mon stop moaning. Mate go on holiday, have some fun, football seems to eat at your soul. Have a cornetto and breath!

  75. Abdulmohsen Albabtain12:33 am, May 10, 2012

    In the articles title you said "Passing the buck...?" What does that mean other than you were insinuating that Reina blames his coaches?

    Reina came out publicly and said that his form was poor this season and it was do to him, yet you chose to disregard that and wrote an article based on what Aldo heard second hand to slate Reina. You always go for the negative view, which is why you disappeared when Dalglish became our manager last year. Liverpool were playing well under him then, not much room for negativity. 

  76. correction, no good for liverpool. 

  77. 'passing the buck' refers to ex-players/fans always making excuses for poorly performing players. This is stated quite clearly in the article. You are looking for something that isn't there.

    If you persist with bitching about the approach of this site you will be banned. Discuss football, not me, or go elsewhere.

  78. do you think he is a little older? get real.

  79. jk, I have been reading your posts for about 6 weeks now and I cant for the life of me work you out. There are countless possitive posts you could report on but you choose the neagative. You know Aldo hates Kenny for selling him and is always biased..why do you report his thoughts as if they are done by some sage of the club? you belitle every arguement by not embracing the possitives with teh neagative. Pity really as you seem to be a bright bloke...just not LFC

  80. Ive had to use a different email addr to post here just because you don't like what I have to say...always wolite, eloquent and true........Why...you ahve my email address.

  81. Just give Kenny some support will you? This is his first year back after out of management for so long. Mistakes are bound to be made and lessons are bound to be learnt. Important is Kenny has a HEART for Liverpool - he won many titles including the league as a player and a manager. Agreed Kenny has done badly in the league, but that's the only competition he has done badly. The flowing football is great to watch...you can't deny it as a fan. As I said, give him time, he will make the necessary adjustments and I believe we will see a much improved team. The recent resurgence of Carroll, Henderson, Shelvey gives me plenty of hope.

  82. Reina's form has been dropping steadily since Xavi Valero left. I've been saying it for years.

    Without proper training, you lose your edge and it is naive to think otherwise. Clearly Reina hasn't got that same concentration he used to have.

    Hopefully this will be sorted now. 

  83. Torres was shit when he left Liverpool and continued to be so at Chelsea. But Masherano and Alonso did well at their clubs.  Don't expect Alonso to run the games like he did at Liverpool because Real plays differently and so does Barca. Moreover, they have a stronger squad. With a strong bench and if they are shit, do you think Mourinho and Pep would still play them?

    Alonso has been spraying pin point passing for most part of the season.

  84. Like all good players, they have their ups and downs. Reina is still a world class keeper. He made some amazing saves this season as well. 1 so so season and I don't understand why some people are calling for his head.

    I am not so sure how coaching is critical for an experienced world class keeper like him. It would help with a good coach but maybe not critical. In my opinion, Kenny should have rotated in Doni along  the way when Reina dipped in form.  Ferguson and Wenger does that effectively. Usually they come back better.

    This season, the midfield was poor and automatically it puts more pressure on the defense and goal keeper.

  85. alonson and mascherano been shit at their clubs!!!??? hey wake up mate...go watch some spanish football first before you comment...

  86. can anbody (especially CY) explain to me how  modernized football looks like and how "old football" was??

  87. Your reasoning is very funny indeed if I may say so.
    How many players have we signed in the last 20 years have indicated they want to come before they are signed?
    If not many is your answer then you will have answered yourself because players tend to profess love for current club before going wherever they  go and start sing the praise of the new club and how they always wanted to go to that club AFTER signing up and not before.
    Torres was saying sweet nothings about being with Liverpool for the long haul in the January he handed in a transfer request two weeks later. Robbie Keane has been to several clubs in the UK like Liverpool, West Ham and Celtic claiming to have been a boyhood fan of each of those clubs much in the same manner Bellamy is a huge Cardiff Liverpool and Celtic fan.
    Any of those managers you say wouldn't come to Liverpool can easily come and start proclaiming how they always wanted to manage a club with a lot of history like Liverpool.
    Not many would corner one club and market themselves but do a Michael Owen and advertise themselves for whoever gets them and it is only then they would start deifying the new club.

  88. Ahhh .. The old conspiracy theroy again.

    Seriously mate change the record.. People will start to think your delusional !!

    Perish the thought..

  89. I wouldn't believe a word Aldo says if I were you.
    When AFC Liverpool were inaugurated, quick as flash, he was in there, asked to become a patron of the club. Even publicly announced what a great idea it was.
    Even gave me his mobile number so he could give us a mention on his show.
    In spite of loads of calls and promises, we are still waiting for him to deliver.
    If there's a chance his name can get in the paper, then he's all over you like a rash.
    Serious personality disorder that fella...
    Don't get me wrong, I loved him as a player - but the fella is a pure beaut.

  90. No, the reason Barcelona lost to Chelsea was because they missed chance after chance to score over both games. Messi was poor in both matches. I wish we could get Mascherano back at Anfield

  91. Aldo is more of a Tranmere legend than a Liverpool legend, and will be remembered most for being the first man to miss a penalty in the FA Cup Final.
    I have been saying all season Reina has been letting in goals he would not of let in other seasons. Maybe he is missing all his mates as they have all left the club now not many Spaniards here anymore. He has also a house in a 3 house gated community in Woolton near me. The other two owners were Torres and Arteta. Maybe his heart is no longer here.

  92. Just how much "Coaching" does a goalkeeper of Reina's experience need? I believe the problem lies with his attitude. Reina has no competition at the club and knows that no matter how poorly he performs, Kenny will never drop him. In the recent game against Fulham, when Reina was rested, Doni didn't have alot to do, but when called on he pulled off two magnificent saves, which kept the score down to 1-0. Doni is then relegated to the bench for the Cup Final and Reina messes up again. I would also question Reina's fitness as he looks several pounds overwieght to me.

  93. For every Aldo, there is Spackman, Houghton, etc, backing KK in their usual rose-tinted way.

  94. People can think whatever they like, it doesn't bother me.....

    I have provided some kind of explanation as to why i think Reina's form has gone AWOL....and as i said the old chesnut about his coaching being the issue is just utter bollocks IMO, i refuse to believe that a world class keeper can suddenly forget or unlearn the basics due to bad coaching.....

    You can't blame it on the defence either....because we have fairly solid in that department....i recall earlier on in the season how Carra was blamed for Reina's lack of form....yet we took Carra out and it continued.....so that was bollocks as well....

    So if it isn't the coaching....and it isn't our horribly weak defence, then what is it....???

    I don't see you offering anything that i can consider viable as an explanation of sorts and i am yet to read anyone else offering anything plausible either.....

    IMO those people using the coaching "theory" (note the spelling of theory...) are in denial... or they are simply aware that he has been underperforming and want to excuse him by blaming someone else......

    IF we are honest, we would accept that there must be some sort of issue with Reina....he has cost us dearly this season and i would say that he also cost us last season under Roy.....its okay to blame CHAD for all our woes or Kenny and his tactics etc yet its not okay to attribute some blame to our keeper.....? How come he is being defended and his schoolboy errors somehow justified...??? Or blamed on bad coaching etc........?

    Nah, there is a bigger picture here for sure, Reina hasn't been happy since rafa left, you know it, i know it, we ALL know it ffs.....and he shouldn't get away with it IMO, he should be sacked for unprofessional conduct....and failing to do the job that he is paid to do....

    I guess its okay for us to want Kenny out of the Club in the summer....or for us to want CHAD out as well, and lets not forget Carra who we might want out also.....

    Well, we should be consistent then shouldn't we..? If we are judging the manager and other players new to the Club with such high standards then surely Reina & Co should not be getting a royal pardon.....

  95. I forgot to add I thought it was a bit mean Brad Jones wasnt the sub goalie in the Cup Final, the lad deserved something for what he has been through and the fact he played in the Semi.

  96. Apart from our history musuem, what would make Mata and Aguero elect to sign for us, instead of Chelsea and City, two clubs who pay big wages, offered CL football and much better hope of challenging for the title

    At the end of the day, if Chelsea or City want a player that we want, most likely that player will sign for them as we aren't in the situation to compete with them in terms of wages or in terms of title challenges.

  97. like celtic winning the spl-are you saying rangers are similar to barca so?
    your argument is silly.

  98. People must never underestimate the negative effect that Roy Hodgson had on Reina.  He was in fine form until Hodgson came in and said he had to be 'more English' - i.e. hoofing it up the field at every opportunity instead of throwing or passing along the ground.

    It's taken him some time to get over that (as it would with a coach such as Mike Kelly telling you to be 'rough' with opposition strikers - great tactics!!!).

    Reina is a top player and will come back.  Gerrard and Carragher (as someone else mentioned) do not have age on their side and have been in decline.  Goalkeepers generally can keep playing for much longer than outfield players.

  99. Disagree...

    Carra's an old man now and Gerrard's been injured. Alonso and Macherano have both been excellent this season.

  100. LOL, are you seriously blaming Roy Hodgson for Reina's poor form......??????

    Forgive my mirth but you MUST be having a laugh.....i thought i'd heard it all but you my friend have topped the lot....

    LOL, never underestimate the negative effect of Roy....

    Classic!!! :)

  101. If your senior players are unhappy with a coach,you will never go anywhere,believe me.You can be nice to each other and prove how close you are to each other but there is always what matters most...field of play and the players!Period!

  102. Real madrid wont the premia liga becauseof alonso this year .....no doubt he is still in top form...so dont talk nonsense

  103. That doesn't excuse Reina for his rather blatant errors this season though does it...???

    I mean IF he wasn't happy with Roy and now isn't happy with Kenny....then he should leave, no?

    Why stay at a Club when you are not happy??? torres didn't......

    You see IMO Reina has not been professional at all, i don't buy all this unhappy with the coach so can't play well bullshit either because we are talking about a very highly paid professional NOT doing his job.....in any other walk of life he would have been sacked.....period!!!

  104. The blame is now Hodgson? bloody hell....

  105. Jaimie, I hope you don't find this question irrelevant as I am genuinely interested in hearing your response. As is your absolute right, you take an objective apprach to every issue. You refuse to let club loyalty cloud your opinion, Suarez and Gerrard spring to mind. Indeed you see pro Liverpool bias as a general weakness amongst the average fan. I've wanted to ask for some time if this is actually any fun. It seems such a souless way to follow football. I used to think that your often contrary positions were just a crude technique to attract more vistors toyour site. As the years have passed, I no longer question your integrity, I do think you are genuine. Personally, I would hate to have your joyless, beauracratic approach to being a football fan. Life is too short Jaimie so I encourage you to loosen up a little and have a more pro Liverpool mindset. This doesn't mean blind loyalty, just that your default approach to all matters LFC is 'I hope things go well'. Too often I suspect your default mindset is 'I hope things go awry so I'll be proved right'.

  106. Are u mental - Alonso has been one of madrids player of the season 2 seasons running u crazy man !! - Mascherano has had a great season at barca - Torres was playing badly under rafa towards the end also for his country and now his new club ! BEHAVE!

  107. You know what about 

  108. What makes a great player great. Its not only natural talent its the extra time he spends on his own practising. So If a player has a problem with a part of his game he should get of his ass and do some thing about it,but in  the extra time and work on it.
    Reina is a great shot stopper but he has a weakness for balls in the air from corners and free kicks. This has been his weakness from day one and still is. Its got to be down to every indevidual to work on there  own weakneses and not part of the group training

  109. Reina has a problem with not leaving the club at the begining of this year and also is upset that Man Utd did not come in for him and went for de gea instead.

    I agree with Cheesey Reina's heart is just not in it anymore .

  110. I think there may be a simpler explanation regarding pepe's slow slide down the list of best goal keepers.

    All his spanish mates have left LFC. resulting in a not so happy Pepe and a drop in form??????

  111. jamal is a clueless idiot FACT!

  112. all those players had pretty poor speels of form during rafas reign. lucas has florished under kenny. the season is over lets reserve some judgement till we see how the squad looks i  a few months. i dont think lfc will stand still.

  113. Mister Parsley9:31 pm, May 10, 2012

    I think what he meant was, that was where the problem started.

    That's the way i see it anyway.

  114. No room for sentiment though is there.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing ain't it?

  115. How old are you, 2?

    Support Kenny if you are a true LFC fan, not a knee jerker.  Some of the new (younger) players are now starting to show some real promise.

  116. Delusions of grandeur?

    Seriously though, you have to take stock of what the site is and the sort of 'stories' it endlessly carries.  If you like that sort of thing fine, but there are more balanced sites out there with more balanced debates (And sometimes some ITK information).

    The author here has no credentials and I Would be surprised beyond belief if anyone took any of his views seriously.

    See Jeremy Clarkson, Robbie Savage and the rest of the 'try and say something controversial to 'stay' in the spotlight.'

  117. I'm not sure why you feel the need to write an essay (or spellcheck peoples comments) every time, but idle hand's and all that ..

    Listen mate every time the subject of Reina comes up you drag out the soapbox and go off on one.. You have on previous posts accused Reina(and Suarez) of 'throwing' games.. If thats you idea of an explanation then there's a place for people like you..

    The man himself never offered up the excuse of goalkeeping coaches as an excuse.. Others did that.. Like JA .. I'm not in the same nonsensical boat as Jaimie when he says.. If JA says something about the inner workings of LFC I believe it.. (which I note he has since removed!! pity I was saving that one up ).. In fact he was brutally honest in his apprasial of his own season ..

    'How do I rate myself? Bad. I don't
    think my season has been good at all but I am working hard and trying to
    improve on a daily basis. I know I haven't been great but first of all I
    want to help the team in the Final and then get back to my best next

    You cannot be
    at the top of your game all the time, although you do try. I had six really good years before this one and people
    got used to that level from me but sometimes you have a dip in form and
    you have to accept that. '

    Can you just not accept the facts of life .. Does there always have to be a conspiracy theroy ?? one which involves claiming one of our greats is 'throwing' games .. Pathetic stuff.. Maybe you should get some fresh air mate..

    Grow up FFS ..

  118. Yes you are right, there is no reason for it at all, he has had a poor season and said as much, get over it... freak!

  119. i think you need a reality check . I don't know where you have been but let me help you understand one thing. The manager is always responsible for what happens to a club during the season. If liverpool wins Kenny takes the credit and if they lose he gets the blame. It is the price of being in the hot seat. The owners are never going to fire all the players they usually take it out on the manager. Kenny is a guy who was a decent player and after not being involved in the mordern game for a long time suddenly becomes a manager of a major top four club. I think we have seen that  he is doesn't quite have a grip on the mordern game. Love him as a legend , but now the honeymoon is over he is now being judged on his performance in the present and not that of the past. The big man himself John Henry refused to shake his hands at the FA cup finals after match ceremony, but Henry shakes everybody else's hands. It means that Kenny has his work cut out for him to impress his boss. Winning remains the only way for that to happen

  120. I have always said that our manager Kenny was learning his job on the fly. I know he managed our team many moons ago but foot-ball has changed and left Kenny behind. To think that Carrol was suitable replacement at 35million pounds for a 50million pounds Torres shows that he doesn't fully have a great understanding of the game. His biggest mistake this season is to put too much faith on local talent when there is a lot of better talent all over the world which he could have purchased for far less money. I am not saying that all local talent is bad , but those purchased by Kenny were not ready carry the team. I think we will see a huge influx of foreign talent this summer at Anfield. Talent that is already developed and not just with having the potential of being developed. Kenny is a manager who seems to be in over his head at times and is having to learn about how to do his job as he is doing his job.

  121. I was surprised that Reina was played so much this season. While other  first teamers got a wee little break during some of the earlier games of the cup competitions Kenny kept Reina in goal. I almost forgot that we had two other goal keepers waiting on the wings in Jones and Doni. By playing Reina so much Kenny only hurt Reina in my opinon. I think that he suffers from a real lack of competition. No matter how bad he is Reina knows he will always be between the sticks. If not for his red card this season Brad Jones and Doni would not have gotten any games under Daglish.